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Monday, 8 March 2021

Long Covid and Homeopathy

Everyone's experience of Covid-19 will be a personal one, largely depending on their general health, and the strength of our immune system. Some people can be ill for a few weeks; others will feel better within a few days; many will barely know that they have contracted the virus. However, for a few people Covid-19 can cause symptoms that last for months. This is being called 'Long Covid'.

Patients who complain of 'long Covid' report many symptoms, such as sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, problems with memory and concentration, insomnia, heart palpitations, fever, dizziness, joint pain, anxiety and depression, tinnitus, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhoea.

In homeopathy we have always had a word or phrase for these lingering illnesses - "never well since" - as homeopaths recognise that this is a common experience - the difficulty in overcoming an illness or disease, or even a shock or life trauma.

For instance, the symptom"never well since influenza" comes up with a single remedy (in the repertory I usually use) = Gelsenium, a remedy frequently with patients with influenza, as well as those struggling to recover full health following influenza. It would certainly be one of the remedies I would first think of  first if faced with a "Long Covid" patient, although I would want to do more reseach before settling on this remedy. Another top would be Arsenicum Album, which has been widely used by the Indian government's medical health service in both the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. But there are many more remedies to consider.

Homeopaths around the world are are busy treating Covid-19, and also Long Covid too. We do this quietly, in part to avoid being attacked by the conventional medical establishment, as in this recent Daily Mail article demonstrates. So, very quietly, for anyone who has an open mind, suffers from Long Covid, and has discovered that conventional medicine has little or no treatment, let's inform you about what homeopathy is actually doing.

First, we are treating Covid-19 according to its symptoms, not its conventional diagnosis. We always do this - with any illness. And what we know is that Covid-19 symptoms are similar, if not identical, to influenza symptoms. We ask the patient about his/her symptoms, and then match the patient with a remedy we know to have similar symptoms. As the Faculty of Homeopathy states, homeopathy has been using remedies extensively for flu-like symptoms. and in epidemics around the world. Indeed, it has been doing so for over 220 years. The Faculty mentions two remedies, Gelsemium 30c and Bryonia 30c which have been "commonly used for flu-like symptoms and have a long-established, traditional usage over many years"

Without doubt this is the other benefit of homeopathy. Not only does it work, homeopathy does not have to 're-invent the wheel' every time a new virus appears.

So as conventional medicine has little or no treatment treatment for Long Covid (although it does have a complicated and long-winded 5-point plan for Long Covid support) perhaps you might like to pursue the possibilities of using homeopathy to treat Long Covid.

There are now a number of websites that deal with the homeopathic treatment of Covid-19, and as the symptoms of Long Covid as similar/identical the same remedies will be effective for either - if the symptoms match the remedy will work. 

Both first, all these sources of homeopathic information emphasise the importance of natural immunity, and supporting the immune system; by eating a healthy diet, with particular attention being paid to vitamins C and D, and zinc supplementation, by regular exercise, by getting sufficient sleep, and so on. Both then they go on to provide short remedy descriptions that mirror the symptoms of Covid-19, and 'Long Covid'. Here, I am using two of these sources

This remedy descriptions emanate from from Robin Murphy, a world famous homeopath, who has made an extensive study of respiratory illness. He recommends these remedies - when the symptoms match.

Antomonium Arsenicosum: Lung, disorders. Emphysema with excessive dyspnea and cough; shallow breathing. Dyspnea, worse on eating and lying down. Loss of appetite. General sick feeling. Anxiety about health. Fear of death. Restlessness. Tickling dry cough. Coughs are worse by eating and on lying down.

Antomonium Tartaricum: Rattling Mucus, Great dyspnea and fits of suffocation. Oppressive breathing, must sit up. Snoring and difficult breathing. Pneumonia with extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion.Lungs are congested. Rattling of mucus, Thick white mucus. 

