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Wednesday 25 September 2019

THE OPIOID SCANDAL. The drug that is killing millions. And what are our doctors doing about it? They increase prescriptions!

The Opioid Scandal has been running now for many years. These dreadful pharmaceutical drugs are addictive. And they have been killing millions of patients throughout the world.
  • If any other industry was causing this type of devastation, for so many years, action would have been taken years ago.
So what is the conventional medical establishment doing in response to these awful drugs?


A study has found that English doctors have been using an ever-increasing amount of opioid drugs, gabapentin, pregabalin and oxycodone, during the last five years (2013-2018) - quite regardless of the burgeoning crisis, and the epidemic levels of addiction and death caused by them.

Indeed, a Public Health England review found that about 1 in 4 adults are now being prescribed addictive medicines.

And in case English doctors were not aware of what they were doing, the research was outlined to them in their own E-magazine, Pulse, on 18th November 2019. So what was the conclusion of this research?

               "The experience of the prescription drug misuse epidemic in the US should serve as an early warning to England’s NHS and prompt action to better understand the underlying explanations for the increases in prescribing, and the variation in prescribing rates between GPs and between CCGs."
  • So there is no advice to doctors to stop prescribing them.
  • There is no move to ban these drugs - because of the harm they are causing.
Instead, there is some sympathy for the doctors.

               "... the study highlighted that GPs are limited with options for chronic pain treatment.'

This is an admission that conventional medicine not only uses dangerous pharmaceutical drugs - but that it HAS TO prescribe these drugs - BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO USE. Doctors have to use them - they have no better or safer alternatives. As the GP magazine Pulse admits in its article, when it comes to addictive painkillers, doctors "are between a rock and a hard place'.

And so doctors will continue to be allowed to prescribe them. Imagine any other industry that was causing harm, and allowed to continue causing harm! We have nothing better to offer you than this, we know it will harm you, but we are prepared to give it to you! It is quite an amazing situation.
  • the Hippocratic principle "first, do no harm" is jettisoned
  • there is an admission that the 'precautionary principle' has no place in conventional medicine
And the mainstream media, as usual, remains quiet. It is not interested in patient harm, in the deaths being caused by conventional medicine. We are not being told about the full enormity of this situation. All the media does is to regularly and routinely tell about new medical breakthroughs, that will change our experience of this, or that disease.

And so what is happening? Political parties, in the lead up to a General Election, are desperately trying to out-bid each other in promises to spend more and more on the NHS = conventional medicine = more pharmaceutical drugs = more pain relief = more opioid drugs!

And this is a vote winner! The promises of increased expenditure on conventional medicine is wanted, demanded by the public - largely because they not not know or fully understand the harm that it is doing to them. Doctors don't tell them. The NHS doesn't tell them. Political parties don't tell them. Governments don't tell them. The media doesn't tell them.

So patients are left in almost total ignorance, accepting the drugs and vaccines given to them by doctors as they don't believe doctors would knowingly or willing harm them. But they are.

The study itself says this

               "Prescription drugs can cause iatrogenic harm in the form of misuse, dependence, and poisonings. In the US, the opioid crisis is a serious public health problem and was driven in part by increasing opioid prescriptions. In the UK, rates of opioid ..... use are known to be increasing, with a corresponding increase in reports of related harms, such as mortality and morbidity. It is necessary to investigate these trends further, and whether deprivation is driving increased rates at a GP practice population and CCG level."

Surely more than investigation is required! Action needs to be taken, and if 'first do no harm' is genuinely taken seriously by the conventional medical establishment these pharmaceutical drugs should be BANNED forthwith.

And instead, the NHS should start looking towards natural medical therapies, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, eta al, to step into the breach that has been caused by the monopoly it has given to conventional medicine over the last 70+ years.

Friday 20 September 2019

Measles. A threat to our health?

Run for cover! The conventional medical establishment is busy warning us about the threat of a new measles epidemic. The headline says it all!

