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Thursday 31 December 2020

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN. If we believe it works but it doesn't we will continue to want more and stricter lockdown. What we have learnt and unlearnt about epidemics

If we believe that the strategy of lockdown is effective, that it is keeping us safe from the COVID-10 pandemic, and then it does not work (as it very clearly does not), we will continue to want more of the same, stricter lockdown.

Lockdown was never meant to keep us safe, it is not a treatment. It was only ever meant to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases at any one time by spreading them out over a longer period of time. We were told we had to do this in order to 'save the NHS' which has no effective treatment for the virus.

We appear to have forgotten this early message; in much the same way we have forgotten we were told face masks were ineffective.

And very clearly lockdowns (and face masks) are not working. The original lockdown did what it was supposed to do. It helped to reduce new cases of COVID-19, and this was further assisted by the fine summer weather. But once lockdown was relaxed the people who were susceptible to the disease, but had been protected, contracted it. This was always going to happen; it was what was meant to happen. But by this time conventional medicine had transformed a public health strategy into a medical treatment - which it never was, and was never intended to be.

So, unless we were paying attention, we are left scratching our head. Everyone has been telling us that washing hands, social distancing, masks and lockdown work. So when they do not work we are puzzled. Conventional medicine have never been asked "why is lockdown not working?". Everyone has assumed that they will work, and that we just need more of it.

Conventional medicine has always used this strategy. The response to COVID-19 is a time-honoured sleight of hand. It is how pharmaceutical medicine has tried for decades to convince us that it provides effective medicine. So how does this work?

  • If conventional medical science can convince us that a new pharmaceutical drug works, a miracle cure that is effective and safe in treating an illness, but then doesn't work, we will be told to continue to using the drug, if necessary forever; or that we need more of it, in stronger doses. We do this rather than ask the obvious questions - "Why are they not working?" and "Is there any point continuing with the same failed medicine?"

So lockdown follows lockdown, perhaps in a different form; and we assume that life will never return to normal again


Nor is this COVID-19 epidemic different to any other epidemic in our history, whether Spanish Flu, the Bubonic Plague, or the Black Death - it has always, invariably, been the same process.

  • There is a bacteria, or a virus, which causes a lot of people to get ill, some seriously ill, and many will die. Some people stay well, many who were sick would survive. It has always been thus. And there was a time when we understood what this meant; that those with a stronger immune system survived, those with a weakened immune system did not.
  • Epidemics have always been time-limited, this is a matter of historical fact! They appear suddenly, reach a crescendo, subside, and then go away. This happened whether there was, or was not preventative or curative medical treatment available. And there was a time when we understood why this was; that the population that survived had developed a natural immunity to the germ.
  • In by-gone centuries people did not understand that it was 'germs' that caused epidemics. Louis Pasteur discovered and described the role of germs. It was his work that enabled 'germ warfare' to begin, in earnest, in all its many forms. Although people had always 'locked-down' during an epidemic, now we knew who 'the enemy' was, what lockdown was protecting us from.
  • So with COVD-19 lockdown successfully controlled the impact of the pandemic in that it has spread the incidence over a longer period of time. People who would otherwise have contracted the disease didn't do so immediately; but those who were susceptible remained susceptibility; they would inevitably contract it later, at some time.
  •  Yet the germ was clearly not the only active player in this epidemic. Knowing about the germ did not explain why some people died and others survived. This knowledge also came from the 19th century study of epidemiology, and it was Antoine Bechamp who explained this, and in doing so greatly expanded our knowledge and understanding of natural immunity, and the importance of the immune system.
  • Conventional medicine has remember Pasteur but forgotten Bechamp.
  • So when COVID-19 struck the virus was identified we chased the invisible virus. People got sick, and some died. Others contracted the virus but were 'a-symptomatic'. And many (most) people who became ill have survived.

So we should not believe that human history, and certainly not medical history, is a process in which we (i) learn, (ii) remember, and (iii) progress - all along an upward linear line. And an examination of how conventional medicine, the dominant medical system, has reacted to COVID-19, should demonstrate this. 

Medical science is not taking us on a journey from ignorance to wisdom.

On the one hand we know so much more about germs than we have ever known before. We can identify them, test for them, even differentiate their subtle variations over time. And pharmaceutical medicine prides itself in its ability to kill germs, with their antibiotics and antiviral drugs.

Yet this is knowledge without wisdom. 


Pasteur identified germs as 'the enemy', and as a result we chase them, hide from them, and seek to kill them. 

  • The knowledge upon which such information is undoubtedly brilliant science.
  • The ability this knowledge gives us to do anything effective about germs is limited. 

Why? We have forgotten Bechamp, who recognised that we live alongside germs all the time, we are made up of bacteria, viruses and other 'germs; and for most of that time they are not a danger to us - as long as we keep our immune systems strong so that it is able to maintain a natural balance. It is the host that is important. If the host has strong natural immunity, if the host is not weakened in some way, than the germs can become a problem.

Lockdown might have been more successful IF we had used the time to support and strengthen our immune systems

  • Yet conventional medical advice about how we can support and strengthen our immune system has been conspicuous only by its absence.


The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that conventional medicine follows Pasteur and has forgotten Bechamp. It has good reason for doing so. There is profit to be made from drugs that kills germs. There is no profit to supporting and enhancing natural immunity.

There is a further consequence. Conventional medicine believes that it has to protect everyone when in fact relatively few of us need protecting. Medical testing should have been concerned with an assessment of individual immunity. This would have allowed us to protect the vulnerable whilst allowing allow the fit to continue their lives. We did not need to destroy the economy, destroy livelihoods, destroy social life and interaction.

Again, though, there are good reasons for conventional medicine's failure to do this. During the last 70-100 years, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have done much to undermine our immune systems. Some drugs, actually called immunosuppressant drugs, undermine natural immunity - and they do so intentionally. The epidemic is killing very few people who do not have "underlying health conditions", and most of these conditions conditions demonstrate our immune systems are not working properly to protect us. And most of these 'underlying' diseases have been caused by, and/or treated with drugs and vaccines known to undermine natural immunity.

The people who are vulnerable to COVID-19, the people who have died, those who have suffered most, are the people who have been made vulnerable by the conventional medicine, the medical system that now totally dominates NHS health care.


Every time someone tests 'positive' for COVID-19, and survives, (s)he becomes immune from it in the disease in future. I am aware that conventional medical science claims it no longer knows this, they say they do not have 'evidence' to demonstrate this, but they knew it once. But it is what our immune system does, what it is designed to do. Natural medicine still knows, and they base treatment on supporting and strengthening our immunity. 

