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Wednesday 11 May 2022

Partygate and Beergate. The stupidity of enforcing autocratic laws and Covid-19 rules and the prosecution of those who created and defended the stupidity!

UK politics is dominated by a 'debate' about Covid-19 rules during lockdown. This constitutes nonsense, built on the foundations of more nonsense and complete incompetence.

Boris Johnson, as Prime Minister, constructed and imposed the Covid-19 lockdown rules on us all, reinforcing their importance in incessant daily press conferences. His government passed the deeply undemocratic legislation that enabled these autocratic rules to be legally drawn up. And he watched on as the police tried to enforce them.  

  • He then broke his own rules, apparently on numerous occasions.  
  • And then lied to Parliament about his law-breaking.
  • Party Gate had emerged!

Sir Keir Starmer, as Leader of the Opposition, did not construct or impose the Covid-19 lockdown rules, but he regularly criticised the government for not imposing them more strictly for longer. He also fully supported the autocratic legislation that underpinned the rules. Then, as Party Gate emerged, he criticised Johnson for breaking the rules, but it is now being suggested that he too broke the rules.

I do not speak for either man, but I do castigate them both for their part in creating and supporting these crass, stupid, senseless, and ultimately useless rules in the first place. Beer Gate had emerged.

It has long been my opinion that stupid rules should be resisted and broken in order to demonstrate their stupidity. Yet this was not what either politician did. They supported the rules, emphasised their importance, and then broke them. As frontline politicians this was their second act of rank stupidity - stupidity built on the foundations of stupidity.

Both men are both equally responsible for the very predictable failure of very silly rules that were never going to be either an adequate or sensible response to the pandemic.

Yet it is important to remember that neither of these politicians was actually responsible for these autocratic laws, or the senseless Covid-19 rules. The policy of both the UK government and opposition was (we were regularly told) "informed/guided by the science". Pontius Pilates ruled 2000 years ago, and like him, Johnson and Starmer washed their hands of the responsibility: these were the rules put forward by SAGE, a collection of mainstream medical scientists whose opinions were sacrosanct and unchallengeable. It was the Conventional Medical Establishment (CME) that ruled!

This was why there was so little difference between government and opposition policies towards the pandemic, why neither Conservative, Labour or any other politician, came up with anything better, or even marginally more sensible. That is what happens within an autocracy - laws are enacted, rules are made - and no-one questions them (and anyone who does is pilloried for doing so). The problem was that from the very beginning conventional medicine admitted it had no treatment. It could only recommend social distancing, face masks, testing and tracking, lockdown, and the like. It was all they had to offer; but to hide their embarrassment they had to offer something, anything!  And then the debacle of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Stupidity and incompetence underlay two years of failed medical policies all the political parties pursued. It may be that Johnson and Starmer both realised that both the policies and the rules were stupid. But what they apparent did not recognise is that you cannot propose policies, and enforce rules, and then break them - however stupid and unreasonable they might be.

What we should be doing now is to ask all our politicians (in every country of the world):

  • Why did you fail to question the medical science from whom you sought advice?
  • Why did you so meekly support autocratic laws, and nonsensical rules?
  • Why have you not recognised that conventional/pharmaceutical medicine is failing?
  • Why have you not learnt that vaccines have never worked?

Will they ever realise that their total and abject reliance on conventional medical science is what is bankrupting our national health provision, and causing the epidemic levels of sickness and disease we are now experiencing?


Autism rate rises to 1 in 44 children in USA. And we are still told the cause is 'unknown'

At the end of 2021, the CDC announced that autism rates in the USA had risen to 1 in 44 children. They published an analysis of 2018 data from nearly a dozen USA states confirming that the autism rate for 8 year old children had risen from 1 in 54 in 2016, from 1 in 150 in 2000, whilst in the 1990's prevalence estimates ranged from 1 in 2,500 to 1 in 1,000. The autism rate is also high in France, 1 in 144, in Iceland, 1 in 139, and in Austria, 1 in 138. The study said this:

            “We found autism prevalence to be 3.6% in New Jersey overall, but higher in one region (5.4%) and in multiple areas approaching 7.0%. We identified significant variation in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence by race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status (SES) and school district size. Mapping prevalence in smaller, well-specified, regions may be useful to better understand the true scope of ASD, disparities in ASD detection and the factors impacting ASD prevalence estimation.”

In July 2020 I wrote a blog on the subject of autism, referring specifically to 157 research papers that supported the Vaccine-Autism link. I put a link to this webpage on my Facebook page, who quickly tagged this as "False rating on content shared by Safe Medicine Homeopathy' and that it's been reviewed by Science Feedback. Facebook also put an article against my blog entitled "How we know vaccines do not cause autism", and threatened to reduce the distribution of my page because 'misleading content', stating:

            "Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share misleading content will see their overall distribution reduced and their ability to monetise, advertise and register as a news Page removed. People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news."