Measles admissions increase by two-thirds in the last year.

Such an increase must be serious. The nurses say so. The doctors say so. And the figures comes from NHS Digital, in their 'Hospital Admitted Patient Care Activity Report'. So it must be true. Run for cover!

The WHO has announced that Britain can no longer considered 'measles free'. And our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has highlighted the action needed to halt the spread of the disease - to promote vaccination. UNICEF figures, we are told, has found that 527,000 children missed the first dose of the MMR vaccine between 2010 and 2017. Dreadful!

So it's unvaccinated children that are the problem, even though we are not told what percentage of the cases were vaccinated and unvaccinated. This is just an assumption, an implication, that the problem lays with unvaccinated children - but no facts, no figures. Yet there is sufficient evidence that this assumption is just not true. Check the following links, all of which indicate that it is NOT just unvaccinated children who have been contracting measles in recent 'epidemics'.

What the NHS figures do reveal, however, is the numbers who are involved in this 'epidemic' 66% rise. The base figure was taken from 2017/2018, where the total was 198 cases!


Compare this figure with some real and ongoing epidemics of chronic disease which we face. I have outlined some of them here, describing their unprecedented, and ongoing rise - epidemics involving millions of people, not hundreds!

               * Autoimmune disease,
               * Allergy
               * Alzheimer's disease / dementia
               * Arthritis
               * Asthma
               * ADHD
               * Autism
               * Birth defects
               * Cancer
               * Heart disease
               * Chronic Fatigue / MS
               * COPD (Bronchitis)
               * Diabetes
               * Irritable Bowel, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis
               * Mental Health
               * MS
               * Osteoporosis
               * and others

So why this attention on measles? Is it justified? Or is it a means of deflecting attention away from these real disease epidemics that are making the lives of millions of people uncomfortable, unpleasant, and intolerable?

So should we be running from the treat of a measles epidemic?

               ".... that measles is nowadays normally a mild infection, and they rarely have occasion to give prophylactic gamma globulin".

This was, however, before the MMR vaccine was introduced! Doctors now have a vaccine to sell for the pharmaceutical industry. So suddenly measles has become anything but a mild infection! It is a threat to hundreds (sic) of children; alongside the unwarranted assumption that those in danger are children who have not been vaccinated!

So rather than running, in desperation, re-read a blog that I wrote in April 2013 about the measles outbreak in Swansea that year. It's the same old scare story! I concluded the blog by saying this - a statement well worth repeating in 2019.

               "..... the Swansea episode has been another example of a health scare, a panic created in order to sell more drugs and vaccines. If so, the Department of Health, the NHS, our GP's, and our national media, have all been complicit in yet another marketing exercise in favour of the Big Pharma drug companies."

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Conventional medicine discovers that pharmaceutical drugs are addictive, that they are over-prescribed to millions of patients, and that doctors have nothing better to offer

Public Health England (PHE) has discovered that some pharmaceutical drugs have been 'over-prescribed' resulting in millions of patients becoming addicted to them. The review it conducted found that half of the patients using these drugs had been taking them for 12 months or more.

Readers of this blog will not be too surprised about this. But the medical director of PHE was surprised, according to a BBC article, "Too many hooked on prescription drugs" which also appeared to be surprised at these findings. Their article was based on one by MIMS.

The conventional medical establishment, of which both PHE and BBC News belong, should not be surprised. They have been pushing pharmaceutical drugs for years, decades in fact, as positive, beneficial life changing treatments - without expressing, or even asking about whether there were concern about their side effects and their safety.

It is little wonder that patient are demanding this harmful drugs, that politicians are falling over themselves to spend more and more on them. Few people know any differently.

Even this BBC article continued to emphasise the importance of these addictive drugs, "they have many vital clinical uses and can make a huge difference to peoples quality of life" we are told! It's just that these doctors have prescribed them for too long, or longer than 'clinically appropriate', that the drugs would either have stopped working, or the risks outweighed the benefits. So it's the fault of the doctors, not the drugs.

So what are these 'useful' life-enhancing drugs that are so 'vitally important' to our health, but so misguidedly used?

Antidepressant Drugs. Now prescribed to 7.3 million patients - in England alone - in 2017-18.

Opioid Painkillers. Prescribed to 5.6 million patients.

Gabapentinoids (used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, and nerve pain). Prescribed to 1.5 million patients.

Benzodiazepine Drugs (prescribed for anxiety). Still prescribed to 1.4 million people.

Z-Drugs (or sleeping pills). Prescribed to 1 million people.

All these drugs have been causing patient harm for decades, and the conventional medical establishment continues to prescribe them - and apparently, over-prescribing them - to the detriment of patient health. Why?

Well, Professor Helen Stokes-Lampart, of the Royal College of GP's might have presented an answer to this question, perhaps in error. She is quoted (in the BBC article) as saying that doctors do not like prescribing drugs on a long-term basis, but were sometimes left with no choice.

               "What it indicates is the severe lack of alternatives".

Indeed it is! Conventional medicine has no pharmaceutical drugs that work effectively, or are safe. Antidepressants, Opioids, Gabapentinoids, Benzodiazepines and Z-drugs are the best they have. So what else can doctors do when faced with a patient? As I said in a previous blog, in 2016, the medicine cupboard is bare. All that is left is dangerous drugs that harm patients. Doctors have nothing else to offer their patients. Its pharmaceutical drugs that harm, or nothing. And it is difficult for doctors to admit that they have no effective treatment when their patients are sitting in front of them.

Indeed, the dilemma for doctors is underlined by the fact that doctors are quite willing to prescribe these addictive and lethal to children. WDDTY reported on a JAMA study in August 2019 that doctors are prescribing opioids to 60% of children who have a tonsillectomy. Would they do this - if they had an effective or safe alternative?

This is why conventional medicine is failing, and failing rapidly. The problem is very few people realise it. And no-one is prepared to say, even to admit that it is failing.

The medical director of PHE, Professor Paul Cosford, said that he wanted to make sure that patients are helped to access 'alternative treatments'. He does not mention what these alternative treatments are, but clearly they are not pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines - there are none - the medicine cupboard is bare!

So could it be alternative medicine? Natural medical therapies? Homeopathy? Naturopathy? Osteopathy? Acupuncture? He does not say.

But then it is most unlikely that this is what he is talking about. PHE, no doubt with the approval and connivance of Professor Paul Cosford, is even now trying to stop patients having access to natural medicine, and especially homeopathy. There is no evidence that they work, he says. And the NHS decided some two years ago that even the paltry amounts of money spent on these therapies is to be reduced - or preferably stopped altogether!

So PHE is faced with a dilemma. They have placed all their eggs in one cupboard. They have created a drugs monoopoly within the NHS monopoly. And the result is that millions of patients are now suffering, as PH have now (belatedly) discovered. And in pursuit of this pharmaceutical monopoly they have jettisoned any and all viable alternative medical therapies that might have come to their assistance.

So what are patients to do? Their only choice is to seek real, effective, safe alternatives for themselves, outside the NHS. Homeopathy has alternatives to antidepressant, opioid, gabapentinoid, benzodiazepine and Z drugs. The NHS (as sure as hell) does not want them.

But millions of damaged patients most certainly do!

Statin Drugs. Conventional medicine still think they are so safe they can be sold without a prescription, regardless of the patient harm they are known to cause

Many people continue to believe that if a pharmaceutical drug can be bought at any pharmacy, over-the-counter, without a doctor's prescription, it must be safe. It would appear that this misapprehension is to be further enhanced in Britain - the NHS is planning to allow pharmacists to dispense high-dose statins without the need for a prescription.