Conventional medicine puts its trust in vaccine immunity, not natural immunity. So we have had to wait for the vaccines. They are (we are told) our only hope. They will save the world from COVID-19. And no doubt this is what they will be seen to do. The pandemic will pass. They always do. We develop our immunity. But when this one passes the conventional medical establishment will claim the credit. It's what they always do - regardless of the absence of any evidence to support the claim.

For another view on the failure of lockdown policy go to this link "Why Lockdowns don't work and hurt the most vulnerable".

Thursday 24 December 2020

COVID-19 Vaccines. The 'bad news' about the 'good news'. The bad news is with us: but we are only told that vaccines are good news

'V' Day. 8th December 2020
Vaccinations begin in UK
It was the day the world was going to be saved from the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic. The new vaccine had arrived, tested and approved, in quadruple-quick-time. And it was very effective indeed, and entirely safe. There was nothing to worry about, other than when we would be offered it.
Indeed it was a joyous day. The government and the mainstream media (MSM) were ecstatic. There appeared to be no other news available that day! Everyone could and should now get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible. We had been waiting for this for 10 months - and it had arrived.
9th December 2020
But the following day there was a problem, "an allergy warning over the new vaccines". Two NHS staff had an allergic reaction, shortly after taking the vaccine; they were understood to  have had an "anaphylactoid reaction"; something which "tends to involve a skin rash, breathless and sometime a drop in blood pressure.

The issue was heavily discounted (as it always is in the MSM). The two people were now "fine". They had "a history of serious allergies" and "carried adrenaline pens around with them".

Yet the fact was, two people, employees known to the NHS, were vaccinated, and had this reaction. Was this a mistake? Was the allergy reaction unknown? Suddenly the fully tested, 'safe' vaccine suddenly met with a reservation.

"People with a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab".
The UK regulator, the MHRA, was now saying something it had not said the day before. The new advice was to be applied to everyone who had "reactions to medicines, food or vaccines". Patients should be observed for at least 15 minutes after the vaccine, and the vaccine should not be given to anyone without facilities being readily available to treat them.

So was this an isolated event? Or just the first of many to come? This was just two weeks ago, and there has been regular reports of 'problems' with many of the vaccines. Here are just a few of them; and as far as I am aware, few of these have ever being reported in the MSM.
  • What is concerning is not only that CIVID-19 vaccines are clearly capable of causing patient harm, but that we are not being told about them.
  • It would appear that we are not supposed to know. 
  • We are told about the 'good' news. But there is less willingness to tell us about the 'bad' news.
  • On this basis, anyone of wants to make an informed choice about whether to take the vaccine, or not, we are not being given the full picture.
This article states that theFDA, the USA's drug regulator was also investigating "allergic reactions" which had happened in "multiple states".  One hospital in Illinois had temporarily shut down its vaccination programme after 4 healthcare workers developed allergic reactions to the vaccine, one described as 'severe'.
The FDA has apparently acknowledged that these reactions may have been caused by PEG, a compound in the Pfizer vaccine which Children's Health Defense had previously told them "could put millions of people at risk". A harmful ingredient? And we have not been told about it?
Again, this happened when two workers, with a history of allergies, developed symptoms 'just minutes' after taking the vaccine. Apparently one of them had to stay in hospital for several days, part of it in intensive care. Yet, as so often happens,  the situation was discounted.
            "Health officials said that the cases would not disrupt their vaccine rollout plans and that they were sharing the information for the sake of transparency".

Again, important information not shared, ignored by MSM, no questions asked, and discounted by the conventional medical establishment.

Yet allergy is not the only reported problem with the vaccine.
(Postscript. 6 January 2021. It would appear that the pharmaceutical medical establishment have already decided at an allergic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine is no a problem! "History of anaphylaxis no longer contraindication for Pfizer COVID vaccine" - as long as they are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Of course, we will all know if we are allergic to the ingredients!)
According to this report, these vaccine trialists suffered Bells Palsy, a form of facial paralysis resembling a stroke, after taking the vaccine. Yet again this event has gone largely unreported, and was again heavily discounted by the conventional medical establishment. The FDA saying that this is "consistent with the expected background rate in the general population, and that there was no clear evidence linking the coronavirus vaccine to the unpleasant medical condition".

So that's okay then, is it? The article continues that side effects from the vaccine were "common" but "appear to be minor".

            "Out of the trial participants 84% experience some kind of reaction. After receiving the jab 63% ..... reported fatigue and 55% said they suffered from headaches. Chills were reported by 32% of participants, 24% complained of joint pain, and 14% developed a fever".
A pattern is emerging. It is not 'disinformation'. It is not 'fake news'. It is not conspiracy theory. But it would appear that it is of no interest to the government, to conventional medicine, or to the MSM.
And it is not just the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine that is causing problems.
Yes, whatever happened to the Russian vaccine? It was, after all, the first on the scene; but it is not promoted by one of the major pharmaceutical companies. Even so it is not problem free, and not worthy of mention, presumably because of possible cross-contamination with more favoured vaccines. Anyway, Russian government health officials are warning that patients should avoid consuming alcohol for 42 days after receiving the vaccine, and also warns against smoking before and after vaccination. 
Normal life, apparently, will not be renewed because of the introduction of this vaccine! 
On 11th December 2020, Peru’s National Institute of Health (INS) said it was temporarily suspending the Phase 1 clinical trial of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Sinopharm Group of Shanghai. This followed one of the participants in the vaccine trials had difficulty moving his arms and legs. These are the typical symptoms of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS), and this is now known to be a common adverse reaction to many other vaccines, especially the influenza vaccine.

This article contains some quite amazing information emanating from the USA's CDC (Centers for Disease Control. They have stated on 18th December 2020 that there had been six case reports of anaphylaxis following vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. They described this as "a potentially life threatening reaction that occurs when immune cells overreact to a substance that has entered the body and a hyper-inflammatory response is triggered involving sudden release of histamine and other chemicals that may cause". It can cause skin redness, hives, and itching; swelling of the eyes, lips, tongue, throat, hands, feet; trouble swallowing and breathing, wheezing; diarrhoea or vomiting; abdominal or chest pain; fast or irregular heartbeat; dizziness, sudden drop in blood pressure; headache; confusion, vision and speech problems; shock/loss of consciousness; cardiac arrest; and death.
            ".....between 14th and 18th December 2020 there were 272,001 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine administered and 3,150 “Health Impact Events” recorded, including 514 events in pregnant women..... The chart gave no further details about the nature of the more than 3,000 Health Impact Events recorded by the CDC. The CDC’s definition of Health Impact Events is “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.”
There is nothing to rejoice about this, not to celebrate, no good reason to queue to take the vaccine.
There have been other similar reports; these are just a few of the one's I have seen recently. There will inevitably be more, with all they them invariably be ignored, dismissed or discounted by the conventional medical establishment - an establishment that includes governments and the MSM. 
These vaccines are safe - regardless of any information to the contrary.
This is an alarming situation, but in effect it is no different to what has happened with so many other vaccines - their benefits exaggerated, and the harm they cause going unmentioned. Indeed, over the coming months it is almost inevitable that COVID-19 statistics, hitherto massaged to exaggerate the pandemic, and to make us fearful of it, will now be massaged to indicate that the vaccines have been successful.
So what follows is, at the moment, a black space. It will be filled, in time, with other similar reports of vaccine harm. The problem is not just that the new COVID-19 vaccines are likely to be as harmful as every other vaccines. It is the duplicity of the conventional medical establishment, trying to make sure we do not realise the harm that they are causing.......