This is typical of Facebook, and social media generally. They have succumbed to the pressure from the Conventional Medical Establishment (CME) to censor anything and everything that speaks against their business interests - selling pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The CME already controls the mainstream media, and now want to get social media under its control.

So autism is an epidemic, and year by year it is getting worse! And the CME is doing everything it can to deny that the drugs and vaccines listed here have anything to do with it, and to stop us getting to know.

So do the 157 research papers exist? 

Yes, they do; you can see them all outlined here for yourself if you click on the link, and then read each one of the studies for yourself.

The position of the CME is that there is no autism epidemic. Denial and censorship reign. J.B Handley outlines and demolishes their position in his blog, "There is no Autism epidemic - a pernicious rumour".

I too have dealt with it too, in my "Iatrogenic Disease" and "Why Homeopath?" e-books. This is what I said in the former.


"The conventional medical system are in denial about the cause of Autism. Indeed, it has worked very hard to hide from the public the cause of Autism. The NHS Choices website typifies this approach when it says:

               'The exact cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is currently unknown. It's a complex condition and may occur as a result of genetic predisposition (a natural tendency), environmental or unknown factors.'

It goes on to talk about inherited genes that make some children more vulnerable to ASD. It speaks about 'environmental triggers', such as premature birth, and exposure to alcohol in the womb. It says there is 'no conclusive evidence' linking either pollution or maternal infections in pregnancy to the condition. 

It does say that 'certain medications' are a possible trigger, and does mentions Sodium Valproate (a pharmaceutical drug used to treat epilepsy during pregnancy, and known to cause other birth defects).

Yet the NHS goes much further in its denial of the autism epidemic, and dismisses out of hand any connection between autism and childhood vaccinations. 

    'In the past, a number of things were linked to ASD, but extensive research has found no evidence to suggest that any of these contribute to the condition.' (My emphasis).

These 'past connections' include the MMR vaccine, and thimerosol, the mercury-based compound that is used as a preservative in many vaccines. Wikipedia, always a supporter of the conventional medical establishment, goes along with these denials.

    'Many causes of autism have been proposed, but understanding of the theory of causation of autism and the other autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is incomplete. Research indicates that genetic factors predominate. The heritability of autism, however, is complex, and it is typically unclear which genes are responsible. In rare cases, autism is strongly associated with agents that cause birth defects. Many other causes have been proposed, such as childhood immunizations, but numerous epidemiological studies have shown no scientific evidence supporting any link between vaccinations and autism.'

Most sources of information about autism follow this conventional medical line, and come up with similarly unsatisfactory explanations about the causes of autism. More than any other illness there is a complete denial that vaccines have played any part in causing the autism epidemic we have witnessed in recent decades, and which continues to grow.     

     'However, one of the leading conventional medical authorities, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) were forced to admit that there was no scientific proof that vaccines do not cause autism, conceding that reassurances to parents that childhood vaccines don't cause autism was not based on any scientific evidence."


Although this was written several years ago nothing has changed. It would appear that however serious the autism epidemic becomes, conventional medicine will continue to deny that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines might be the cause. The CME is in complete denial, and this has serious consequences for the children of the future, and the parents who are not being told about the possible/like association.

Complete denial is a position the CME adopts when other chronic diseases, like those mentioned here, becomes epidemic.

  • We don't know what causes it, but it definitely isn't us! 

As long as the CME sticks to this stance it will continue to cause an increase in autism (not to mention other chronic diseases), AND it will remain incapable of developing any relevant response or treatment. 

So the Autism epidemic is likely only to get progressively worse!

Thursday 5 May 2022

Covid-19 Vaccines. Increased Illness and Death since their introduction. Misinformation? Cause for concern? Or a matter for the attention of conventional medical authorities?

The increase in illness and death since the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out has been widely publicised in the non-mainstream media in recent months.

Is it true?

The mainstream media, alongside governments and the conventional medical establishment either do not mention this, or dismiss such reports as "fake news" or "misinformation".

Yet is it misinformation? And is calling such reports 'misinformation' a sufficient response?

At the centre of this 'disinformation' campaign has been the Daily Expose, and here are just four links to some of their recent claims.

Covid-19 Vaccines increase risk of miscarriage by 1518%

Covid-19 Vaccines: study shows they have increased risk of stroke by 11361% 

Death rates are higher after mass vaccinations

Covid-19 increase risk of death by 4800%

Each article refers to data that has been taken from government and official medical sources, and the statistical analysis of this data has been undertaken by Daily Expose staff. It is not alone. There are many other such reports, coming from the Children's Health Defense, the White Rose, the Daily Sceptic, the Vaccine Reaction, and many others.

So is this all about statistics? - "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"?

I am not a statistician, and in all honesty statistics usually leave me cold. So what am I, indeed all of us, to believe? Several thoughts pass through my mind when I see these, and similar articles. 

  • It could be disinformation, like governments, medical authorities, and the mainstream media tell us.
  • It could be the application of an inaccurate or misguided statistical analysis. 
  • Or it could be the truth. 

Yet to determine whether such reports are factor fiction, we would all need to have an advanced degree in statistics in order to examine the methodology that is being used! The only other alternative is to decide, like most other people do, that it would be simpler to dismiss these alarming reports as 'misinformation', to meekly accept what we are being told - and get on with it.

I don't believe we should do this. Instead, I recommend using certain other criteria to ascertain the truth.

First, we should "follow the money". Who gains from, what are the vested interests behind, both sides of this argument? 

  • The 'misinformation' response is clearly in the interests of the conventional medical establishment, not least the drug companies, and those those who have been promoting, and benefiting from the promotion the mass vaccination campaigns. 
  • It is more difficult to see how the Daily Expose benefits, financially or in any other way, from publishing this information. They are small, independent news organisation with a relatively small readerships. They are not large companies that generates large sums of money and income from such reports, their findings are not profitable.

So let's examine the 'disinformation' response in more detail. Why is it disinformation? Why should it be summarily dismissed? 

And it is when I ask these questions that I become sceptical of the 'misinformation responses  of the conventional medical establishment - it is not an argument - it is not backed up by an explanation - or by any discernable counter argument. Just dismissing something as 'disinformation' seems to be nothing more than an uncorroborated statement of denial.

When faced with evidence/allegations that the Covid-19 vaccines have caused serious harm to people there appears to be little (actually no) explanation or argument coming from either the pharmaceutical industry, the government, conventional medicine, or the mainstream media, about why the evidence is 'misinformation'. 

  • Is the data being used incorrect or inaccurate?
  • And if so, why?
  • Is the statistical analysis being use to reach these conclusions flawed? 
  • And if so, why?
  • Or do we just have to believe that it is "misinformation" because we are told it is misinformation!

When something like a vaccine, or any other pharmaceutical drug, is subject to criticism or attack an appropriate response would be to counter this with information and evidence. Instead, we are greeted with a deafening silence; and if not silence, with a single-word dismissal.


Wednesday 4 May 2022

Singulair. How long does it take Pharmaceutical Medicine to identify and take action against a dangerous drug?

I have written this blog many times! Same words, same arguments, just another pharmaceutical drug! The story goes like this:

  • a drug is approved by drug regulators as 'safe' and 'effective',
  • thereafter it is prescribed to 1,000's of patients, who suffer harm because it is not safe,
  • the drug regulators know but do nothing, they permit doctors to continue prescribing it,
  • the patients are not told about the harm the drug causes, and more patients are harmed,
  • only after many years, often many decades, is action taken against the drug to protect patients.

This story has be repeated time and time again during the past 70 years. The latest is the allergy/asthma drug, Singulair (montelukast) is not unique, just another drug in a long line of drugs to slowly progress to withdrawal, or a ban. Here are the facts.

Singulair was first approved 1998. The approval of any drug by any drug regulator (whose primary task is to protect patients) means that the regulators consider the drug to be both safe and effective.

Singulair obtained further approval as treatment for "exercise induced asthma" in 2008. So presumably drug regulators still considered the drug to be "safe" and "effective".

However, Singulair has been known to cause very serious adverse health reactions for a very long time, as outlined in this website. The 'side effects' listed here show just how dangerous this drug is - a drug that is still approved by drug regulators around the world.

Yet these adverse drug reactions, known for over 20 years now, have made little difference. As usual, dangerous drugs are allowed to be prescribed by the conventional medical establishment to patients even when they know perfectly that the drug is causing serious patient harm throughout the world.

It was not until March 2020 that the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a 'black box' warning, the agency’s strongest label warning, for "serious mental health side effects".

This means that patients have been allowed by the conventional medical establishment to take Singulair for over 20 years before any serious attempt was made to inform patients of its dangers. During this time  many thousands of patients have been seriously harmed - most of them believing that the drug doctors had prescribed for them were be safe and effective.

And the situation continues. Singulair remains in use. Doctors were 'warned' by the Black Box, but the drug was neither withdrawn, or banned; doctors can still prescribe it.

So now lawsuits have been filed in USA.

            "... plaintiffs, including the parents of children who suffered psychiatric disorders after taking Singulair, are filing lawsuits that accuse Merck of designing a defective drug, negligence and failure to warn about the risk of mental problems."

As I have said many times before, the implications of this situation are important for us all to consider.

No-one can assume, at any time, that any prescribed pharmaceutical drug, or any vaccine, is safe.

I will no doubt be writing this blog again, many times in the future! Same words, same arguments, another pharmaceutical drug!