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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Murder by Aspartame (its the sweetener they put in 'diet' drinks and products!

Aspartame is a killer, and most people don't know they are consuming it, often in great quantities. It is an artificial sweetener, sometimes described as an artificial flavouring, or a flavour enhancer. It is a major source of profit for the 'Big Food' corporations; a cheap source of sweetening products, much cheaper than sugar. And by avoiding sugar, Big Food claim that it can help consumers avoid putting on weight.

So products containing Aspartame are often described as 'diet' this, and 'diet' that, particular the fizzy 'diet' drinks that are consumed in such volumes. Or it is in prepared food advertised as 'low in sugar'. All such products are usually high in aspartame. They even put it in chewing gum. And it is an ingredient of some over-the-counter drugs for children (to make the medicine 'palatable', and some vaccines too.

Big Food vies with Big Pharma in its propensity to misinform people, its customers, in the interests of their profits, and to the serious detriment of our health.

But surely, if Big Food feeds this stuff to us, it can't be all that bad. Wrong! It is known to cause a whole series of adverse reactions, and diseases, such headaches, vision loss, memory loss, depression, ADHD, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, diabetes, Lupus, Alzheimer's disease, seizures, coma, cancer and death.

And Aspartame is also addictive - so by consuming some of it, you want more of it! A good marketing trick! Moreover, consuming aspartame produces a craving for carbohydrates. So the 'diet' claims for Aspartame also go out of the window. You really are better off with the sugar!

So just avoid it! But how can we do that? Well, look at the label to see if it lists Aspartame! No, that's no good. Aspartame is sold under a whole host of names - Splendor, Nutra Sweet, Amino Sweet, Senomyx, Equal, Canderrel, Acsulfane, Sucralose, Benevin, Spoonful, and no doubt many others. It even has an E-number - E951. It's the same device used by Big Pharma. When you have a dodgy product, and people begin to find out about it - change the name!

But surely, the drug regulators would not allow such a poisonous, toxic substance into our food supply? Again, this is wishful thinking. Drug regulators, such as the MHRA and the European Medicines Agency should be protecting the public - but as with the case of toxic, disease-inducing and lethal drugs it fails to do so.

Indeed, the FDA in the USA is deeply implicated in allowing this threat to health to be inflicted upon us. Aspartame was discovered in 1965, and since then, controversy has raged over its safety. From the earliest days, laboratory testing on rats showed that it was carcinogenic. So in 1980, the FDA denied it approval.

However, Big Food has (or can buy) too many powerful friends in influential places to let that worry them! A money-making product like this could not be denied. In 1981 the FDA approved its use in dried goods. Then, in 1985, a Congressional Record recorded that the CEO of Searle Laboratories stated he would use his political influence to get it approved. His name was Donald Rumsfeld, and the day after President Reagan took office, the 16 year ban on Aspartame was overturned. In 1883 aspartame was approved for use in carbonated drinks. Diet Coke had arrived. And it has been estimated that Aspartame is now contained in over 5,000 foods, drinks and medicines.

The dangerous health effects of aspartame are not disputed; they are just ignored. In 1995, the FDA was forced under the Freedom of Information Act to release a list of 92 aspartame symptoms, which had been reported by many thousand victims. But, despite this, Big Food continues to ply us with this poison.

Yet the toxic effects of Aspartame are far worse than revealed by the FDA. HJ Roberts, MD, published a book called 'Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic' which contains over 1,000 pages of symptoms and diseases triggered by the neurotoxin, and goes into the sordid and corrupt history of its approval. For more details about this book, and of the overwhelming evidence against Aspartame, look at the following: