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Tuesday 20 December 2011

GMO Food - for our nutrition? Or their profit?

There is probably nothing sacred in this world that Big Corps, like Monsanto, will not jeopardise - if, of course, they think they can make enough profit from it!

Our food, and its production, is certainly a case in point. Added to the herbicides and pesticides that have become part of our non-organic food supply for over 50 years now, GM food is the latest threat.

GMO's, of course, are crops that can be sprayed with even larger amounts of pesticides - so they are considered to be 'good' - not only for the sellers of seed, but for the chemical industry too!

But are they good for our health?

This blog looks at the evidence for GMOs, and why they are so dangerous for our health, and why we should be actively avoiding them. First, though, ask yourself a question.

Have you asked for GMO-based food? Did you have a problem with non-GMO food?

     1. GM crops are linked with organ failure, and other biological dangers (see below)
     2. The spawning of new superbugs
     3. The Monsanto herbicide, Roundup, is creating superweeds and these are currently infesting millions of acres of land. (Click here for more on this subject here).
     4. Monsanto is involved in producing Aspartame (see my recent blog on artificial sweeteners).

This powerful article argues, indeed it states, that Monsanto is 'secretly' poisoning us with crops that can withstand their herbicide, Roundup. It describes how this herbicide has caused birth defects for over 30 years, goes over evidence of 'horrific reproductive disorders' caused in tests with Roundup, and how regulatory agencies have failed in their duty to protect us.

Some countries have banned GMO's already - countries which, unlike us, are not beholden to Big Corp and their industrial and commercial success. This article covers the banning of GM crops in Peru. In doing so, Peru joins countries like Austria and Hungary.

The Mercola article demonstrates just why it is difficult to get our governments to act on GMOs. There is a massive, and extraordinarily expensive GMO campaign by the Bio-Tech industry that is targetting the US Congress. It says that $572 million has been spent - in an effort to 'ease' the regulatory controls on GM crops. 

So what price the health of consumers? When compared with the profits of Big Corp, the value placed on our health appears not to be an issue. GMOs are already finding their way into our baby food, according to this article.

There are an increasing number of studies are beginning to raise questions about the health impact of GMO crops. This article, for instance, links GMOs to organ failure.

"It's no use pretending we have a representative government when we are faced with a corporate plutocracy that owns the government".

GM plants are certainly a threat to organic farming. This article suggests that organic farmers in the USA are now fighting back to protect their interests from Monsanto, with 270,000 of them prosecuting the company. Of course, organic farming is of little commercial value to companies like Monsanto.

Yet another good reason to buy organic food whenever possible!

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Are you ill?. Allow homeopathy to help!

If you are ill, and it does not matter how the illness has been diagnosed, homeopathy can help you. This article explains how it does so - by treating the individual, and his/her symptoms rather than a conventionally diagnosed 'disease'. 

All that is necessary is to find a remedy that matches your symptoms, and it will work. Sometime, in 'first-aid' situations, this can be quite simple - it is something you can try for yourself. In more complex illness the patient will need the expertise of a homeopath.

In this week's 'Homeopathy Heals' I am drawing attention to a series of internet articles that demonstrate the wide range of illnesses that homeopathy can heal!

Vertigo (dizziness). Some simple remedies suggested for common types of vertigo.

Headaches. Several remedy suggestions, with short remedy pictures, in this article

Tetanus. Always have some Ledum around, in case of cuts and grazes.

Chicken Pox. Some sensible non-drug strategies for coping with this illness. Carbo Veg is a homeopathic remedy that can be used when suffering from chicken pox - see a homeopath if it does not ease the condition.

Croup. Some major remedies, with symptom pictures, suggested here.

Nausea and Motion Sickness. Several first-aid remedy suggestions here, with brief symptom pictures.

Sleep disorders. Remedy suggestions here, and remedy descriptions.

Cystitis (bladder infections). Several remedies suggested here, but consult a homeopath if it persists, or is a regular occurance.

Genital Warts.

Gout. Four remedies suggested here - but if condition is chronic, it is advisable to consult a homeopath.

Fibromyalgia. An article by a homeopath who has researched the condition, and treated many cases.

Angina. Not an illness for homeopathic self-prescribing, but some sensible non-drug suggestions and alternative remedies and strategies to cope with the condition.