Camphora: Sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Limbs cold with cramps. Icy coldness of the whole body, sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Wants covers off and then on alternately with internal burning heat and anxiousness. Extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion. Low blood pressure, Low body temperature.  

Carbo Veg: Craves fresh air, and wants to be fanned all the time. Panting and Gasping for air. Icy coldness of the whole body, sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Apathetic. Anxious, Delirium. Distressed. Listless. Coma. Prostration. Unresponsive. Cough worse in evening, going from a warm to cold place, in bed. Great weakness on exertion. Extreme prostration, bedridden with exhaustion. Low blood pressure, Low body temperature. 

China Officinalis: Dehydration, Dizziness, Fainting. Weakness. Blood, loss. Anaemia. Worse from sweat or diarrhoea. Better from hard pressure, warmth. Better from loosening the clothes. Intermittent fever, chills. Influenza. Feels worse after mental exertion, emotional upset or loss of vital fluids. Sensitive to the cold wind and drafts. Diarrhoea. Bloated abdomen, flatulence, colic. Edoema. Food tastes bitter. Belches a lot which tastes bitter. 

Fatigue after the virus, or 'long covid'. Many people report a sense of fatigue that lasts long after the other symptoms have gone. This can happen after the common flu and it is called CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many cases of ME I have seen started right after a particularly bad bout of flu. There are a few remedies that help with this:

Phosphoric Acid, Sulphur or China. China has nausea as well, the difference with the other two remedies depends on the individual’s symptoms.

The second link offers a "short guide ... to help you choose the right remedy for friends and family". It suggests remedies that might be appropriate in each stage of the Covid virus.

In the early stages try the remedy Aconite. It can often prevent an infection getting established by stimulating the immune system to react. It may be needed in later stages if the person is very tense and afraid of dying.

Stage II. For the stage where the infection has taken hold but the person is not severely ill these are a few of the possibilities:

Phosphorus. There may be  hard exhausting cough with burning in the chest. Phosporus types can be fearful when alone and want company, maybe someone to hold their hand. They may need cold drinks and can crave ice-cream. Lying on the left side makes their problems worse. Most of the cases of coronavirus I have treated so far have recovered after this remedy.

The person may hold their chest when coughing, because in Bryonia any movement tends to be painful, or make them worse. Dry painful cough. The patient is dry and very thirsty. 9pm is their worst time. They want to be left alone and keep still.

Gelsemium types are weak and sleepy and can’t keep their eyes open. Nervous trembling. Paralysed by fear. Not thirsty.

Stage III. If the person is seriously ill with lung problems consider these remedies:

Ant Tart
In these cases you may hear rattling in the chest but the cough doesn’t have the power to raise the mucus. Drowning in mucus. The person is often sleepy and weak, maybe with blue lips and a white tongue. (But blueness (cyanosis) can indicate other remedies too.)

Ars Alb
The person is usually very chilly and restless and wanting someone near, and wanting sips of water. Often worse around midnight to 2am.

See notes in stage II above

This remedy and Conium are often needed for the elderly. In camphor the patient is in a state of collapse and is very cold, but may not want covers. They may be hardly breathing, nearly fainting, and snoring as they breathe. Not many of you will have this remedy at home, but it is an important one for coronavirus.

In Conium the patient sometimes has to sit up in a hurry straight after lying because of the cough, especially in the evening.. The cough may be triggered by a tickle in the larynx (other remedies too), or a part of the body getting cold.

Hepar Sulph
If the person has lost their sense of smell and taste consider this remedy. The person is very chilly and keeps every bit of themselves well covered. They may cough more if they uncover even part of the body. Sudden attacks of breathlessness.  Generally hypersensitive. Purulent mucus, offensive perspiration.

Unlike most of the other remedies this one is worse from warmth. Also they are not thirsty. They can feel sick or be vomiting, but the tongue is clean. There may be choking, gasping, or retching.

