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Wednesday 29 December 2010

Fluorine is a poison, and it's in your drugs!

It is well known that Fluorine is a poison 'that has no place in any living metabolism'. So what does Big Pharma do? They put it in their drugs. You don't believe me? Well look at this article.

The primary purpose of Big Pharma is to make money, big money. It is not to make you better. In fact, if they can persuade you to take their drugs, and you get ill, that is more profitable - because they can give you more of their toxic drugs for the new illness.

If you and your family want safe medicine, the first thing you need to do is to stop taking the pharmaceutical drugs, and stop believing what ConMed is telling you about your health.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Homeopathy Healthy Medicine - a Christmas newsletter

The December issue of Homeopathy Health Medicine has been published. You can find it for free download at
Please feel free to distribute this as widely as you can, and bring the message of homeopathy to more people.
A merry Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year to everyone.

Monday 20 December 2010

Sports Injury and Homeopathy

Practical experience confirms that homeopathy can provide successful treatment for sports injuries. It has been my experience; the experience of large numbers of sports-people. And it is being used increasingly by professional sports organisations.

Uta Mittelstadt has done a theses on the subject at the University of Central Lancashire, and she has published this on the internet, at

This is her conclusion.
"The controversy remains. The nonpareil cannot be measured using clinical studies, but experience in practice confirms with successful treatments what studies and trials have largely not verified. Professional athletes are setting the example. They seek a holistic treatment which swiftly and gently treats their injuries and enhances their performance. It stands without question that the physique is influenced by the psyche and often “the difference between winning and losing is the champion´s mental clarity and emotional resilience”. With homeopathy there is a tool that sees this connection and takes into account the patients individual holistic constitution. “Mens sana in corpora sano – a healthy spirit rests in a healthy body” and vice versa!

It is an interesting conclusion because it highlight the problem some people have with homeopathy; that it is not 'proven' by clinical studies. Yet as sports people will tell you, and what every patient should remind themselves about, it that getting better is what is important, not 'clinical studies' that prove that it will get you better.

If clinical studies do not confirm that homeopathy work with sports injuries, when people who use homeopathy can vouch for its efficacy, this is a problem for clinical studies - not homeopathy!

The earth was still round, and revolved around the sun, 
long before 'science' proved that this was so!

Anyone involved in sporting activity, who wants to minimise the time they spend recuperating from injury, should certainly consult with a homeopath. Homoepathy works. Science will have to catch up on that fact, sooner or later - and undoubtedly will.

HPV Vaccinations are unnecessary and harmful

Vaccinations are boom business for Big Pharma - but dangerous for patients. ConMed wants all young girls to be given the HPV vaccine - Cerverix in the UK, Gardasil in many other countries. And it has proven to be a disaster to many of them. But, of course, a well-hidden secret - the mainstream media just don't seem interested in telling you about it. Well, the internet will!

Natural Health have recently published a good outline of what is happening, certainly in the USA - but it is  not much different in the UK.

It quotes Dr Diane Harpar, who helped develop Gardasil, as saying:

"Gardasil is largely unnecessary, and it has never been fully tested on females under the age of 15 ... [there`s] little need for the vaccine".

But governments, national health services, doctors, and Big Pharma are not easily deterred. Not only do they want all women aged 9 to 25 to take it, they now want men to take it too. Well, why should they deny themselves the profitability of men having it too! And perhaps they will argue they are being 'politically correct'!

And several US states are considering making the vaccine compulsory. Now, that would boast profits, and no doubt Big Pharma would want to contribute generously to the states (or perhaps just the leaders of the states) involved in such enforcement! It won't do much for patient health, though.

There is now so much evidence of the dangers of this vaccine, outlined in the Natural Health article, that the advice should be clear - don't allow ConMed to persuade you to vaccinate you daughters (or your sons) - keep them safe instead!

Mouth Ulcers and Homeopathy

Recurrent mouth ulcers can be painful, troublesome, and sometimes much worse. The advice here is to use homeopathy - which can treat the condition effectively, safely and inexpensively

Dr Shreya's Health and Homeopathic Blog: How to get rid of recurrent mouth ulcers? (Aphthou...: "Painful eating is the presenting symptom usually when a person gets ulcers in the mouth. This apparently casual condition can be extre..."

Dr Shreya lists several remedies, and then suggests that a homeopath should be seen. But if you want to try a couple of remedies first (available at good chemists, such as Boots, and at health food stores, like Holland and Barratt) these are perhaps the first one's to try.

Arsenicum Album - for ulcers that burn
Merc Sol - for ulcers that sting, and are yellowish in colour

The good thing about homeopathy is that it will do no harm; so you can try remedies just to see if they work. If they don't, or if they don't get rid of the problem for long, then you will need to see a homeopath for more careful matching of your mouth ulcers with a remedy.

PMS, PMT and Homeopathy

Conventional doctors often fob women off when they suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (or tension), mainly because they have little to offer by way of treatment.

Homeopathy does provide effective treatment, which has the additional benefit of being entirely safe, and inexpensive. But your GP, and the NHS will probably not tell you about it.

So Robert Medhurst's recent e-article might be a useful read for anyone suffering from this condition. But every woman with PMS, PMT has different symptoms, so in homeopathy there is no single remedy, no magic bullet. A remedy has to be chosen carefully to match individual symptoms.

Robert's article describes the symptoms of 12 of the major remedies homeopaths use for women who suffer from PMS, PMT. So have a read, and if one matches, try the remedy. It will be safer than HRT, or anything else ConMed has to offer.

If you find that it works, but does not completely deal with the condition, seek help from a registered homeopath who will be able to help you track down the remedy for you.

Rubbing Out Homeopathy

There are two fundamental questions about the health debate during the last few years.
First, why is Conventional Medicine so bad, so dangerous? Why is it allowed to kill so many people every year without there being any reaction, by governments, by National Health Services, by Medics, and little or no action to do anything about it? And why is the mainstream media, throughout the world, so quiet about the inherent dangers of Conventional Medicine?
Second, why has homeopathy been under such attack during the last 5-6 years? It has never harmed anyone. In previous decades it had operated quietly, and unostentatiously for people who wanted to use a safer and more effective form of medicine. Why have brigades of homeopathy denialists sprung up, making such loud noises, without making any sense or addressing the real health issues, and having no positive message to give themselves? And who is paying the denialists to take part in such negative activity?
John Benneths blog, 'Rubbing Out Homeopathy', is an important one in this respect, and I urge you to read it. You can find it at:
I am not usually a supporter of 'conspiracy' theories, but John has unveiled evidence, through WikiLeaks, that suggests people in high places have been convinced of the need to reduce world population, may be thinking of using the uselessness and dangerousness of Conventional Medicine to assist them, and don't want homeopathy to get in the way of their plans.

Winter Travel, Jet Lag and Homeopathy

Here are some good general tips from the Dr Weil blog.

Homeopathy is good for Jet Lag too, with remedies such as Arnica, Gelseunium. Nux Vomica, and especially Cocculus.

For a comparison between Conventional and Homeopathic treatment (and prevention) of Jet Lag, go to this website

Thursday 16 December 2010

Thalidomide is back - as a fountain of youth

Thalidomide caused so much mayhem, you would think Conventional Medicine would quietly abandon it. But not Big Pharma.

          "Thalidomide is back, and this time it’s going to help you live longer.  From being the world’s most feared drug – and which launched an industry of tighter regulation and safety controls – it is this week being heralded as a ‘fountain of youth’.

Big Pharma obvious has no shame. Not only did the drug cause defects to the children of mother's who took the drug, it is also known to cause thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, liver damage, and bone marrow toxicity.

So if you are offered it, just say 'No'! But hold on, no, that's no good, you won't be offered 'Thalidomide'. Big Pharma is cleverer than that. They have changed the name. It is now called Revlimia (lenalidomide).

Clearly, Conventional Medicine does not give any consideration to our health. I suppose they are too busy looking to their profit margins!

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Anyone for the 'flu vaccination?

H1N1 vaccine has been linked to a 700% increase in miscarriages. This is according to Natural News
There is now lots of evidence to suggest that vaccinations, of all kinds, are something to be avoided.

So does anyone want to get themselves vaccinated against flu, pregnant or not?

Whatever the answer, you are likely to be coming under pressure. Have you noticed the stories that are starting to appear in the mainstream media - reporting deaths by people contracting 'flu? Not many, as yet (and they were all very ill, with serious underlying illnesses). But beware!