I wrote about the dangers of over-the-counter drugs is in my blog "Pharmaceutical drugs on sale at the pharmacy are no safer" in January 2017. In this I discussed the dangers of drugs such as Alka Sultzer, Anadin, Beechams Powders, Benylin, Calpol, Dulcolax, Feminax, Gavascon, Lemsip, Nurofen, Rennies, Robitussin, Solpadeine, Strepsils, Voltarol, and Zantac.

Now, allowing Statin drugs to be sold over-the-counter, takes this another stage further. When first introduced patients were told that Stains were extremely effective, and entirely safe. THEY HAVE PROVEN TO BE NEITHER.

Indeed, I have written about the dangers of Statins many times over the years (go to the search bar above and type 'statins' to see these blogs). But in summary, the side effects now associated with these drugs are numerous and serious. They include:
  • cataracts
  • heart failure
  • pneumonia
  • nerve damage
  • muscle pain, muscle tissue breaking down
  • diabetes
  • prostate cancer
  • liver damage
  • kidney disease
  • memory loss (dementia?)
So are they dangerous enough to ensure that doctors monitor patients who take them? Apparently not, at least not as far as the NHS, and the conventional medical establishment, is concerned.

I can think of only two reasons for opening up the availability of these seriously harmful drugs
  • pharmaceutical profits.
  • doctors wanting to avoid the responsibility and blame of prescribing them.
Conventional medicine is not over-concerned with safety. The principle of 'first do no harm' has long been jettisoned by doctors. No amount of evidence of patient harm appears to have any impact on the sale and promotion of pharmaceutical drugs, regardless of the harm they are known to cause.

Monday 9 September 2019

New Pharmaceutical Drugs? New Medical Breakthroughs? New 'Wonder' Drugs? New Miracles treatments? No Benefits

  • We are constantly being told by doctors and the mainstream media about new medical breakthroughs, new 'wonder' drugs, new miracles cures, that are going to be 'game changers' in the treatment of disease.
  • Yet year by year we are getting sicker. Chronic diseases (allergy, arthritis, autism, cancer, dementia, diabetes, et al) is now running at epidemic levels, and increasing, and conventional medicine says that it does not know what is causing them. Nor do they have any treatment capable of treating them successfully.
So perhaps a new study from Germany can square these two remarkably conflicting health facts. This is how the Study Finds (research in a nutshell) describes the outcome of the research.

               "There seems to be a new drug to treat anything and everything these days, but are these medications as effective as they claim to be? A new study has concluded that the answer to that question is no. Furthermore, researchers say that international drug development processes, standards, and policies are fundamentally broken and must be reformed."

The study was undertaken at the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. It found that more than half of new drugs introduced to the German healthcare system have shown absolutely no added benefit. The researchers examined 216 drugs that between 2011 and 2017 had passed regulatory approval, and the European Medicines Agency had further approved for widespread use in Europe.
               "... only a quarter of those drugs showed any significant medical added benefit, and 16% showed even a minor added benefit, and a whopping 58% of studied drugs showed no benefit at all beyond 'standard patient care".

These are, of course, the same pharmaceutical drugs that our mainstream media are always telling us about - the one's that are going to be 'medical breakthroughs', 'wonder drugs', miracle cures', and similar propaganda.

Of course, there has been no mention of this study in the mainstream media. Or by Government. Or by National Health Services throughout the world? Or from our doctors?

But be assured, this is not fake news. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has mentioned the study in its article "New drugs: where did we go wrong and what can we do better?" This is what it said about the study.

               "More than half of new drugs entering the German healthcare system have not been shown to add benefit" suggesting that the researchers said that international drug development processes and policies are responsible "and must be reformed". It commented further.

               "Medicines regulators around the world are pursuing a strategy aimed at accelerating the development and approval of drugs. These approaches are based on the assumption that faster access to new drugs benefits patients. The rhetoric of novelty and innovation creates an assumption that new products are better than existing ones. But although gaps in the therapeutic armamentarium undoubtedly exist, research covering drug approvals since the 1970s suggests only a limited number of new drugs provide real advances over existing drugs. Most studies put the proportion of true innovation at under 15%, with no clear improvement over time."

