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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Steroid Drugs - dependency and an adult emergency card. Is this really medicine?

 Just how effective and dangerous are these pharmaceutical drugs if you have to carry this card? The clues can perhaps be spotted in the following words taken from this "Steroid Emergency Card".

  • "the patient is physically dependent on daily steroid 'therapy'".
  • "critical medicine".
  • "It must be given/taken as prescribed and never committed or discontinued".
  • "Missed doses, illness or surgery can cause an adrenal crisis requiring emergency treatment".

The conventional medical establishment should be deeply ashamed that any pharmaceutical drug that leave patients in such circumstances, should be considered an 'medicine', and that such a drug should be inflicted on any patient.

I can only recommend that patients who have to carry such a card, or anyone taking drugs that can have this outcome, or anyone offered these drugs, should consult with a qualified and registered homeopath to see what can be done to help them.

A copy of this card was taken from this MIMS website.

The steroid emergency card should be given to all patients with primary adrenal insufficiency and those who are steroid dependent.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines. What can we learn from the countries suspending them, and from others content to continue using them?

It's simple! Surely? Either a vaccine is safe or it's not safe. And on the basis of the medical professions principle of "First do no harm" any vaccine that is not safe should not be used by patients, especially when the vaccine has been 'fast-tracked' into our arms.

It has been hard to keep track on which countries have had sufficient doubts about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, and have suspended their use; and which of these countries have suspended them but been quickly reassured, or pressured into reintroducing them. Certainly these countries have done one or the other.

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria 
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • The Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Thailand

Note: Canada joined this list following the writing of this blog.

However, most other countries appear to have no qualms about any of the vaccines. This is not an unusual phenomenon. I have often wondered why it is that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are considered 'safe' in some countries, but suspended or banned in others because they are unsafe. I have pondered on  whether the citizens of some countries are less hardy than those of other countries; but this always seems unlikely.

A more likely explanation is that the history of every pharmaceutical drug and vaccine is a struggle: between a growing awareness of the serious adverse reactions they cause; and the denials of the conventional medical establishment that pharmaceutical drugs can cause patient harm.

For instance, it was reported yesterday (even by BBC News) that one drug, Mediator, banned in 2009 after 33 years of causing serious heart failure, and the death of over 2,000 people, has resulted in a court finding the French drug company guilty of aggravated deceit and involuntary manslaughter. The drug regulator was also fined for failing in its primary duty - to protect the public from dangerous drugs. (This website outlines several other similar histories of banned drugs).

So is this what is happening to the Covid-19 vaccines? Even though it is early in their use, vaccination did not start until the very end of December 2020, there appears to be a growing number of concerns about the vaccines, concerns that are being either ignored, denied or discounted by the conventional medical establishment. This fits into a pattern that I have described before when talking about "the Ages of Drugs". Here are some recent expressions of concern.

The European drug regulator, the EMA, has recently conceded that one vaccine "may" cause blood clots, but still insists that they are "still safe and effective", and countries should continue to use it. Such cases, they say, are 'very rare'. This response fits the time-honoured tradition in conventional medicine - a drug or vaccine is safe - until such time it has proven to be so harmful it cannot be defended any longer.

At the same time there was this EMA pronouncement, that new research from Norway and Germany linked one Covid-19 vaccine with blood clots. So the debate will continue is not resolved by denials.

Indeed, such official assertions will never end the debate. They will perhaps be sufficient for governments and the mainstream media (MSM). But if the past is anything to go by new evidence of patient harm will emerge as time passes, and is perhaps already emerging. 

For example, one scientist has told the USA drug regulator, the FDA, that they are ignoring "clear and present dangers" associated with the Covid-19 vaccines, and warning that many will die needless "if we carelessly and indiscrinately" vaccinate people already infected with the virus. Is this true? We will probably not know for quite some time - as the drug regulator appears to be ignoring any such possibility!

Another headline I have seen recently is that the number of women losing their unborn child after have the Covid-=19 vaccine has increased by 366% in just six weeks. Is this true? I have no idea. This is not a source that I know, and it is likely to be dismissed as 'misinformation', or more likely just ignored, or if this is not possible, denied and/or discounted. But official denials, whether of 'coincidence', or 'the advantages outweighing the disadvantages', will not end the concern.

Then more evidence of vaccine promotion surfaces, and this also impinges on the sceptical mind, suggesting that conventional medicine is looking for bigger markets rather than patients who need safeguarding. Covid-19 vaccine tested on babies even as death toll mounts is one headline. One company, Moderna, has started testing their vaccine on children between the age of 6 months and 11 years - at the time when the USA VAERS reporting system has received 31,079 adverse reaction reports, including 1,551 deaths. And we have been told for the last year and more that Covid-19 virus barely affects children. So why is this being done? More questions that will be asked, and will need an answer.

So will these Covid-19 vaccines be around in 5, 10, or even 33 years? The answer is uncertain, and is likely to remain uncertain. The history of pharmaceutical drugs suggests that there will be increasing evidence that they cause patient harm; and that this evidence will be refuted and denied. So this uncertainty will likely go on for many years to come. 

But if past performance is a good indicator of future performance the evidence against these vaccines will build. Conventional medicine does not apply the precautionary principle, so the vaccines will be used until such time as they can no longer be defended. I hope I am wrong, but believing the official assurances of medical science about drug and vaccine safety is not a safe thing to do.

As in the case of Mediator, people will be assured about the safety of the vaccines; so many more people will accept the vaccines; but it could be decades before the harm they cause is fully accepted by the conventional medical establishment, and action taken.

Since conventional medicine has dominated medical provision it has always been thus!


Thursday 25 March 2021

Justifying Unsafe Medication. "The Drug is safe. Carry on taking it. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you are harmed it's just a coincidence""

All pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have side effects, most of them have very serious, disease-creating side effects. Even doctors will sometimes admit this! It is a fact confirmed in conventional medical literature. We only have to take a look at the Patient Information Leaflets that accompanies every drug and vaccine to see some of the serious patient harm they can cause.