First the scare-mongering. Then the hard sell. You must get vaccinated! 

HRT - still alive and dangerous!

Despite knowing that HRT causes breast and ovarian cancers, and heart problems, doctors are apparently still prescribing this drug to women, and they are doing so at what WDDTY describe as 'dangerously high doses'.

HRT was a major money raiser for Big Pharma in the decades leading up to 2001, when research (rather belatedly) showed that it was carcinogenic and dangerous. The news about HRT, since then, has only got worse. But according to research undertaken at Stanford University this has not affected doctors.

This has been reported in Menopause, 24 November, 2010, and in WDDTY at

As they ask, quite correctly, why is it that only doctor's don't seem to know about this? And why are patient's being put at risk by being prescribed a drug that is known to have such consequences to human health?

It would appear that the drug is still alive and dangerous, which is, of course, more than can be said for many of the unfortunate women who have taken the drug over the decades.

Osteoporosis drugs weaken bones and give you cancer!

What a deal! Of course, it has been known for some time that drugs for osteoporosis actually weaken your bones - quite amazingly! Now, the researchers from Oxford University have found that drugs such as Actonel, Boniva and Fosamax increases the risk of oesophageal cancer. They found the risk to be doubled!

The study was published by the British Medical Journal. But such research is unlikely to stop these drugs being traded. I suppose Big Pharma, the NHS, and our doctors will tell us that the advantages outweigh the risks! The profits certainly outweigh the benefits.

Well, there are choices. You can just keep on taking the drugs, as 'they' want you to do. Or you can find a safer, more effective medical therapy. But quickly!

Learn more at:

Aspirin - a Miracle Drug?

Certainly the mainstream media wants us to believe that Aspirin is a miracle drug; but do they tell us the truth? The Guardian, for instance, was quick to broadcast the news that Aspirin, "the world's humble true wonder drug"( has been shown by researchers to offer real defence against many forms of cancer.

Yet as What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY) pointed out, the same Oxford University professor, who made these headlines in most mainstream media, was the same person who 3 years ago discovered that Aspirin was a major cause of stroke in older people.

Nor did the mainstream media tell us what he said about the study:

"We can't say with absolute certainty that there won't be some unknown harm in taking aspirin for 30 years ... people have to accept there's some uncertainty here".

Uncertainty? He demonstrated that aspirin caused a 7-fold increase in stroke over the past 25 years among elderly patients; and is on record as warning that aspirin could soon replace high blood pressure as the leading cause of stroke with the over-75's.

And as WDDTY point out, a study from Eastern Virginia Medical School discovered the drug is killing 20,000 Americans every year from gastrointestinal bleedings - when official records put the figure at just 59.

We need publications like WDDTY. They remind us, constantly, that we are not being told the truth about drugs and health, not just by doctors, or Big Pharma, or the NHS, or the government - but by our mainstream media.

Murder by Aspartame (its the sweetener they put in 'diet' drinks and products!

Aspartame is a killer, and most people don't know they are consuming it, often in great quantities. It is an artificial sweetener, sometimes described as an artificial flavouring, or a flavour enhancer. It is a major source of profit for the 'Big Food' corporations; a cheap source of sweetening products, much cheaper than sugar. And by avoiding sugar, Big Food claim that it can help consumers avoid putting on weight.

So products containing Aspartame are often described as 'diet' this, and 'diet' that, particular the fizzy 'diet' drinks that are consumed in such volumes. Or it is in prepared food advertised as 'low in sugar'. All such products are usually high in aspartame. They even put it in chewing gum. And it is an ingredient of some over-the-counter drugs for children (to make the medicine 'palatable', and some vaccines too.

Big Food vies with Big Pharma in its propensity to misinform people, its customers, in the interests of their profits, and to the serious detriment of our health.

But surely, if Big Food feeds this stuff to us, it can't be all that bad. Wrong! It is known to cause a whole series of adverse reactions, and diseases, such headaches, vision loss, memory loss, depression, ADHD, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, diabetes, Lupus, Alzheimer's disease, seizures, coma, cancer and death.

And Aspartame is also addictive - so by consuming some of it, you want more of it! A good marketing trick! Moreover, consuming aspartame produces a craving for carbohydrates. So the 'diet' claims for Aspartame also go out of the window. You really are better off with the sugar!

