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Thursday 31 August 2017

Dental Amalgam. What can we learn from the EU ban?

Anyone going to a dentist who is found to have a cavity, caused by tooth decay, has the tooth drilled, and the resulting hole filled with dental amalgam, a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. Mercury, which makes up about 50% of dental amalgam, is one of the most poisonous substances known. In addition, amalgam consists of silver, tin, copper and other trace metals. And our dentists have been putting this in our mouths now for over 150 years.

The European Union (EU) is now proposing to ban dental amalgam for children, and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers on 1st July 2018.

The Dental Tribune says this about the ban. "A new study, conducted on behalf of the European Commission, recommends phasing out dental amalgam use over the next few years owing to mercury’s negative impact on the environment. According to the recently published study results, the ban should be combined with improved enforcement of the EU waste legislation regarding dental amalgam."

The ban itself raises important questions. Do the restrictions mean that dental amalgam is safe for adults? Are we less susceptible to harm than children and pregnant mothers? Is amalgam really being banned because of its 'negative impact on the environment' rather than its negative impact on our health? And does the delay in implementing the ban mean that dental amalgam is safe to use up to the date it becomes effective?

The answer to all three questions has to be "NO". And important lessons should be learnt about how conventional medicine operates from the hopeless tardiness of this ban, namely:

  • the pretence that the disposal of amalgam damages the environment, but does not damage us!
  • the absence of the 'precautionary principle' when conventional medicine damages our health.
  • the time that dangerous conventional medical practices are allowed to harm patients without action being taken.
  • the ongoing denial that conventional medical treatments are dangerous to our health.
  • the failure of the mainstream media to inform the public about these harmful and dangerous practices.

The pretence that the disposal of amalgam damages the environment, but does not damage us!
It is quite likely that the disposal of the metals is a problem for the environment. But if this is so, for conventional medicine to then pretend that the same metals do not damage patients is quite absurd! Remember where dental amalgam is put - in our mouths - in a moist environment - what what do metals do in moist environment? They leach, and the metals, including the mercury, leaches into our bodies.

The absence of the 'precautionary principle' when conventional medicine damages our health.
As I have written before, the precautionary principle is not applied to conventional medicine. In any other walk of life, when a product or a procedure is thought to be potentially harmful (even if it has not been proven beyond doubt) that product or procedure is suspended until such time that the evidence is clear, one way or the other. However, as far as health is concerned, conventional medical products and procedures are never suspended until evidence of harm is overwhelming.

The time that dangerous conventional medical practices are allowed to harm patients without action being taken.
There has been evidence that dental amalgam is dangerous for decades. I did some research and found the BBC were reporting on these over 20 years ago. In 1999 the published an article on the fears about mercury poisoning. Five years earlier, in 1994, 23 years ago, a BBC Panorama programme was broadcast on 'The Hazards of Mercury Fillings'. This shortened version of the programme can be found here, and I urge you to watch it. Observe the evidence about mercury that was available to us then, and the denials that were being made by the representatives of the conventional medical establishment at the time. Note, in particular, that at one point, evidence of the link between mercury and Alzheimer's disease was mentioned, and (of course) routinely denied!

Conventional medicine has always had a love affair with mercury, for reason quite unknown to me! Drugs like Calomel and Protiodide were both widely used in the 19th century, and gradually (tardily) withdrawn because of their toxicity. Did they learn the lesson - that mercury is toxic? No, new mercury based drugs were marketed, which harmed patients, and were eventually (tardily) withdrawn. Go to this link to read more about conventional medicine's ongoing dalliance with dangerous drugs that were eventually banned.

Today, many of the vaccines doctors inject into our bloodstreams, and into our children, contain mercury - in the form of thimerosal. For instance, the flu vaccine still contains thimerosal, and perhaps unsurprisingly it has been linked to Alzheimer's disease - although always routinely denied by the conventional medical establishment!

The ongoing denial that conventional medical treatments are dangerous to our health.
If, in the past, the conventional medical establishment has routinely denied the dangers of products and procedures they use with their patients, how can patients be sure that the treatment they receive today are any safer. In short, they cannot know this! The best predictor of future performance in past performance! This is one of the main reasons for this blog - to warn people not only about harmful and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines - but to make it clear that doctors throughout the ages have been in denial about their dangers. They still are! Nothing has changed, and the banning of amalgam fillings in just one more proof of this.

In the 1970's I regularly visited my dentist. My mum always told me that I should! Regularly I was told that I had a cavity. Regularly dental amalgam was put in my mouth. Then I discovered dentists were paid for doing so! About five years ago I had all my amalgam fillings removed. About two years ago I asked my dentist whether he still used dental amalgam. He said yes. I asked him why, given that it has already been banned in some countries. He said that he knew nothing about this, and he told me that amalgam was perfectly safe. Norway banned it in 2008! For over 5 years Sweden, Denmark and Germany have either banned or restricted the use of mercury fillings. But my dentist 'was not aware'!

The failure of the mainstream media to inform the public about these harmful and dangerous practices.
The BBC Panorama film, referred to above, comes from a time when our public broadcaster pursued health issues openly and honestly, in recognition of the principle that people needed to know about such important issues. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The news has  not been covered in the mainstream media, including the BBC, even though the proposed EU ban on dental amalgam has been known since the end of July 2017.

So, one month later, there has been no mention of this by the BBC, either on television, radio, or on their health news website! How things have change in the last 15 years. But let's be absolutely clear what this means to us, as patients.

  • The mainstream news media will certainly know about the proposed ban, and have omitted to publish anything about it. I presume they do not think it is newsworthy!
  • Amalgam has been put into our mouths for over 150 years, harming us, and our media does not think this is newsworthy!
  • The conventional medical establishment has been covering up the dangers of mercury-based treatment again, and our media does not think this is newsworthy!
  • Between the announcement of the ban, a month ago, and the implementation of the ban over the next two or three years, many dentists will presumably continue putting amalgam fillings into the mouths of their patients. And our media does not think that warning us about this is sufficient newsworthy!

The mainstream media is always quiet about the harm conventional medicine is doing to us with their drugs and vaccines - and the amalgam fillings they put in our mouths. They are little more than an echo chamber for the pharmaceutical companies! They are slavishly compliant to the needs and agendas of the conventional medical establishment. They no longer investigate beyond what they are told. They believe what they are told. They do not believe anything that suggests conventional medicine is not a bonus to our health. So all we know is the ‘good’ (which is not always good)! We know nothing the bad!

So when we become ill, as a direct result of conventional medical treatment, we are not aware of the cause. We continue to take the 'wonder' drugs and vaccinations in the belief that they are beneficial. We are ignorant of the harm they cause. We must begin to ask if a large part of the responsibility for this iatrogenic lllness rests with the mainstream media.

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Canakinumab. A New Wonder Drug! Promoted by the mainstream media

The mainstream media, urged on by their pharmaceutical sponsors, have announced that the drug Canakinumab is a new wonder drug. This Telegraph headline gives a flavour of what the pharmaceutical industry wants us to know. 
"New wonder drug hailed as biggest breakthrough in fight against heart attacks and cancer".