So how does the conventional medical establishment (CME) justify giving us 'medicines' that cause patient harm, and can make us seriously sick? They have several strategies.

    The CME tells their patients that there is no other treatment (forgetting that natural medical therapies are treating patients diagnosed with every conceivable illness, every day, entirely safely, and usually quite effectively).

    The CME denies that an adverse drug/vaccine reaction has anything to do with the drug/vaccine. "It's just a coincidence", they tell us, "what happened would have happened anyway". This is has been the main CME reaction to the reports that Covid-19 vaccines were causing blood clots.

    The CME say that the drug is "well tolerated". This is an admission that there might be a few slight, non-serious side effects, but they not serious enough for the patient to worry about.

Yet perhaps the most important of all the CME justifications used to encourage patients to take harmful medicine is that "the advantages outweigh the disadvantages".

This phrase enables CME to hide serious and harmful drug/vaccine side effects. It states that they might indeed cause patient harm; but they do so much good it is worth taking the risk. This apparent 'cost-benefit' analysis allows doctors, when they can no longer hide the fact that a drug/vaccine is causing harm, to shift from “the drug is safe” position, to another apparent reason to take the drug.

Yet "the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" is essentially a meaningless phrase, empty words, just another ploy to justify giving patients dangerous medicine.

  • Where can we find this calculation? I have never seen one, they are nowhere to be found! It is usually just a bald statement, completely unsubstantiated, without substance, but masquerading as science, and pretending to be fact.
  • The Advantages. Invariably these are heavily exaggerated, usually taken from when it was first put through medical testing, with hopelessly optimistic projections, and prior to its introduction to real patients.

When I first wrote about "the ages of drugs" in 2007. I described the process that every pharmaceutical drug/vaccine has taken during its descent from "wonder drug" (Childhood) to "banned drug" (Old Age). Into the 'advantages' column the CME places all the original, inflated claims from the drug's 'childhood' period. In the 'disadvantages' column is placed the now known adverse drug reactions, seriously under-reported as they are, and always heavily discounted.

It is rather like buying a second hand car, when we are told about its benefits when it was new, but glossing over the years of wear-and-tear it has gone through since then.

This bogus 'cost-benefit analysis' is a deception, designed by the CME to encourage us to continue taking a drug or vaccine known to be harmful, and to hide the too-often obvious fact that conventional medicine has nothing better, nothing safer to offer its patients. 

It has one further advantage. It means the CME does not have to investigate any further into the criticism of the drug/vaccine. "The advantages outweigh the disadvantages" seems to accept the criticism - but without actually doing anything about it, so not taking the issues seriously, ignoring the "first do no harm" principle it purports to follow, and giving the drug/vaccine a few more additional years it invariably does not deserve.

Beware doctors justifying the drugs and vaccines they want you to take!


Mandatory drugging is gaining ground, massively boosted now by the fear that has been generated over the Covid-19 pandemic. So when patients refuse to take a pharmaceutical drug or vaccine (for whatever reason) the conventional medical establishment (aided and abetted by government, and the mainstream media, MSM) wants to force them on us. They know best! We are just foolish!

  • Mandatory drugging is the anathema to health freedom and patient choice.
  • Enforcing medication represents the ultimate failure of conventional medicine, the inability to convince patients of the value and safety of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

So why is forced medication gaining ground? Why is it happening (mainly) within democracies? Indeed, why do the vast majority of patients quite willingly allow doctors to impose pharmaceutical drugs on them, even when there is known, well documented evidence that they cause patient harm and create illness? And why has mandatory drugging been allowed to gain ground in parts of the world (the USA, UK, Europe, Israel, et al) that can so often heard espousing their commitment to personal freedom and liberty?

Whilst at college I read a book by Erich Fromm, written in 1942, called "The Fear of Freedom". During the time of fascist and communist dictatorship it asked some basic questions about humanity, and its attitude towards freedom.

  • does modern man really want freedom?
  • or are we intrinsically afraid of it?
  • is the fear of freedom the root of the 20th centuries predilection for totalitarianism?

Fromm's argument may provide a clue to why so many people accept conventional medical autocracy, including the long term absence of any serious debate about the almost complete dominance pharmaceutical medicine has within our national medical provision; and more recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the acceptance of horrendously damaging government health policies involving social distancing, lockdown, et al, which have led directly to the most serious, indeed disastrous social and economic breakdown. All with hardly a whimper! This is what Fromm said.

        "The rise of democracy, while setting men free, also created a society where man feels isolated from his fellows, where relationships are impersonal and where insecurity replaces a sense of belonging. This sense of isolation drives man to a devotion and submission to all-powerful organization from the state." 

Recently I was reminded of Fromm when I read this piece from the Off-Guardian by Tim Foyle, "On the psychology of the conspiracy denier". Foyle also begins by asking an important question.

  • Why is it that intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? 
Foyle continues by making a series of statements, all without too much danger of contradiction; and all of which can be associated with the dominance of the conventional medical establishment, and the threat to health freedom.
  • that history catalogues the machinations of liars, thieves, bullies and narcissists and their devastating effects,
  • that in modern times evidence of corruption and extraordinary deceptions abound,
  • that politicians lie and hide their connections,
  • that corporations routinely display utter contempt for moral norms
  • that corruption surrounds us.

He goes on to talk about "revolving doors between the corporate and political spheres, the lobbying system, corrupt regulators, the media and judiciary mean that wrongdoing is practically never brought to any semblance of genuine justice."

He then reminds us that the the mainstream media (MSM) makes noise about these matters occasionally but never pursues them with true vigour. And that in the intelligence services and law enforcement wrongdoing on a breathtaking scale is commonplace and that, again, justice is never forthcoming. He says that government repeatedly ignores and/or tramples on the rights of the people, and actively abuses and mistreats the people.

