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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Renal Artery Stenosis. An Individual Case

This is a lovely story about a young boy suffering from renal artery stenosis. You can find the fully story at:

Bhavesh was suffering from renal artery stenosis. The artery supplying blood to his right kidney was blocked, a condition diagnosed about 45 days before mother and child came to see me on April 1, 2009. Bhavesh was reeling under toxic build-up and water retention that had made him puffy and swollen. He also had severe hypertension as his blood pressure was a dangerous 180 / 120.

Bhavesh had also become extremely withdrawn. At home, he barely uttered a few words, preferring to lie in bed all day. He had also stopped eating – definite signs of shock and depression.

What  is important about the story is this:

* It shows that ConMed had absolutely no answer to this boy's condition
* It show the complexity that some journeys with homeopathy entail. If homeopathy was 'just placebo' we would not have to bother about the complexities of miasms, and the like.
* It shows a serious ill child treated successfully with homeopathy

Those who say homeopathy does not work are usually transfixed with notions of the importance of the science of RCTs (randomised controlled trials), what individual studies like this demonstrate is the importance of the individual experience of medical treatment. Has miasmatic treatment ever been demonstrated by RCTs? No! Does Bhavesh care? No! Does his family? No. What is important is that medical treatment actually works.

And what ConMed persistently fail to explain is why, is RCTs are so important, they cannot make allopathic drugs and treatment more effective, and safer.