Kali Carb
Often this person wants to sit leaning forward as this position helps their breathing and their cough (Ars Alb also). They are often worse around 3am. Thick mucus. Stitching pains. They may hate draughts. Possibly easily startled. Sometimes a remedy has some strange features in its "symptom picture". In kali carb one of the strange things is swollen upper eyelids. Such features of the patient make it 
easier to see what remedy to give.

Nux Vom
Nux vomica people are often irritable. They can feel chilled just by moving around under their covers. Many people’s coughs and breathing problems can be worse, like nux vomica's, at around 3am. But the nux vomica cough can be worse from midnight until morning, or first thing in the morning, on waking.

See notes in stage II above. Also: the coronavirus pneumonia usually affects both lungs, but in phosphorus the left lung can be the worst. Blood in the sputum.

In Spongia the cough has a sawing sound and can be better from warm drinks or eating and worse from talking. The throat is sometimes dry and tight. Bending the head forward or backward can help. Spongia problems are often worse on waking up.

These remedies can be obtained from Homeopathic Pharmacies. But to be more certain of the good match it is usually better to contact a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

Friday, 5 March 2021

THE BUDGET (2021). The economy is in deep crisis: but there is one vital question yet to be asked: but will it ever be answered?

The UK's annual budget was announced earlier this week. The economy is in deep, long-term trouble. We were told that government spending has created a national debit apparently unparalleled outside the two 20th century World Wars. It will take many years, perhaps decades, to pay it off. To date the economy has declined by about 10%; many viable business, large and small, have gone bust, unemployment has rocketed. And the process of recovery remains uncertain.

All this economic mayhem has been, we are told, is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic!

This is not true. The economic mayhem has NOT been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been caused by government policy in response to the Covid-19. It is the result of massive government spending on its favoured medical response, the direct result of social distancing and lockdown policies.  As a response to the pandemic none of these policies have been particularly successful but they have been the exclusive cause of our economic problems.

The important question is - were they necessary? 

And were they proportionate to the size of the problem faced?

If Government policy had been a measured, appropriate response to the size of the problem presented by the pandemic it would have been understandable. It was not. The economy has been compromised by a 'pandemic' whose outcomes have not been significantly worse outcomes than a bad influenza season. Over 99% of those who tested positive for the virus survived. Few of those who did die did not die of the virus - they died with it - the vast majority died from serious underlying health conditions, compounded by the virus. Even so, the number of deaths during the pandemic has not been significantly higher than the average number of deaths that would have normally been expected.

Government policy might also have been acceptable if the policy it adopted had been the only possible response to the pandemic. It was not. If natural immunity had been placed central to the policy the economy could have been kept open for everyone whose immune system was sufficiently strong to ensure they would either not catch the virus, or would not have become severely ill if they did. Only those people whose immune system had been compromised would have had to suffer long-term social distancing and lockdown disruption. Most of the economic life of the country could have continued.

Incidentally, this criticism of government policy is not made as a party-political point. If the main opposition had been in control of government there would have been even more social distancing, more lockdown, indeed, more of every nonsense policy but for longer. They would also have based their policy on "the best scientific-medical advice". And it is this medical advice, from conventional medical science, that is the culprit in the whole Covid-19 policy, and its economic and social consequences. All our poltical parties are investing in a medical system that just does not work. It is not only ineffective, it is dangerous, more interested in selling vaccines than supporting our health through natural immunity.

At some point in the near future, when the MSM-created panic dies down, a retrospective attempt should be made to compare (i) the seriousness of the pandemic with (ii) the social and economic cost of the government's response to the pandemic. 

Whether this is done remains to be seen but it is certainly not part of the current budget debate, and in the longer term it won't be in the government's interest, or the interests of the conventional medical establishment, to ask the question. So it may never be done. 

Yet anyone who has lost their job or livelihood; anyone whose education has been compromised; anyone whose mental health has been harmed; anyone with serious illness whose treatment has been halted; anyone whose social relationships with loved ones have been undermined at important times; indeed, everyone should look at the statistics relating to Covid-19 and ask

Has our suffering been worthwhile?