Wonderful news, except that regular readers of this blog will probably know that I am not over-impressed with such claims. During the last 60 years we have been deluged with similar claims for a wide variety of new drugs that have never materialised. Even their most success drugs are now failing - painkillers are too dangerous for doctors to prescribe - antibiotics are becoming increasingly unable to kill bugs which are now largely resistant to them, and so on. And we now face epidemics of chronic disease, largely as a result of the side effects and adverse reactions to these same drugs.

The drug costs £40,000 per patient per year! Yet, as usual, there is no mention that the new wonder drug might cause serious side effects. But of course, it does, and these are outlined on the website. It starts with a warning. 

               "Even though it may be rare, some people may have very bad and sometimes deadly side effects when taking a drug." (My emphasis).

So patients are advised to contact their doctor, and get medical help immediately if any of the following side effects are experienced.
  • Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash; hives; itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever
  • Wheezing; tightness in the chest or throat; trouble breathing or talking; unusual hoarseness; or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.
  • Signs of infection like fever, chills, very bad sore throat, ear or sinus pain, cough, more sputum or change in color of sputum, pain with passing urine, mouth sores, or wound that will not heal.
  • Cough that does not go away.
  • Weight loss.
  • Dizziness or passing out.
  • Very bad irritation where the shot was given.
  • Trouble swallowing.
  • Very upset stomach or throwing up.
  • A heartbeat that does not feel normal.
  • A very bad and sometimes deadly problem called Macrophage Activation Syndrome (MAS) may rarely happen in people with juvenile arthritis.
Canakinum is also known to cause headache, stomach pain, upset stomach or throwing up, diarrhoea, muscle pain. weight gain, sore throat, runny nose, and flu-like signs.

If the mainstream media was motivated, in any way, to protect patients from iatrogenic harm as they clearly are to promote pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, they may have wanted to take time to read, and mention these problems associated with this new wonder drug to their readers!

Regular readers will also know that I don't always report on them (it would become somewhat boring and monotonous), but there are reasons for doing so in this case. I went on to read some of the comments made on the Telegraph article. They are interesting, and you should read them too! They are almost entirely cynical about the article, to say the very least. It shows that people are beginning to realise that the tactic of announcing a new 'wonder drug' is a marketing ploy, one which never materialises! 

Perhaps the mainstream media might also read the comments, and learn from them. Their promotion of pharmaceutical drugs is meeting reasoned and thoughtful resistance. Continuing to promote pharmaceutical drugs is damaging the credibility of the press and media with the public.
     "Canakinumab was associated with a higher incidence of fatal infection than was placebo. There was no significant difference in all-cause mortality (hazard ratio for all canakinumab doses vs. placebo, 0.94; 95% CI, 0.83 to 1.06; P=0.31)."

So no real benefit in terms of improved longevity compared to a sugar pill; dead is still dead, regardless of cause. Certainly not worth £40,000 per year.
  • Hmm. Stains do not have a sound record but I do hope this new product will really help those that need it. Each year, it is suggested by my GP that I take up Statins. I always refuse because I am not vulnerable to heart attacks and my parent never suffered from them . Furthermore, my Cholesterol and Triglycerides readings when taken, are below alert  levels. So why am I so encouraged? Because they will help me. I cannot resist the thought that NICE who promote the prescription of this drug, are paid a commission on sales. I believe the Global annual sales of Statins now exceed $50 Billions per year and that is one big incentive to push the product.
  • BTW did you kniow that cancer is now a  $125 Billions per year Industry? In the USA alone? With that sort of income, why would anyone want to create a cure?
  • Oh dear, a monoclonal antibody therapy. 1 vial of 150 mg costs 9927.80 quid. I cannot see NICE paying for it. Not four times per year per patient. We shall see.
  • Another week - another wonder drug you'll never hear about again. The establishment don't really want you to have 'wonder drugs' that work. Although they are quite happy for you to have 'wonder drugs' with bad side effects - like statins. What on earth benefit does it have to them to help OAP's to continue to live longer by giving them expensive life prolonging drugs? 
  • Not again!
  • Hold on I am sure I read about the wonder drug interleukin decades ago.
  • The non mainstream healthcare sector has believed for years that inflammation can cause major health issue. There is evidence linking inflammation to insulin resistance and obesity yet this is often ignore by the protectionist medical industry. Look at Linus Paulings Vic C, and Lysene protocol for reducing cholesterol and heart failure. Totally ignored by mainstream medicine because there is simply no profit in it. The possibility that inexpressive, uncontrolled substances may eliminate the need for complex 8 hour operations and months of expensive drugs doesn't sit well with those who provide the drugs and carry out the operations.
  • The Wikipedia article on canakinumab says, 'On Aug 27, 2017 the results of the CANTOS trial were announced ... CANTOS saw a 15% reduction in deaths from heart attacks, stroke and cardiovascular disease combined. CANTOS also observed serious side-effects, and no overall survival benefit.'Presumably then you're less likely to die of the things they're trying to treat, but more likely to die of the side-effects, and the two approximately cancel each other out.
  • Everyone has to die of something eventually. I am 78, and just about the only one of my large group of friends not on medication. Many of them take statins, among other things. My doctor has tried, numerous times, to get me on them in spite of my cholesterol, blood pressure and heart all being perfectly fine. I have had a chest x-ray and blood tests recently, due to a chest infection. All the results were ok. I would rather die quickly of a heart attack, or fairly quickly of cancer than linger into old age and end up sitting in a nursing home with dementia and wasting my childrens' rather small inheritance on fees. I have always had a healthy suspicion of taking medication, and of the drug companies who make a fortune from pushing it. I lead a fairly active life, and will only take something if my GP can convince me that it is really needed. MY plan is to go out with a bang, not a whimper! Fingers crossed that I manage it!
  • Actually what many Doctors won't tell you is that HIGH Cholesterol in the elderly is associated with ''longevity''! I'm reminded of a woman in America who had a cholesterol reading of 15 points (uk) which is approximately 3 times the guideline of about 5. Almost forgot. She was active, sharp, and ''105 years old''.
  • It's an anti-inflammatory which works by knocking out the immune system. Use very carefully!
  • Biggest breakthrough since STATINS eh! Shoot yourself in the foot why don't cha! Red rag to a bull time, so here we go ... Let's be clear. In spite of all the HYPE concerning STATINS they have NEVER been shown to prevent Heart-Disease or Heart Attacks, or even prevent a single Death ... And yet with the help of a corrupt culture of medical disinformation and a superb advertising campaign they are a 30 billion dollar a year industry. But perhaps far more worrying, Statins are increasingly linked to all manner of health problems, from Cancer to Alzheimer's and ironically to the one most common to all ... PREMATURE AGING. And somewhat strange that a suspect band of ?Experts? are at now odds with so many GP's and for that matter, even the literature of Lipitor the no1 best selling Statin drug in the world, which states .... ''Lipitor does not prevent heart disease or heart attacks''! ...... So why is it being prescribed on such vast scales, by so many medical practitioners .... ? Corruption?
  • Hmm...... biggest breakthrough since statins. There is still alot of controversy regarding statins and even the medical profession can't agree with each other. I know plenty of people who have stopped taking these meds due to serious side affects, including memory loss. The pharmaceutical companies obviously want to push these drugs because of increased profits. I stopped taking statins due to serious side affects and feel alot better off them. Regarding this new drug, l hope it lives up to expectations.
  • Why do I greet such headlines with a degree of cynicism? I suppose it's a bit like the reverse crying wolf.
  • 200 000 people  x 40000 Pounds equals eight billion pounds per annum. Can't see this happening soon.
  • Did someone buy some Novartis shares on Friday?
  • OR, you could just include turmeric in your daily diet ritual which has proven anti-inflammatory properties without an injection or side effects.
  • I would also advise the DT to read more widely on whether this is truly a wonder drug.  The NEJM's editorial concludes with the following sentence, "the modest absolute clinical benefit of canakinumab cannot justify its routine use in patients with previous myocardial infarction until we understand more about the efficacy and safety trade-offs and unless a price restructuring and formal cost-effectiveness evaluation supports it."
  • Probably why they're interested in the further cancer research - I believe that if you find a new treatment for an existing drug, the patent clock is either restarted, or at least elongated.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Health. Why anecdotes should take preference to medical science