Foyle states that none of this is controversial - and he is right. And he asks why most people refuse to acknowledge what is going on - in front of their eyes.

            "Why, against all the evidence, do they sneeringly and contemptuously defend the crumbling illusion that 'the great and good' are up there somewhere, have everything in hand, have only our best interests at heart, and are scrupulous, wise and sincere. The the press serves the people and truth rather than the crooks? That injustice after injustice result from mistakes and oversights, and never from that dread word: conspiracy?

Why indeed! Foyle's analysis is certainly germane to the almost non-existant health debate, notable mainly by its absence. It explains why so many people believe what they are told by the conventional medical establishment; and why apparently 'free' people allow their governments to impose dangerous drugs and vaccine on them. He goes on to ask - where does such an inadvertently destructive impulse originate? And he places it at the very beginning of human experience.

            "The infant places an innate trust in those it finds itself with - a trust which is, for the most part, essentially justified. The infant could not survive otherwise".

            "... the innate impulse to trust the mother never evolves, never encounters and engages with its counterbalance of reason (or mature faith), and remains forever on its 'default' infant setting".

So if the sociopaths are in full control of the pharmaceutical medical establishment, they are in control because we have never learnt to look after ourselves, we have never learnt to live our lives without being told (and preferring to be told) how to live our lives. The medical establishment stresses the importance of drugs and vaccines to our health; and most people go along with this. And as drugs are hugely profitable, pharmaceutical profits have enabled the industry to take complete control of medicine, at each and every level. Moreover, they have been able to subvert governments, and the MSM, who have willingly joined the medical establishment; and now the social media is going the same way.

So is the problem that we are afraid of health freedom? Would we rather be told what to do then to look at what we are being told, question it, and to make an informed choice? Do we prefer to believe that good health comes from a packet of pills, and that immunity from illness and disease comes only from a vaccine?

Natural medical therapies, such as homeopathy, have a different view. Therapists tell their patients that we are each responsible for the maintenance of our health; through good diet and nutrition; through adequate exercise; through sensible life-style choices; et al. This is right because it is right! It is the reality of life. 

The problem with this approach to health is that it puts each one of us, individually, in charge of our own health. We are, after all, responsible for making the key decisions about our health. Natural medical therapies are safe and effective. They will help us when we are sick; but ultimately it is the individual who is in charge of his/her own destiny. Sadly,  it would seem that, for too many people, this is just too much responsibility.

Friday 19 March 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines are pronounced "safe". How much can we rely on this? The Ages of Drugs: is a new saga beginning?

Anyone who is relying on conventional medicine to overcome the Covid-19 virus is probably ignoring the best defence we have, and even putting their lives at risk.

I am reminded of a story that a Christian friend once told me about "The drowning Christian". It concerns a man faced with imminent death by drowning. He is offered help; by someone in a canoe; another in a speed boat; and eventually by a helicopter. He refuses all these offers of help preferring instead to 'rely on God'. He drowns; and when he meets his God he asks why he did not help. God reminded him that he did send two boats and a helicopter! 

This modern-day parable is told by Christians to gently to encourage us all to help ourselves rather than to rely on any blind faith in God to solve our problems for us.

The fact is that we are all well equipped to help ourselves against viruses! My good, deeply religious friend would no doubt remind me that God has provided us all with an immune system, that we have been given natural immunity from disease. It is not necessary to wait for a vaccine, or indeed anything else that conventional medicine might offer as 'the only' solution to the problem.

The problem with pharmaceutical medicine is that it wants us to place our faith in vaccines. Throughout the pandemic conventional medical 'science' has focused on the need for a vaccine to the almost total exclusion of any mention of natural immunity.

The importance of our immune system is stressed by homeopathy, and most other natural medical therapies. There are two problems with reliance on the immune system. One is that we all have to work quite hard to support and strengthen our natural immunity (I have written about this recently, here). And second, it is not a profitable strategy for the pharmaceutical industry. So the conventional medical establishment wants us to believe that our salvation (literally, that word has been used) rests entirely with pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and that we should rely on them to the exclusion of everything else.

Reliance on the Covid-19 Vaccines - the beginning of a new saga?

Most people have been waiting for the Covid-19 vaccines. For months we have all been told these vaccines were going to be our saviour, they would return us to normal life, ending the need to wear masks, to socially distance, and to lockdown. Yet now, even after many millions of people have been vaccinated, this is not happening - even for those people who have been vaccinated. 

Then reports started to emerge about people dying shortly after they had been vaccinated. So most European countries suspended one of the vaccines. Days later the drug regulator, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) has assured us that despite the deaths, this vaccine is safe, and the vaccination programme should continue.

So are the vaccines safe? Are the reports of serious side effects, including blood clots and death, to be discounted this easily? And with such complete certainty?

There is little doubt that a new saga has started, as it does with most (if not all) pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. I have described the process before as 'The Ages of Pharmaceutical Drugs', and also when describing 'The Dangerous Drugs of Today'. 

            "There is a regular pattern of 'new' drugs replacing 'old' drugs, always accompanied by strident claims about their miraculous capabilities for the new one - only for these new 'wonder' drugs to be withdrawn (as silently as possible) just a few years later. One of the recurring features of pharmaceutical drugs is that each one appears to pass through a specific life cycle.

Birth. The new drug is announced as a 'medical breakthrough' that will transform the lives of patients who suffer from a particular disease. We are told that they have been 'scientifically' tested, and found to be both safe and effective. 

Childhood. The drug is prescribed to patients, often in great anticipation. However, it is quickly discovered that the new wonder drug has 'side effects', or 'adverse reactions' (which should be known as Disease-Inducing-Effects, or DIEs). However, in these early, hopeful days these are usually considered to be unimportant. The argument is usually that the benefits of the drugs to patients greatly outweigh these ‘minor’ disadvantages.

