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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Depression and Homeopathy

Dana Ullman, one of the world's leading homeopaths, has published another of his articles in the Huffington Post, this time on the homeopathic treatment of depression. In it he compares the safety of homeopathy with the obvious dangers of pharmaceutical drug treatment. Published in 2010 you can read it here. And for anyone struggling with mental health problems it is well worth the effort.

All pharmaceutical drugs cause disease-inducing-effects (DIEs). Whilst the drug companies call these 'side-effects',  diseases, and indeed the death of a patient, is NOT properly described by this term! The issue Dana raises through his article, because it is dealing with depression, is an interesting one.

Depression is an ailment that focuses on the brain, the most sensitive of all our organs. Therefore, if pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines cause disease, it is quite likely that drugs will cause more diseases of the brain than anything else. And this, indeed, is what we find. The epidemic levels of dementia, autism, depression, ADHD are without parallel, and have probably been largely caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

The message for anyone who feels depressed is simple; they should spend time studying and comparing the outcome of pharmaceutical drugs used for depression (drugs like Prosac, once a wonder drug, now known to cause many chronic diseases), with the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Scientific Research in Homeopathy

The best evidence for homeopathy are the many millions of patients who were ill, and have been treated successfully.

In comparison, these 'double-blind randomised placebo controlled trials are of minor significance, not least because homeopathy denialists and homeophobes will just dismiss them out of hand. They will continue to say - "there is no evidence base for homeopathy" - quite regardless of the growing size of that evidence.

Ah well! At least you know they are lying!

There are around 150 studies in support of homeopathic medicine published in 45+ peer-reviewed international journals out of which 45+ are FULL TEXT and can be downloaded.

Find it at by clicking here.

Antipsychotics. Unfit for human consumption!

A study has indicated that atypical antipsychotics are 'unfit for human consumption'. This is perhaps no different to most conventional medical drugs, but they have been found to be killer drugs.

The study revealed that use of antipsychotic drugs posed an increased risk of blood clot:

    * Use of antipsychotics during the previous two years was associated with a 32% increased risk.

    * Use of antipsychotics over the previous three months was associated with a 56% increased risk.

    * Starting antipsychotic drugs within the past three months was associated with a twofold increased risk.

The combination of multiple, potentially lethal risks that these drugs pose, suggests that atypical antipsychotics are unsuitable for human consumption.

Yet, as the study says, "instead of withdrawing them from the market where they are harming ... those who ingest them, these toxic, defective drugs have become industry's most profitable blockbuster drugs".

So as they are a very profitable drug for Big Pharma, they will continue to be prescribed to humans, few if any of whom will know that they are dangerous. No difference there either, then.

And I suppose government, the NHS, GPs, and the mainstream media will now bother to mention it. Well, no change there, either.

Friday 24 September 2010

Avandia is banned

At last, Avandia has been banned in Europe. This drug has demonstrated everything that is wrong with conventional medicine. It was introduced in 1999 and hailed as a major advance in the treatment of diabetes. It has been an enormously successful drug - financially. But disastrous for many patients who were eagerly persuaded to take it.

The drug never cured anyone with diabetes. It was never intended to do so. Like most pharmaceutical drugs it merely suppressed the symptoms, whilst ignoring the underlying causes of the disease.

It is unknown how many people it has killed, but it was found to increase the chance of heart attack by 43%. Few would have known about the dangers of the drug, because they would not have been told. It is now known that the FDA knew about the dangers since 2003 - 7 years ago. And they have still not banned it in the USA.

The European Medicines Agency has now banned the drug in Europe, about 11 years too late for many patients! It is the usual story. A drug, that progressed through all its 'scientific' testing, and was announced to be safe and effective by the conventional medical establishment. 

This is the 'evidence base', the science, upon which all pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to be based. It is a lie, a charade, a profit-driven deception on patients, to which the drug companies, the government, the NHS, and all those who prescribe the drug, are party.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last drug to be banned. Pharmaceutical drugs that are being prescribed by our doctors today will come to the same predictable, almost inevitable end.

For further information see 
Banned, withdrawn, restricted drugs

Thursday 23 September 2010

Vaccinations. Useless as well as dangerous!

Vaccines are not only dangerous, they are useless. The dangers of vaccines are well publicised in the non-mainstream media, where we regularly hear of individual lives destroyed in an attempt to seek protection from diseases most of which are innocuous.

Ivan Illich, as long ago as 1976, was first to provide the evidence - in his book 'Limits to Medicine: Medical nemesis, the expropriation of health'. Indeed, he was the first to argue that conventional medicine provided 'Useless Medical Treatment'. This is what he said.

