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Monday 6 December 2010

Animals, pets and Homeopathy

Homeopathy denialists always state that homeopathy does not work, that its effects are merely 'placebo'. Of course, this is nonsense - unsurprisingly, perhaps, as denialists have to resort to such mantras in  order to defend the indefensible!

Homeopathy applied to animals, pets and farm animals, has a long history of successful treatment. It continues to expand for three reasons;
(a) it works,
(b) it is safe,
(c) it is inexpensive.

But there is also a surprisingly large amount of scientific research supporting its effectiveness. This is outlined in a new newsletter produced by the Homeopathy Research Institute.

There are apparently 217 data entries, with over 50 to be added 'in due course'. The newsletter comes with words of caution about the quality of some of this work, and the need for more research to be done. No doubt, this is what homeopathy denialists will focus on! But these studies support what many of us have known for a long time, that homeopathy works as well with animals as it does with humans! And this new collection demonstrates that there has been considerable work done on applying homeopathy to animals that indicates its effectiveness.

There are several implications. Animals are not subject to 'the placebo effect'. Over the last 15 years, my dogs have had no idea that I was treating them by putting a remedy in their drinking water! Farmers who have treated their livestock with homeopathy, for conditions such as mastitis, do not tell them that their water has had a remedy added to it!

Help and guidance is now available for anyone wishing to learn more about the treatment of their animals and pets by homeopathy. There are several books on the subject, and more individualised support can be obtained through a new group recently set up by the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Conventional medical treatment of animals and pets is becoming increasingly drug-oriented, just as with humans, dominated by vaccination. So looking at homeopathy is not only advisable because it is safer; it is also more effective, and much less expensive.