This is where the Covid-19 vaccines are at the moment - in their childhood - not such a wonder drug - and with the first signs of patient harm having emerged, albeit quickly denied or dismissed. Adulthood will follow, when more serious evidence of patient harm emerges which cannot be denied or ignored, and the use of the drug has to be restricted, prescribed only with great caution, alongside increasing patient 'hesitancy'. Old Age then follows when "patients begin to realise some of the problems caused by the drug, and as a result there is increased resistance to taking them. Doctors are finally forced to accept that the drug does cause damage to patients. The use of the drug declines, and its profitability is severely reduced. By this stage, however, Big Pharma has often come up with a 'new' replacement drug".

The final stage, Death, has been the ultimate fate of most pharmaceutical drugs throughout history. This now happens only "when the drug has been found to be either ineffective or unsafe (and has become less profitable too). But tragically this never happens before millions of patients have been allowed to suffer serious harm to their health, and the drug can be banned "as quietly and surreptitiously as possible" to avoid any negative publicity.

During all this time pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are kept alive by conventional medical science, and a drug regulatory system, both of which have fallen completely under the control of pharmaceutical interests. Both are supposed to protect patients from harm, but essentially they each now serve the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, providing assurances about drug safety. Add to this the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has a long history of dishonesty, corruption and fraud - briefly outlined here.

So this is not a medical system that anyone should trust with their health and well-being. Everyone has within them the means of protection. Like the drowning man we should rely on what we have, some might argue the things God has given us, rather than what is being offered, rather dubiously, by a pharmaceutical industry whose track record in treating illness and disease is quite appalling.

If conventional medicine had our best interests at the forefront of their agenda it would been emphasising the importance of each of us tending to our immune systems, developing our natural immunity through diet, nutrition and exercise, et al. Instead, it has been intent on forcing yet another vaccine on us. It won't be entirely clear, perhaps for many more years just how harmful these vaccines are.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

THE FAILURE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. NHS England needs £12billion a year extra to recover from Covid-19

NHS England (note, just England, not the whole of the UK) "needs £12 billion a year boost" to recover from Covid-19, according to a report from a leading think tank, the IPPR, and reported exclusively by Channel 4 News. It highlights the horrific legacy left by a medical system that has been completely overwhelmed by a virus.

> millions of GP appointments have been missed
> there are now record waiting lists for Mental Health treatment
> cancer deaths predicted to rise

Yet I described the antecedents of this situation 13 year ago when I wrote the first edition of my E-Book, THE FAILURE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. In the introduction to his book I asked an important, if not fundamental question: 

            .... if we spent our money purchasing something (anything) that did not work, would we continue to spend more money buying more of it?

Clearly we would not! We would look for another product, and continue doing so until we found something that worked! 

The exception to this for the last 70-100 years is that we have been buying into a medical system that quite simply does not work, and is actually harming our health.

Moreover, any government, any national health service that was focusing on patient health, any mainstream media that was prepared to ask question, and investigate, should have been able to see this situation coming. Every year, since early 2011, I have been writing at least one blog every year on "the NHS in crisis". You can see them all if you go to the top of this page and search "NHS in Crisis". This will bring up most of these blogs, whose message can be simply outlined here:

  • We have allowed the NHS to be dominated by one single form of medicine, conventional medicine, which is itself dominated by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.
  • Since 1948, when the NHS began to offer free conventional medical treatment, the incidence of chronic disease, all chronic disease, has grown to epidemic proportions; and they are continuing to rise even now.
  • Conventional medical treatment has not been able to make us well: indeed it is making us sicker; and as a result the demand for medical treatment has been rising, year by year.
  • Natural medical therapies, notably homeopathy, has been increasingly sidelined and virtually excluded during this entire period.
  • So as patient demand for medical treatment has risen over the years, the NHS has regularly demanded more money, more resources, to spend on more and more of the same, or similar treatment.
  • Each and every winter the NHS finds itself in a serious crisis, it struggles to cope with high levels of patient need; and each winter I have described these crises.
  • As a result of NHS, and patient pressure, every year, the UK government increases the NHS budget. It has risen in every respect, including the percentage of national wealth that we are now spending on health, a specifically on conventional medicine.
  • Invariably the NHS budget spends all its additional money on more of the same; more pharmaceutical drugs, more vaccines; more surgery arising largely from the failure of these drugs to treat illness and disease at an earlier stage.
  • And as the NHS offers more and more treatment, we have got sicker - there is more chronic disease than ever before - more demand for medical treatment - more pressure on the NHS - and more demand on for more spending.
The current crisis should be seen within this history of conventional medical failure. So, what is happening now might indeed be "The True Price of the Pandemic" but it is actually much more than this, at least, for anyone who is prepared to look beyond the hype and propaganda of the conventional medical establishment. The current situation, arising from the pandemic, is is just another nail in the coffin of conventional medicine, another chapter in the long-running saga of "the NHS in Crisis". Just as I predicted, back in 2007, it is the latest indication of "The Failure of Conventional Medicine".

So will the NHS be given another £12 billion, on top of the £200 billion it is already spending every year? Very probably! 

Will the new money enable the NHS to cope with the rising levels of ill-health, sickness and disease? Certainly not if past performance is an adequate predictor of future performance.

In dealing with one illness, Covid-19, with a spectacular lack of success, the drug/vaccine dominated NHS has not only been unable to cope with the virus, it has neglect other illnesses, including some of the most serious diseases. It has prejudiced the health of millions of people. And it has done so to an extent that makes it difficult to see how the NHS (in its present form, dominated as it is by conventional medicine) will be able to cope with the backlog of ill-health that has been generated over the last 70+ years.

Covid-19 (or rather the failure of the NHS to cope with it) has virtually bankrupted our economy, whole industries ruined, people losing their jobs and livelihoods, social life decimated, the creation of (what is likely to be) a mental health catastrophe, et al, it is difficult to see how the government is going to be able to continue feeding the NHS with the kind of money it is now demanding.