            "The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90% of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization".

There are now many graphs available that demonstrate that the decline in diseases such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria, scurvy, TB, scarlet fever, influenza and others all took place long before vaccinations were introduced. The graphs are very instructive, especially for anyone who continues to believe that conventional medicine has been instrumental in "saving" us from these diseases.
It is all pharmaceutical propaganda!

Life Expectancy and the Conventional Medical Myth

Listen to any programme on human health and you will hear that we are living longer; and that the reason we are living longer is that pharmaceutical drugs are making us healthier!

It is, of course, great propaganda, and has been almost universally accepted as 'the truth'. We are living longer, and life-expectancy figures have been rising for the last two centuries. But as I have said in previous posts, if you take the period that follows the Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions in the UK, with all the disruption, squalor, poverty, poor sanitation, bad working conditions, et al, that followed, and make this your base figure, it is little wonder!

And what Conventional Medicine has done is to claim total responsibility for the trend, ignoring the massive improvements in public health, and in social and economic conditions. The fact is, as I have argued elsewhere, ConMed can claim little, if any credit for this trend.

But I have always suspected that life-expectancy would begin to fall alongside the increasing consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. People cannot consume more and more highly toxic drugs, that cause disease and death, especially during the last 50-60 years, without this eventually being reflected in life-expectancy trends.

And so it is. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (2005; 352; 1138-45) found that life expectancy was now falling, and that it would continue to fall throughout the 21st century.

Pharmaceutical drugs are killing us!

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Pharmaceutical drugs may cause Parkinson's Disease!

"People with Parkinson's disease often display the typical symptoms of tremor and sudden involuntary movements - but scientists are now beginning to wonder if drugs are the cause".

This is taken from the September edition of 'What Doctor's Don't Tell You', (source, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2010; 107: 13159-64).

And the drug in question is Levodopa, whose major long-term 'side-effect' is dyskinesia, the medical term for jerky and unpredictable movements.

          "Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have recently discovered mechanisms in the brain (of rats) that cause dyskinesia, but it may be caused by either Parkinson's disease or using drugs."

So, after my recent blog on drugs causing dementia, the connection between disease and Big Pharma drugs is slowly but surely being revealed. And for more information about drugs causing disease, go to

Conventional Medicine and creation of illness

Moreover, this is yet another drug that has been found to cause the very condition it is intended to treat. Could it be that Conventional Medicine, and Big Pharma, are inadvertently coming up with the concept that disease can be treated with drugs that cause the same symptoms as the disease.

In other words, they are beginning to stumble on the fact that 'like cures like', which is, of course, the primary principle of homeopathy. In another 200 years, they might begin to stumble on the second principle of homeopath, the minimum, or infinitesimal dose. It won't be until they do so that they will realise that it is dangerous to use substances in toxic quantities!

It is perhaps fortunate, then, that people can move straight to homeopathy - which is already based on these insights.

For a more recent discussion of the pharmaceutical drugs that are known to cause Parkinson's Disease, click here.

Homeopathy Healthy Medicine - September Issue

The September version of this patient-friendly newsletter is now available. It is free for you to use and to distribute as you will.
Please help us get the message of homeopathy over to people who know little about it? 
HHM aims to provide the general public with a range of facts about homeopathy, and general health matters. 
There is no charge, no copyright restrictions. So please use, and distribute the newsletter to anyone who might be interested getting to know about a safe and effective medical therapy.
  • Print it, email it. Make sure your friends, relatives and patients have a copy. 
  • Ask them to pass it on to others.
  • Leave a copy wherever people might see and read it; for instance, medical, dental waiting areas, libraries, and so on
  • If you use Twitter, Twitter the URL above. 
  • Use it on Facebook for all your friends and followers
And don’t forget, we are keen to publish ‘good-news’ stories about homeopathy users.
* So write to us about your own story.
  • Or your children’s story.
  • Or ask your patients to write a short story about their experience of homeopathy.
Send them to us at and we will try to include these in future editions of the newsletter. 
If we are to get our message across to the general public, it won’t be done by the mainstream media, who are reluctant to print anything ‘positive’ about homeopathy. This newsletter, which is written in a very simple, easily understandable style, we can tell people about our effective and safe medical therapy.

Homeopathy and Insomnia

Given my recent blog which looked at the dangers of ConMed sleeping pills ('Sleeping pills increase chances of dying by 40%'), this feature from Natural News looks at the homeopathic treatment of insomnia and sleeplessness - a much safer, and more effective therapy.

