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Monday 20 December 2010

PMS, PMT and Homeopathy

Conventional doctors often fob women off when they suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (or tension), mainly because they have little to offer by way of treatment.

Homeopathy does provide effective treatment, which has the additional benefit of being entirely safe, and inexpensive. But your GP, and the NHS will probably not tell you about it.

So Robert Medhurst's recent e-article might be a useful read for anyone suffering from this condition. But every woman with PMS, PMT has different symptoms, so in homeopathy there is no single remedy, no magic bullet. A remedy has to be chosen carefully to match individual symptoms.

Robert's article describes the symptoms of 12 of the major remedies homeopaths use for women who suffer from PMS, PMT. So have a read, and if one matches, try the remedy. It will be safer than HRT, or anything else ConMed has to offer.

If you find that it works, but does not completely deal with the condition, seek help from a registered homeopath who will be able to help you track down the remedy for you.