Most conventional medical treatments start with medical science.

  • They are developed and tested in a laboratory.
  • Testing shows that they have some beneficial affect on the human body, for some reason.
  • Each treatment is further tested for its effectiveness and safety.
  • Only after this is the treatment made available to the public.

The history of most pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and most conventional medical treatments, is one in which medical science is paramount. It is what conventional medicine calls their 'evidence base'. Anecdotal evidence, usually comes from patients, is not treated seriously, certainly not seriously enough, with conventional medicine wearing this denial almost as a badge of honour.

Okay, medical science is deeply, fundamentally flawed. It does not do what it is supposed to do, largely because rich and powerful pharmaceutical companies have lost touch with anything resembling ethical standards, and can make sure that the medical science it buys produces results that favours company profitability rather than patient safety.

Yet there is another reason to begin to look more favourably on ANECDOTES, why they should take over from MEDICAL SCIENCE.

It is when patients start medical treatment that anecdotal evidence comes into the picture. Patients begin to notice that all is not right, that something is wrong, or is going wrong, and that the treatment might be the cause.

  • Many patients do not mention it, they lack confidence to challenge doctors, who they believe know best. 
  • Some patients mention it but are assured by their doctor that it is not the treatment - it is something else, that there are so many other factors that could be causing the problem. What have you been eating recently? Have you been feeling stressed? 
  • Perhaps you ought to take this treatment too, to deal with the new symptoms you are experiencing!

None of this is recorded, of course. It is just anecdotal. Results from the laboratory, in controlled conditions, have informed us that this does not happen with this treatment. Medical science has said that the treatment is both effective and safe. And this is what the conventional medical establishment stands by! They know best! After all, the patient is just a patient, they are not scientists, or doctors - what does he/she know anyway?

So these patient report are discounted, they are just anecdotes, unscientific, unproven connections. So they are not recorded on the 'yellow card' reporting system, the drug regulator is not bothered with such stuff. This, of course, leads to further denials (what the patients is experiencing is not recognised as a side effect because no-one has reported it)! They don’t count. Indeed, they should not count when set against the rigours of medical science.

In recent months, they have even been dismissed as ‘nocebo', that is, patients have heard about side effects, so they just think they are getting this reaction. But they aren’t. Patients are just imagining it.

So years pass by. But during this time there are more and more such anecdotes. Indeed, they become more serious, in fact too serious to be dismissed, even by the conventional medical establishment! So patient anecdotes begin to be recorded. Denial will usually continue - they are ‘rare’; and after all, we are told, all treatment has to have some side effects! But now they are noted; and when they continue to come in, warnings to doctors are issued - be careful. Don't use the treatment with these patients, or in these circumstances. But don't stop the treatment, it is so important for the patient!

But then it all becomes too serious. The anecdotes reach a level, and a seriousness, that can no longer be discounted or ignored, the evidence can no longer be denied or dismissed. There are just too many, and they are too serious. So the conventional medical establishment has to develop a different strategy - finding some quiet way to ditch the treatment. Not too much publicity, please! We may have been causing these problems for decades, we might not have taken them seriously, and we might have caused millions of patients serious harm... But we don't want anyone to know about this. Here, we have this new treatment, get rid of the old, bring in the new, after all, there has not been time, yet, for these new treatments to be fully experienced and assessed. So we can assume they are safe!

So why should anecdotes take over from medical science?

Well, anecdotes come from patients, real people, who are suffering real experiences, in real life. They may not be medical scientists. They may not be feeling these adverse affects in a controlled, laboratory settings. But they do know how they feel. And they do know when they started to feel that way. And they can assess what part the new treatment has played.

Yet in conventional medicine patients do not really count! What do they know? Doctors have been trained for many years. And conventional treatment are all 'scientifically' tried and tested! Medical science is science! It has to be right.

Science has become arrogant. They are right, they think they know everything, that what they say is unchallengeable, there should be no argument. What they know is scientific, so there should be no argument about it.

And there is no science more arrogant as medical science; nor any science that is so powerfully backed. Forget that it is paid for by pharmaceutical companies, who’s main aim is to make money, lots of money. So medical testing is not done, or it is done inadequately; or test results are misinterpreted; or ‘negative’ results are not reported at all; or safety factors are ignored or discounted; and the benefits of treatments can be routinely exaggerated.

It is important to note that no other industry functions on this basis. If a customer reports that a car, or a dish washer, or a television, or anything else, might be dangerous, it is immediately treated as a 'health and safety issue', and action is quickly taken to protect the consumer. Often the product is suspended, even withdrawn, until its safety is confirmed. The 'fail safe' principle is applied.

But for some reason the precautionary principle is not applied to conventional medicine, or in the regulation of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Instead, conventional medicine seems to be more about 'patient beware' than health and safety. If patients believe that a drug, or vaccine, or some other form of treatment might be harmful, they are ignored. Even if a side effect is reported, the treatment is not suspended, and is never withdrawn, until it is proven to be safe. Usually, such prevarication (or negligence) can take years, even decades. In the meantime, millions of patients can be harmed, or even killed by a treatment, but the treatment continues to be used until proven, without reasonable doubt, that it is too dangerous.

     This is why medical science has failed patients.

     This is why anecdote is important, and needs to be given more prominence in medicine.

Friday 25 August 2017

Cholera in Yemen. Why are people dying under conventional medical care?

Cholera was a killer disease in Britain in the 19th century. Then it was discovered that it was caused by contaminated drinking water and contaminated food. So public health measures were taken during the latter part of the Victorian era, and this effectively eradicated the disease.