I am now going to cease providing new information because there is an excellent website that is doing just this. World Map of Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects - provides an overview of known adverse reactions to the new Covid-19 vaccines. Reading this link regularly will help you make an informed choice about whether you want to risk these vaccines.

Friday 18 December 2020

JOURNALISM AND COVID-19. The end of press freedom? Their response to the pandemic has been a dereliction of its duty to the people

Anyone and everyone who has suffered from the consequences of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, even those who have suffered with it, needs to begin asking questions about why their normal lives have been turned upside down. We all need to ask these questions because they are not being asked by politicians, governments, the conventional medical establishment, and perhaps most seriously of all, our so-called 'Free Press'.

The basic questions should have arisen from these undeniable facts: 

  • why have so many people been impoverished during the pandemic by government policy?
  • why have so many many people lost their livelihoods, and their jobs, as a direct result of government policy?
  • why has the education of generations of children been seriously compromised by government policy?
  • why has the national economy been so seriously undermined and damaged by the very government that is supposed to protect it?
  • why have sick people, with serious illnesses and diseases, been allowed to go undiagnosed, or have treatment and operations cancelled, and many people have been allowed to die of untreated diseases as the NHS has been too busy dealing with the virus?
  • why have people died in hospitals and nursing homes without their family being allowed by government policy to be with them, for comfort, reassurance and support?
  • why have people been denied the opportunity to attend the funerals of close friends, relatives and loved-ones by government policies?
  • why does government policy not allow important relatives and friends, some reaching the end of their lives, from meeting, seeing and hugging each other?
  • why have social distancing and lockdown policies been pursued which are having such a devastating consequences on so many peoples mental health?

If you think the answer to any or all these questions is simple, explained by reference to "the pandemic", you are probably guilty of believing what you have been told about COVID-19. We need to do these things because of the pandemic! Government policy may be having serious consequences on our social and economic life, but it has all been necessary in order to keep everyone safe!

This is NOT a criticism of anyone. 

We have all been subject to an incessant single message.

 We have all been subjected to disinformation - so in believing this you are not alone.

  1. The pandemic is real, it is happening. Our government has responded to it, quite correctly. It's response has been to introduce policies such as hand washing, masks, social distancing, track and trace, lockdown, and the like.
  2. It is this government policy response to the pandemic that has caused the social and economic mayhem described above; but as I have pointed out, in other blogs, this did not need to happen, there were alternative policies available to the government that would not have led us to where we are now.
  3. The basic question is, therefore, who has been informing us about the pandemic, who has challenged the government's response; who has been challenging the policy makers?

The unfortunate answer to all these questions is - NO-ONE.

1. Political

The Government has developed its policies over the last 12 months. In broad terms, politicians of all parties have supported these policies, usually without any serious questioning or challenge. This includes the Official Opposition Party who, in the main, have 'opposed' by asking for more of the same policies. There has been no political challenge to government policy.

2. Medical

From the beginning government policy was informed and guided by medical science, or at least, that dominant section of medical science that controls the conventional medical establishment, the part favoured and financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Government policy is based on the medical science that had little or nothing to offer. There was no pharmaceutical treatment on offer. There was no vaccine available. So TINA applied - There Is No Alternative". Nurses were left to care for COVID-19 patients whilst doctors floundered. Both watched as people died in their hospitals.

The National Health Service did not question or challenge this. It is, after all, dominated and controlled by the same scientific medical establishment. They were in league; indeed, the primary purpose of government policies has been, clearly and openly, to 'save the NHS'. Without lockdown the NHS would be overwhelmed, we are told. And we never ask why this should be!

3. The Role of the Free Press

The normally accepted role of the mainstream media (MSM) is to question, to challenge, to investigate, and to inform the public about what is happening to them, particularly if it is having severe consequences for their lives. It has singularly failed to do any such thing with regard to the policies being pursued for the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet this is not surprising. As I have often argued on this blog the MSM has singularly failed to engage in any health debate, and certainly not on the failure of conventional medicine to deal with important health issues during the last 20 plus years.

Yet surely the MSM has debated the pandemic, surely government policy has been questioned, challenged and investigated? Surely, I hear you say, there has been nothing but debate about the virus for most of 2020? Unfortunately this is not so. Any debate has been a mirage. If we think we are debating the issues involved with COVID-19 we are sorely mistaken.


Questioning government policy should have been the starting point of any real debate about the pandemic but it has never happened. Government policies have been presented incessently, ad nauseam, but never really discussed. What may have appeared to be a discussion has concerned peripheral issues - whether the government has imposed its policies quickly enough, or efficiently enough; and whether they have been imposed on us strongly or vigorously enough.

  • most if not all political opposition to the UK government, including the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, want a stricter, stronger imposition of government policy.
  • Almost the entire MSM coverage has 'questioned' the government from this viewpoint - "why are you doing more of the same" vantage point. Rarely has it questioned whether the policy
    • is working?
    • is controlling the virus?
    • investigated the harm is it doing,
    • whether it is doing more harm than good,
    • whether the pandemic justify the harm being caused by government policy?
    • and whether there an alternative policy that would do less harm and more good?

There are alternative voices but they have remained largely unheard by the public, effectly censored. Some of these voices sit within conventional medical science, the most notable of these being the Barrington Declaration. But the MSM have studiously ignored these alternative voices, including the group of Belgian doctors and health professionals, who wrote an open letter encapsulating the arguments against the crazy policies that have been generated by the pandemic.

Natural medical therapies have also provided an important alternative message, based on the importance of natural immunity, and the central impotance of our immune system. Practitioners, including my colleagues in the homeopathic community, have been busy working with COVID-19 patients in the UK, and around the world. But as usual they have been totally ignored by the MSM. This censorship has been evident even when national medical services in countries like India and Cuba have reported positive results using natural therapies.