Heart Problems. Look at this article and video to see what can be achieved

Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular as many people are now looking for 'non-drug' alternatives to conventional medicine, dominated as it is by Big Pharma drugs.

The Failure of ConMed. No evidence base for this medicine?

The claim of Big Pharma companies, and the Conventional Medical Establishment, is that it supports 'Evidence-Based' Medicine (EBM). The argument here is that in making a judgement about the efficacy of medical therapies, we need less 'evidence' (especially when the evidence proves to be poor, or just wrong, in the course of time), and instead place more reliance on 'outcomes'. ConMed, of course, wants neither.

Much of the 'evidence' that supports conventional medicine is poor or unreliable evidence. This important article outlines the problems associated with EBM, and should be read by anyone who is looking for a safer, more effective medical therapy, but is not yet ready to accept that conventional medicine is failing. It begins by questioning the very concept of EBM.

          "The assumption that EBM is good science is unsound from the start. Decision science and cybernetics (the science of communication and control) highlight the disturbing consequences.EBM fosters marginally effective treatments, based on population averages rather than individual need. Its mega-trials are incapable of finding the causes of disease, even for the most diligent medical researchers, yet they swallow up research funds. Worse, EBM cannot avoid exposing patients to health risks. It is time for medical practitioners to discard EBM's tarnished gold standard, reclaim their clinical autonomy, and provide individualized treatments to patients.
And it continues by putting the individual patient at the centre of concern.

          "The key element in a truly scientific medicine would be a rational patient. This means that those who set a course of treatment would base their decision-making on the expected risks and benefits of treatment to the individual concerned. If you are sick, you want a treatment that will work for you, personally. Given the relevant information, a rational patient will choose the treatment the will be most beneficial. Of course, the patient is not in isolation but works with a competent physician, who is there to help the patient. The rational decision making unit then becomes the doctor-patient collaboration.
The continuing survival of conventional, drug based medicine can be put down to the failure of governments, national heath services, the mainstream media in telling us the truth about a form of medicine. Evidence of its failure is rife - but rarely reported. Indeed, the problems of writing this regular blog is that there is just so much information about corruption in the highest circles, the failure of Big Pharma drugs, the way these drugs create illness, the havoc they cause to individuals and families, the the epidemic rise of so many chronic diseases. So look through these internet articles - outlined only briefly here but available to anyone who wants to know why pharmaceutical drugs are not making us better, but sicker!

Let's start with the osteoporosis drug, Fosamax. This article explains how it can actually cause fractures, and brittle bones - that is, it makes worse the problem it is supposed to help! This has been known for many years; but the drug is still being used with patients who believe they are taking it to help their illness!

Drug cocktails can seriously damage your health! So do you take more than one drug?

Can antibiotics taken in pregnancy really lead to autism? And if so, how long will it be before the link is seriously investigated? And how long before the ConMed Establishment admits it?

So, perhaps our government, the NHS, Big Pharma, and the Conventional Medical Establishment is just not aware?

Or, more likely, is it that they are just not prepared to help making us aware?

The Failure of Conventional Medicine.

Artificial sweeteners and our food.

One of my themes concerning the actions of Big Pharma drug companies is that they do not allow considerations of human health to interfere with their profits. My contention is that they manufacture drugs known to be harmful to our health, hide this information from view, market the drug, pocket the profits, and only then does the harm done by pharma drugs become an issue.

Surely Big Food companies do not do the same thing! Well, actually, they do!
Big Food play the same 'for profit' games as Big Pharma - at the expense of our health.

Sweetening our food is just one example. One way to increase food consumption is to sweeten it. And lots of foods are sweetened to make them poor palatable to us, more likely that we will buy them. Many do not need sweetening. Many sweetened foods are not sweetened by 'natural' sugars, but by artificial chemicals, such as aspartame.

There is, according to this article, a new 'artificial sweetener' disease. It has many symptoms. Recurring headaches, unbearable migraines, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, arthritis, buzzing or ringing in ears, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgfia, irritable bowel disease, Crohn's disease, inflammation, acid reflus. But as the article says, it is never called ASD - artificial sweetener disease. This article suggests that the Gulf War Syndrome can be connected to artificial sweeteners.

This article looks closer at the connection between sweeteners and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBF). It links them with brain lesions, enlarged and calcified kidneys, male infertility, increased mortality, and even spontaneous abortions in rabbits!