Yet it continues to exist elsewhere in world, where poor sanitation still exists, in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, south and south-east Asia, central America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Epidemics still occur here, where there is chronic over-population, poor living conditions, natural disasters or during local warfare, all of which contribute to reduced of access to clean water.

The latest outbreak is in Yemen, a country next door to one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Saudi Arabia. Here, the cholera outbreak is largely to do with war, and it is the war that is taking the headlines, and getting the blame for the fact that people are dying of a disease that is so easily preventable.

Yet many of the people who are dying of cholera are dying even when they have access to conventional medical care. Why is this so?

The trouble in the 19th century was that conventional medicine had no cure for cholera. It often claims the credit for the eradication of 'killer' diseases in Britain, and most people continue to believe their totally unwarranted claims. But as I have outlined in my 'Short History of Conventional Medicine', part of my e-book 'The Failure of Conventional Medicine', such a claim cannot be justified with respect to Cholera, and to other diseases such as Scarlet Fever, Influenza, Typhus, Typhoid, Smallpox and Tuberculosis.

The problem is that conventional medicine still has no cure! I recently researched this when writing my 'Why Homeopathy?' page on cholera which quite clearly demonstrates that there is little or no direct conventional treatment for the disease. This is why Yemeni citizens are dying of cholera - even when they are being treated in medical facilities by conventional medics.

So could conventional medicine not call upon Homeopathy to treat people dying with cholera in Yemen? After all it has been known for nearly 200 years that homeopathy is able to treat cholera more effectively than conventional medicine. I outlined these cases in my 'Short History of Conventional Medicine'.

  • In the Cholera Epidemic of 1831 it was reported that deaths in 10 homeopathic hospital were about 9% of patients, whilst conventional medical treatment showed death rates varying from 40% to 80%.
  • In the Cholera Epidemic in Austria in 1831 there was a 33% death rate using homeopathy, and a 66% death rate using conventional medicine.
  • In the Cholera Epidemic of 1854 in London, when 10,738 people died, similar figures were demonstrated, although even by that time officials were trying to cover-up the superior performance of homeopathy. 

               "The House of Commons requested a report regarding the various methods of treating the illness. When the report was issued no homeopathic figures were included. The House of Lords requested an explanation and it was admitted that no homeopathic figures were included in the report as it would 'skew the results'! So instead they were suppressed! Upon examination the buried report revealed that under conventional treatment the mortality rate was 59.2% while under homeopathy mortality was only 9%."

So cholera victims in Yemen are not offered homeopathic treatment. Perhaps the conventional medical establishment is still not ready to admit that homeopathy offers more effective treatment, both for cholera and many other illness! They are still unable to admit that homeopathy works. They still cannot allow their monopoly to be challenged, or broken!

The conventional medical establishment, in fact, would rather allow people to die of easily an treatable disease, and complain that it is the war that is causing the problem. In fact, the war is the fundamental problem. But it is not the reason for cholera victims dying under medical care!

Friday 18 August 2017

They harm us with their drugs, we pay compensation, and then raise more money for them!

If vaccines are safe, why has the US government paid out $3 BILLION to vaccine-injured families? This is the question asked by Natural News, an internet portal that focuses on natural health. It is hated by skeptics, medical fundamentalists, who love medical science, no matter how corrupt it proves to be, and hate anything that are alternative to the promotion of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. They will hate this Natural News article on vaccine damage. Indeed, they will have hated it since March 2015, when it was first published.

That was over two-and-a-half years ago! During that time have you heard an answer from the pharmaceutical industry, or from governments around the world? Has the mainstream media picked up the story in order to verify the truth or otherwise of the story?

Of course not! Instead, governments and mainstream media has been reinforcing the message of the pharmaceutical industry - all vaccines are entirely safe - they are effective - we should all be vaccinated against almost any illness - and if anyone refuses to be vaccinated they should be forced into accepting it.

If the story was not true the pharmaceutical industry would have sued Natural News, and anyone else peddling such an anti-pharmaceutical message. They have not done so. So is the story true! What is the story? It can be summarised in four points.

  • The conventional medical establishment, supported by government, and passively accepted  by the mainstream media, tells us regularly that vaccinations, in all their forms, are safe and effective.
  • The USA government has indemnified the pharmaceutical industry from any responsibility for their vaccines causing injury and damage (which, of course, they don't cause anyway) by setting up the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
  • VAERS, sometimes called the Vaccine Court, has examined the negative effects of vaccination (which of course never happens) and has awarded $3 billion to vaccines damaged families (which of course do not exist) in less than 30 years.
  • There has been an ongoing failure, by governments and the pharmaceutical industry, to answer the question about why so much money has been paid to vaccine damaged families when these vaccines are effective and entirely safe. There has been a similar failure by the mainstream media to investigate this rather important paradox.
So what is the purpose of the VAERS system? Simply, it is the USA government indemnifying pharmaceutical companies for the vaccine damage cause to patients. 

What does this mean? It means it is the government, rather than the pharmaceutical industry, that pays out compensation to vaccine damaged families. It means that whilst the drug companies cause the vaccine damage, they do not have to take responsibility for that damage. So they profit from selling vaccines, and then leave it to the government to pay out vast amounts of compensation.

Where does the government get its money? VAERS pays vaccine damaged families with public money, the money they raise in tax, from taxpayers. So it is taxpayers who have to foot the bill for something that the rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry should be responsible.

Who are these taxpayers? You and me! Including those amongst us who have had the misfortune to suffer from vaccine damage. In other words, vaccine damaged families are paying themselves for the harm they have suffered through vaccination!

A brilliant business model - should it be replicated elsewhere?
This is a brilliant business model that other industries may want to replicate for itself. Faulty and dangerous goods, of and and every description, could flood the marketplace, causing absolute mayhem, but with the industry having to bear any of the consequences. Of course, the industry would have to be sufficient powerful, sufficiently rich to ensure that politicians and the mainstream media are kept in line, so that the public does not get to hear about it. But it is surely something worth pursuing!

Just think of the benefits. A manufacturer can produce a product without paying too much attention to its efficiency and safety. When the product causes damage and harm to consumers they can call on the government to indemnify them against legal action, and paying financial compensation. And the additional profits this produces can be skilfully used to ensure that the mainstream media does not tell anyone about it. What is there to lose?

So think about the benefits to your industry. You will be able to tell everyone about your products, about their safety and effectiveness, regardless of whether it is true or not. So, hearing nothing to the contrary, we will all want to buy whatever it is that you produce. Indeed, if your product advertising is sufficiently successful, if people can be convinced of the value of what you are selling, you can provide consumers with yet another incentive. You can set up charitable organisations that will raise more money for you, to enable you to do more research and development into your product.

