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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Homeopathy, Mastitis and Cows

More evidence that homeopathy works! You can find a summary of the evidence, and the reference at

In  brief, this is an EU funded research project that found that homeopathy protects cows against potential udder infection. Over 100 cows in Switzerland took part in the trial, and results showed that homeopathy gave 9-fold better protection compared to the control groups.

The homeopathy denialists, and homeophobes will undoubtedly claim two things. First, the cows knew they were being treated, so it was just placebo effect! And/or that the quality of the research was not good enough! But then, who cares about what they think. This is just further proof of the power of homeopathy, and so is welcome additional evidence.

Monday 26 July 2010

Stop smoking safely?

Many people want to stop smoking, and the conventional drug companies have not been slow in marketing their drugs. Chantix is one of them, released in 2006 by Pfizer, with the usual reports that it was a "wonder-drug"!

But like most of Big Pharma wonder drugs, it has proven to be a disaster. Nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance, constipation, flatulence, and hard stool were first to appear; then 'vivid dreams' and suicidal behaviour. Now it is associated with acts of violence, and other psychiatric disturbances, and the FDA has now banned the drug for pilots, and truck drivers.

And all this in order to stop smoking!

There are easier ways, and many traditional medical therapies, including homeopathy, offer safe and effective treatments.

For a homeopath near you click here.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Avandia and cheque-book science

Getting a pharmaceutical drug to market is a costly business for the Big Pharma companies. They either to withhold or change RCT evidence, and/or pay scientists to 'interpret' the testing evidence more 'favourably' - for the drug, and for drug company profits. Like they did with Avandia, their asthma drug, which is proving to be so harmful.

The health and safety of the patient comes no-where in this sordid scenario.

Again, this is not new news. Vested interests, and the involvement of science within those vested interests are well known. For the whole, sordid process of how science fails to protect patients, see

Medical Science. The failure to protect.

So if you have asthma, try homeopathy! It's more effective, its safer, and it is a lot less expensive.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Statin drugs - another wonder drug ready to take a fall!

I wrote about Statin drugs on 31st May 2010. Many doctors have told us that these drugs were so good in preventing heart disease we should all be taking them! They were also supposed to be entirely safe. The usual story from the Conventional Medical Establishment, of course. But now, ABC News has reported that the Jupiter Trials that came up with this conclusion did not support the conclusion! What is being alleged with the Statin trials is that the drug was better, and safer than actually was the case.

All RCT trials on drugs (so beloved of ConMed and its supporters) produce raw data. This data has to be interpreted. So who does the interpretation? Scientists. And who pays the scientists? The drug companies.

So millions of people have been taking Statin drugs on the understanding that they were safe, and prevented heart attacks. Now, we know that they have been taking these drugs under false pretences.

This is not an unusual, one off situation. For more information about how information about drugs, their effectiveness and safety, are foisted on an unsuspecting public, look at

Medical Science. The failure to protect

Monday 19 July 2010

Avandia: if it's harmful, you won't be told!

It is not just that Big Pharma drug's are harmful (if you want to see just how many drugs have been banned or withdrawn click here), it is that drug companies have apparently known that they are  harmful, and have not published that information.

It may sound incredulous, but it is apparently true! If you have difficulty believing it, have a look at:

Friday 16 July 2010

Avandia - still on sale!

Avandia is a drug for diabetes which causes heart attacks! GlaxoSmithKline has had to pay $2.4b in compensation to patients it has harmed. According to this report from the mainstream media, the primary concern is the profitability of GSK, now and in the future - and not our health!

This is typical of media reporting; the drugs industry is of paramount concern, the health of patients a secondary matter.

There is strong evidence that GSK covered up the risks involved in patients taking this drug, as has been found in other drugs, like Vioxx and several others.

The FDA is the drug regulatory body in the USA tasked with ensuring that patients are protected from dangerous drugs. What is its response? The drug can continue to be sold!