As long as conventional medicine remains dominant, and in control of most health services, everything and everyone is at risk of these viral epidemics. 

  • if it affects us our economy and social life is destroyed
  • if it affects birds or animals they are culled, often in large numbers
  • if it affects trees they are felled

Moreover, any new virus will produce exactly the same mayhem. So we are best advised to begin asking questions about the safety, efficacy and patient outcomes of conventional or pharmaceutical medicine - now, without delay!

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Covid-19. How do we sort "information" from "misinformation" from Government Propaganda from vested Pharmaceutical interests? Or is 'Big Brother' in control?

There is a complexity of information coming through, mainly on the internet, about the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the seriousness of the pandemic, and the safety and effectiveness of the new Covid-19 vaccines. I have given links to some of the more recent information I have seen below - just an example of the questions that are being raised. 

But first, I want to consider the reason for doing so, and particularly to ask the questions we all need to ask about each one of these links, and why they are being ignored, or dismissed as 'disinformation by government, the medical establishment, and the mainstream media (MSM).

By sharing these links, I suspect I will be accused of peddling "misinformation" and perhaps even censored now by social media.

My general concerned about this situation are as follow:.

  • Do all these articles constitute "misinformation", or "fake news"? Are they to be routinely dismissed in this cavalier way, with examination or investigation?
  • Why is the official information, provided by government, the medical establishment, the MSM, and now Social Media, so monotonously identical?
  • How can the general public distinguish between what is "real information" and what is "misinformation"? Can they rely on what the government, the medical hierarchy, and the MSM tell us? Is it telling us the whole truth?
  • Indeed, why does government, the medical establishment, and the MSM routinely dismiss any article that is even critical of their message?
  • Why is the general public not being informed about the reasons WHY these, and similar articles, are considered to be "disinformation"?
  • Why does the MSM not investigate such articles in order to discover whether they are true, and if false, tell us about the reasons they have arrived at this decision?
  • Why does the MSM, who like to describe themselves as 'the free press', never investigate or report to us any information that is contrary to the message of government, and the conventional medical establishment?
  • Does the MSM believe that the only information the public is allowed to have is the information that government, and the conventional medical establishment, wants us to know? If so, is this the proper role of a 'free press' within a democratic society.
  • Why are people who are 'vaccine hesitant' dismissed out of hand, and abused as being over-influenced by 'fake news' and 'misinformation', and never given a voice.

Does it not all sound a little like "BIG BROTHER"?

As someone who has always questioned what I am being told, particularly when it is the message of  powerful governments and big, influential corporations, I wonder why the information in these articles are either being ignored, or never mentioned, or if mentioned just dismissed "disinformation" without any reasons being given. 

In the past I have always noted that such a strategy has more to do with the propaganda of powerful and influential vested interests, commercial and political groups who don't want to be questioned, and have sufficient control to avoid questioning. It is a strategy that has more to do with partial propaganda, or cover-up than it is good government, or good health care provision, or good journalism. So let's have a look at just a few of the articles that are being ignored, and dismissed as 'misinformation'.

Investigation links Fauci to controversial experiments that may have led to Pandemic

Why Covid-19 vaccine testing is a farce

UK (Government) Data show 402 reports of deaths following Covid-19 vaccines

Numbers of injuries reported to CDC after Covid-19 vaccines climbs by nearly 4,000 in one week.

Tanzanian government skeptical about safety of Covid-19 vaccines

Whistleblower. 25% of residents in German nursing home died after Pfizer vaccine.

Israeli Health Ministry. Pfizer vaccine killed "about 40 times more elderly than the disease would have killed"

Surgeon dies weeks after Covid-19 vaccination of multi-organ system failure

 Man dies 25 minutes after getting Covid-19 vaccine in New York?

Elderly man dies shortly after receiving Covid-19 vaccine....

Why is death after Covid-19 vaccination always assumed to be coincidental?

Stats on Covid-19 vaccine injury and death don't add up

Coronavirus Fact Check. Why are 'new cases' plummeting?