There will be significant costs involved, but all these can come from the amazing profits that can be made from this model of production and marketing.
  • Politicians will have to be kept on-side, with sizeable contributions to their campaign funds, thereby tying them into your business model. No doubt other personal incentives may be necessary from time to time.
  • Governments will have to be kept on-side, with promises of investment in the national economy, and even threats of moving investments out of the country, and similar 'positive' incentives too, as and when required.
  • The mainstream media will have to be kept on-side, by delivering large advertising budgets that maintain their viability, and exchanging directors to work on each other's boards will also be helpful.
  • Supporting charities will have to be kept on side, with large donations to the cause, paid on the basis that they say positive things about your products, and ensuring they are run by people who are sympathetic to your business.
Once you have all this in place, any industry can thrive, even with ineffective and unsafe products, even when they damage families, and ruin the lives of millions. Why on earth have you not thought about such a business opportunity before? Why has the pharmaceutical industry been the only one to adopt this brilliant business plan? It's all beyond me.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Antidepressant Drugs, Mental Health, and Chemical Castration

Was 2016 a watershed year for antidepressant drugs? Or should it have been? Is any defence for them now being available for prescription by the conventional medical establishment?

Or have doctors prescribed dangerous drugs for so long now they have got used to the idea of damaging their patients? After all, as I wrote in March 2016, the doctor's medicine cabinet is getting emptier by the day! Doctors are now working under considerable constraint when they want to prescribe blockbuster drugs like painkillers and antibiotics - as a result of the well known dangers of these drugs.

Yet antidepressants are now facing similar concerns about their safety, especially during the current epidemic of mental health.

The mental health charity, Mind, undertook a piece of research in 2012, surveying more than 1,000 patients who were taking antidepressant drugs. It revealed that over half of these people were not warned by doctors about the possible serious side effects, notably to their relationships, their work, and their social life. The study show that

  • Over 60% of antidepressant users felt the medication had a negative effect on at least one aspect of their social life.
  • 44% reported an effect on their sex life.
  • 27% said it affected their work or study.
  • 23% said it impacted on their social life.
Plenty there to get depressed about! Indeed, one of the most notable side effects of antidepressant drugs is depression! Anyway, the doctors magazine, Pulse, has recently covered this story again, and they quoted Dr John Read, professor of psychology at the University of East London.

     "People taking antidepressants need to be warned about these effects, which can be very upsetting, especially in people who are already experiencing depression."

So, five years after their research was published, Mind is calling for better support for people on antidepressant drugs, to help them cope with their potential impact, as well as better training for GPs and prescribing nurses. It is part of the charity's ‘Find the Words’ campaign. They say that mental heath care staff have insufficient training to cope with this important task, and that they have an incredibly difficult job to do, under enormous pressure. Pulse goes on,

               "The evidence that serious and long term ADRs resulting from SSRIs, SNRIs and other psychotropic drugs have been hidden from prescribers by both pharmaceutical companies and regulators continues to accumulate." (My emphasis).

In other words, doctors have been prescribing antidepressant drugs without knowing the full adverse reactions patients might experience! Pulse goes on to talk about the 'slight of hand' in pharmaceutical sponsored, ghost written clinical trials, which have "been categorised and documented".  Indeed, a comment made to Pulse from a hospital consultant makes an incredible admission!

               "... the "apparent lack of prescriber awareness of a damming and expanding ADR evidence base" (perhaps even a widespread denial) seems to contrast with the growing patient insight into such serious adverse experiences as Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. (PSSD."  (My emphasis).

So doctors are claiming that they have not been made aware of the side effects of antidepressant drugs, even though I was blogging about their dangers over 5 years ago! The evidence about the harm antidepressant drugs cause has been around for a very long time, but as usual the conventional medical establishment,has met this evidence by ignoring and denying it.

Indeed, the situation has been more than just 'ignored' or 'denied'. Prescriptions for antidepressant drugs for children rose 54% between 2005 and 2012 in the UK. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said in early 2016 that it was very concerned by the rise in use of antidepressants in children in particular, both in the UK and other countries which it said was ‘not justified’. Prescriptions had increased 60% in Denmark, 49% in Germany, 26% in the USA, and 17% in The Netherlands.

And the hospital consultant then raises another issue, specifically about SSRI antidepressants, that doctors are are using these drugs "as part of the Ministry of Justice's on-going program to roll out a voluntary chemical castration program for certain categories of convicted sex offenders".

               "Two types of medication are available to treat sex offenders. The first are known as SSRIs -commonly prescribed for depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. They help govern activities such as eating, sleeping and sexual activity".

So this is what we are being asked to believe by the conventional medical establishment.

  • The nasty side effects of antidepressant drugs have been known about for many decades, but they have been ignored and denied, and doctors have not been told.
  • The prescription of antidepressant drugs, with their nasty side effects, has grown exponentially, especially in the last 20 years, including young, vulnerable children and young people.
  • Doctors, one part of the conventional medical establishment, who have prescribed these drugs, now claim in their defence that they were unaware of their nasty side effects.
  • Conversely, other doctors, involved in the management of convicted sex offenders, themselves part of the same conventional medical establishment, DID know about the nasty side effects of antidepressant drugs. Indeed, they are knowingly and intentionally using them to produce one of the nasty side effects!
There is a stunning duplicity of the most serious kind, bordering on criminality, here. People with depression have been given antidepressant drugs by doctors who now claim they have not been made aware they can cause chemical castration. So innocent patients have not been told. Even if this was so it points to unacceptable professional incompetence, and gross negligence.

On the other hand, convicted sex offenders are given antidepressant drugs by doctors who are quite aware that they can cause chemical castration. I wonder if these patients are aware of the intention of their doctors? I wonder if the criminal justice system is aware of what they are doing?

Now, let's have a show of hands. 
Who trusts the conventional medical establishment?
Who wants to entrust their health to conventional doctors?

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Vaccine Consent. Should I vaccinate, or should I just say 'No'? Or should I ask my doctor to take responsibility for their safety?

Many people continue to face the dilemma - should I vaccinate or should I just say 'No'.

On the one hand, conventional medicine tells us that vaccines are 'entirely safe' and harm no-one, governments and national health services around the world routinely offer vaccines to us, our doctors sit in front of us, confirming that vaccines are safe, and beneficial, and necessary, and the media complies entirely with the message.

On the other hand, people continue to hear about people who have apparently suffered from vaccines, babies following the plethora of childhood vaccinations, teenagers following the HPT (Gardasil) vaccine, and adults, especially after the flu vaccine. Perhaps it is their friends, or family, or work colleagues who tell them about this. Or someone raising money for a child who has suffered a disability after receiving a vaccination. We are told, of course, that the vaccine was not the cause, and anyway these stories are rarely carried on the mainstream media.

Then people hear about vaccine injury settlements, especially in the USA with their 'Vaccine Court'. The federal government has paid out over $3 billion in awards and legal fees for families and persons that have been affected by vaccine damage between the years of 1989 and 2015. In total, 3,937 cases have resulted in the awarding of financial compensation via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). So if vaccines are entirely safe, why is so much money spent on compensation for vaccine injury? In addition, we hear that these hefty settlements are funded by government, not by the pharmaceutical industry, who have been given 'immunity'. Why is such an arrangement with drug companies necessary? And why is tax-payer money being used for this purpose, if vaccines are entirely safe, and harm no-one as we are told?

