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Monday 20 December 2010

Rubbing Out Homeopathy

There are two fundamental questions about the health debate during the last few years.
First, why is Conventional Medicine so bad, so dangerous? Why is it allowed to kill so many people every year without there being any reaction, by governments, by National Health Services, by Medics, and little or no action to do anything about it? And why is the mainstream media, throughout the world, so quiet about the inherent dangers of Conventional Medicine?
Second, why has homeopathy been under such attack during the last 5-6 years? It has never harmed anyone. In previous decades it had operated quietly, and unostentatiously for people who wanted to use a safer and more effective form of medicine. Why have brigades of homeopathy denialists sprung up, making such loud noises, without making any sense or addressing the real health issues, and having no positive message to give themselves? And who is paying the denialists to take part in such negative activity?
John Benneths blog, 'Rubbing Out Homeopathy', is an important one in this respect, and I urge you to read it. You can find it at:
I am not usually a supporter of 'conspiracy' theories, but John has unveiled evidence, through WikiLeaks, that suggests people in high places have been convinced of the need to reduce world population, may be thinking of using the uselessness and dangerousness of Conventional Medicine to assist them, and don't want homeopathy to get in the way of their plans.