We have been trying to feed a bottomless hole, a insatiably greedy monster.

It is time we stopped.


Monday 15 March 2021

Listen to your Immune System: get to feel how your natural immunity is constantly working

How well is your immune system working? How good is your natural immunity? And how do you know?

The question is usually answered by asking how susceptible you are to bugs and germs, how frequently you contract coughs, colds, and sore throats.

Yet in recent months I have come to think perhaps there is another way. I may have been as I was aware of the Covid-19 problem that made me conscious of every little tickle in my throat, every slightly blocked nose, every temporary cough, every momentary desire to sneeze.

I didn't realise how often these things came; nor how quickly they went again, quite spontaneously, sometimes within just a few minutes; and without having to do anything. So what is happening?

We should recognise that we live with germs, bacteria, viruses every minute of the day. They are part of 'us', part of our make up. We can usually live in harmony with them. Only since the germ theories of Louis Pasteur, in the latter part of the 19th century, did we begin to look at them as 'the enemy'

So what maintains the balance between 'them' and 'us', what stops the germs doing what they can do if they get out of control? The answer is simple - it is the 'host'; that is, it is you and me; it is our body, within which the germs function, that controls them. And this is what the body's immune system is set up to do, every moment of the day.

We have all known this for a very long time! What I did not realise, perhaps as I should  have realised, is that our immune system is working, continually, to correct even the most marginal, most delicate of imbalances.

Only conventional medicine, in its desire to sell vaccines, appears to have forgotten the importance of natural immunity. Perhaps it has also had to forget because a 'side effect' of so many of their pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines is actually compromise the immune system. This is what gives rise to the numerous 'autoimmune' diseases from which so many people now suffer. Indeed, some drugs actually set out to suppress the immune system (immunosuppressant drugs).

What natural medical therapies realise is that we have to look after our immune system. When it works it works and we don't even know it is working. When it is compromised we pay a serious price in terms of our general health. I have written about how we can support and strengthen our natural immunity, through healthy lifestyle choices, good diet and nutrition, exercise and the like. And of course, staying clear of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

So here is an exercise for you. Begin to recognise the functioning of your natural immunity, take notice of the small, temporary signs of potential ill-health that I have listed; witness their emergence; and see how they come and go, quite naturally. This is the immune system at work. Appreciate it. Begin to do all the many things that will support and strengthen your personal immunity.

It's a lovely exercise. It encourages us to eat another bowl of fruit, and/or to get out into the sunshine, and/or to exercise. And it makes us appreciate, and look after. the wonderful body we have all been given - brilliantly designed to keep us in good health.


There are a large number of studies that demonstrate that natural immunity is more robust than the Covid-19 vaccines.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines. They were going to save the world, get life back to normal. So how are they doing?

The Covid-19 vaccines were going to save us from the pandemic, and quickly return our social, emotional and careers back to normal. This is what we were told. We are several months into a mass programme of vaccination, and it is becoming clear from government, NHS and MSM that this is not going to be so. Post vaccine all is not quite as positive or miraculous as we had been promised.

This experience should not come as a surprise. It is a microcosm of what conventional medicine has been promising us, and failing to fulfil, for the last 100 years and more.

  • Medical science was winning the battle against illness and disease.
  • Magic pills, new wonder drugs have been regularly announced, as as regularly banned because they were ineffective or dangerous or both.
  • New medical treatments would transform our experience of ill-health - but they never have.

Conventional medicine always appears so knowledgeable, the seem to know everything about health, down to the minutest detail: they can us about how our body works, down to our genes; to the bacteria and viruses that we live with. Medical science knows how everything works, in great detail, and when we are ill it is able to describe how things have gone wrong. It is this detailed and intimate knowledge of the working of the body that convinced us that conventional medicine would soon be able to overcome disease. It promised so much. But in reality it has delivered so little.

The problem has always been that the promise, and the promises of conventional medicine have never materialised. When you get beyond the medical hype the propaganda it becomes clear that conventional medicine knows everything about the mechanics of the body, but understands little about the treatment of  the body once it is sick.

The problem with conventional medicine has always been that it knows what is wrong, but it has no idea how to put things right when they go wrong. The failure is the ability to cure, to offer patients effective treatment.


When Covid-19 broke out conventional medicine admitted it had no treatment. Doctors were honest about this because they had to be honest about it! They didn't have any treatment! People went into hospital and unless they had sufficient inner strength to survive they died, regardless of the dedicated nursing staff, and the expensive equipment and machinery that surrounded them. Patients, and their relatives and friends, were rightfully pleased that nursing care was good, if not excellent; but effective treatment has been entirely absent.

So devoid of effective treatment governments around the world have had to resort to drastic public health measures; social distancing, lockdown, and the like. People have usually been brilliant in conforming to the new restrictive rules, devastating for our lives as they have invariably been. The problem facing governments was simple - just how long were people prepared to put up with these policies?

And this is where the Covid-19 vaccines came in. They would be our salvation. They would protect us from the virus, and return us quickly to normal life. All would be well.

It has always been thus. Chronic disease in all its many forms have grown to epidemic proportions (and in the main caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines). And a succession of infectious diseases have come and gone over the years, with never any conventional medical treatment. When they affected animals, entire flocks or herds were culled - in the name of medical treatment. We now know the damage conventional medicine is prepared to cause to human society, not necessarily because of the seriousness of the Covid-19, but the medical policies that are pursued in response to it.

So now we are beginning to discover the real value of the Covid-19 vaccines. The Promises have been made; but now comes the reality!