Indemnifying conventional medical staff is becoming a significant problem in Britain too, I have written about it several times before. Our doctors are saying that unless the government pays for their indemnity insurance, they may no longer be able to practice. Why is their indemnity insurance premiums rising  to such unaffordable levels? Is it because the drugs and vaccines they are giving to their patients are causing harm? Surely not!

So perhaps some people are even relieved when, throughout the world (Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Australia, et al), mandatory vaccination is being introduced. At least it takes choice away from us, we no longer have to face the dilemma. If we want to receive child benefit, or for our child to attend a nursery, or indeed school, the government will insist the children are fully vaccinated.

But hold on. If vaccines are entirely safe, if they do not harm anyone, if they bring with them so many benefits, why should the government need to make vaccination mandatory? Should it not rather be barricading the doors of surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals against the stampede for vaccines? Why is it necessary force us to do something that is so obviously good for us?

Yet it is easier to just go along with the flow, to vaccinate, and keep our fingers crossed that our doctors, and the conventional medical establishment, are right. It is uncomfortable to say 'No', especially when we are not experts in the subject. It is difficult to withstand the pressure to vaccinate. If I say 'No', will I really be undermining 'herd immunity'? Am I placing myself, or my child, at risk of dreadful killer diseases if I don't vaccinate. Is there really any sensible alternative?

Well yes, there is! Why don't we ask our doctors to take on the responsibility. After all, it is THEY who are putting us under pressure to take THEIR vaccines. If it was anything else we were buying, a car, a washing machine, a holiday, a meal, our weekly shop, we would expect some degree of responsibility to be taken by the seller.

So, how about agreeing to vaccinate IF our doctor confirms to us, in writing, that the vaccine we are  being offered is, indeed, 'entirely safe'. After all, it only what we are told, so that should not be difficult to do, not too much to ask. I have seen many such draft consent forms. This is one of them (I am not sure of the source). It appears to do the job. What do you think about it?

Vaccination Consent Form

Names of Vaccine: .....................

I hereby give my consent to my child ..... (name)..... being vaccinated with the above vaccine subject to the following conditions:

1. That the patient information booklet which has been supplied with the vaccine is fully accurate, both as to the safety and the efficacy of the above-mentioned vaccine.

2. That the person ..... (name of doctor or nurse).... performing the vaccination, the Health Authority, the manufacturers of the above mentioned vaccine, and the Department of Health will accept full joint and several responsibility for any injury caused to my child as a result of the above mentioned vaccine being administered.

3. That in the event of any such injury being caused, my child will receive full compensation, assessed in accordance with the normal principles of English Tort Law.

If these conditions are not acceptable, the vaccination should not take place.

....1st Parents signature......
....2nd Parents signature.....


Tuesday 8 August 2017

The Australian Report (on homeopathy). A travesty of evidence and science!

I commented in my last blog that conventional medical doctors are often in denial. They tell us that their drugs and vaccines are safe, even though they might have some 'minor side' effects. They deny the effectiveness of homeopathy. Both are denials that causes so much patient harm.

Yet it is not just denial. The conventional medical establishment, led by the powerful pharmaceutical industry, is frequently found to be openly attacking any medical therapy that is an alternative to its dominance, its monopoly of national health services, anywhere in the world.

What is happening in Australia at present is not only illustrative of these attacks,but  it shows the depths to which Big Pharma is prepared to plummet, the lies it is prepared to tell, the facts it is prepared to cover up, and the medical science it is prepared to undermine and taint in doing so.

Particular thanks has to be given to the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) in uncovering the the true depth to which conventional medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry, is prepared to sink in order to attack homeopathy. So their article on 'The Australian Report' is the basis for much of this blog.

In March 2015, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) published an 'Information Paper' on homeopathy, often referred to as ‘The Australian Report’, which concluded:

               “…there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective”.

This finding was sufficient to trigger headlines around the world, written by a compliant, pharma friendly media, that the NHMRC had found that homeopathy does not work for any condition.

This was not the first report to make such a claim, and with conventional medicine failing to cope with the epidemics of chronic disease around the world, and the pharmaceutical companies failing to come up with new drugs or vaccines that are either safe or effective, it is not likely be the last. 

What is significant about the Australian Report total disregard conventional medicine, and its apologists, has for the integrity of medical science. Following an extensive and detailed investigation, of the Report, the HRI was able to reveal "evidence of serious procedural and scientific misconduct in producing this report", and it was able to outline these key facts about the Australian Report.

  • NHMRC did the homeopathy review twice, producing two reports, one in July 2012 and the one released to the public in March 2015.
  • The existence of the first report has never been disclosed to the public. It was only discovered by AHA through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.
  • NHMRC say they rejected the first report because it was poor quality despite it being undertaken by a reputable scientist and author of NHMRC’s own guidelines on how to conduct evidence reviews.
  • FOI requests have revealed that a member of NHMRC’s expert committee overseeing the review process, Professor Fred Mendelsohn, confirmed the first review to be high quality.  saying,  “I am impressed by the rigor, thoroughness and systematic approach given to this evaluation of the published reviews of efficacy and side effects of homeopathy [….] Overall, a lot of excellent work has gone into this review and the results are presented in a systematic, unbiased and convincing manner.” 
  • NHMRC said the results of the report published in 2015 were based on a “rigorous assessment of over 1800 studies”. In fact results were based on only 176 studies.
  • NHMRC used a method that has never been used in any other review, before or since. NHMRC decided that for trials to be ‘reliable’ they had to have at least 150 participants and reach an unusually high threshold for quality. This is despite the fact that NHMRC itself routinely conducts studies with less than 150 participants.
  • These unprecedented and arbitrary rules meant the results of 171 of the trials were completely disregarded as being ‘unreliable’ leaving only 5 trials NHMRC considered to be ‘reliable’. As they assessed all 5 of these trials as negative, this explains how NHMRC could conclude that there was no ‘reliable’ evidence.
  • Professor Peter Brooks, Chair of the NHMRC committee that conducted the 2015 review, initially failed to declare that he was a member of the anti-homeopathy lobby group ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’.
  • In violation of NHMRC’s own guidelines there was not one homeopathy expert on the committee.

So, as a result, in August 2016, the HRI’s in-depth scientific analysis became part of a submission of complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, brought by Complementary Medicines Australia, the Australian Homoeopathic Association, and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. This is what Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive of HRI said about the report, and the reason for the complaint.

               “NHMRC’s review is just bad science. Decision-makers and the scientific community rely on these kinds of reports and need to trust their accuracy. This is not about anyone’s personal opinion as to whether homeopathy works or not. It is about the importance of evidence being reported objectively, whatever it says, and the NHMRC did not do that.”

