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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Irritable Bowel? Ulcerative Colitis? Help at hand? Medical science suggests an antidepressive drug might be helpful!

The nonsense coming out of the pharmaceutical medicine establishment is constant. The latest the news that medical science is going to see if an antidepressant drug, amitriptyline, can treat irritable bowel disease (ulcerative colitis). What is more frightening than this trickle of nonsense is that this is dangerous nonsense; and we are not being told about these dangers.

The BBC, always willing to support medical science, and the pharmaceutical industry, in any way it can, is at the forefront of this propaganda campaign.

               "A medical trial is being held to see if a drug developed as an anti-depressant could become a common treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Amitriptyline has sometimes been prescribed to people with IBS when other treatments have been ineffective."

Pharmaceutical medicine could certainly do with an effective treatment for IBS, or Ulcerative Colitis, and such headlines will certainly raise the hopes of the 12 million people that the IBS Network estimates suffer from this condition, in the UK alone.

And certainly, the drug amitriptyline (as with all other antidepressant drugs) have a hopeless record in treating depression. So perhaps a new use for the drug would be welcomed by the pharmaceutical industry.

BUT AMITRIPTYLINE IS A DANGEROUS DRUG. It is already known to have the most atrocious side effects. It carries warnings about suicidal thinking and behaviour, as well as other major side effects, including abdominal and stomach pain (sic), confusion, convulsions and seizures, irregular heartbeat, depression and anxiety (sic), and much else.

NO-ONE SHOULD TAKE AMIPRIPTYLINE WITHOUT READING THIS FULL LIST OF KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS! And don't be fooled by the 'incidence not known' cover up. These side effects are common, but just how common doctors don't want us to know.

So did the BBC tell us about this? Of course not. They never do. The BBC sees itself as a drug sales outfit, willing to tell patients about the 'good' news, but keeping the 'bad' news to itself.

Irritable Bowel is a deeply painful and distressing condition, and it is best treated with homeopathy. I have written about the homeopathic treatment of IBS here, comparing it with conventional medical treatment. Patients with IBS are already sick enough, without being asked to risk the dreadful side effects of antidepressant drugs like amitriptyline.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

The Coronavirus Panic. Just how dangerous is this new virus?

The worldwide coronavirus panic is in full swing!

It remains to be seen how dangerous this new flu virus is, how many people will be infected, and how many people will die from this apparently fearsome influenza pandemic. And certainly, as I mentioned in a previous blog, we should begin to wonder why doctors think we should panic about influenza when there are many more serous iatrogenic illnesses and deaths to be concerned about.

Certainly, if it is anything like previous panics, SARs, Swine flu, and Avian Flu we might be looking back at the reaction of pharmaceutical medicine, and the mainstream media, in a few months time - and wonder what on earth it was about!

But just to let you know - the homeopathy community is NOT in a panic. I am currently in discussion with a number of UK homeopaths about possible remedies that might be useful in treating this potential flu pandemic with what we call a 'genus epidemicus'. And we are in agreement. We do not need new remedies. The remedies that homeopathy have used for over 220 years will work with this, and any other influenza outbreak. The symptom picture of the new coronavirus appears to be much the same as any other, more common type of influenza.

This, of course, is different with pharmaceutical medicine, which each year has to produce a vaccine that focuses on a particular strain or type of influenza, and usually gets it wrong. Homeopathy does not have to focus on any predicted strain - it works of the basis of similars, 'like treats like' - not 'same treats same'.

In other words, the remedies will work as long as they match the flu symptoms. So I will be suggesting to my family, friends, and former patients, to do what I have always recommended - to take a preventative monthly dose of the remedy Oscillococinum; although if the outbreak does expand, or if it does get closer to home, the dose can be increased to a remedy every fortnight, or even every week.
Other homeopaths recommend different remedies. Some, for instance, prefer the remedy Influenzinum, whilst others use remedies like Gelsenium, or one of many other remedies that are known to have flu symptoms.

The comparative calm of the homeopathic community is based on passed experience, and not misguided wishful thinking. Even with the most serious influenza pandemic of all time, the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, homeopathy has a successful track record.