The MSM has engaged in none of this. Alternative voices have not been heard, they have been censored, their message entirely ignored except when they have often been dismissed as peddling 'disinformation'. Both governments and the MSM, throughout the world, have become creatures of the conventional medical establishment. The powerful pharmaceutical lobby controls politicians, political parties, and governments. The MSM is over-reliant on drug advertising, infiltrated by people placed on MSM boards, to feel comfortable questioning or challenging anything to do with conventional medicine. 

What this means is that there is no longer any such thing as 'press freedom'. The MSM may be free from government interference, but it is now completely controlled and dominated by the pharmaceutical industry.

So policies regarding COVID-10 have been supported, slavishly, unquestioningly. Most people have been scared into the acceptance of, and compliance too, a single monolithic message, repeated time and time again by government, medical science, and the MSM.

  • we have been convinced that the virus is a serious threat to life, much more serious than it actually is, 
  • the virus is indiscriminate; everyone is in danger, it can strike down anyone and everyone, at any time, anywhere,
  • it is our personal responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but everyone else,
  • there is no alternative to government policy, except the more stringent application of government policy,
  • so everyone must accept the dictats of government policy, eschew their liberty and their hard won freedoms,
  • there is no alternative, we must all conform.

The MSM agrees entirely with all this. The government's lockdown policies have been pursued now for most of 2020, with a conspicuous lack of success. The virus continues, unabated, and seems likely to do so for some time to come. Indeed, we are promised more lockdown in 2021. We can, we are informed, celebrate Christmas; but this is expected to lead to the inevitable increase in more cases, more hospitalisations, more deaths - and thus more of the same failed and failing policies.

And no-one is prepared to examine why this is so, and whether it could possibly be that government policy has failed, and is likely to continue to fail.

Perhaps this should not come as too much of a surprise. The MSM has unquestioningly supported a medical system, based on pharmaceutical medicine, that is in a state of collapse, and failing to address the burgeoning levels of sickness and chronic disease. And now it is doing exactly the same thing in its response to COVID-19.

All this represents a gross dereliction of duty by the MSM, a duty to question, to challenge and to investigate what is happening to its readers, viewers and listeners. So if they refuse to ask questions about what is happening in our social and economic lives, it is time we did so as individuals.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

'V" Day. Vaccines that will save the world have arrived at last. The Pandemic is over! Perhaps.

I am not announcing 'V' Day (Vaccine Day) because I need to; it has been plastered all over the mainstream media (MSM) for months - wall-to-wall coverage providing us all with one single message, repeated over and over again, controlled tightly by the Conventional Medical Establishment (CME).

Informed choice no longer exists for anyone who gets their news from the MSM. Patient Choice has been neutralised because patients do not have access to the information they need. Health Freedom is the next target - enforced vaccines and mandated drugging is on the horizon. The CME is in control of us, and our health

Everything that has happened during the last 10 months has been leading to 'V' day. 

  • A new virus emanating from China, probably engineered in a biotech lab (censored, we will never know much more about this). 
  • A medical system that has no treatment, that can only watch as people die in their hospitals (openly admitted, but information aboutnother medical therapies has been censored).
  • A medical system in panic, and a CME intent on passing on their fears to the entire population in order to ensure their compliance (censored, any information that questioned the need for panic and fear).
  • A medical system that studiously ignored natural immunity, the importance of our immune system (censored, we have never been reminded, never been given strategies to support and strengthen or immunity, and protect us from the vaccine).
  • Months of 'chasing the virus' with public health measures; washing hands; social distancing; test and trace; lockdown; and all the social and economic destruction that has resulted from this (the nonsense and the failure of the policies censored).
  • The only hope we have been offered was the development of a vaccine, with rushed testing, and rushed approval (vital information that has still not been made available to the public).
  • Gratuitous attacks on vaccine 'hesitancy', the condemnation of 'anti-vaxxers', with no right of reply (censored, any information used by anyone who questioned the safety and efficacy of vaccines).

Now this Orwellian narrative is going to have to be moved on by the CME. Vaccines have arrived, and they are going to save the world. The CME must make sure the message actually happens. If the world is not saved, after everyone takes the vaccines, it would be a devastating blow to the credibility of CME, for many reasons:

  • The pharmaceutical drugs industry will clearly have failed, and after the hardships of the last 10 months, it will be seen to have failed - dismally. 
  • The credibility of vaccines would be exposed, it would leave the COVID-19 vaccines open to serious questioned; and in turn this would mean all vaccines would have to be questioned.
  • Medical science, at least a small but dominant branch of it that has controlled government policy, would be asked to justify itself; why has it got everything about the pandemic so very wrong.
  • Our government would be exposed as having lied to us, and criticised (terminally) for having put its entire strategy into the hands of conventional medical science, and ignoring all other voices.
  • The MSM would be seen as having failed to properly inform us, and to ask relevant questions about government, and conventional medical strategy.
  • Worst of all, certainly for the CME, is that more people would begin to look more seriously at natural health, and natural medicine. They would lose all trust in CME, and in particular, those parts of CME that should have better informed us - government and the MSM.

So we can confidently expect a different CME message about the pandemic - beginning from today onwards. Otherwise, the problem will soon become apparent: the vaccines will not be 95% effective, or anything like 95% effective. And patients will be damaged by the vaccines. What will this strategy be? Based on previous experience it will be the statistics, the reinterpretation of real life, that will change.

  • The presentation and interpretation of COVID-19 statistics will change fundamentally. The horror of the daily death figures will change; now, if deaths are announced at all, they will be seen as  "only a small proportion of people who have contracted this deadly virus". It would  have been so much worse, if the vaccines had not saved us.
  • The focus will change, from the number of deaths and hospitalisations to the survival rates. We will be told that so many people now survive the virus, and government and the MSM will neglect to tell us that it has always been so!
  • Testing for COVID-19 cases will be relaxed; less tests, less cases found. The test itself will be made less 'sensitive', so there will be fewer 'positive' tests.
  • The people who die will once more be dying from their 'underlying health conditions' rather than by COVID-19. The CME will ensure that doctors no longer attribute death to the virus on death certificates.
  • As the number of COVID-19 cases decline (they always decline, they have always decline eventually, it has happened in the history of all viral infections) the reason for this will be attributed to the vaccines alone.
  • People who are harmed by the new vaccines will be discounted and dismissed by medical science. Each case is an 'anecdote', it is not 'science'. These people died with 'underlying health conditions', and the vaccine was merely coincidence.
  • Doctors will continue to insist that all vaccines are safe and effective. So when vaccine damaged patients suggests they have been harmed they will be told this is not possible, as vaccines do not cause harm. So doctors will not report adverse vaccine reactions, via the 'Yellow Card' system. The reporting system will be circumvented thereby allowing doctors to tell us that there is 'no evidence'  the vaccine causes harm.