This is something that has rarely happened with so-called official reports on homeopathy.The full HRI analysis goes into some 60 pages, which cannot be shared whilst the complaint is ongoing, but the data provided details that demonstrated the spuriousness of the science used.

  • Use of an inappropriate scientific method
  • Failure to use standardised, accepted methods
  • Failure to obtain sufficiently accurate data to perform a meaningful review
  • Failure to conduct an effective preliminary and public consultation
  • Significant post-hoc changes to the research protocol
  • Impact of NHMRC’s unusual method on the review results
  • Further evidence of bias and misreporting
  • Poor reporting – lack of clarity, inconsistencies and errors
  • Evidence that this was a case of deliberate bias, not scientific error.

So it would appear that most of these failings are not too different from the failings of the pharmaceutical industry when conducting its research into new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines! Rachel Roberts is quoted as saying, in the HRI article.

               “The public has a right to know that there are high quality studies showing homeopathy works for some medical conditions, such as hay fever, sinusitis and diarrhoea in children – information that was lost only due to NHMRC’s mishandling of the evidence. If the evidence on conventional medicine was treated this way there would be an outcry - and rightly so. NHMRC’s job was to accurately summarise the body of evidence for homeopathy for the public, a task in which they categorically failed.”

So, I hear you ask, what happened to the first NHMRC report into homeopathy? NHMRC initially worked with an external contractor, from April 2012 to August 2012, in order to produce a review of the evidence on Homeopathy to inform the Australian public. It was called "A Systematic Review of the Evidence on the Effectiveness of Homeopathy" but was never made public. Moreover, NHMRC continue to refuse to release it, despite repeated Freedom of Information requests. What is known is that the contract with the first review team was terminated. It seems likely that they did not come up with the 'correct' result! The new external contractor, OptumInsight, was more 'successful', although it required over two years, from December 2012 to March 2015, to manipulate and overcome the evidence!

In criticising the accuracy of the Australia Report, HRI discovered that it was not alone. HRI states that FOI requests brought to light that two independent experts also raised concerns over the conclusions of the 2015 report, as part of its peer review process, prior to final publication. Apparently the Australasian Cochrane Centre commented that “...'no reliable evidence’ does not seem an accurate reflection of the body of evidence”. Similarly; a second expert felt “uncertain of the definitive nature of the Report’s conclusions”. 

Yet despite this, as the HRI states, NHMRC chose not to act on this feedback. They did not amend their conclusions. These experts, too, had failed to come to the 'right' conclusion, the conclusion required by NHMRC! They had failed to understand that this was not really a discussion document. A firm negative conclusions was required that proved the ineffectiveness of homeopathy, and nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of this - certainly not science!

The Australian Report was designed to provide a conclusive, but hopelessly unscientific summary of the findings of a review of systematic reviews. The HRI seeks to explain their mistake, that they confused ‘lack of evidence of effect’ with ‘evidence of a lack of effect’. They say that the Report’s conclusion, that there is ‘no reliable evidence’ that homeopathy works, was 'widely misunderstood', with people believing it meant that the NHMRC had found that homeopathy did not work, and that this misunderstanding triggered the widespread media coverage, "propagating the inaccurate story that the NHMRC found homeopathy to be no better than placebo for all the conditions." The HRI goes on to explain that the scientific analysis had revealed multiple examples of bias and misreporting, and that this explained how NHMRC arrived at such a definitive and negative position, at odds with the conclusions of the majority of other more academically rigorous systematic reviews and meta-analyses on homeopathy. It continued

               "Most crucially, NHMRC’s findings hinge primarily on their definition of reliable evidence: for a trial to be deemed ‘reliable’ it had to have at least 150 participants and a quality score of 5/5 on the Jadad scale (or equivalent on other scales). Trials that failed to meet either of these criteria were dismissed as being of ‘insufficient quality and/or size to warrant further consideration of their findings’. Setting such a high quality threshold is very unusual, but the N=150 minimum sample size criterion is arbitrary, without scientific justification, and unprecedented in evidence reviews."

               "Out of 176 individual studies the NHMRC included in the homeopathy review, only 5 trials met their definition of ‘reliable‘, none of which, according to their analysis, demonstrated effectiveness of homeopathy. This explains why NHMRC concluded there is ‘no reliable evidence’ that homeopathy is effective. For context it is worth remembering that if it was indeed the case that ‘no reliable evidence’ existed for homeopathy, it would put homeopathy in the same evidence category (“unknown effectiveness”) as 46% of conventional treatments used in the NHS, but in fact this conclusion is inaccurate."

It was magnanimous of HRI to try to explain what NHMRC may have done to get their conclusion so wrong! It is quite possible to come to a less favourable interpretation about what has happened, and what the Australian Report represents. It is this.

There was no 'confusion' in what they did, there was no 'mistake' made in the criteria selected. The report was written and published by a group of people, all within the conventional medical establishment, and what they did, what they said in the report, was what they fully intended to say, quite regardless of the evidence. It was a malignly crafted Report that was intended to be exactly what it was - another hostile, gratuitous attack on homeopathy. It purposely aimed to discredit a rival medical therapy, one that is seen increasingly to be a threat to the dominance of pharmaceutical interests.

Yet the HRI is correct in it final remark about the Australian Report, one it has arrived at as a result of many years of tireless scientific work. So I will give them the final say, and emphasise it.

               "Contrary to NHMRC’s findings, there are ‘good quality, well-designed studies with enough participants for a meaningful result‘ ... which show that certain homeopathic treatments are effective for certain conditions such as hay fever, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea in children and lower back pain. The fact that the results of such studies were unjustifiably dismissed means that NHMRC have misled the public by misreporting the evidence for effectiveness of homeopathy."

Postscript. August 2019
Under duress, the Australian government has now published the first report, and it was withdrawn because it found that homeopathy was an effective medical therapy. Read an update here.

I was well before my doctor prescribed drugs for me! And I am better now I have stopped taking them!

Phyllis (not her real name) is a good friend, older than us, she is now well into her 80's. Only a few months ago we commented on how well she was for her age. She told us that she had never had a serious illness in her life, except for glaucoma, for which she had regularly taken eye drops. She is a meticulous woman, tidy, organised and efficient. As a homeopath I always smiled; if she was ever ill I would think first of the remedy Arsenicum Album! Indeed, she also had another typical Arsenicum feature, she was anxious, she was a worrier, she worried about everything, especially her health. She would, perhaps, been a hypochondriac, except that she really did not have much to worry about on that score! Yet, this was nearly her undoing.

A few months ago she went to see her doctor. She had a pain in her arms, not really a pain she said, more a sensation really. The doctor agreed to do some tests. Then, as she was leaving, she mentioned her high blood pressure, and showed the doctor the figures she had taken with her home blood-pressure gadget. Typically Arsenicum! Not only did she have a blood pressure machine at home, she took readings regularly, and was sufficiently organised to have the readings with her when she went to visit the doctor!