So the epidemics of chronic disease will continue. Even if we ignore the fact that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are causing these epidemics, it seems clear that conventional medicine has no means of combating them!
Conventional medicine is failing, and failing badly. But let me add one more recent news story, courtesy of BBC News, concerning the cost of these wonderful new pharmaceutical drugs. The article was entitled "Cystic fibrosis drugs rejected for use by NHS in Scotland". The BBC, as per usual, described the drugs, Oekambi and Symkevi, as "life changing" - so perhaps they have not read the German study, or have decided not to mention it!

These drugs cost about £1,000 per patient per year.

Rather a high price, don't you think, for drugs that are both dangerous, and of limited (if any) value!

Still, the drugs industry is a business, and this is how they make a living.
Selling expensive, useless and dangerous drugs.


Saturday 7 September 2019

The Facts Behind the CHILDREN’S HEALTH CRISIS and Why It Needs to End

 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on his Children’s Health Defense website has published an E-Book entitled "The facts behind the CHILDREN'S HEALTH CRISIS and why it needs to end".

It is a must-read. 

I am publishing here just the Executive Summary which gives an overview of the book, in order to demonstrate just how important the issues he is raising are.

Can I suggest that everyone downloads this E-Book whih is free to download in PDF format.

Executive Summary

➧ American children have never been sicker. Over half (54%) are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, with the late 1980s and early 1990s viewed as the gateway period that launched the decline.

➧ Many chronic illnesses have doubled since that time. The “4-A” disorders— autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, asthma and allergies—have experienced meteoric growth, affecting children’s quality of life and contributing to premature mortality. The spike in autism prevalence has been particularly dramatic, with prevalence as high as 3% (one in 34 children) in some regions. Pediatric autoimmune conditions also are on the rise.

➧ U.S. children are far more likely to die before their first birthday than infants in other wealthy countries and life expectancy is falling, driven largely by rising death rates in adolescents and younger adults. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens, half of whom are reported to have at least one mental, emotional or behavioral disorder.

➧ The proportion of public school children using special education services is skyrocketing, with estimates ranging from 13% to 25% of school populations.

➧ Health authorities are incapable of explaining the reason for these dramatic shifts. Mounting evidence indicates that environmental toxins are the principal culprits.

➧ Children are exposed to many neuro- and immunotoxins that interact synergistically to damage their health. These toxins include heavy metals; pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate; fluoride; bisphenol A; air pollutants; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances; phthalates; flame retardants; acetaminophen; food additives; and aspartame.

➧ Tellingly, children’s health began worsening at precisely the same time that the U.S. started expanding the types and total number of vaccines required for school attendance.

➧ Studies have linked vaccines and toxic vaccine ingredients to a wide range of adverse health outcomes, including neurodevelopmental disorders, allergies, seizures and many others. Time trend analyses show strong correlations between autism and total number of vaccines by 18 months as well as exposure to aluminum vaccine adjuvants.

➧ Vaccines administered during pregnancy can induce an inflammatory response in the mother that can cross the placenta and potentially harm the fetal brain.

➧ The social and economic fallout from these health challenges is hitting home hard—with adverse impacts on intelligence, fertility, household and government finances, employment, productivity, military recruitment and more. The disproportionately high level of neurodevelopmental disability in males versus females is also reshaping society.

➧ Mystifyingly, there is almost no outcry in medical, public health or government circles to find answers and solutions.

There is no crisis that more urgently requires attention than the heavy burden of chronic illnesses affecting over half of our nation’s children.

So if you have not been persuaded by my arguments
 in this blog, read this book!

Monday 2 September 2019

ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY. A public company masquerading as an 'authority, working for its advertisers, and so attacking natural medicine

When you write a blog that contains positive and accurate information about homeopathy, and health generally, you can expect to be attacked by homeopathy denialists. It's part of the territory! You can see in these two previous blogs what they have to say for themselves, and the quality of their arguments.