The reason for pharmaceutical medicine's panic is that it has a poor, if not hopeless track record in treating influenza. If 'anti-flu' drugs (like Tamiflu) are not effective; if there is no vaccine available; what else is there for doctors to do but to panic? And, with the mainstream media supporting pharmaceutical medicine to the hilt, it will feed the panic. It always does.
  • So if you are a homeopathy user you don't need to wear a face mask (or even goggles), and certainly not a white space suit in fear. Just take your usual influenza remedy, and have them at hand.
  • If you are not a homeopathy user yet it is exactly the right time to join us, and begin living life normally again.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICINE. Just how dangerous is it to our health? And why is a flu outbreak in China causing panic?

There have been many attempts to calculate how many deaths are caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. It is a a difficult calculation, not least because when offering a cause of death in post mortems few doctors will want to admit that drugs (s)he or colleagues have administered are the cause of death. Most, therefore, are under-estimates about the dangers of conventional medicine.

The Pharma Death Clock website has tried to estimate the harm that is being caused to patient by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines since 2000. It is a frighting read.
  • Iatrogenic deaths - 15,733,539 people
  • Hospital errors resulting in death - 8,830,770 people
  • Death caused by adverse drug reactions - 2,127,413 people
And these figures, plus many, many more on this website, are just for the USA! It calculates that worldwide Superbugs (caused by antibiotic drugs) have alone caused 14,048,956 deaths. In Britain it calculates that chemotherapy drugs have killed 301,049 people!

So perhaps the headline news today (21 January 2020), that the British NHS faces a huge clinical negligence legal fees bill should not come as a great surprise - and certainly not to regular readers of this blog. The figures quoted in the news releases reflects the horrendous dangers of pharmaceutical medicine.
  • £4.3 billion in legal fees to settle outstanding claims of clinical 'negligence'
  • that every year the NHS receives over 10,000 new claims for compensation
  • that the total cost of outstanding compensation claims is now £83 billion (against a total annual NHS budget of £129 billion)
Medical errors. Are they bankrupting the British NHS?

Yet the analysis of this 'problem' is never accurate. We are not witnessing here something that can be dismissed as 'errors' or 'negligence'. We are witnessing the consequence of an inherently dangerous form of medicine, conventional medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, that now dominates national health services around the world.

Nor does the problem end of patient death. In a series of blogs I have written over the last year it has become clear that doctors, the front-line face of this dangerous medical practise, can no longer afford to pay their own medical insurance premiums.
The other main health news hitting the headlines recently concerns the 'new Chinese influenza virus' which has affected, to date, about 200 people in the Chinese town of Wuhan, and killed a total of 4 people. This is a problem considered to be sufficiently serious that medical authorities in Australia, Singapore, Hong Cong, Taiwan and Japan have already "stepped up screening of air passengers from Wuhan". It is likely that this panic will continue to escalate around the world.

Yet these same medical authorities do not panic about the numbers of people who are being routinely harmed, and killed by pharmaceutical medicine's 'negligence' each and every year!

These are the medical authorities who support a form of medicine' that makes us sick, causes epidemic levels of chronic disease, and kills millions of patients, and whose only response to the havoc it generates is to demand more and more money from governments around the world.

We need to start demanding answers. Why is the death of 4 people in China a matter of concern when the iatrogenic death of 15,733,539 people in the USA not? Why is a influenza outbreak a matter of panic when homeopathy is a safe, effective and inexpensive means of preventing, and treating flu?

Wednesday 8 January 2020

HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine - linked to lowered probability of pregnancy

In June 2018, the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health published an article Gayle DeLong entitled 'A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25-29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection'. This is an everyday event - medical science publishing research and evidence about pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. However it is one the demonstrates the dishonesty of medical science.

               "Data revealed that 60% of women who had not received the HPV vaccine had been pregnant at least once, while only 35% of HPV vaccine recipients had ever conceived. The article detailed the statistical analysis as well as offered possible biological mechanisms for the results.  Three researchers peer-reviewed the article. When the article first appeared, the editors eagerly promoted it by making it free.  By early December 2019, the number of downloads reached close to 24,000."