So just avoid it! But how can we do that? Well, look at the label to see if it lists Aspartame! No, that's no good. Aspartame is sold under a whole host of names - Splendor, Nutra Sweet, Amino Sweet, Senomyx, Equal, Canderrel, Acsulfane, Sucralose, Benevin, Spoonful, and no doubt many others. It even has an E-number - E951. It's the same device used by Big Pharma. When you have a dodgy product, and people begin to find out about it - change the name!

But surely, the drug regulators would not allow such a poisonous, toxic substance into our food supply? Again, this is wishful thinking. Drug regulators, such as the MHRA and the European Medicines Agency should be protecting the public - but as with the case of toxic, disease-inducing and lethal drugs it fails to do so.

Indeed, the FDA in the USA is deeply implicated in allowing this threat to health to be inflicted upon us. Aspartame was discovered in 1965, and since then, controversy has raged over its safety. From the earliest days, laboratory testing on rats showed that it was carcinogenic. So in 1980, the FDA denied it approval.

However, Big Food has (or can buy) too many powerful friends in influential places to let that worry them! A money-making product like this could not be denied. In 1981 the FDA approved its use in dried goods. Then, in 1985, a Congressional Record recorded that the CEO of Searle Laboratories stated he would use his political influence to get it approved. His name was Donald Rumsfeld, and the day after President Reagan took office, the 16 year ban on Aspartame was overturned. In 1883 aspartame was approved for use in carbonated drinks. Diet Coke had arrived. And it has been estimated that Aspartame is now contained in over 5,000 foods, drinks and medicines.

The dangerous health effects of aspartame are not disputed; they are just ignored. In 1995, the FDA was forced under the Freedom of Information Act to release a list of 92 aspartame symptoms, which had been reported by many thousand victims. But, despite this, Big Food continues to ply us with this poison.

Yet the toxic effects of Aspartame are far worse than revealed by the FDA. HJ Roberts, MD, published a book called 'Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic' which contains over 1,000 pages of symptoms and diseases triggered by the neurotoxin, and goes into the sordid and corrupt history of its approval. For more details about this book, and of the overwhelming evidence against Aspartame, look at the following:

Monday 13 December 2010

Prostate Cancer and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Drugs for treating Prostate Cancer have been found to cause bone decay and fractures (WDDTY Vol 21, No 9, 4 - reporting on J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2010; 29 September; and doi: 10.1210/jc.2010-0902).

No surprise, perhaps, as most ConMed drugs have horrific disease-inducing-effects (DIEs). But this brief description in the 'What Doctor's Don't Tell You' magazine show how interfering with the body creates unwanted consequences.

              "Androgen-deprivation therapy" (ADT) - which blocks the production of testosterone - weakens bones, thereby significantly increasing the risk of fractures".

The article goes on to say that 'up to now, doctors have assumed that ADT was a relatively safe treatment; and that the serious bone damage it causes only came to light because of a new monitoring technology that is able to assess the future health of bones.

Conventional Medicine treats all illness by stopping, or preventing, or inhibiting natural bodily processes. Big Pharma seems to believe that it can out-think the body; that its drugs can control illness and disease better than our bodies.

This is just another demonstration that such approaches are dangerous to health; and point to the need for medical therapies, like homeopathy, that seek to work with, and alongside the body to deal with disease.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Poor labelling on drugs causes overdoses in children

This follows my recent blog about children's cough and cold drugs being dangerous. The New York University School of Medicine have found that many children's drugs, available over-the-counter, are often 'inconsistently labelled and packaged, leaching to confusion and overdoses'. Drug Companies are apparently not adhering to US FDA recommendations.

And in the UK, according to Natural News, the MHRA told patients in 2009 to stop giving their small children such medicine 'because they are not safe and often do not even work'. The report goes on to say that many of the drugs, intended for small children, are loaded with toxic ingredients, like corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, food colourings, stabilising agents and preservatives.

It all goes to show, if you want to protect yourself from the dangers of Big Pharma drugs, you have to do it yourself - by avoiding them!

Promoting Natural Immunity

The Conventional Medical Establishment is fixated with vaccination. Homeopathy, by contrast, is concerned with supporting the natural immunity of our bodies. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than by a marvellous website - Arnica: UK Parents' Support (see

The Arnica Network was formed in 2007, mostly by parents concerned about vaccination. They wanted to know more about 'natural' health, and 'natural immunity'. In the last 3 years 50 Arnica groups have been formed - demonstrating how keen increasing numbers of people are now to find something safer, more natural than the toxic drugs and vaccination offered by ConMed.