Twitter to permanently ban users who spread Covid-19 misinformation

So before I get de-platformed by social media for referring to these articles, or further abused by the MSM for not automatically accepted what I am being told, perhaps they would have the professional integrity to answer these questions. It is undemocratic not to do so. It is against what we are supposed to believe about personal liberty, individual freedom, free speech and the freedom of information. This is not just about these particular articles, but the many other reports that question, or are critical of how we are being informed about the virus, the pandemic, and the way governments are dealing with it, and the unwillingness of the MSM to respond to it fairly and equitably.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The Immune System. Supporting & Strengthening our Natural Immunity

Conventional medicine no longer believes in the immune system, how it is designed to keep us well, and can provide us with natural immunity, not least against infectious disease. This is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from its lamentable, chaotic and incompetent response to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this entire time it has consistently and persistently said that vaccines were "our only defence against the virus" - and it appeared to believe this entirely. 

Covid-19 indicates that the conventional medical profession no longer believes in natural immunity. It has certainly failed to provide us with the information we need to know about supporting and strengthening our immune system. Instead it has been content to scare people into getting the new vaccines in order to save their lives.

I have spoken before about a new health divide. And as the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed it has become increasingly clear that this divide focuses largely, if not exclusively, on our attitude to natural immunity. Only natural therapists have been giving this message to their patients.


We all have an immune system. It works by recognising and identifying infections and injuries in the body, and responds by trying to restore us to normal functioning, to good health and wellbeing. It operates in many ways, some of them confused with illness (a fever, a cold, feeling run down, a runny nose, congestion) that require conventional medical treatment. So many people now believe they are sick when it is actually a sign that their body is fighting back against an infection, or an over-active virus. It is our immune system at work!


So how strong is our immune system? A simple rule of thumb! Do you succumb readily to infections like colds, sore throats, coughs, etc; do you seem to catch anything and everything that is 'doing the rounds'? If so your immune system could do with some attention. If not, we still have to ensure that your immune system is not being compromised, often by our own behaviour!

Boasting our immune system is always a good idea, but it is not entirely simple because it demands a level of personal commitment on our part. Our immune system is an incredibly complex and multifaceted system that needs to keep in balance and harmony. This is our personal responsibility. It does not come from a bottle of pills, a packet of pharmaceutical drugs, or from a vaccine injected into our arm. 

Enhancing natural immunity is largely up to us, it is intimately concerned with how we look after ourselves - on a daily basis.

This aside, supporting and strengthening our immune system is simple process, requiring minimal expenditure of money, just a degree of personal commitment and determination.

1. Do not smoke. 

Let us begin with the negatives. Our lungs are designed to breath fresh air. Smokers are known to get more colds, and other respiratory complaints than non-smokers and this is a clear indication that smoking plays a role in compromising our immune system.

2. Alcohol Consumption.

Being dehydrated is important to our general health. Dehydration contributes towards a susceptibility to bacteria and viruses; it  can cause headaches, hinder digestion and physical performance, reduce mental focus and mood, and reduce the functioning of the heart and kidneys, and make us more susceptible to going down with illness.

In line with this, the over-consumption of alcohol should be avoided, and should be consumed only in moderation.

3. Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs and Vaccines

Few guides providing advice to support our immune system will tell you about this. Yet even conventional medicine is now beginning to realise the importance of a healthy digestive tract to the health of our whole body, and our immune system too. A healthy gut microbiome encourages healthy defences.

Yet most pharmaceutical drugs are taken by mouth and passed straight to the digestive track. These drugs are all toxic, in some way. And antibiotic drugs are perhaps the worst of all - because they are designed to kill bacteria, and so are known to compromise the microbiome of the stomach. In recent years there is evidence to suggest that even diseases previously thought to be unrelated to the stomach and the digestive system might actually be caused by drug damage, including both dementia and Parkinson's disease.

