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Monday 20 December 2010

Mouth Ulcers and Homeopathy

Recurrent mouth ulcers can be painful, troublesome, and sometimes much worse. The advice here is to use homeopathy - which can treat the condition effectively, safely and inexpensively

Dr Shreya's Health and Homeopathic Blog: How to get rid of recurrent mouth ulcers? (Aphthou...: "Painful eating is the presenting symptom usually when a person gets ulcers in the mouth. This apparently casual condition can be extre..."

Dr Shreya lists several remedies, and then suggests that a homeopath should be seen. But if you want to try a couple of remedies first (available at good chemists, such as Boots, and at health food stores, like Holland and Barratt) these are perhaps the first one's to try.

Arsenicum Album - for ulcers that burn
Merc Sol - for ulcers that sting, and are yellowish in colour

The good thing about homeopathy is that it will do no harm; so you can try remedies just to see if they work. If they don't, or if they don't get rid of the problem for long, then you will need to see a homeopath for more careful matching of your mouth ulcers with a remedy.