“At Arnica we believe in the importance of Natural Immunity.”  

Well that's sensible, and it is what all medical therapies do - except for ConMed, dominated as it is by Big Pharma drugs and its toxic drugs. So what do Arnica groups do? Well, parents and health practitioners meet regularly, and use their Yahoo site.

to discuss vaccine issues. They also share good practice, and evidence about how children can be supported naturally when they are sick. They discuss all kinds of health-care matters, such as dealing with fever, and cleaning wounds. The also look at the adverse reactions caused by vaccines (our children are now given 25 vaccines before they reach toddler-hood), and the longer-term health problems they cause.

Most parents vaccinate their children because they are pressurised to do so by the NHS, and the Conventional Medical Establishment. They work through creating fear over simple, straightforward illness, like measles; and then telling us that we are not good parents unless we get our children vaccinated. It is extremely hard for parents to withstand such pressure on their own - but Arnica Groups provide support, and enable parents to make their own informed decisions about vaccination, and other medical matters.

Why not join them?

Renal Artery Stenosis. An Individual Case

This is a lovely story about a young boy suffering from renal artery stenosis. You can find the fully story at:

Bhavesh was suffering from renal artery stenosis. The artery supplying blood to his right kidney was blocked, a condition diagnosed about 45 days before mother and child came to see me on April 1, 2009. Bhavesh was reeling under toxic build-up and water retention that had made him puffy and swollen. He also had severe hypertension as his blood pressure was a dangerous 180 / 120.

Bhavesh had also become extremely withdrawn. At home, he barely uttered a few words, preferring to lie in bed all day. He had also stopped eating – definite signs of shock and depression.

What  is important about the story is this:

* It shows that ConMed had absolutely no answer to this boy's condition
* It show the complexity that some journeys with homeopathy entail. If homeopathy was 'just placebo' we would not have to bother about the complexities of miasms, and the like.
* It shows a serious ill child treated successfully with homeopathy

Those who say homeopathy does not work are usually transfixed with notions of the importance of the science of RCTs (randomised controlled trials), what individual studies like this demonstrate is the importance of the individual experience of medical treatment. Has miasmatic treatment ever been demonstrated by RCTs? No! Does Bhavesh care? No! Does his family? No. What is important is that medical treatment actually works.

And what ConMed persistently fail to explain is why, is RCTs are so important, they cannot make allopathic drugs and treatment more effective, and safer.

Monday 6 December 2010

Animals, pets and Homeopathy

Homeopathy denialists always state that homeopathy does not work, that its effects are merely 'placebo'. Of course, this is nonsense - unsurprisingly, perhaps, as denialists have to resort to such mantras in  order to defend the indefensible!

Homeopathy applied to animals, pets and farm animals, has a long history of successful treatment. It continues to expand for three reasons;
(a) it works,
(b) it is safe,
(c) it is inexpensive.

But there is also a surprisingly large amount of scientific research supporting its effectiveness. This is outlined in a new newsletter produced by the Homeopathy Research Institute.

There are apparently 217 data entries, with over 50 to be added 'in due course'. The newsletter comes with words of caution about the quality of some of this work, and the need for more research to be done. No doubt, this is what homeopathy denialists will focus on! But these studies support what many of us have known for a long time, that homeopathy works as well with animals as it does with humans! And this new collection demonstrates that there has been considerable work done on applying homeopathy to animals that indicates its effectiveness.

There are several implications. Animals are not subject to 'the placebo effect'. Over the last 15 years, my dogs have had no idea that I was treating them by putting a remedy in their drinking water! Farmers who have treated their livestock with homeopathy, for conditions such as mastitis, do not tell them that their water has had a remedy added to it!

Help and guidance is now available for anyone wishing to learn more about the treatment of their animals and pets by homeopathy. There are several books on the subject, and more individualised support can be obtained through a new group recently set up by the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Conventional medical treatment of animals and pets is becoming increasingly drug-oriented, just as with humans, dominated by vaccination. So looking at homeopathy is not only advisable because it is safer; it is also more effective, and much less expensive.