However, this is just too simplistic really. Homeopathy sometimes is not that easy! There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies that deal with insomnia and sleeplessness, all with a particular symptom pictures. The reason for this is that there are many causes of insomnia, and matching the individual with a remedy can be quite a difficult task.

One good general remedy used by homeopathy, but not mentioned in this feature, is Passiflora. It deals with restless and wakeful sleep, often caused by worry, exhaustion and overwork. It is often the remedy to use with quite feeble infants, or older people.

The importance of matching patient symptoms with remedy symptoms is central in homeopathy, and as insomnia can become a serious ailment, if 'first aid' use of remedies does not work, a consultation with a homeopathy is always advisable.

For more information about the treatment of Insomnia, and the benefits of Homeopathy treatment over Conventional, drug-based medicine, click on this link.

The Cost of Dementia

This blog should be read in conjunction with the one I published on 20th September, "Dementia. Is it caused by ConMed Drugs?"

The news that the cost of treating dementia represents more that 1% of the world's gross domestic product is stunning. The 2010 World Alzheimer Report claims that the world will spend about $604 billion this year. Moreover, it says that the bulk of these costs is spent on expensive medications and hospital treatment, as well as residential and nursing care. And the cost of dementia care is likely only to rise!

Of course, this is just one reason that Big Pharma companies have become so powerful. They produce drugs that cause 'side-effects', which are really diseases. And then they produce drugs that deal with the diseases they cause.

This is great business - but very poor medicine!

When these two blogs are taken together it begins to be possible to calculate the enormous cost of Conventional Medicine, and its dangerous and useless drugs. Dementia, and Alzheimers Disease in particular, has risen to epidemic proportions during the last 50-60 years, and as such, it is just one of a multitude of chronic diseases that have developed during the expansion of Big Pharma, and its toxic drugs and treatments.

Conventional Medicine and the creation of illness

Yet the mainstream media will not investigate this, and other similar connections between epidemic chronic disease and prescription drugs. Nor will government or the NHS. Big Pharma is just too big, too powerful - its power based on its ability to create disease.

The time for homeopathy, and other safe traditional therapies, is coming. But the problem of getting the message over to the general public continues to be immense.

For more on the links between pharmaceutical drugs and dementia, click here.

Is the MMR Vaccine Safe? What do the Patient Information Leaflets say?

We are constantly told by Conventional Medics that MMR vaccination is safe. The mainstream media will not allow anyone to suggest that it is anything other than safe. So how about this, taken from the VaccineTruth website? Given the blanket of silence and denial that surrounds the issue, this makes interesting reading 
            “The drug company that makes the MMR vaccine publishes an extensive list of warnings, contraindications, and adverse reactions associated with this triple shot. These may be found in the vaccine package insert available from any doctor giving MMR, and in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) at the library.(8,9) The following afflictions affecting nearly every body system — blood, lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular, immune, nervous, respiratory, and sensory — have been reported following receipt of the MMR shot: encephalitis, encephalopathy, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, convulsions, learning disabilities, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), demyelination of the nerve sheaths, Guillain-Barre’ syndrome (paralysis), muscle incoordination, deafness, panniculitis, vasculitis, optic neuritis (including partial or total blindness), retinitis, otitis media, bronchial spasms, fever, headache, joint pain, arthritis (acute and chronic), transverse myelitis, thrombocytopenia (blood clotting disorders and spontaneous bleeding), anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions), lymphadenopathy, leukocytosis, pneumonitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, urticaria, pancreatitis, parotitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, meningitis, diabetes, autism, immune system disorders, and death (Figure 49).(10,11)”

Monday 20 September 2010

Dementia. Is it caused by Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Is dementia caused by conventional drugs? Certainly the circumstantial evidence would suggest a connection - dementia has increased largely in line with the increase in ConMed drug consumption.

When I first began to think about whether disease was caused by drugs it felt quite revolutionary. When I began writing about it (see Conventional Medicine and the Creation of Illness) I was very careful not to reach too many unsupported conclusions. I was, perhaps, too careful!

What Doctor's Don't Tell You (WDDTY September 2010) is now asking the same question in their lead article - "The Damaged Brain. How drugs cause dementia". Much of this is based on a book, self-published by Grace E Jackson, "Drug Induced Dementia - a perfect crime" - which 'painstakingly catalogues the vast amount of scientific proof' that modern medicine is the primary culprit behind all forms of dementia "one of the more rampant epidemic conditions of our time".