So the new vaccines, and the CME, will have triumphed once again. Orwellian governments are never wrong. They cannot be proven wrong as they are in control of information. The world has been saved. We do owe our lives to medical science, and to the wonders of conventional medicine.

Until, of course, the next pandemic arises. Then, the CME will have no effective treatment. It will be a new virus so there will be no vaccine. We will chase the virus with the same ineffective public health policies. Hospitals will watch helplessly over dying patients. The government will destroy social and economic life again, in line with the recommendations of medical science. An we will wait, again, for medical science produces another vaccine.

We will have learnt nothing! The importance of the immune system, how to sustain and strengthen it, will be further forgotten. And on top of this, natural immunity will be undermined by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that undermine it, and so cause many of the 'underlying health conditions' from which people will die.

Of course, most of this is all prediction. So will it happen? 

I fall back on my old mantra - that the best predictor of the future performance is past performance. And the fact that CME has been using this same strategy, time and time again, for over 100 years.

Friday 4 December 2020

COVID-19 VACCINES. A dereliction of duty to the patient.

The fast-tracked approval of COVID-19 vaccines is a dereliction of duty to patients by all sections of the conventional medical establishment (CME) in the UK. This comes as no surprise, but it needs to be said, and highlighted, for anyone who is concerned about he safety of taking the vaccine, and wants to make an informed decision.

The Drug Regulator.

The primary responsibility of the MHRA, the UK's drug regulator, is to protect patients. It regularly and routinely fails in this duty. MHRA has approved a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that ultimately proved to be harmful to patient health. So it's approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is different only in the speed that it has seen fit to do it. And there can be little doubt that HMRA will be happy to approve the other vaccines with similar alacrity!

Even the EMA (the European drug regulator) believes this approval has been precipitant, although its own track record of approving harmful drugs is no better than the MHRA's. The EMA has said that it has "insufficient data" to make such a decision - although it is difficult to believe the MHRA has any more data to justify its approval.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top vaccine advocate in the USA, made critical remarks about the speed of MHRA's approval of the vaccine. It represented a rare 'breaking of ranks' in the CME's vaccine strategy, that is, "they are super effective, entirely safe, and will 'save the world'. Clearly he spoke out of turn, and was soon brought to heel, apologising for this remarks. Perhaps his investments in the USA vaccine has been compromised.

Approval of all the vaccines was always going to happen. Long before the approval process had started, long before testing had finished, all the main COVID-19 vaccines entered into mass production mode - something the drug companies would not have even considered if there had been any chance, whatsoever, of the vaccines being properly or adequately safety checked.

So one vaccine has been approved, and others will follow quickly, routinely. Only time, and probably bitter experience, will tell how effective they will be, and how much patient harm the vaccines will cause.

The Government.

The UK's government is a fully paid-up member of the CME. Over the last 70 years it has allowed pharmaceutical medicine to become the monopoly provider of health care within the NHS; and this process has happened under Conservative, Labour and Coalition governments.

As far as Coronavirus COVID-19 is concerned, the government has found itself in a gigantic hole of its own making. It has committed itself, hook-line-sinker, to a conventional medical response; the NHS could offer no treatment; so it followed the advice of (a section) of conventional medical science to introduce public health measure, like social distancing, wearing masks, test and trace, and lockdown, all of which after 10 months have failed totally. All it's 'chase the virus'  has not only been a failure, they have been a laughable failure. The anomalies of lockdown have become ever more absurd, ever more devastating to people lives and livelihoods, and ever more devastating to the national economy. No world war could have done so much damage than the government's responsive to the pandemic.

Do hopeless naive has its policies been the government has even lost its huge majority in Parliament, saved this week only by the crass stupidity and incompetence of opposition parties, who advocate even more social distancing, and even stricter lockdown. Political myopia reigns supreme, it knows no party political barriers. None of our political leaders can see beyond the conventional medical establishment; and when you back a dead horse (or at least a very incompetent, useless horse) no one is going far!

So the UK's government is a desperate government. It has welcomed the prospect of the new vaccines with open arms. The are its only hope of salvation, the only hope of a failing government. Their backing of a failing medical system has brought it to its knees.

The Mainstream Media (MSM)

Perhaps the MSM are the most culpable of all parts of the conventional medical establishment. For 10 months they have parroted the message of pharmaceutical medicine, and the government. They have allowed little or no discussion; they have failed to ask searching questions; they have interviewed no-one other than medical 'experts' who are 'on message'; they have ignored anyone who disagrees with this dominant message; they have sought to ridicule and attack anyone who dares suggest there was an alternative approach, anyone who suggested that the policies being pursued would lead to failure.

So their joy at the approval of the new vaccines has been unbounded, equalling and surpassing the relief of the government, and the enhanced profitability of the drug companies.

Vaccines will save the world!

So the new message of the CME is as constant, insistent and ridiculous as their message about washing hands, masks, social distancing, test and trace, and lockdown. The new vaccines will save the world. And they are the only thing that will save the world. There is no problem, nothing to discuss about their safety or effectiveness. The only problem is the logistical problem of getting everyone vaccinated.

Except, of course, there are other people who have the audacity to suggest that vaccines will NOT save the world. Predictably, such views are being summarily dismissed by the CME as 'disinformation', 'fake news', and 'conspiracy theory'. What is this information? What is this news? What are these theories? There is no discussion of this, there is no effort to debate opposing views. There is just an outright rejection, and the continual and insistent repetition of the information that is 'right', the news that is 'correct', and the 'theories' that are acceptable.

There are just three possible responses to this failure to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. The majority will listen to what they are told, they will hear only one side of the argument, and (like the MSN) accept that what they are being told must be correct. They know no better. When asked to do so they will go to the vaccination point, and get vaccinated. They will believe themselves to have been 'saved'. This is, of course, if CME's message is correct. If it isn't they will think they are safe but in fact continue to be susceptible to the disease. And some will suffer the all-too-frequent patient harm that has been caused by vaccines for the last 70 years.
  2. A sizeable and growing minority of people will listen to the standard CME message and know, based on the information and/or personal experience they have, that it is wrong. They may have knowledge and training in health. They may have an understanding of natural, as opposed to vaccine immunity. They may have personal knowledge of the harm caused to friends and family by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Some may be aware of natural medical therapies, and might even be using it for their protection from, and treatment of the virus. Others may have knowledge of the fraud and corruption that has been so prominent within the pharmaceutical industry in recent decades. And all these people, like me, will feel angry that they are ignored, ridiculed and attacked by the CME.
  3. Then there will be people, who do not fit into either of the above categories, who notice that the COVID-19 discussion has been entirely one-dimensional, and question why this single message been been repeated, ad nauseam, for so long. They will take the time to research the situation for themselves to discover whether there a different viewpoint? What is the Barrington Declaration, and why has it not been discussed? Who are this group of medical staff in Belgium, what are they saying, and why have their views not been aired? Why is natural immunity not being discussed, and why are we not being told about how to support and strengthen our immune system to protect ourselves? Why are some countries using Homeopathy, and other natural medical therapies, in their response to the pandemic? Why are homeopaths in this country working to prevent and treat COVID-19 - and we are not being told about it?

This latter group is important, because they are destined to move from the first to the second group. They will do so in their response to the pandemic, but also to health issues more generally. And, like me, they will understand that if they can no longer believe what the MSM is saying about health, why should they believe anything we are told by MSM on any other subject?

In the long-term this will be a positive thing for natural medicine, and also for the development of personal liberty and democracy.

Yet in the short-term it is a threat. It opens up the vision of an Orwellian nightmare - a medical system dominated by financial interests that want to force treatment on us - a threat to health freedom and patient choice - a paternalistic government that is not prepared to allow us to make our own decisions about the way we want to lead our lives.

The central issue concerning these new Covid-19 vaccines is greater than their safety and effectiveness, important as these are. More important is how we, as a society, want to live. At the moment we are being manipulated by a powerful medical establishment that controls our government and the MSN. The threat is real, and we will have an important decision to make - whether we are prepared to lose of freedoms, or if we are going to fight for them.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19. What are we getting vaccinated for?

I do not like statistics; they are too often misused and abused. You can prove anything you want to prove through the use of statistics! 

For instance, to prove that COVID-19 is a killer disease is easily done by emphasising the number of people who have died with (and not necessarily of) the virus. To demonstrate this I have taken the following data from the Worldometre website - on 3 December 2020.

This tells me that out of a world population of 7,855,000,000 there have been 65,000,000 cases, of which a total of about 1,500,000 people have died; indeed, a frightening amount of people. 

  • So put another way, using the same figures but with a different emphasis, this means that 7,854,500,000 people have NOT contracted the virus. I will allow you to calculate the percentage!
  • Similarly, put in another way but using the same figures with a different emphasis, although 1,500,000 million people have contracted the disease, 63,500,000 million people contracted the virus and survived.

This means that the chances of contracting the virus is infinitesimal (but significantly greater if you live in the 'advanced' world, and have access to state subsidised pharmaceutical medicine. Even so, the survival rate of those catching the virus is something akin to 97.7%. 

Not quite such a scary picture perhaps.

Yet we should also bear in mind something else we were told, early during the pandemic, but not mentioned much now by those people in the conventional medical establishment who want to emphasise the seriousness of the pandemic. At least 95% (some estimates are higher than this) of these deaths are people with serious ‘underlying health conditions’. In other words, they died with the virus, but not necessarily of the virus.

Whilst all deaths are tragic these ‘underlying health conditions’ indicate that the pandemic is killing people who are already vulnerable, individuals would may have died of something else had there been no COVID-19 pandemic. Much as we may regret it, or refuse to recognise it, this is what always happens. Infections take out those vulnerable people less able to cope with it. And this will always happen.

In addition it is worth noting that death figures consist of anyone who tested positive within 28 days of death. Again, this does not necessarily mean they actually died of Covid-19.

Taking all this into consideration the 1,500,000 deaths becomes a little under 80,000 people - worldwide. That is, just 0.123% of people who have been infected with the virus, who died of the virus itself. Expressed in this way the statistics are even less scary.

If we then look at UK figures, there have been 1,660,000 cases, with the number of people dying just under 60,000. In other words 1,600,000 have contracted the virus and survived. And taking the 95% with underlying health conditions, the number of people who died because of the virus is little more than 3,000 people. This remains unfortunate, but not scary. It is something to be addressed, but not something about which we should be fearful, or driven into a state of panic..

So what are we getting vaccinated for?
Apparently we are all going to be offered one of the new COVID-19 vaccines during the next few months, for a virus most of us will be able to avoid (those with a strong immune system), many more may experience a brief illness, but most of us will survive. 

There will be people with serious underlying health conditions who will require protection, but cetainly not the entire population. And whether it is sensible for them to be protected by an unknown vaccine, tested for only a few weeks and with as yet unknown or unannounced side effects, is another matter.

So I hope most people will do what I will do: to look at the statistics calmly and rationally; to take all sensible precautions; to support and strengthen the immune system; and to continue living life, enjoying our friends, earning a living, and doing the things we want to do. We should all take the risk of crossing the road! Life is not safe, it has never been safe, but this should not prevent us from living

I would suggest this strategy is far safer than having a vaccine injected into your bloodstream. 

The lack of safety and effectiveness of other vaccines strongly suggest that this is not worth the risk. 

Tuesday 1 December 2020

A vaccine? Or a healthy Immune System? What's the best protection for Coronavirus COVID-19?

For most of 2020 we have been told, quite correctly, that there was no conventional medical treatment for COVID-19, and that our only hope was to develop a vaccine. Now at least 3 vaccines are going to be available, probably sometime in January 2021.

Government, the NHS, and the mainstream media (MSM) are now preparing us for this; we must now all have the vaccine because it will save our lives, and the lives of other people. The vaccines are alleged to be 90%+ (information courtesy of press releases from the pharmaceutical companies); and they are safe (even though they could only have been tested for safety for just a few weeks - and ditto the source of information).

BUT ACTUALLY WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. We can have the vaccine; or alternatively we can refuse the vaccine. Government, the NHS and the MSM seem set to make the vaccine mandatory; or to introduce health passports to force us to take the vaccine, regardless of their current denials.

AND THERE IS A SECOND CHOICE. We can refuse the vaccine and instead support and strengthen our immune system. This is the natural medicine approach, the approach that has been advocated on this blog since the start of the year.


The conventional medical establishment (which includes the government, the NHS and the MSM) has been particularly quiet about the importance of natural immunity. It has barely been mentioned. If the word 'immunity' has ever been mentioned it was in connection with the immunity provided by vaccines. But, of course, 'natural' immunity is not provided by vaccines. Natural immunity is an inherent, built-in system that we all possess.

