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Saturday 28 August 2010

Back Pain and Homeopathy

Anyone suffering from back pain should go to this link for some good advice!

As John Sherman says, we should all understand the dangers of Conventional Medical treatment - they all have serious Disease-Inducing-Effects; and try safe homeopathic remedies instead.

Also in this article are some helpful suggestions for what remedies to try.

Homeopathy is invariably safer, more effective, and less expensive too.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Pharmaceutical drugs. 85% of them are useless!

Many previous blogs have pointed to the fact that ConMed drugs are dangerous. Now there is a new study that has found that 85% of drugs are also useless!

What a combination! And the drugs industry can sell us drugs that are both useless and dangerous for exorbitant amounts of money.

"Corruption and fraud in the drug industry is nothing new, but a new report to be presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association reveals that most new pharmaceutical drugs offer practically no benefits and a whole lot of negative side effects".

And homeophobes and homeopathy denialists say that homeopathy is nothing more than placebo, and that ConMed is 'evidence based'!

But worse still. It is now clear that only 8% of conventional drugs and vaccines have ever been proven to work.

It would appear that the ‘success’ of medicine has been achieved through the spin and the data manipulation that the pharmaceutical industry has been involved in now for over a century, and by the ability of governments, the conventional medical establishment, supported by our mainstream media organisations, to continue ignoring the failure of drugs and vaccines over the years.

Conventional, drug-based medicine is failing, and failing rapidly and ignominiously.

Thursday 12 August 2010

Superbugs and Antibiotics

News about a 'new' superbug in the UK is beginning to emerge, a bug which cannot be treated by even the strongest antibiotic drugs. See, for example,

News is emerging at the same time that government ministers are now considering whether to ban antibacterial drugs from  being sold 'over the counter' - because of the public health dangers of rising antibiotic resistance.

The NHS and conventional medical doctors have been overprescribing antibiotics for many years, and apparently continue to do so. One reason is that doctors know they have a drug that works, and which for decades, they have thought to be entirely safe.

But you cannot set out to attack/block/inhibit the body, as all pharmaceutical drugs do, without the body having to respond. Nor can you seek to try to attack bacteria, living naturally within the body, and helping to sustain us, without the bacteria fighting back - as they are doing.
So Conventional Medicine is rapidly losing yet another battle - and this one for one of the drugs it has always presented to the public as proof of its effectiveness.

Breast Cancer - a Conventional Medical triumph?

I have spent most of this morning listening to the BBC giving us news that breast cancer deaths have fallen in the UK, since the 1980's. Apparently French researchers have shown that the UK breast cancer rate has dropped by about one-third - "thanks to better care and speedier diagnosis".

Wonderful news - a triumph for ConMed?
Well, no, not really. What was never mentioned was that the cause of much breast cancer, certainly from the 1980's until a few years ago was that most women were given HRT for menopausal symptoms, and one result of this was a major epidemic of breast cancer. Then, as always happens, after decades of prescribing a dangerous treatment, ConMed discovered that it was dangerous, and stopped prescribing it.
So what is happening here? ConMed gives us a drug that causes an epidemic. Then withdraws it. Then claims that it has stopped an epidemic. It is marvellous propaganda, which the mainstream media is willing to pass on to us, without question! But it is an enormous lie!
It is a well-known technique however, which ConMed has often used. ConMed, for instance, claims to have been so successful it has led to increased longevity. That is, we are all living longer because of ConMed drugs! What they have actually done, of course, is to take as its baseline a time when death rates were higher than they have ever been (early and mid-19th century, when all the ravages of the agrarian and industrial revolutions had resulted in high population density, non-existant sanitation, poisonous water supply, squalid housing, poor diet, and dangerous working practices, et al), and compared it with today, when public health measures, and 150 year of social policy, have removed many of those lethal factors.
So whilst everyone is led to believe that ConMed has transformed our lives, it is merely taking credit for public health policies, for which it deserves little credit. ConMed has indeed reduced breast cancer - but only by being forced to withdraw one of its most profitable drugs

Drug Money

The US healthcare industry is the world's biggest, with $300bn per year spent on prescription drugs. It is equally important throughout the world. But in recent years there has been a series of health scandals, and two of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies have been fined US$ billions after investigations into their secret working practices.

Revelations uncovered in several civil and criminal cases have emerged of pervasive fraud, fatal side effects, and huge kick-backs paid to doctors. 

If you want to know more about drug company corruption, and how dangerous drugs are foisted on us, this Aljazeera investigation by Melanie Newman and Chris Woods reveals how ConMed is making massive profits, and making us unhealthy.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

The Case for Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is forever under attack from denialists and homeophobes, many of them on this blog. They constantly and incessantly chant their mantras - 'there is no evidence', and 'it is no more than placebo', and other such nonsense.

So when Dana Ullman, a US homeopath, writes a superb article on 'the case for homeopathy' it is well worth reading. He starts - "A lot of people today are confused about what homeopathy is (and isn't)". And he makes a fine job at outlining the evidence for homeopathy, and dismissing the 'misinformation' that some scientists, and the denialists, regularly feed the public.

I am not going to precis his piece, when you can read it yourself! You can find it here.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Fosamax - another failed Pharmaceutical Drug

There appears to be a trend in drug research. Conventional Medical drugs given for certain conditions are now being found to worsen those very conditions. Following on from anti-depressants (which cause suicide); and Tamoxifen (which causes more aggressive breast cancer), Fosamax (a drug given to patients with Osteoporosis) has now been found to cause sudden hip fractures.

So does ConMed know what it is doing? Well, yes, they do, they are making a great deal of money. But do they really know the harm they are doing to patients? Do they understand that their drugs are dangerous?

A recent study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine has revealed that industry-funded clinical trials - that is, drug trials funded by pharmaceutical companies - almost always show positive results for the drugs they test. In contrast, only about half of government-funded studies show the same drugs to be safe and effective.

So we are just not being told the truth about Big Pharma drugs, by the drug companies, the NHS, our doctors, and the mainstream media!

Thursday 5 August 2010

Homeopathy Healthy Medicine - July Issue

Will you help us get the message of homeopathy across to your friends, relatives and the general public?

This is a free newsletter with loads of good information about homeopathy. You can find it by clicking on:

Please download, print, send to your friends, family, or anyone who might be interested in gaining access to an effective and safe medical therapy.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Drug Company ethics, and Media silence!

Drug companies are being sued for $ billions in the USA, because of the harm that they are doing to patients. Now one drug company, Pfizer, is being sued by a union pension fund, saying that directors should be liable for the company's continued violation of federal laws. Pfizer have recently had to pay $2.3 billion as a result.

Glaxo-Smith-Kline has also had to pay out more than $1 billion because its antidepressant drug, Paxil, has caused in over 800 cases for causing birth defects.

As Dr Mercola states

"Pfizer not only made repeated violations of federal laws when illegally marketing their drugs, they did so knowingly in what is being called 'a calculated bet that the negative consequences of getting caught would never become significant'"

In the UK, their gamble with our health appears to have paid off. The mainstream media here does not report this news. Our government does nothing about the practices of the drug companies. And NHS doctors just continues giving us the drugs, as if they were helpful and safe.

Drug companies are playing games with our health in the interests of their profits. They do not appear to care about patient health. And they seem to have so much influence over governments, and the mainstream media that nothing is ever done about it.

The Failure of Conventional Medicine.