  • Children might be returning to school; but with a rigorous testing system, and with many of the social distancing rules remaining, alongside the additional imposition of having to wear a mask. Even in these 'post-vaccine' times children might still spread the virus to others!
  • One person may now be able to visit a relative in a residential home; but they are not allowed to hug; they must wear full protective equipment. And this has to be done even when resident and visitor has been vaccinated.
  • 'Non-essential' businesses remain closed, and the plan is that they will not re-open for some weeks, perhaps even months.
  • And the police continue to use their powers to enforce the governments public health policies, and prosecute those who commit the 'crime' of ignoring policy; as this link from my local newspaper demonstrates.
  • Yet perhaps Professor Chris Whitty, the government's Chief Medical Officer, should have the last word. We must not think that the pandemic is over, he tells us; unlocking too quickly could lead to a 'substantial surge' in Covid-19 infections; the impact of vaccination are 'gradual'; we might even have to lockdown again this winter.
So the pre-vaccine optimism has been replaced by the post-vaccine reality. This was not what we were promised prior to the mass vaccination campaign, during the months when we needed to be reassured that conventional medicine could do something, anything that would improve the medical response to Covid-19!

Government has told us that its policy has always been informed by medical science, and it is in tatters. It has not only led to disastrous and often ridiculous social, mental health and economic consequences; it has failed.

Other patients, left untreated during the pandemic, including those with cancer and heart problems, has also suffered the consequences of medical failure. Data suggest that Covid-19 has led to half a million heart patients, alone, missing out on heart medication. This medication might be highly questionable; but the neglect of these patients is a clear sign that conventional medicine is now failing - disastrously.

NHS waiting lists have also risen to record high levels, including those people who are waiting for routine surgery. It is another symptom of medical failure. However much we spend on a failing medical system, it cannot cope with patient demand.

Government and the MSM are keeping us informed, constantly, about the number of people who have now received their Covid-19 vaccines - now over 22 million. It appears to make little or no difference in what is happening on the ground. Returning to 'normal' life is still not possible. The conventional medical establishment may have seemed super-confident in proclaiming their new vaccines, our saviours; however, now they here arrived it appears to be significantly less confident about their actual performance. It has always been so - with all wonder drugs and vaccines.

The MSM, which has become an integral part of the conventional medical establishment, has also had to admit that these new vaccines are not quite as safe as we were promised. Even BBC News has felt obliged to tell us about vaccine side effects, something it rarely does; so here we are told that it is "normal" to feel "a bit unwell" after the Covid-19 vaccines. But not seriously unwell, of course. The MSM, alongside the NHS, and the MHRA (drug regulator) has failed to report the news that Covid-19 vaccines are causing death to hundreds of patients, maybe thousands if the reporting systems are doing what they usually do - reporting only about 1% to 10% of the real figure.

Covid-19 will decline; just as every epidemic in the history of mankind has declined. But expect the conventional medical establishment to claim the benefit for this. Anyone who is prepared to examine the tragedy of the response to Covid-19 will know such a claim is nonsense. But such is the power of medical propaganda there is every chance that some people will actually believe this - despite the mayhem that we have suffered for the past year.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Have Covid-19 Vaccines killed 460 people in the UK? Or is the Drug Regulator (the MHRA) using the Government website to peddle misinformation?

Let's just imagine this for a moment.

  • Our doctor wants us to take a vaccine. We are reassured that the vaccine is entirely safe (without any reservation or caveat).
  • We then discover that over 400 people have died in the UK shortly after taking the vaccine.

Would we be concerned? Would we want to be told that this had happened? Or would we dismiss the information as "disinformation" or "fake news" and just get vaccinated anyway?

Yet this has happened. Have a look at this link. Covid-19 vaccines have been linked to 402 deaths. It makes the following claim

        "Government data show that, compared with the Pfizer vaccine, there have been 43% more reports of injuries related to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK, including 77% more adverse events and 25% more deaths - but no red flags from UK regulators".

Ahh! I hear you say. I know about this. It is disinformation. The government has warned me. The NHS has warned me too. And so has the mainstream media (MSM). So there is no need to worry about this.

But now go to this link. It not only confirms the evidence of vaccine-caused-deaths but it also discusses reports of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions), Bell's Palsy, and "events with a fatal outcome". The figures are different - but only because they appear to have grown. So what is this second link? Is it another sources of fake news?

Well, not exactly! It comes from the UK government's official website, posted by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and is the weekly summary of the Yellow Card reporting system on the coronavirus vaccine. This is what it says:

            "The MHRA has received 212 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 244 reports for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, and 4 where the brand of vaccine was unspecified."

So 460 people have died "shortly after" getting a Covid19 vaccine! And this is official government information. Yet the government hasn't told us. The NHS hasn't told us. The MSM haven't mentioned it?


Is this not a matter of public concern? Is it not something YOU might want to know before agreeing to the vaccine? Would you ask question about describing a vaccine as 'safe' when it has been reported that it is killing large numbers of people?

But wait. It's not a problem. The MHRA explain why the information is not important.....

  • "The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness."

Well, that's okay then! Except that for the last year, when daily Covid19 deaths have been reported, the virus was always assumed to be the cause of death, even when the deceased had 'underlying health conditions', as long as there had been a Covid test 28 days prior to the death. Now the rules seem to have changed. People who die shortly after the vaccine have died of their underlying illness, not from the vaccine.

The rest of the MHRA summary follows this dismissive lead. You need to read it for yourself - it is an official public document on the government's own website. A summary might read:

  • Yes, there have been reports of serious adverse reactions to the vaccine
  • but we don't need to worry (we don't even have to be told)
  • the reports can all be explained away, dismissed
  • the vaccines were not the cause of death
  • we can be reassured that all is well
  • but we promise to keep a close eye on the situation!

This cavalier dismissal by the UK's drug regulator of over 400 reported deaths following closely Covid19 vaccinations is disgraceful. The general public has not been told about this by government, by the NHS, or the drug regulator. And the MSM (for whatever reason) have not even bothered to investigate further, or sought to inform us. So large numbers of the general public continue to accept the vaccines on the basis that they are entirely safe; and no doubt on the understanding that if there were any dangers they would be informed.

