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Monday 31 May 2010

Statins. The wonder drug not so wonderful!

Doctors are now being told to prescribe the lowest-possible dose of the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs after a study discovered they cause a range of health problems, including serious liver and kidney failure. Statins have hitherto been considered a 'safe' drug, with many doctors calling for them to be given to anyone who might develop heart disease. They have been routinely prescribed to the over-50s for many years - to prevent heart disease.

But there are no safe ConMed drugs, despite what patients are told! A new study from Nottingham University has discovered that they cause serious liver and kidney dysfunction and failure, myopathy, cataracts, and serious muscle disease. They have implicated most Statin drugs, although  the risk of liver disease was worst with patients taking fluvastatin. 

The source of this information is the British Medical Journal, 2010; 340: c2197), and reported by 'What Doctors Don"t Tell You' (

Thursday 20 May 2010

The DIEs (disease-inducing-effects) of Pharmaceutical Drugs

These are just three news items from the e-magazine ‘Natural News’ during the last couple of weeks, all raising the question:
"Just how dangerous are ConMed drugs?" 
Why am I blogging these? Well, have you heard about this important information from the NHS, from the government, and above all, the mainstream media?

Alzheimer's drugs cause brain damage, worsen memory. 
Acne drug dangerous for your health?
Cholesterol drugs (Statins) cause diabetes.

For more information about the dangers of Conventional Medical drugs, click here.

Homeopathy is safe, and invariably more effective than ConMed drugs, and you should seriously consider a consultation with a homeopath before you start subjecting yourself to take any pharma drug.

Monday 17 May 2010

The popularity of homeopathy

Homeopaths are expecting more attacks from conventional medicine in the coming weeks and months. In particular, we suspect that the forces of Conventional Medicine, in the interest of the Big Pharma companies, will start a campaign to stop homeopathy being available to patients through the NHS (however limited this availability is currently). The campaign has already started, not least in the attacks on the Homeopathy hospitals.

Yet the subject was debated by Jeremy Vine today on BBC Radio 2. I only listened to the end of the debate, but what I heard, and certainly from his concluding comments, the popularity of homeopathy came through strongly from the majority of people who phoned and wrote into the programme. I was surprised and heartened by the number of people who gave evidence for homeopathy, denying that it was 'merely placebo', and outlined the way it has helped them, their families, their pets, and indeed farm animals. Many said they tried everything that Conventional Medicine gave to them, but nothing worked until they tried homeopathy - and homeopathy worked for them within a few weeks in many cases.

I should not have been surprised. Perhaps I listen too much to the denialists who write in, ad-infinitum, to this blog with their denials, their arrogant (usually implicit) support of ConMed treatment, their dismissal of all the personal testimony of homeopathy's effective, and the growing science that supports it.

Indeed, it was refreshing to hear from patients who have benefitted from homeopathy. Like homeopaths themselves, they are sometimes too quiet and their voice is unheard. I am confident that if the denialists, and Conventional Medicine supporters, launch their expected attack the availability of homeopathy on the NHS, it will serve mainly to raise the profile of homeopathy, and increase patient demand for it.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Aspirin, Crohn's Disease, and Homeopathy

My mother used to tell me that you could take as many aspirin as you wanted, it did you no harm! How wrong could she be? And of course, most people believe that such common ConMed drugs are safe, even if some of the more exotic drugs are not.

Many people regularly take an aspirin a day to ward off heart problems. But it has now been found that by doing so they are greatly increasing their chances of developing Crohn’s disease. So a simple pain killer can cause a debilitating gut problem!

Of course, this is the disease-inducing effect (DIEs) of ConMed drugs in action. Researchers at the University of East Anglia have discovered that people increase their chances of developing Crohn’s 5-fold if they take an aspirin a day for more than a year after tracking 200,000 healthy volunteers in Europe. Crohn’s Disease causes inflammation and swelling in the digestive system, and under ConMed requires lifelong medication, with surgery in more serious cases. Some sufferers go on to contract bowel cancer.

Crohn's Disease is eminently treatable with homeopathy, and anyone who wishes to treat the condition with homeopathy should consult a qualified, registered homeopath

(Source: What Doctor's Don't Tell You Newsletter, 5th May 2010; Digestive Disease Week conference, New Orleans, May 3, 2010).

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Lies, damn lies, and medical research

This is a 2010 posting by Dana Ullman, going into some detail about what is wrong with conventional medical research. As usual, Dana presents a strong case for doubting the safety and efficacy of conventional drugs because the testing of these drugs is deeply flawed. It is well worth reading as it is information the mainstream media will no publish. You are not supposed to know!

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Beta Blockers. A well-tolerated Big Pharma drug?

To highlight the importance of safety in medicine, I can tell my own story.

In 2007, I began to have periodic heart palpitations. Instead of going to see a homeopath, privately, which was my first intention, I went to see my GP. Well, why not, I pay for the NHS, and I am entitled to NHS treatment! I asked my GP (I had never seen him before) for homeopathic treatment, and struggled for the next 11 months to get beyond the NHS bureaucracy, and its ConMed monopoly. I was offered all kinds of tests, drugs, and consultations, but they were not prepared to offer me homeopathy. It was the usual nonsense - “there is no evidence”, etc.
Beta Blockers were the Pharma drugs on offer. Two doctors and a registrar told me that they were ‘well-tolerated', and had 'no serious side-effects'. I told them that this was nonsense, that they had serious DIEs (disease-inducing-effects), not least diabetes. On each occasion there was silence - and no explanation for this a chronic lack of honesty.
Now, Beta Blockers have been found to cause fatal heart attacks, alongside SSRI drugs like Proxac, and Cox-2 pain-killers (research conducted by University of Rochester, New York, and reported in the magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You, April 2010). So I was being offered the usual ConMed deal - swop an illness with a more serious disease, and perhaps even death. 
What concerns me is that whilst the NHS were not honest about drug DIEs, there were other DIEs that were unknown at the time - remember, Beta Blockers have been around since the early 1960's. I will leave you to decide which is worse - that they know about DIEs and don’t tell you; or they don’t know or understand the workings of their own drugs after several decades!
Fortunately, I won my battle with my PCT , went to see a homeopath at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, and I no longer have heart palpitations.