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Wednesday 15 December 2010

HRT - still alive and dangerous!

Despite knowing that HRT causes breast and ovarian cancers, and heart problems, doctors are apparently still prescribing this drug to women, and they are doing so at what WDDTY describe as 'dangerously high doses'.

HRT was a major money raiser for Big Pharma in the decades leading up to 2001, when research (rather belatedly) showed that it was carcinogenic and dangerous. The news about HRT, since then, has only got worse. But according to research undertaken at Stanford University this has not affected doctors.

This has been reported in Menopause, 24 November, 2010, and in WDDTY at

As they ask, quite correctly, why is it that only doctor's don't seem to know about this? And why are patient's being put at risk by being prescribed a drug that is known to have such consequences to human health?

It would appear that the drug is still alive and dangerous, which is, of course, more than can be said for many of the unfortunate women who have taken the drug over the decades.