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Wednesday 21 October 2009

Protection from Swine Flu Vaccination

The Swine Flu vaccine is being rolled out today. What this means is that people, huge numbers of people, will begin to take the vaccination without any idea of the potential dangers. The UK government, the Department of Health, the NHS, and the mass media have once again failed to inform us of the health debate that is going on. There has been no genuine debate.

Time and time again, we have been told the the swine flu pandemic is more dangerous than it actually is, and that the swine flu vaccination is a necessary, effective and safe protection. People are certainly being enticed, if not blackmailed, into accepting the vaccine, for instance, with comments that not to be vaccinated is 'selfish', and a danger to other people.

Conversely, we have not been told that there a serious concerns about the testing of the vaccine, about the ingredients of the different vaccines, about the damage previous but similar vaccine campaigns have produced, about the potential effects on vulnerable groups, like pregnant women.

So most people who accept the vaccine will do so either in ignorance, or at best, relying on the assurances about safety they have received from the conventional medical establishment. They will not have done so with in full knowledge, or after a proper and full debate on the issues.

Now we can only wait, to see what damage the vaccine causes. In the last mass vaccination, against cervical cancer, young women have suffered brain damage, paralysis and death; alongside a multitude of less series disease-inducing-effects (or DIEs). These examples of harm have been routinely dismissed as having nothing to do with vaccine damage - we have been asked to believe that what has happened was merely coincidental - that healthy young women had a vaccine and with days, or even hours, they suffered a reaction.

It would appear that we can expect no more honesty or transparency from the conventional medical establishment when the DIEs of the swine flu vaccine become apparent in the weeks to come. One thing that is certain, the pharmaceutical companies will experience significantly higher profits, and so will be able to defend any allegations made that their vaccine may be implicated.

And so it continues.

Monday 19 October 2009

Suffering from Allergy? Try Homeopathy

People suffering from allergy, of one form or another, are on the increase. In fact, allergies are now reaching epidemic levels, even though it is a relatively 'new' condition.

A Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee report, in 2007, said that about one-third of the UK population would develop allergy of some kind during their lifetime, and that allergic diseases had trebled during the previous 20 years.

So Dana Ullman's article on Allergy, at, makes for re-assuring reading. There is a safe way of treating allergies, homeopathy, and there is an 'evidence base' supporting homeopathic treatment.

This is important for allergy sufferers, for allergic reactions can kill, and ailments like hayfever, asthma and other debilitating conditions can cause serious life-long problems.

For more information about the differences between the conventional and homeopathic treatment of allergy, click here.

To find a local homeopath, visit

Conventional Medical research cannot be believed

The title of this blog is not a personal quote, but from Marcia Angell, MD, a well-known, respected physician, and former editor of a leading Medical Journal. So much for the 'evidence base' of conventional medicine!

          "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine".

You can find the quote at

Flu Vaccines - Why you should say “No Thank You”

This is an excellent blog for anyone who is wondering whether to have the swine flu vaccine. It can be found at I recommend to anyone who is still debating the issue that you read it .

Monday 12 October 2009

The difference between 'scientific' medicine and homeopathy

For anyone wanting to understand the difference between conventional or 'scientific' medicine and homeopathy, and it is an absolutely fundamental different, there is not better, or more simple description than that provided by Dana Ullman. In his Huffington Post blog, "The Wisdom of Symptoms. Respecting the body's intelligence"Dana takes as an example the common cold. He speaks about the need to 'respect the wisdom of the body', and working alongside it rather than in opposition to it.

          "If you take a conventional over-the-counter drug for the common cold, these drugs 'work' by reducing the body's ability to create mucus, which simply inhibits the body's own efforts to eliminate the dead viruses from the body. Although these conventional drugs may stop the nasal discharge temporarily, the side effects of these drugs are that they lead to bronchial congestion, headache, and fatigue, which can be more problematic and discomforting symptoms than the original simple nasal discharge".

Our own body is indeed wise, because it is constantly striving to keep itself well. Homeopathy seeks to assist the body in healing itself when it is struggling to do so. Pharmaceutical drugs do quite the opposite, as shown by the names chosen to describe them. Many are 'anti', some are 'blockers', others 'inhibitors', and so on. All of them fight against what our bodies are trying to do. This is what causes 'side effects', and makes conventional medicine dangerous.

For more on the dangers of 'scientific' medicine, and how it actually creates illness, click here.

Friday 9 October 2009

Is Dementia caused by Pharmaceutical drugs?

Dementia is an illness that has increased enormously in recent decades - largely in line with the increase in consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. So could one cause of dementia conventional medical drugs? It is quite likely, and research indicates the likely connection.

Statins (Pharmacotherapy, 2003: 23; 871-80)
Benzodiazepine tranquillizers (Vertx, 2001; 12; 272-5)
Antidepressants (Ann Clin Psychiatry, 2004; 16; 15-25
Steroids (Drugs Aging, 1999; 15; 15-28)
Anticholinergics (Arch Gerontol Geriatr, 2007; 44 Suppl: 199-206)
Opioids (Drugs Aging, 1983; 3; 349-57)
NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Drug Aging, 1999; 15; 15-28)

Yet many more drugs, listed in the British National Formulary, give 'confusion' as a 'side-effect'. Some 'side-effect. It would seem that taking drugs can actually send us out of our minds. No-one is bothering to tell us about this science, of course - bad for pharmaceutical profits I suppose.

For more information about which pharmaceutical drugs are known to cause dementia (and other illnesses and diseases), click here

Tuesday 6 October 2009

The Search for Safe Medicine

The objective of this blog, since it began in 2009, has been to raise issues of patient safety, and the urgent need for us to identify safer medical therapies when we become ill.

This blog discusses current medical issues, and compares and contrasts the different medical therapies that can be used when we are sick. In doing so it concerns itself with two main strands of discussion.

          1. The growing and incontrovertible evidence that conventional medicine, based on pharmaceutical drugs, is dangerous, and considerably more dangerous than we are told, and most people recognise.

          2. The comparative effectiveness and safety of homeopathy, and other traditional medical therapies that work gently alongside the body, rather than in opposition to it.

If national governments, national health services, the big pharmaceutical drug companies, and the mainstream media were prepared to publish the truth about conventional medicine this blog would be entirely unnecessary. 

As it is, the 'official' line is quite consistent: that conventional drugs and vaccines are entirely safe, and are winning the battle against disease.

This is entirely untrue. In fact, the conventional medical system is constantly in crisis, failing to make patients better, and causing illness from drug side effects. If you would like to discover why this is, follow this blog so that you can be routinely informed about new blogs as they appear.

For a more detailed and comprehensive consideration of these matters:
The Failure of Conventional Medicine.

To read about how illness and disease are caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines:
The Disease Inducing Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs

To compare conventional and homeopathic treatment of a variety of illnesses.
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