It is known that over 80% of COVID-19 patients are deficient in Vitamin D (Journal of Critical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2020), the 'sunshine' vitamin, and doctors are aware (or should be) that it can be protective against the virus. Vitamin D is vital to a healthy immune system, and supports our ability to withstand viral infections. Yet Vitamin D has rarely been mentioned by the conventional medical establishment since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Then, suddenly, and so shortly after the 'good news' announcements about the COVID-19 vaccines, the NHS is offering 2.7 million 'vulnerable' people in England free Vitamin D supplements this winter.

The vitamin D will be made available to "the groups most at risk", particularly residents of residential care homes, and people with serious underlying health conditions. In other words those people most likely to contract and die with coronavirus COVID-19; the people who have been contracting and dying with the virus during the last 10 months.

I will leave this strange but interesting correspondence for you to consider. Why the NHS have been so tardy, hitherto, in offering immune-supporting supplements? Could it be that the NHS now wants to reduce the death rates of vulnerable populations so that the benefit can be claimed for the vaccine? This technique has often been used by pharmaceutical companies. For instance, public health policies reduced the seriousness of measles drastically before the MMR vaccine was introduced; but now, according to conventional medicine, it is the vaccine that has all-but overcome the disease.


So perhaps I can offer the NHS some further advice about supporting our immune system. Vitamin D is good, but not suffient. What follows has been taken from a brilliant leaflet produced by the Arnica Parents Support Network, which promotes natural immunity. I recommend that everyone downloads this leaflet, as what follows is a summary only of the information.

General Cautions and Suggestions

  • Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated,
  • Don't smoke or vape,
  • Avoid processed sugar,
  • Sleep,
  • Avoid pollution,
  • Breathing (the Buteyko method),
  • Use steam inhalations,
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks,
  • Reduce fear and stress,
  • Moderate exercise and sunshine,

Avoiding conventional medical 'solutions' are also included

  •  avoid anti-inflammatory drugs,
  •  do not medically suppress a fever,
  • do not suppress a cough,

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Anti-viral foods, ginger, tumeric, garlic, red grapes, onions,
  • Kiwi Fruit,
  • Magnesium rich foods,
  • Reishi.Chaga/Shitake tea,
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc,
  • Vitamin D3, (with K2),

The leaflet also provides references to Homeopathy, useful herbs that support a healthy respiratory system, and the use of Essential Oils.


If the conventional medical establishment was honestly interested in keeping us healthy, and not so busy promoting pharmaceutical solutions to health problems, we would have been hearing a lot more about this kind of living strategy, and promoting natural immunity and health. And we would all know more about natural immunity, and what we can do to support and strengthen our immune system.

It has been estimated that 92% of the USA population suffered from at least one nutrient deficiency. The sign of this is often that people are always tired, suffer brain fog, feel light headed, have problems with concentration, suffer digestive problems, and so on.

The NHS could have guided us about the strength of our immune system, allowing us to evaluate our individual levels of immunity, allowing us to make the extent we should try to avoid the virus. The information could have been used to help us protect ourselves from COVID-19. We are not helpless, undefended creatures, fighting a lethal virus. 

We did not need a patronising, paternalistic government to protect us, to tell us who we could see, where, and when. We could have worked this out for ourselves - with the help of just a little information.

If this sensible, grown-up approach had been taken from the beginning of the pandemic we would not have had to limit ourselves to hand washing, social distancing, masks, etc; we would not have had to endure continual lockdowns; we could have saved our mental health, our relationships with important others, our schools, and much else. We could have save our livelihoods and our national economy from the devastation caused by the policies of the conventional medical establishment.

The value of vitamin D has been known by the conventional medical establishment for over a century. It has not forgotten this; it is now intent on selling vaccines rather than protecting lives. This is what the doctor's e-magazine, Pulse says about this - now, after over 10  months.

        "A number of studies indicate Vitamin D might have a positive impact in protecting against Covid-19. I have asked NICE and PHE to re-review the existing evidence on the link between Covid-19 and Vitamin D to ensure we explore every potential opportunity to beat this virus."

What has been done to us in 2020 has been outragious, perpetrated by a medical system (and the Establishment it controls) that is not only hopeless, but criminally incompetent.

Monday 30 November 2020

The War on Cancer

The 'war on cancer' has been waged over the last 50 years, and more. Switch your television on to see the heart-rending adverts asking for charitable donations to fight the war. Observe the number of people who regularly raise money for cancer charities by walking, or running, or swimming, etc. And this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

According to Wikipedia the 'war on cancer' was officially declared by the USA government in 1971, by President Nixon, alongside a huge pot of money being paid to cancer research. Since then many £$billions has been spent on a cancer cure, mostly via conventional medical research; all aimed at looking for a drug that would stop the cancer epidemic. So what has been the result of these plans and good intentions?

It has been a war that has been lost, decisively. In the 1940s 1 in 20 people got cancer. By the 1970's it was estimated that 1 in 16 people got cancer. So perhaps little wonder why there was a move to find a solution. The Big 'C' had arrived, and it was greatly feared.

In the 1990's, after 20 years of walking, running and swimming, and the many £$millions spent looking for a pharmaceutical breakthrough, the incidence of cancer had risen to 1 in 10 people. A major battle lost? Perhaps more effort was needed, perhaps; we must walk further, run harder, swim longer.

And this is what everyone did. Not only were more people contracting cancer, but cancer had spread. It was no longer a disease of older age. It was now affecting old and young, even children - even infants. So the level of concern rose, and many more £$millions were raised, all to be spent on medical research. 

Today, after 50 years of 'war on cancer' it is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people can expect to contract cancer.

Yet the race to win 'the war on cancer' continues. Again, as always has been the case with conventional medicine, hope has triumphed over experience. And there has been a failure to ask an important question.

  • What has happened over the last 70-100 years that has led to the startling rise of cancer?

Lot's of theories have been put forward, but I find only one of them convincing, not least because there is compelling evidence to support it. The last 70 years has seen a prodigious increase in the amount of pharmaceutical drugs being taken, usually for illnesses unconnected with cancer. All of them have serious side effects, or adverse reactions. Cancer is just one of these side effect observed with most, if not all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. These drugs include antipsychotics, HRT, Statins, Antibiotics, Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI's), ACE Inhibitors, and many more.

  • Is there any proof for the link between pharmaceutical drugs and the cancer epidemic?

The proof is found in conventional medicine's own literature. Just look at the Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) that can be found with all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. In other words, doctors know that the drugs they give us can lead to us getting cancer, as a 'side effect'. There is no need for 'disinformation', or 'fake news', or 'conspiracy theory'!