Well, that's all okay then. Patients win lawsuits against Avandia. Our media is concerned about the profitability of GSK. And the FDA allows a dangerous drug to continue being given to patients!

Does this fill you with confidence about the Conventional Medical Establishment?

You may well ask - who protects us?

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Encephalitis and Homeopathy

This information is taken from:

Just a little more evidence that Homeopathy works, better than placebo! And certainly better than conventional medical drugs!

Homeopathy can prevent Japanese Encephalitis (JE) infection that infects 50,000 and kills 10,000 in South and Southeast Asia each year, report Indian researchers in the American Journal of Infectious Diseases. A study by researchers at Kolkata’s School of Tropical Medicine and the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy that the homeopathic medicine Belladonna prevented infection in chick embryos infected with the JE virus.
Caused by a virus that circulates in pigs and wading birds and gets transferred to humans through the bite of the Culex mosquito, JE causes symptoms of headache, sudden high fever, neck stiffness, disorientation and seizures.
Deaths in India, which range between 1,000 and 2,000 each year, occur mainly in children under 15 years in the endemic states of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam and Bengal.
Belladonna -- the deadly nightshade -- is used to treat complaints of sudden infections and fever. Other conditions treated include migraines and throbbing headaches in which the slightest eye movement intensifies the pain, boils, seizures, kidney inflammation and restless sleep.
The study showed significant decrease in the viral load when treated with homoeopathic medicine Belladonna in different potencies, in comparison to placebo, said principal investigator Dr Bhaswati Bandopadhyay, assistant professor of virology, School of Tropical Medicine.

Obviously we now await the homeophobes and homeopathy denialists to say 'the trial is not up to standard'.

Homeopathy Denialists and Homeophobes

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that there are a number of homeopathy denialists who regularly respond to my blogs.

It has recently come to my attention that these denialists are paid to respond to blogs like this one. The problem is, apparently, that we seek to support safer forms of medicine, and have the 'audacity' to criticise ConMed, and pharmaceutical drugs!

I have often wondered why homeopathy denialists are so quick, and so ready to respond; and always with such negative stuff. But I did not believe that they were paid 'per response' - which explains why they respond so quickly to anything I have to say.

I suppose it is the drug companies who are paying. They certainly can afford to do so. But in future, I will not be accepting comments from denialists or homeophobes on this blog unless they confirm that they have not been paid for sending their response.

Natural approaches to illness

Since writing my Cancer and Homeopathy series my attention has been drawn to this website, one well worth looking at for anyone suffering from serious illness, and wanting to use medical therapies and approaches that are safe.

P{lease take a minute to look at this website. You will notice, at the bottom of this page, a list of quotations from conventional medics about what they think about ConMed treatment of cancer - most illuminating.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Nobel Scientist discovers scientific basis of homeopathy

Let's be clear. This breaking news won't make homeopathy any more effective than it has been for the last 200 years. After all, it has a history of proven effectiveness with patients throughout the world - even though scientists have not known the mechanism through which it works.

However, Professor Luc Montagnier, the French vitologist who won the Nobel prize for discovering a link between HIV and AIDs, has discovered something about the nature of water that might explain how homeopathy actually works. He has found that water has a 'memory' that continues even after many dilutions. He has apparently found that solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria can emit low frequency radio waves that can influence molecules around them, and turn them into organised structures. These molecules can themselves emit waves.

Moreover, the activity apparently continues even with successive dilutions. Montagnier was not investigating homeopathy, but dilution is, of course, the second principle on which homeopathy is based, the one that makes homeopathy such a very safe medical therapy.

The news has had very poor coverage in the mainstream media - a short mention in the Times at the weekend, and a rather long one in the Australian (at

Certainly it has not received the attention it deserves. WDDTY have recently featured it in their newsletter (at

Homeopaths are aware that there are other scientists who are working along similar lines, all producing equally interesting findings, pertinent to homeopathy. But we are aware that they have to be careful. ConMed is a powerful Establishment body, and can be vicious to those who challenge their medical monopoly, and who study things they don't want studied - including how homeopathy works.

