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Monday 20 December 2010

HPV Vaccinations are unnecessary and harmful

Vaccinations are boom business for Big Pharma - but dangerous for patients. ConMed wants all young girls to be given the HPV vaccine - Cerverix in the UK, Gardasil in many other countries. And it has proven to be a disaster to many of them. But, of course, a well-hidden secret - the mainstream media just don't seem interested in telling you about it. Well, the internet will!

Natural Health have recently published a good outline of what is happening, certainly in the USA - but it is  not much different in the UK.

It quotes Dr Diane Harpar, who helped develop Gardasil, as saying:

"Gardasil is largely unnecessary, and it has never been fully tested on females under the age of 15 ... [there`s] little need for the vaccine".

But governments, national health services, doctors, and Big Pharma are not easily deterred. Not only do they want all women aged 9 to 25 to take it, they now want men to take it too. Well, why should they deny themselves the profitability of men having it too! And perhaps they will argue they are being 'politically correct'!

And several US states are considering making the vaccine compulsory. Now, that would boast profits, and no doubt Big Pharma would want to contribute generously to the states (or perhaps just the leaders of the states) involved in such enforcement! It won't do much for patient health, though.

There is now so much evidence of the dangers of this vaccine, outlined in the Natural Health article, that the advice should be clear - don't allow ConMed to persuade you to vaccinate you daughters (or your sons) - keep them safe instead!