So rather than walking, running and swimming to develop even more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, perhaps it is time to stop declaring warfare on cancer; and instead to declare war on the drugs industry; to stop raising money for them, and to stop taking their drugs.

If we were investing in a medical system that worked 'science' would have found a 'cure' for cancer decades ago. If medical science was competent it would not have taken 70 years to travel backwards towards the ever-increasing cancer epidemic. All technologies that survive usually have to show that they work, that they did not require 70 years to develop them; so we travel in cars; we can fly in planes; we can communicate with each other through the ether; we have supercomputers; and much else. 

If any of these technologies had  required 70 years of investment, and failed to show signs that they worked , they would have been abandoned, long since; they would never have happened.

The same rules do not apply to matters of health. We have been convinced by medical propaganda that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will work; and even if they don't work now they soon will. So we are prepared to continue with the same, old, unending warfare, the endless quest for a magic pharmaceutical solution - sometime in the distant future.

And this forlorn hopefulness is no more apparent than at the time of writing, with the endless COVID-19 pandemic. Conventional medicine has had no treatment for this coronavirus; they admit that. But medical science promised a vaccine, and has now come up with several. So, we are told, the end is in sight; the war with the virus will soon be won.

Perhaps it will, only time will tell. But the experience of conventional medicine over the decades would suggest that vaccines will not win this war with the virus, just as pharmaceutical medicine has not won the war with cancer; or indeed, any war over any illness or disease, during the last 100 years and more.

All chronic diseases, like cancer, are on a steep rise, towards and even beyond epidemic levels. And they have done so during the time of our developing pre-occupation and obsession with pharmaceutical medicine. There has never been a time when we have taken so many pharmaceutical drugs, or injected so many vaccines into our bloodstreams

There has never been a time when chronic disease has been so rampant. And avoiding cancer may be best achieved through avoiding pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.


Sunday 29 November 2020

THE ECONOMIC CRISIS. A self-inflicted wound, all resulting from a failed medical system. The secondary cost of conventional medical failure.

The Chancellor announced in the UK Parliament this week (25 November 2020) that "the economic emergency has just begun". This 'economic emergency' has been triggered by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Rishi Sunak said the UK now faced the biggest economic decline (the economy has shrunk by over 11% in 2020) for over 300 years (1707 in fact, a crisis caused by exceptional cold weather). And as a result government borrowing has risen to the highest level ever, outside wartime. 

These are the economic facts, but on a health blog, they will not be expanded upon. This blog is concerned with the cause of this economic emergency. We have not had exceptionally cold weather. We have not had a financial and banking collapse, as in 2008. We have not had a world war. So what has happened?

Well, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has happened. And in response to this coronavirus, governments around the world, not just in the UK, have closed down the economy. SO THE CAUSE OF THIS ECONOMIC EMERGENCY IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

In response to this medical emergency, governments have implemented disastrous lockdown policies that have destroyed people lives and livelihoods, and the economy. And it is important to emphasise that these policies have been pursued on the advice of conventional medical science. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ECONOMIC EMERGENCY HAS BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

From the beginning the conventional medical establishment has recognised, and admitted, that it has no medical treatment capable of preventing COVID-19, or treating sick patients. Therefore conventional medicine has resorted to draconian public health measures, whose sole purpose is to chase the virus - washing hands, masks, social distancing, test and trace, and lockdown. All these policies have failed dismally. The only hope offered by conventional medicine with regard to the pandemic are the vaccines being rushed through testing and regulatory procedures. My previous blog has indicated that relying on vaccines, in this situation, is the desperate triumph of hope over experience. 

Most countries spend vast sums of money on their healthcare budget. The UK's health budget, like  many others, has risen exponentially over the last 70 years; and especially over the last 20 years. It is spent almost exclusively on one type of medicine - conventional or pharmaceutical medicine. During these years....

All this inevitably leads to hugely expensive national health service provision as each of these failures leads to increased demands for healthcare provision, more costs, for even more ineffectual treatment, and ever-increasing, out of control, health budget.

Yet, as I have outlined in my E-Book, "The Failure of Conventional Medicine", the secondary costs of our failed medical system are much greater than any national healthcare budget.


And all because caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? A highly infectious, virulent, killer disease? A disease sufficiently serious to justify governments creating an economic emergency of this seriousness? Although this is not a blog that is going to look at this in detail, we do  know this about the virus

These features of COVID-19 just do NOT describe a lethal pandemic. And certainly not a disease that is sufficiently serious to justify the intentional creation of such a financial crisis - one with the potential of destroying millions of lives.
The UK government is rightly coming under severe criticism to their handling of this pandemic. This is justified by the incompetent way they have applied public health policy. But critics should remember that the government has been following the policies recommended to them by conventional medical science.
And it is the competence of this the medical advice given to government that is at the core of the financial emergency.
Perhaps the emergency will trigger more serious consideration of the competence of pharmaceutical medicine, and its inability to treat illness and disease. If this does become one of the outcomes of this pandemic, perhaps some good will come out of it yet. But at the moment, all the government is doing is pouring more and more money into failure - and they are going to get the blame for it.

Thursday 26 November 2020

FACT CHECKING - Who controls these organisations? When 'facts' becomes 'false information'

There is a new way of checking whether information on the internet is 'misinformation', or 'fake news', or 'conspiracy theory'. This is through the new 'Fact Checking' organisations.

But who controls these 'fact checking' organisation? Are they independent?

I read this article on the Children’s Health Defense website. Please have a look. It suggests that it is Big Corp, and particularly BigPharma, who is controlling and funding them (which, incidentally, is probably why they can say they are 'non-profit making' organisations).

So is this information correct? Apparently not. It has been fact checked - and found to be 'false information'.

Go to the top of the webpage, and try to put the link on to Facebook and Twitter. You won't be able to do it. They have censored this information. We are not allowed to know this!

Big Pharma make huge profits; and they spend them wisely
> to control governments, 
> to control national health services,
> to dominate the conventional medical establishment, 
> to control the mainstream media (MSM)
and now, apparently, to control the 'fact checkers.
And all this to ensure that we hear only what they want us to hear and know about health and medicine. As Children's Health Defense says:
         "Facebook (+ Twitter) and its faux 'fact check' partner have no problem with misinformation, provided that it serves a political agenda for which they desire to manufacture consent."

The truth gets ever harder to find as BigCorp, led by BigPharma, seeks to control us, and what we are allowed to know, about health.

See also this article on the 'integrity' of Fact Checkers and fact checking.

Immunity Passports: the desperation of fact checkers