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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Promoting Natural Immunity

The Conventional Medical Establishment is fixated with vaccination. Homeopathy, by contrast, is concerned with supporting the natural immunity of our bodies. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than by a marvellous website - Arnica: UK Parents' Support (see

The Arnica Network was formed in 2007, mostly by parents concerned about vaccination. They wanted to know more about 'natural' health, and 'natural immunity'. In the last 3 years 50 Arnica groups have been formed - demonstrating how keen increasing numbers of people are now to find something safer, more natural than the toxic drugs and vaccination offered by ConMed.

“At Arnica we believe in the importance of Natural Immunity.”  

Well that's sensible, and it is what all medical therapies do - except for ConMed, dominated as it is by Big Pharma drugs and its toxic drugs. So what do Arnica groups do? Well, parents and health practitioners meet regularly, and use their Yahoo site.

to discuss vaccine issues. They also share good practice, and evidence about how children can be supported naturally when they are sick. They discuss all kinds of health-care matters, such as dealing with fever, and cleaning wounds. The also look at the adverse reactions caused by vaccines (our children are now given 25 vaccines before they reach toddler-hood), and the longer-term health problems they cause.

Most parents vaccinate their children because they are pressurised to do so by the NHS, and the Conventional Medical Establishment. They work through creating fear over simple, straightforward illness, like measles; and then telling us that we are not good parents unless we get our children vaccinated. It is extremely hard for parents to withstand such pressure on their own - but Arnica Groups provide support, and enable parents to make their own informed decisions about vaccination, and other medical matters.

Why not join them?