This is how medical science is supposed to work - if it functioned honestly and openly. But, of course, it doesn't. Young girls, and their parents, who are routinely encouraged by doctors to have the vaccination, are (or at least should be) entitled to know all there is to know about the likely side effects and consequences of any medication. But pharmaceutical medicine does not work this way. It is a business that thrives on enticing patients to take drugs and vaccines, and information about side effects is not good for drug sales.

Medical journals, such as the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, should publish evidence about every drug and vaccine. This particular research was processed in the normal way, peer reviewed, and published. Then it was withdrawn - and withdrawn without any satisfactory reason being given.

Yet the detail is not important. What we are dealing with is a medical system that does not want patients to know about the serious, life-changing side effects of their drugs and vaccines. If the conventional medical establishment was honest it would look at DeLong's findings, and be sufficiently concerned to look further into the findings. Indeed, on the basis of 'first do no harm', and the precautionary principle, it would suspend use of the vaccine.

None of this is done. Instead, the journal pulls the research. It is important to realise that medical journals survive only on the basis of funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So if drug companies don't like a piece of research, if it might have an effect on profits, it is easier to ensure that the research is pulled rather than to seek to make the vaccine safe, and free of side effects.
So it's not just that pharmaceutical medicine peddles dangerous drugs and vaccines. It is that the pharmaceutical industry has sufficient control over medical journals (a major source of information doctors rely on) to ensure that they don't have to worry about the dangers - neither doctors nor patients will get to know about them.

So our daughters are damaged....
...and the drug companies rake in the profits.

Thursday 2 January 2020

EATING DISORDERS. One cause, routinely ignored by conventional medicine, is pharmaceutical drugs

Eating disorders, like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, are reaching epidemic proportions. They have been around for a long time, but they have increased substantially in recent times. One study found that the incidence of anorexia nervosa is around 8 per 100,000 persons per year, with "an upward trend has been observed in the incidence of anorexia nervosa in the past century till the 1970s" with "the most substantial increase was among females aged 15-24 years, for whom a significant increase was observed from 1935 to 1999".

This is, of course, the period when pharmaceutical drugs became more widely available and consumed, perhaps something that the conventional medical establishment wants to ignore as a possible cause of this increase. 

And the incidence of eating disorders continues to rise, alarmingly. In 2020, NHS Digital date (England) showed that hospital admissions for eating disorders rose by 37% across all age groups over the previous two years. They showed that there were 19,040 admissions for eating disorders in 2018/19, up from 16,558 the year before, and 13,885 in 2016/17. The most common age for patients with anorexia was 13 to 15. These British figures are mirrored across the entire pharmaceutical drug-taking world!

So what is pharmaceutical medicine, and the NHS doing about this rising tide of illness?
  • They are spending money on it of course - more and more.
  • They diagnose it mainly as a psychological illness, which means more counselling, more 'talking cures', and demands for more mental health provision
  • And they come up with a number of reasons for the increase in eating disorders
Yet the reason doctors provide are no more than excuses - one of the most important reasons for the increase in eating disorders are pharmaceutical drugs. 

Research published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2019 (doi: 10.2105 / AJPH. 2019. 305390), found that young women who take diet pills and laxatives to reduce their weight are more likely to suffer an eating disorder just a year or so later.
  • Laxatives increased the risk 5-fold and diet pills by 80%. These pills are easy to purchase over-the-counter in pharmacies or online. 
The researchers, from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, described their findings as "a wake-up call" and called for a ban on their sale to young girls. Neither is going to happen.
  • Conventional medicine will not 'wake up' as it is routinely and vigorously opposed to any suggestion that the drugs and vaccines they prescribe to patients cause serious illness and disease.
  • And the drugs that cause eating disorders will not be banned because the powerful pharmaceutical industry will not allow them to be banned.
It is the same for all the epidemics of chronic disease we are now witnessing. One of the major causes of all of them are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, but this is always denied by the conventional medical establishment.

So an important cause of the disease is ignored, and the disease continues to grow and grow. Conventional medicine bemoans increased patient demands on resources, their inability to cope with this increased demand, and seek increased resources to enable them to cope with the problem.

Conventional medicine is an on-going, self-fulfilling disaster!