  • Is there any other walk of life, outside the conventional medical establishment, that would have allowed this to happen? That when informed of 400 plus deaths it would have been allowed to carry on as if nothing had happened, regardless of an adequate explanation, and on the basis of unsupported reassurances?
  • That following these deaths, millions more millions more people would continue to queue for the vaccine, still being reassured that it is 'safe', all apparently on the basis of unsupported medical reassurances that all is well?
Health and safety is NOT alive and well within the conventional medical establishment. The 'precautionary principle' is clearly NOT being applied. And the Hippocratic principle of "First Do No Harm?" has been completely forgotten by our doctors.

PostScript: Nor is it disinformation or fake news to say that 1,265 people have died in the USA after taking the Covid-19 vaccines, nearly half of which happened within 2 days of the vaccination. Again, this information (and much more) comes from official sources on 26th February 2021.

Post Script: 12 April 2021. The number of deaths being reported by the MHRA, UK's drug regulator, on the official UK government website, has now been updated to 786, a rise of 314 deaths since writing the original blog. I am still not aware that the government, health bodies, or the MSM have told the public this, even when talking about imposing vaccine passports on everyone.

Numbers of deaths reported by VAERS in the USA have now risen from 1,265 to 2,342 within a similar period.


MST Continus (morphone). Why has this drug been "discontinued"

The 'discontinuation' of this drug, MST Continus, has been announced by MIMS (March 2021). I suspect that MST Continus was 'discontinued' because it had to be banned. Discontinuation appears to be the new word that the pharmaceutical medical establishment uses because it sounds less dramatic, and less harmful to the reputation of the drugs industry. I have written about this recently about another drug, Phyllocontin (aminophylline).

So what is the basis for my suspicion? It is contained within the MIMS article, from which I have extracted these two statements.

  • "All strengths of MST Continus (morphine) prolonged-release granules for oral suspension are being discontinued because of difficulty sourcing a key excipient." (my emphasis).
  • "Healthcare professionals should not initiate MST Continus in new patients. Individuals currently prescribed MST Continus granules should be contacted for a treatment review." (my emphasis).

So which is it? If it is a difficulty sourcing a key ingredient that is one thing. But if the drug is safe and effective why have doctors been told not to use it, and to stop using it with patients already using it? 

  • The first statement declares that the reason for 'discontinuation' concerns logistical issues. 
  • The second clearly indicates that the drug has been banned, because for patients it is either ineffective, unsafe, or both.

If there should be any lingering doubt in your mind that MST Continus is not a dangerous drug you should read the (rather lengthy) Patient Information Leaflet that accompanies the drug, available here.

This drug has been withdrawn because it is yet another pharmaceutical drug that has seriously damaged the patients for which it has been prescribed for many years.

Monday 8 March 2021

Long Covid and Homeopathy

Everyone's experience of Covid-19 will be a personal one, largely depending on their general health, and the strength of our immune system. Some people can be ill for a few weeks; others will feel better within a few days; many will barely know that they have contracted the virus. However, for a few people Covid-19 can cause symptoms that last for months. Conventional medicine is calling this 'Long Covid'.

Patients who complain of 'long Covid' report many symptoms, such as sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, problems with memory and concentration, insomnia, heart palpitations, fever, dizziness, joint pain, anxiety and depression, tinnitus, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhoea.

One question, or clarification about 'Long Covid' is rarely, if ever, asked. Is 'Long Covid' just someone struggling to recover from the virus? Or is this a patient who went down with the Covid-19 virus seriously enough to be given a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, and is actually suffering from the aftermath of adverse drug reactions? I have written before about the awful drugs given to patients placed on ventilators: so how many people suffering from "Long Covid" were patients who were placed on a ventilator?

In homeopathy we have always had a word or phrase for these 'lingering' illnesses - "never well since" - as homeopaths recognise that this is a common experience - the difficulty in overcoming an illness or disease, or even a shock or life trauma.

For instance, the symptom"never well since influenza" comes up with a single remedy (in the repertory I usually use) = Gelsenium, a remedy frequently with patients with influenza, as well as those struggling to recover full health following influenza. It would certainly be one of the remedies I would first think of  first if faced with a "Long Covid" patient, although I would want to do more reseach before settling on this remedy. Another top would be Arsenicum Album, which has been widely used by the Indian government's medical health service in both the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. But there are many more remedies to consider.

Homeopaths around the world are are busy treating Covid-19, and also Long Covid too. We do this quietly, in part to avoid being attacked by the conventional medical establishment, as in this recent Daily Mail article demonstrates. So, very quietly, for anyone who has an open mind, suffers from Long Covid, and has discovered that conventional medicine has little or no treatment, let's inform you about what homeopathy is actually doing.

First, we are treating Covid-19 according to its symptoms, not its conventional diagnosis. We always do this - with any illness. And what we know is that Covid-19 symptoms are similar, if not identical, to influenza symptoms. We ask the patient about his/her symptoms, and then match the patient with a remedy we know to have similar symptoms. As the Faculty of Homeopathy states, homeopathy has been using remedies extensively for flu-like symptoms. and in epidemics around the world. Indeed, it has been doing so for over 220 years. The Faculty mentions two remedies, Gelsemium 30c and Bryonia 30c which have been "commonly used for flu-like symptoms and have a long-established, traditional usage over many years"

Without doubt this is the other benefit of homeopathy. Not only does it work, homeopathy does not have to 're-invent the wheel' every time a new virus appears.

So as conventional medicine has little or no treatment treatment for Long Covid (although it does have a complicated and long-winded 5-point plan for Long Covid support) perhaps you might like to pursue the possibilities of using homeopathy to treat Long Covid.

There are now a number of websites that deal with the homeopathic treatment of Covid-19, and as the symptoms of Long Covid as similar/identical the same remedies will be effective for either - if the symptoms match the remedy will work. 