This was how it all began. The doctor said the readings were high, and prescribed her a drug to lower it. Initially Phyllis said she did not want to take drugs. But the doctor asked if she would prefer to have a stroke, and this frightened her sufficiently to agree to take them.

I was immediately concerned, although Phyllis would never consult with a homeopath. She did not believe in that sort of thing! Earlier, in conversation, I had told my 'Arsenicum' friend that some people had higher blood pressure than others, that worrying about blood pressure was in itself a bad thing, and that she (and many other people) had probably lived with what conventional medicine believes to be 'high' blood pressure for most of her life!

When I heard that her doctor had given her Amiodipine, a calcium channel blocker used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) to prevent stroke and heart attacks I commented that this was typical of the 'medicine by numbers' so often practised by conventional medicine, and that I doubted whether she needed it. Yet it is difficult to persuade an Arsenicum about anything that lies outside their own particular beliefs. So I warned her to be careful, to watch carefully for the well known side effects of the drug. These are many and varied. I told her what they were.

The next few months were difficult for all her friends. Initially she lost her appetite, she had a bad taste in her mouth, and her stomach was upset. So she returned to her doctor who prescribed Omeprozole, a proton pump inhibitor that decreases the amount of acid produced in the stomach.

I rolled my eyes, out loud! One drug leading to another drug to deal with the problems created by the first. I told her about the serious side effects proton inhibitor drugs were known to cause. They are many and varied! I told her what there were.

The situation became worse as the weeks progressed. She could not sleep, which of course she worried about. And eventually she became severely depressed. Actually, at times she became quite unbearable! She had always been eccentric, always very much her own person. Now, at times, she became intolerable, even her best friends despaired.

Phyllis returned to the doctor, who listened to what she said, and told her to stop taking the drugs. She did so, indeed she was happy to do so, and within a few days she soon returned to her normal self. Thank goodness! Or, perhaps, thank her doctor. Phyllis was fortunate, indeed, that she had a doctor who, rather than denying the link with pharmaceutical drugs, drew back from the multiple drug route that leads so often to serious ill-health and death. Phyllis would not have listened to anyone except for her doctor, who she trusted, implicitly.

Yet this is what happens to so many fit and health people. Although essentially well, they go to the doctor with a minor ailment, for which they are routinely prescribed a pharmaceutical drug. The side effects of the drug are experienced, in one way or another, and the association with the drug is either not recognised, or it is routinely denied. The conventional medical establishment is always in denial! So more pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed in order to deal with the side effects of other pharmaceutical drugs! Yet these new drugs also have serious side effects, and soon the patient is taking a cocktail of drugs, which proceed to cause a multitude of illnesses.

In a short time the patient becomes very unwell. For the patient this is seen as bad luck. For too many doctors it cannot be the drugs causing the problem, so it must be the natural consequence of old age!

If patients are ever to be safe, it is important that we all  begin to examine how our illnesses and diseases have been caused. It is rarely, if ever bad luck. It is often poor nutrition, and our diet generally. It is sometimes the result of our sedentary life style, and lack of exercise. It can be caused by many other lifestyle factors. It can certainly be caused by stress. Yet in this age of science and technology it is increasingly obvious that the petro-chemicals that now play an important part of our lives, and which pollute the environment we live in, are seriously implicated as a major cause of ill-health.

Foremost amongst these new technologies, which are known to cause sickness and disease, are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The more we have consumed them during the last 100 years, the more we have experienced epidemic levels of diseases, such as ADHD, allergy, dementia, arthritis, asthma, birth defects, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, a whole multitude of autoimmune diseases, and mental health disorders; and so many 'new' diseases, such as autism, Crohns, chronic fatigue, Parkinsons, and many others.

If we want to understand why we are unwell, why we are sick and suffer from disease, we need to appreciate the role that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines now play in creating ill-health and disease. It has become a major cause

For more specific information about how pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are known to cause illness and disease, go to this link, "The disease inducing effects of drugs and vaccines".

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Indemnity. What happens when doctors harm patients? (3)

I have written about the issue of medical indemnity on several previous occasions (do a search on 'indemnity' on top right hand side of this page). It is a burning issue for conventional medicine, and the situation is moving on rapidly.

Indemnity insurance enables doctors to harm patients without facing the full financial consequences of doing so.  For the conventional medical establishment this is important; after all, they are dealing with dangerous drugs and vaccines every day. Doctors give them to patients on the basis that they are safe, in the full knowledge that they are not only unsafe, but cause diseases far worse than the conditions for which they are prescribed, and will actually kill a certain percentage.

So it is little wonder that patients get angry, and sue doctors for damages caused to their health by 'medicines' that were supposed to make them better.

As my previous blogs outline, doctors within the British NHS are finding indemnity insurance premiums to be too high for them to pay. Now, we are being told that doctors are in urgent talks with the government as indemnity costs are making general practice 'untenable'. This has been reported in the GP e-magazine, Pulse, on 31st July 2017. In this, the chair of the BMA GP Committee, Dr Richard Vautrey, has said that the increases in litigation costs for defence organisations this year were ‘significantly increased’.

There is, of course, only one reason for insurance payments to rise. There are more damaged patients suing more doctors who have given them dangerous drugs and vaccines!

The consequence, according to Dr Vautrey, is mass GP list closures. He told Pulse:

               "We need to ensure that every doctor ...... needs confidence that they’ve got the indemnity to be able to work. Whether in an out-of-hours setting, extended hours, in a practices doing locum sessions without the worry of indemnity costs. We’ve made it very clear to the Department of Health, even in the last few days, that this has to happen quickly. Because there is a real risk that medical defence organisations will be forced to put up their rates to a level that will make it untenable for many GPs to work, or to do the number of sessions that they were able to do."

Vautrey said that this was despite the fact that in recent months doctors had secured reimbursement for the inflationary rises in indemnity this year and last, but this will not cover for the latest increase.

What this means is that OUR government is using OUR money to support conventional doctors prescribing pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that harm US, and kill US - in ever-increasing numbers!

This is not the only indemnity arrangement. Indemnity is given by many governments directly to pharmaceutical companies to indemnify them against the harm they do to patients (their citizens), especially with regard to vaccine injury. In the USA, for instance, the federal government has given drug companies the right to harm patients by compensate damaged patients via the Vaccine Injury Court, totally paid for by the USA taxpayer! And this kind of cosy arrangement happens throughout most of the world.

It is a conspiracy against both patients, and taxpayers!

Who gains from this conspiracy? Certainly not patients, who suffer the harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and then pay for their injuries through the taxes they pay. Certainly not governments, who are being bled dry by medical insurance schemes throughout the world, dominated as they are by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that do not work, and cause us injury.

The profits of drug companies, however, are massively supported by government indemnity arrangements. They can develop dangerous drugs and vaccines without being overly concerned about the consequences to patients, and with the added assurance that their main salesmen (our doctors) will not suffer by prescribing dangerous 'medicines' to us.

UK government makes a pledge to doctors. We will protect you from harming patients with pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.