This may explain why homeophobes, homeopathy denialists and medical fundamentalists have been so rampant in their criticism of homeopathy in recent months. If, through the work of genuine scientists like Montagnier, a scientific explanation of how homeopathy works emerges, it will be the crucial blow to conventional medicine, already in turmoil because of the ongoing, and alarming failure of a succession of pharmaceutical drugs.

Russian Roulette Medicine

Russian Roulette is a potentially lethal game of chance. One bullet is placed in one chamber of a revolver, the cylinder is spun, the gun placed to the head, and then fired. There is a one-in-six chance of dying.

Every time a patient begins to take a conventional drug, notionally 'for their health', they are embarking on an equally risky game of Russian Roulette. Conventional Medicine calls the 'bullets' being fired 'side-effects'.

I call them DIEs (disease, or death inducing effects) because this is a more accurate description.

As not everyone suffer all the DIEs of pharmaceutical drug, the odds are perhaps better than 1:6, but not much better. A study by the Nordic School of Public Health in Sweden, published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2013 (doi:10.1111/bcp 12314), found that around 12% of people have diseases and health problems that are directly due to prescription drugs they are taking for other conditions. Actually, 19% reported that they believed a new disease or health problem was caused by a Big Pharma drug but were discarded. Most people would not believe that drugs, given to us to make us better, would actually cause disease - so there is obvious under-reporting. But let's suppose that 12% of people taking conventional medical drugs contract another disease.

Well, there the good news finishes. Conventional Medicine willingly admit that their drugs are potentially dangerous to health. But in justification they say that you have to weigh the 'benefits' against the 'dangers'. So this 'cost-benefit' analysis has two seperate aspects.

1. What are the benefits? These are usually greatly over-emphasised, particularly with new drugs by the pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and the mainstream media. As time goes by, claims about the benefit of most drugs diminish. Most pharmacentical drugs only ameliorate the conditions they treat, and that just on a temporary basis. The illness itself continues, often getting worse And over the years, many drugs are withdrawn because in practice they have proven to be entirely ineffective. As far as benefits are concerned, there appears to be a rule of diminishing returns.

2. What are the dangers? The dangers of drugs have little to do with side-effects, a headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and the like. The DIEs they produce are real diseases, usually diseases far worse than the original one for which the drug was prescribed. The history of pharmaceutical drugs clearly show that patients won't be told what the DIEs are, initially because they are not known. Only when patients take them, and suffer as a result, do we begin to realise just how much harm the drug does. Unlike the 'benefits', the dangers seem to spiral out of control, although every attempt seems to be made to deny this until the facts become undeniably.

So do patients have to attempt this cost-benefit analysis, do they have to play russian roulette with their health? Homeopaths, and the patients of homeopaths, usually have a quiet, if rather sad laugh every time a  Conventional Medical spokesmen earnestly make such claims. They know that within homeopathy no such calculation is required. If the patient and the homeopath can successfully match the symptoms of illness with a remedy that has a similar symptom picture, the patient will get well, not temporarily but permanently, and nor having to take remedies for the rest of their life.

Even when the wrong remedy is prescribed it will do no harm. There is no Russian Roulette in Homeopathy, just safe, effective and inexpensive treatment of illness.

No wonder the drug companies don't want you to know!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy (6)

Just in case anyone feels I am being unkind, and unfair to ConMed when I say the drugs they use have little or nothing to offer cancer sufferers, please take a look at this:

It explains how new evidence shows that a drug, Mylotarg, launched in 2000 to treat cancer, has been found to kills four times more people than those who had no treatment at all! The drug is the latest to be withdrawn, after having been foisted on patients who believe, and are told, they will help them. As usual, after many years, we find that they actually do more harm than good, and actually contribute to their death.

This is proof that we need to look at non-ConMed treatments, safer, more effective, and less expensive treatments, and finally get our health out of the hands of the Big Pharma companies.