Violence can also be also linked to sweeteners in teenagers. As the article said, the soft drinks beloved of so many children are entirely devoid of nutrition, but are drunk is large quantities. "Diets high in refined sugar can also cause high blood sugar levels and hypoglycemic episodes, which profoundly impact our physical and psychological health. Hypoglycemic episodes often lead to angry and violent outbursts, and could be a direct cause of violence in children".

And as the article says, soft drinks also contain caffeine, which can contribute to hypoglycemic episodes and can also provoke aggression by raising adrenaline levels. Strange, then, that we so often give our children these drinks - as a treat!

Aspartame is the best known of these sweeteners, and as this article states, it is probably the most dangerous substance added to our food. Apparently, Aspartame accounts for over 75% of adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. This article explains the diseases caused by this poison, and how it is made. It is in a vast number of food and drink products, particularly if something is described as 'low sugar', or 'diet'.

Aspartame comes under many names? Perhaps they are all invented to confuse us - and no doubt they fool far too many of us! Aspartame brand names includ NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet One, and Spoonful.

Yet if you want to see dramatically what Aspartame does to living organisms, look at this remarkable article! It kills Ants. And Ants soon learn to avoid it. It is a pity humanity cannot respond to this poison in the same way!

But we don't, we even think that drinks containing artificial sweeteners are good for us! This article looks at sports drinks and sweeteners. Such drinks are regularly and intensively advertised, portraying them as 'scientifically' formulated to help athletes rehydrate their bodies after exertion. This kind of 'science' is the same 'science' that supports the Big Pharma industry - bought science, cheque-book science, science serving those who wish to make big profits at our expense.

Yet we do want to have sweeteners in our food and drink, and not all of them are bad for us. This article advises us to use only the best natural sweeteners. It contains good, sensible advice for anyone wanting to avoid the health impact of artificial, Big Food, for profit sweeteners.

Monday 5 December 2011

Failure of Conventional Medicine. Is Big Pharma too big to fail?

But increasingly, it is the policies and strategies of government that seek to force us to 'take the medicine' - whether we want to or not.

So even when the truth is being kept from us, many people still find out, and sensibly, say 'No' to the Conventional Medicine's urgent desire to drug us all!

However, the Conventional Medical Establishment continues to try to prevent this information getting out - but clearly they are not succeeding. More and more people are realising that drugs and vaccines, given to us in the interests of health, are actually making us ill, and causing disease and death.

So what is happening that we are not being told about? What are the health issues that are not being discussed openly, transparently, honestly with patients? Here are just a few stories you won't see in the mainstream media, or be allowed to discuss with your GP!

Statin drugs cause diabetes and muscle damage? Not new news, but yet another potential danger of this drug we have been told is 'entirely safe' for decades! Yet, quite, remarkably, doctors are still telling themselves that Statin drugs are good for us! So there will be little enlightenment from that quarter of the Conventional Medical Establishment!

However, the licence for the drug Zigris, has been withdrawn. No-one else is to be prescribed the drug, and those people taking it have to be taken off.

Avastin, a drug for breast cancer, has, at last, after 4 years, been withdrawn by the FDA, who now describe it as useless and dangerous. But as this article explains, doctors can still prescribe it 'if they feel like it'. Quite amazing really. Where is patient protection? Where is drug regulation?

Yet the most alarming news, which has drawn little attention from the mainstream media, concerns more popular, widely used, over-the-counter drugs. Paracetamol overdose has now been found to be fatal - even if taken at recommended levels. It has  been found that only a slight overdose can cause multiple organ collapse, and death. In fairness, and most unusually, the BBC did cover this story; but only with a balm that sought to cover the real seriousness of the situation. It said that

          "an MHRA spokesman said the changes were not made because of safety concerns. He said the aim was to ensure children got the right dose for their age".

That's all okay then!

So are we heading for another Vioxx? WDDTY believe that we might be. Taking pain killers (because we believe them to be safe, and are not informed otherwise) is becoming more and more common.

So what is the reason for us being kept in the dark, about painkillers, and other Big Pharma drugs? Why is is that enforced medication, especially in the USA, continues to increase? The reason seems all to simple, and to use a phrase analogous to the recent Banking crises:

Big Pharma is too big to fail. 
Somehow, we must be encouraged to continue taking the drugs.
Regardless of what it is doing to our health!