For the book, see

Certainly, anyone who has a relative or friend who has dementia, particularly in the early stages, it would be wise to look at this potential cause of dementia. First, you would need to remember that the drug companies have no financial interest in telling you, the Department of Health and the NHS are dominated by the Drug Companies, and even your GP is unlikely to suggest to you that the drugs he/she has been prescribing might be the possible cause of dementia. The mainstream media will, of course, stay entirely silent!

I have been observing this connection now for several years, and it does seem that one thing that most dementia sufferers have in common is that they have all taken a variety of ConMed drugs during their life, and particularly during their later years.

For more information on the link between dementia and pharmaceutical drugs click here.

Friday 17 September 2010

Sleeping pills increase chances of dying by 40 per cent

WDDTY ('What Doctors Don"t Tell You') have reported that sleeping pills increase the risk of an early death by nearly 40%. 

This is based on alarming new research published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. The drugs were found to affect our reactions, contributing to falls and accidents, as well as our breathing patterns, which could be disturbed while we sleep. 

The research found that anxiety drugs affected mortality rates in a similar way.

This was not a small study. Researchers established the link after they analysed 12 years of data involving 14,000 patients. They found that insomnia and anxiety drugs increased the death rate by 36 per cent, and lead researcher, Dr Genevieve Belleville said:
“These medications aren’t candy, and taking them is far from harmless”.

The Conventional Medical Establishment admit that their drugs are dangerous, even though they usually play down the risk. Certain, pharmaceutical drugs should not be taken unless you are willing to take the risk. The trouble is patients are not being told about the risks of ConMed drugs. Websites such as WDDTY do their best, but the mainstream media ignore such research.

Homeopathy is a much safer and more effective form of treatment, with remedies like Passiflora and Coffea being particularly effective. However, there are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies for insomnia, as treatment for this condition has to be individualised. So you are advised to consult with a homeopathy (see for a local homeopath).

For more information on the Homeopathic treatment of Insomnia go to the following link, which compares conventional and homeopathic treatment

Tamoxifen. Another cause of breast cancer?

When doctors stopped prescribing HRT several years ago, the incidence of breast cancer fell! 

ConMed drugs are now seriously implicated in the epidemic levels of this awful disease.

* There is evidence that antibiotics many cause breast cancer.
* Tamoxifen, a drug prescribed for breast cancer, was found in 2009 to cause of a highly virulent form of breast cancer.
* Mammography, a test for diagnosing breast cancer, is also known to cause breast cancer.

And now, a new test - BSGI (Breast Specific Gamma Imagining) - has been introduced. Is it safer than a mammogram? Of course not! This nuclear based treatment is probably even worse! This is how it has been described.

"... one single BSGI ..... carries a lifetime risk of inducing fatal cancer that is far greater than the cancer risk associated with having annual screening mammograms starting at age 40".

Women are particularly at risk from ConMed treatment, not just from their drugs, but also from their 'diagnostic testing' techniques. One question that needs to be asked is - why are so many 'new' treatments even more dangerous than 'old' treatments? 

Another is why do drugs and tests designed to prevent or to treat a disease actually cause the disease?

Perhaps the only solution for patients is to say 'No' firmly to Conventional Medical treatment, and look for medical therapies that are safer.

Friday 10 September 2010

Vaccination DIEs

I have just come across this website, based in Germany, but with an English version. If you are concerned about the safety and effectiveness of conventional vaccinations, and you feel that vaccination 'side-effects' are 'rare', than this is a must read website.

The site has managed to gather together large numbers of people who are reporting serious adverse reactions, or DIEs, about the main vaccinations we are being subjected to. The disease-inducing-effects are not rare, as we are led to believe, they are all too common.

They are just not worth the risk.

Friday 3 September 2010

The Truth about the Gardasil (and Cervarix) vaccine

For anyone who wants to know the truth about Conventional Medicine, it is no use listening to the government, the NHS, or even your own doctor. It is certainly no use relying on the mainstream media. People damaged by pharmaceutical drugs often have to set up their own support groups, and their own websites.

Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, foisted on young girls over the last two years to 'fight' cervical cancer. But thousands of girls are now experiencing severe adverse reactions, and some have died - about 71 according to the group, ''The Truth about Gardasil' (}

This website outlines some of the reactions these girls have suffered, including seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!

The website says that there is no known treatment to help these girls. They are wrong in this, of course, they should be seeking out local homeopaths to see if this treatment is able to help them; but essentially they are talking here about the response of ConMed, and ConMed practitioners. They say this:

" The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance plans do not cover this type of treatment, and as a result, this route is out of reach for many girls".

