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Monday 26 April 2010

Homeopathy. The growing scientific base

Robert Medhurst has done a brilliant job in bringing together an impressive number of scientific studies that have been made into homeopathy. As he says, however, it is not exhaustive.

Have a look here for his list

Hitherto, homeopaths have always relied on more direct evidence for its effectiveness - sick people getting well after treatment. ConMed has never accepted the evidence. And predictably it is unlikely to accept any amount of scientific evidence. But for anyone with an open mind, the amount of research that has been conducted, and the results, are impressive.

How scientific is modern medicine anyway?

This is Dana Ullman's new blog on the Huffington Post
How Scientific is Modern Medicine Anyway?
Conventional medicine today commonly assert that they practice "scientific medicine," and patients are led to believe that conventional medical treatment is "scientifically proven." Moreover, homeopathy denialists frequently imply that homeopathy isn't.

The 'science' of conventional medicine is a myth, a clever and profitable marketing ploy, but very far from reality.

Friday 16 April 2010

Andrew Wakefield and Safe Medicine

Andrew Wakefield is a ConMed practitioner who dared to suggest a possible link between the MMR vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease and autism. He has paid a heavy price for his audacity. ConMed, and in particular, pharmaceutical drugs and profits, are NOT to be put at risk. So he has been pilloried and victimised by the conventional medical establishment, eventually losing his job, being prosecuted by the General Medical Council, and losing his medical licence in the UK.

Wakefield is not a homeopath, and does not advocate homeopathy. But like this blog, he does advocate safe medicine. And as he is firmly embedded into the 'scientific' medical community, he wants drugs and vaccinations to be properly tested. So now, after he has suffered the full force of ConMed's wrath, he can begin to speak openly about what he has done.

He is interviewed here by Dr Mercola. It is a lengthy and detailed interview, well worth watching for anyone who wants to understand what this affair was all about, and the darker, clandestine side of the medical establishment from an 'insider'.

The interview is interesting for another reason. Here are two conventional doctors who are calling for 'safer medicine'. In doing so, they follow in the footsteps of Samuel Hahnnemann, a conventional doctor in the 1780's, who realised that the medicine he was using at the time was doing more harm than good to patients. He spent the rest of his life developing homeopathy. Perhaps these two doctors, and many more like them, who can see the profit driven motivation of Big Pharma, will do likewise.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Just how dangerous are pharmaceutical drugs?

Routinely modern conventional pharmaceutical drugs do harm to patients through their side-effects and adverse reactions?

Even more routinely, such evidence is ignored by the mainstream media, the NHS and the Government.

So just how dangerous are pharmaceutical drugs? Have a look at these websites.

DIE's. The disease-inducing effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Monday 12 April 2010

They don’t want us to know how good homeopathy is!

In the London borough of Haringay, Gill Turner, a teacher and a qualified homeopath, was asked to start a small homeopathic clinic in a new children’s centre attached to the school. After much hard work preparing the venture, she eventually opened a 'non-profit-making' clinic, and immediately attracted considerable interest from both parents and support staff.

However, after 3 weeks she was told that the clinic had to be closed - as 3 school governors had threatened to resign unless if did. A reporter from the Guardian got hold of the story, contacted the council, who supported the closure of the clinic. Gill, a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, told me:
          “All I've tried to do is to help families who would otherwise be unable to access complementary health. I'm upset that they will lose the facility, and angry that such a tiny group of influential individuals can make decisions that affect hundreds of people in the community without any kind of democratic process".

Clearly, the clinic constituted some sort of 'threat' to some influential and powerful vested interest. Strange indeed, for such a safe and effective therapy to cause such a reaction. But this kind of reaction to homeopathy is getting more common, not least, efforts to close our homeopathic hospitals.

Obviously, they just don't want us to know how good homeopathy is!

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Homeopathy in Northern Ireland. They don't want you to know how good homeopathy is!

There was a health project undertaken in Northern Ireland during 2007 and 2008 that allowed GPs to refer patients for a range of CAM treatments, including homeopathy. It was an unmitigated success!

* there was a reduction in expenditure on drugs
62% reported suffering less pain, and 55% reported taking less painkillers. Patients using medication reduced from 75% to 61% after treatment.
* there was an alleviation of GP and hospital workload
50% of GPs said the scheme had reduced their workload, and used secondary care services less; and 17% reported a financial saving for their practice.
* there were savings accruing from reduced sickness absence

Those patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported an average 54% improvement in their health and wellbeing - more than any other CAM therapy used in the project. Referring GPs confirmed these figures.

The project demonstrated that patients liked it, that doctors liked it, and with a significant reduction in expenditure, the Department of Health should have liked it too. Indeed, so positive were the outcomes, the project could have been extended in both time, and in coverage.

The fact that it was not demonstrates the controlling power of the Big Pharma companies, and the monopolistic arrangements within the conventional medical establishment that dominates the NHS

Indeed, the whole episode demonstrates that health provision is dominated by corporate profit rather patient health. And this is why it is so difficult for people to get access to homeopathy on the NHS.

For the full report on this highly successful project, now gathering dust on remote shelves in the Department of Health, go to this webpage

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs

More proof about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, the one's dispensed by the NHS to patients each and every day, continues to come through thick and fast. Rarely are these reported in the mainstream media, or come to the attention of the majority of people. Rarely are the disease- and death-inducing effects (DIEs) predicted in advance by medical science. The randomised controlled tests that very drug is put through prior to being given to patients seem to be entirely useless. It is only when patients are subjected to these drugs (on the basis that they will help them) that it is found they are harmful, and dangerous.

So here are just a few, the merest handful, of reports that have appeared on the internet over the last week or so about ConMed drugs.

* Huge rise in MRSA linked to childhood antibiotics.

* Seven (common) drugs that can kill children with a single pill (reported in the Dr Mercola website, and in ABC News 18 March 2010).

* HRT drugs shown to cause asthma (reported in Guardian blog, 8 February 2010, and in Natural News, 5 April 2010).

* Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs kill 2,500 a year in the UK (Natural News, quoting research published in Times On Line as long ago as 28 September 2006).

* Prostate cancer drug boosts heart disease risk (Natural News, 6 April 2010).

No wonder an increasing number of people are questioning whether taking pharmaceutical drugs is a sensible thing to do, and are looking for safer alternative therapies.

The bigger problem, though, is that despite the growing amount of evidence for the damage caused by conventional drugs, the NHS, and the wider health establishment, continues to deny the level of disease and death they are causing. Indeed, most patients do not understand the dangers and full implications of taking pharmaceutical drugs - because they are so often, and so frequently denied by the Department of Health, the NHS, the MHRA, and other conventional medical spokespersons.

This is why it is so absurd for the medical establishment (and the denialists who regularly contribute to this blog) to suggest that homeopathy, and other CAM therapies, are dangerous. At the moment, only those people who can afford to pay for homeopathy can get access to it. Those who cannot have to rely on conventional medicine, and they are paying a heavy price for it - through their health.