Both first, all these sources of homeopathic information emphasise the importance of natural immunity, and supporting the immune system; by eating a healthy diet, with particular attention being paid to vitamins C and D, and zinc supplementation, by regular exercise, by getting sufficient sleep, and so on. Both then they go on to provide short remedy descriptions that mirror the symptoms of Covid-19, and 'Long Covid'. Here, I am using two of these sources

This remedy descriptions emanate from from Robin Murphy, a world famous homeopath, who has made an extensive study of respiratory illness. He recommends these remedies - when the symptoms match.

Antomonium Arsenicosum: Lung, disorders. Emphysema with excessive dyspnea and cough; shallow breathing. Dyspnea, worse on eating and lying down. Loss of appetite. General sick feeling. Anxiety about health. Fear of death. Restlessness. Tickling dry cough. Coughs are worse by eating and on lying down.

Antomonium Tartaricum: Rattling Mucus, Great dyspnea and fits of suffocation. Oppressive breathing, must sit up. Snoring and difficult breathing. Pneumonia with extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion.Lungs are congested. Rattling of mucus, Thick white mucus. 

Camphora: Sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Limbs cold with cramps. Icy coldness of the whole body, sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Wants covers off and then on alternately with internal burning heat and anxiousness. Extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion. Low blood pressure, Low body temperature.  

Carbo Veg: Craves fresh air, and wants to be fanned all the time. Panting and Gasping for air. Icy coldness of the whole body, sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Apathetic. Anxious, Delirium. Distressed. Listless. Coma. Prostration. Unresponsive. Cough worse in evening, going from a warm to cold place, in bed. Great weakness on exertion. Extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion. Low blood pressure, Low body temperature. 

China Officinalis: Dehydration, Dizziness, Fainting. Weakness. Blood, loss. Anaemia. Worse from sweat or diarrhoea. Better from hard pressure, warmth. Better from loosening the clothes. Intermittent fever, chills. Influenza. Feels worse after mental exertion, emotional upset or loss of vital fluids. Sensitive to the cold wind and drafts. Diarrhoea. Bloated abdomen, flatulence, colic. Edoema. Food tastes bitter. Belches a lot which tastes bitter. 

Fatigue after the virus, or 'long covid'. Many people report a sense of fatigue that lasts long after the other symptoms have gone. This can happen after the common flu and it is called CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many cases of ME I have seen started right after a particularly bad bout of flu. There are a few remedies that help with this:

Phosphoric Acid, Sulphur or China. China has nausea as well, the difference with the other two remedies depends on the individual’s symptoms.

The second link offers a "short guide ... to help you choose the right remedy for friends and family". It suggests remedies that might be appropriate in each stage of the Covid virus.

In the early stages try the remedy Aconite. It can often prevent an infection getting established by stimulating the immune system to react. It may be needed in later stages if the person is very tense and afraid of dying.

Stage II. For the stage where the infection has taken hold but the person is not severely ill these are a few of the possibilities:

Phosphorus. There may be  hard exhausting cough with burning in the chest. Phosporus types can be fearful when alone and want company, maybe someone to hold their hand. They may need cold drinks and can crave ice-cream. Lying on the left side makes their problems worse. Most of the cases of coronavirus I have treated so far have recovered after this remedy.

The person may hold their chest when coughing, because in Bryonia any movement tends to be painful, or make them worse. Dry painful cough. The patient is dry and very thirsty. 9pm is their worst time. They want to be left alone and keep still.

Gelsemium types are weak and sleepy and can’t keep their eyes open. Nervous trembling. Paralysed by fear. Not thirsty.

Stage III. If the person is seriously ill with lung problems consider these remedies:

Ant Tart
In these cases you may hear rattling in the chest but the cough doesn’t have the power to raise the mucus. Drowning in mucus. The person is often sleepy and weak, maybe with blue lips and a white tongue. (But blueness (cyanosis) can indicate other remedies too.)

Ars Alb
The person is usually very chilly and restless and wanting someone near, and wanting sips of water. Often worse around midnight to 2am.

See notes in stage II above

This remedy and Conium are often needed for the elderly. In camphor the patient is in a state of collapse and is very cold, but may not want covers. They may be hardly breathing, nearly fainting, and snoring as they breathe. Not many of you will have this remedy at home, but it is an important one for coronavirus.

In Conium the patient sometimes has to sit up in a hurry straight after lying because of the cough, especially in the evening.. The cough may be triggered by a tickle in the larynx (other remedies too), or a part of the body getting cold.

Hepar Sulph
If the person has lost their sense of smell and taste consider this remedy. The person is very chilly and keeps every bit of themselves well covered. They may cough more if they uncover even part of the body. Sudden attacks of breathlessness.  Generally hypersensitive. Purulent mucus, offensive perspiration.

Unlike most of the other remedies this one is worse from warmth. Also they are not thirsty. They can feel sick or be vomiting, but the tongue is clean. There may be choking, gasping, or retching.

Kali Carb
Often this person wants to sit leaning forward as this position helps their breathing and their cough (Ars Alb also). They are often worse around 3am. Thick mucus. Stitching pains. They may hate draughts. Possibly easily startled. Sometimes a remedy has some strange features in its "symptom picture". In kali carb one of the strange things is swollen upper eyelids. Such features of the patient make it 
easier to see what remedy to give.

Nux Vom
Nux vomica people are often irritable. They can feel chilled just by moving around under their covers. Many people’s coughs and breathing problems can be worse, like nux vomica's, at around 3am. But the nux vomica cough can be worse from midnight until morning, or first thing in the morning, on waking.

See notes in stage II above. Also: the coronavirus pneumonia usually affects both lungs, but in phosphorus the left lung can be the worst. Blood in the sputum.

In Spongia the cough has a sawing sound and can be better from warm drinks or eating and worse from talking. The throat is sometimes dry and tight. Bending the head forward or backward can help. Spongia problems are often worse on waking up.

These remedies can be obtained from Homeopathic Pharmacies. But to be more certain of the good match it is usually better to contact a qualified homeopathic practitioner.