Yet many other pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can, and do interfere with the functioning of the immune system, many being associated with the epidemic levels of auto-immune disease we are now experiencing

And, of course, there are also pharmaceutical drugs, immunosuppressant drugs, that are designed, quite intentionally, to compromise the immune system.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of the 'underlying health conditions' that were the real cause of most of the deaths, had been caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines over the years.

4. Obesity. maintaining a healthy weight.

Refined sugars and carbohydrates are known to contribute massively to overweight and obesity, and obesity is known to undermine our natural immunity, and increase our risk of getting sick on a regular basis. This is why diet, nutrition and exercise are so very important to the immune system.

5. Diet and Nutrition.

This is probably the most important aspect of supporting and strengthening our natural immunity. The recommendation is to consume whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes as these boast our immune systems because they are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The immune system needs a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables as they are rich in zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, vitamins A, B6, C, D and E, and much more.

The best foods, usually mentioned, are citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon, limes, tangerines, clementines), red peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, turmeric, green tea, kiwi fruit, papaya, poultry (high in Vitamin B6), and shellfish (crabs, oysters, mussels, lobster).

Usually a well balanced wholefood diet will be sufficient, although many people still like to augment this through the use of multi-vitamins and mineral supplements as they are known to strengthen the body's natural immunity. Yet care needs to be taken. Too much of any vitamin, mineral or other supplement, may cause an imbalance. However Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc supplementation can always be considered, as can supplements based on Elderberry, Echinacea and Garlic which are also known to be helpful.

Eating more fermented foods is also recommended, foods rich in beneficial bacteria called probiotics as they can support the digestive tract. These include natural (live culture) yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and natto. A flourishing microbiome, a network of gut bacteria, helps your immune system differentiate between normal, healthy cells, and harmful invader organisms.

Correspondingly, and as a direct consequence,  it is always best to avoid highly processed food, 'fast' food, or 'junk' food.

6. Exercise.

It is known that regular, moderate exercise improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight, protects against a variety of diseases - and also supports and strengthens a healthy immune system. This is why lockdown policies, during the Covid-19 pandemic, have been so ridiculous and counter-productive.

Prolonged and/or intense exercise may sometimes be problematic as this is now thought to suppress or compromise the immune system. So there is no need to overdo the exercise! Certainly walk every days for 20-30 minutes, or go to the gym several times a week, or play a round of golf on a regular basis, and similar. This is usually quite sufficient to maintain our natural immunity.

7. Stress free lifestyle.

Prolonged stress is known to imbalance and suppress our immune function. Conventional medical science does study the relationship between stress and immune function; but unfortunately not as much time as developing new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. There is a close link between our minds and our bodies, and emotional stress is known to cause stomach upsets, heart disease, and much else. 

So it is important to minimise the stress in your life, although this is not always entirely possible. Chronic stress can arise through our family relationships, our friends, and co-workers, or the challenges that often exist to perform well at work. 

Where this is the case there are activities that can help manage stress, including exercise, yoga, and similar 'mindfulness' practices. Some people may also benefit from seeing a counsellor or therapist to reduce stress levels.

8. Sleep.

Sleep and immunity are closely linked. Poor quality sleep is also linked to a higher susceptibility to sickness, and this is thought to be largely because of a 'tired' immune system.


Supporting and strengthening our immune system is not expensive. Most of the above can be done without medical intervention, indeed it can help avoid medical intervention. All the above can be the result of your decision. We can all make important lifestyle and dietary changes now - all of which will strengthen the immune system - and help it help you to keep well.

We are often told that our immune systems decline with age, that ageing makes us all more susceptible to infection and illness. This may be true, but this makes all this general advice even more important as we get older. Even older people can help themselves to ensure that our natural immunity stays in good working order.

None of this advice has been offered by conventional medicine which appears to be too busy, and more interested in getting us to wait for their vaccines, which they have told us are the only way to save us from illness, disease and death! This is not true. It is misinformation.