And before my denialist readers  cry 'foul', girls have not been given Gardisil in the UK, the website also covers those who have used Cervirix too.

This is yet another Conventional Medical disaster.

Thursday 2 September 2010

MMR vaccine is not safe

The Sunday Times (29th August 2010) published the story of Jackie Flethcer, and her son, Robert, who was damaged by the MMR vaccine when he was just 13 months old. From being a healthy baby, developing normally, he started to suffer epileptic fits, and became unresponsive, and is now (aged 18) severely disabled. 

A UK court has now rule that the vaccine caused the brain damage, and awarded compensation of £91,000 - a small sum for a shattered life.

Jackie Fletcher, who created the pressure group JABS ( to help other parents win compensation for their vaccine-damaged children. She has had to campaign for her son for over 16 years, during which time the NHS and the government has repeatedly assured us that the MMR vaccine was entirely safe. 

The mainstream media has been virtually banned from telling us anything different since Andrew Wakefield was scapegoated for daring to tell us that there were problems with the MMR vaccines. 

There are many thousands of parents in the UK who are also fighting for compensation, and perhaps they will now be successful too. The MMR situation is just one instance where we need more honesty and openness from the government, the NHS and mainstream media - not to mention Big Pharma.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Teething and Homeopathy

There is nothing more distressing that watching a young baby in pain because teeth are beginning to grow through the gums. Parents feel helpless, the baby is helpless too, and because (s)he is loved, everyone feels the pain. Homeopathy can help, and it has two remedies, one of which usually works - Chamomilla and Pulsatilla.

How do you know which one to give your child? Well, he (or she) will let you know!

If the baby is crying hard, is irritable and stroppy, and nothing you do seems to help, Chamomilla 30c is what is required.

If the baby is crying hard, but is miserably,pitiful, clingy, and needs to be held and comforted all the time, Pulsatilla 30c will usually work

There are other remedies too, such as Belladonna (whose symptoms are lots of redness, burning, high temperature0, but homeopathy is safer, more effective, and less expensive than conventional treatment.

Bonjela, for instance, is known to cause ulceration, possibly because the active ingredient is based on aspirin, well known to be a stomach irritant.

The dangers of Flu vaccination

The dangers of flu vaccination continue to appear. They have now been banned in Australia and Finland.

What will happen in the UK? The NHS will say they are safe and effective and recommend it. The mainstream media will just keep quiet. The taxpayer will pay for it. And the patients will suffer from it. And the Big Pharma companies will be left to count the profits.

What do I do? Homeopathy is safer and more effective. I take one remedy, each month, during the winter, and I have not had flu for 15 years. What is the remedy? Oscillococinum 30c.

The dangers of Statins - and Cholesterol

People using statins, which reputedly lower cholesterol,  have a higher risk of liver dysfunction, kidney failure, muscle weakness and cataracts - according to a study that covered more than 2 million people in Britain by researchers from Nottingham University.

The findings have been published in the British Medical Journal, and by Reuters

Statins have been considered to be wonder drugs, with few if any side-effects. Some doctors are still saying that everyone at risk of heart attack of stroke should take them. Just a few weeks ago one doctor suggested they should be taken by everyone who has a 'fast-food' meal.
The mainstream media does not think it is worth passing on to their readers, listeners and viewers, even though Statin drugs have been prescribed to millions of patients on the basis that they are entirely safe, and have become the best selling ConMed drugs, and of course, highly profitable.
All pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous, and consequently should be avoided. Most of them, 85% it has been calculated, are also useless. So there is no point taking them. Your body controls the levels of cholesterol, and as long as you have a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle, you can leave it to your body. If in doubt, consult a homeopath - who will at least do nothing to harm you, and if you have high cholesterol, homeopathy can help you body get back in control of its production.

Stomach problems? Try Homeopathy

Antacids are posing dangers to older people. So says a group of NHS doctors, apparently. Well homeopathy is more effective, and poses no dangers. It is also much cheaper. Every family should have Nux Vomica in the home, and use it whenever someone has indigestion, or stomach upset.

This story was published in the New York Times, and Natural News. Strange, is it not, that it is not being reported in the UK. We are just not supposed to know about it!

Antacids are linked to an increased risk of gastro-inestinal infections. On category, proton pump inhibitors, increase the risk of pneumonia! The New York Times says:

"Several studies also have shown an increased risk of bone fractures from osteoporosis in patients taking PPIs, though the result aren't consistent. Possible the change in stomach acidity reduces the body's ability to absorb calcium".
New York Times, 11th August 2010

Why take any risk? Move to homeopathy, and have some Nux Vomica handy.