Some of my detractors use my confrontation with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to attack me, so it might be useful to outline what happened - not to defend myself, that's unnecessary, but to demonstrate how homeopathy deniers work in order to support the conventional medical establishment, and to undermine homeopathy, and other natural therapies.
  1.  One skeptic made a complaint about my homeopathy website. The complaint concerned my comments about the homeopathic treatment of arthritis, complaining that what I had written was not justified, and was not supported by medical science.
  2. I was not the only one to be attacked in this way. Many other homeopaths became the subject of a single complainant, making a similarly facile complaint. It was clearly an organised and co-ordinated attack on homeopathy by militant skeptics who support the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Other natural therapies were also targeted, not least Chiropractors, another medical therapy particularly hated by skeptics.
  4. I looked carefully at the wording on my webpage, and the various pieces of medical research that supported the treatment of arthritis with homeopathy were there. There is considerable scientific evidence for the medical treatment of arthritis which can be found here.
  5. I decided that the complaint was unjustified, and asked my registration organisation, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, to support me. This was readily agreed, not least because by this time there were already several other homeopaths facing similar complaints, and it was clear that this was an organised 'anti-homeopathy' campaign. After some discussion I agreed that the complaint against me should be used as a 'test' case.
  6. It soon became clear that ASA were not open to reasonable or rational discussion. They did not agree that the evidence I had provided was evidence. They had been told by medical experts that there was no such evidence for homeopathy. These experts were, of course, conventional medical 'experts'! Conventional medicine routinely states that 'there is no evidence to support homeopathy', it is one of their mantras. And it became clear that it was a mantra that ASA had been persuaded to adopt, rigidly.
  7. Nor would ASA accept that I had treated many patients who had suffered with arthritis, with great success. Some of these patients would have willingly told ASA this, but they insisted that cured patients were also not considered to be proper 'evidence'!
  8. Meetings were arranged between ASA and the two main homeopathic registration bodies, the ARH, and the Society of Homeopaths. They found that ASA were absoultely immovable. They had been told that there was no evidence to support homeopathic treatment, so all claims for its effectiveness had to be removed from all adverts.
  9. This is something that the homeopathic community would not, could not, and will not accept, not least because making sick people better is what homeopaths do for a living, every day of the week.
  10. ASA is a private company, which earns money from its advertisers. The biggest advertisers are the pharmaceutical industry, and related industries, so no doubt the dominant source of ASA's income.
  11. So the homeopathic community had to make a decision. We either had to insist that we were going to continue advertising, honestly and accurately, about the value and benefitis of homeopathic treatment. Or we had to cave in to ASA's myopic and inaccurate view of homeopathy.
  12. The ARH decided that it was not going to cave in, although we would check to our own satisfaction that adverts conformed with our well established advertising guidelines. Facing up to ASA was to be a personal decision by each individual homeopath, but any homeopath who decided to stand firm against them would be fully supported in doing so.
  13. There was no way that I was not going to agree to what ASA required, which was basically to agree that homeopathy did not work. I likened the situation to a Ford dealer being told by ASA that they were unable to advertise their cars unless a Toyota dealer agreed with the advert! It was clearly nonsense - unacceptable nonsense.
  14. So ASA made a formal adjudication again me, something that I proudly acknowledge. Even now, whenever I attend a homeopathic conference, homeopaths will congratulate me on my stance, so I still wear ASA's adjudication as a badge of pride!
  15. What difference did the adjudication make? None whatsoever, as far as I could judge. Many of my patients knew about it, and they recognised the adjudication for what it was - the machinations of a pharmaceutical industry in which they had no trust or confidence it. So I know that the 'authority' of ASA has been damaged, far more than my reputation!
  16. Moreover, I hold ASA in complete and utter contempt for allowing themselves to becomes the creature of the dishonest and corrupt pharmaceutical industry.