Natural medical therapies, like homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, et al, all focus on the importance on the immune system, and natural immunity. This is the information their patients have always received, and been receiving since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what many people, those who have freed themselves from conventional medical propaganda, are doing,  actively, at this very moment.

The health divide concerns just this: we all need to recognise the fundamental basis of good health - and fortunately we all have it within us, with our immune system. Maintaining this is what distinguishes natural medicine from pharmaceutical medicine.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Arthritis Drug, Tocilizumab. A cure for Covid-19? But why no mention of harmful adverse drug reactions?

 I really should do a pro-forma for these blogs, concerning pharmaceutical press releases about old drugs that will do wondrous things for a new group of sick patients; heralded by the mainstream media (MSM); but failing to mention the nasty side effects.

Arthritis drug tocilizumab cuts deaths from Covid

This is how BBC News presented the new 'breakthrough' treatment. It can, the article says, be a live-saver for some of the sickest hospital patients with Covid-19. The research showed that for every 25 patients treated with the drug an additional life would be saved, and as well as improving survival and recovery time it can avoid patients needing to be moved to intensive care.

Good new then? Perhaps more like out of the frying pan straight into the fire!

Toxilizumab has a long list of serious adverse drug reactions, as outlined here. These include a wide range of psychiatric side effects, "including affective reactions" like irritability, depression, suicidal ideation, and psychotic reactions, such as mania, delusions, hallucinations, behavioural disturbances, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction (confusion, amnesia) and aggravated schizophrenia.

I am not going to list the gastrointestinal, hypersensitivity, endocrine, metabolic, ocular, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, dermatologic, hematologic, genitourinary, hepatic, immunologic and other adverse reactions. You can read these for yourself. 

The point is that the MSM, the medical profession, medical science, government, and certainly the pharmaceutical industry don't feel the need to tell us about the 'bad' news. This is good news. 4 out of 100 sick patients with Covid might survive. The personal cost of survival is immaterial.

The main question this blog has been raising, throughout this pandemic, is that the best treatment for Covid-19 has been completely ignored - natural immunity - supporting and strengthening of immune system - and the use of safe/effective natural medical therapies.

However, none of these treatments cost £500 per patient, so I wonder; can anything be learnt from this?

Monday, 22 February 2021

Obesity. A new breakthrough treatment? Or the promotion of another failed and unsafe drug with serious known side effects?

Earlier this month another new 'wonder drug' was announced in the mainstream media (MSM), who provide advertising for the pharmaceutical industry, free of charge. BBC News set the general tone with its headline.cons

"Obesity: Appetite drug could mark 'new era' in tackling condition"

The problem with these pharmaceutical news releases, dutifully repeated by the MSM, is that they invariably come to nothing. The 'new era' does not happen.

Nor are the known adverse drug reactions. Perhaps there is a mention of some minor side effects later in the article. The drug referred to here is semaglutide. It's not a new drug. It has a long list of serious side effects but these are glossed over. On this link there is a clear warning at the top of the page, there are side effects that you need to 'check with your doctor', and a very long list of known adverse reactions that go far beyond the nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and constipation the BBC article chooses to mention.

But no matter, The intended message is that conventional medicine has discovered yet another new treatment for a very serious problem. We are reminded not only of this, but the fact that obesity can lead to much more serious outcomes, including heart disease, diabetes and severe Covid-19. So provide warnings of the consequences of the condition, whilst emphasising the 'game changing' effects of the drug. It is an advertising strategy designed to produce queues at the doctors surgery.

When this drug strategy works, when or if the obesity epidemic is reduced by semaglutide, I will return to this subject. I will also return to it when (or if) the drug is withdrawn or banned - because it has caused more serious patient harm than even the drug companies are able to justify.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Homeopathy. Why do people pay for it when they can get free medical treatment?

Homeopathy is not provided within most national health schemes around the world. Most national medical services are dominated by conventional, or pharmaceutical medicine which is either 'free at the point of need', or heavily subsidised, or available through an insurance scheme.

In the UK, for example, homeopathy has been largely excluded from the NHS whilst conventional treatment is entirely free. As a result, any patient can visit their doctor, or their hospital, and not face a large bill.

Yet many people who become ill still prefer to book an appointment with a local homeopath, and pay for homeopathic treatment. Is this irrational? Or are there good reasons for doing so?

Effectiveness. Many patients using homeopathy will have already had conventional medical treatment, and it did not work. Many may have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines for many years, without success. Or, more usually, their condition will have got worse over time.

  • So many people will have begun using homeopathy because of a friend, or colleague, or acquaintance, who has discovered that homeopathy worked; and they turned to homeopathy to see if would work for them too.
  • Then, when homeopathy does work for them, they are hooked; and in future they will prefer to buy medical treatment that works rather than something free which is inferior.

Safety. Many patients seeking homeopathy will have experienced harm caused by conventional medical treatment, perhaps an adverse drug effect which has led to worsening the condition, or actually creates a new illness. Or they may have friends, colleagues or acquaintances who have suffered harm at the hands of conventional medicine, and advised them against this kind of treatment.

  • The decision to use homeopathy rather than conventional treatment is done on the understanding that homeopathy does not, and indeed cannot produce serious or harmful side effects. Initially, there is nothing to lose; so people just try it to see if it works for them.

It makes sense! Often, when the principles of homeopathy are explained to people, the response is - "Yes, I understand that, that makes sense to me". Often this happens when a homeopath explains that the only thing that will help them recover from illness is their own body, their natural immunity, the functioning of a strong immune system; and that all homeopathic treatment does is to help the body heal itself. This has proven to be a 'Eureka' moment for so many people.

  • More people are beginning to realise that 'health' and 'wellness' does not come from a packet of drugs, or an armful of vaccine; it cannot be imposed from without, it has to happen from within. 
  • The Covid-19 situation has been particularly helpful to homeopathy in that respect as people have recognised that it makes little sense 'chasing the virus' when the best strategy, the best treatment, is to maintain and strengthen natural immunity. Covid-19 has highlighted the fundamental difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy, and natural medical therapies generally.

It is not expensive. There are only two things that patients pay for when they see a homeopath. The remedy or remedies, which are all very inexpensive; homeopathic remedies cost a tiny fraction of pharmaceutical drugs. And the time and expertise of the homeopath. Moreover, significant progress can usually be made with even the most difficult and long-standing health conditions within 3-4 consultations, so the number of consultations are usually limited.

  • There are usually no elaborate and time-consuming medical tests that need to be done, or referral to 'specialists' or 'consultants' - just a description of the patients symptoms, and matching these with an appropriate remedy.

Conclusion. People choose to use homeopathy, and pay for it, for all these reasons. It is about patient choice that follows a cost/benefit analysis. It is similar to the choices we all make every day when we decide to buy something - we have to decide whether to buy a cheaper, or a more expensive product. Our decision is usually based on our perception of value for money, the quality of the product, and more specifically in this choice, about favourable patient outcome.

We should remember that the conventional medical establishment has made extravagant promises over the years about the effectiveness of its treatments; 'wonder drugs', 'miracle cures', 'game changing' new treatments, and 'winning the war' against disease. It has never delivered on these promises. We are sicker now than we have ever been. We suffer from more chronic disease than ever before. And Covid-19 have demonstrated its total inability to cope with viral infections and acute diseases.

So is it any wonder that more people are choosing to buy into homeopathy, and other natural medical therapies.

Conventional medicine may still be dominant within most national health provision, but it is failing, and an increasing number of people are recognising that it is failing. And it is these people who are prepared to pay for medical treatment which they know is both safe and effective. They are turning their backs on a medical system, even when it is free; they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Think about that. When a patient chooses homeopathy over conventional medicine it is a choice that costs them; they are aware that it costs them; but they are still willing to pay that cost because homeopathy is something that works so well for them.