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Friday 14 December 2012

Why Conventional Medicine can never work

This blog was first published in the E-Book, 'The Failure of Conventional Medicine'.

When I developed painful gastric ulcers 30 years ago I went to my GP – it was the normal, routine thing to do – we all do it – it is what is expected of us. I was in pain, and the new ‘miracle’ drug my GP gave me offered me the prospect of cure. Indeed, it did work - 3 times - only for the condition to return again within a few months. 
I then discovered that this ‘miracle’ drug had been found to have serious ‘adverse reactions’ on the heart. So for the first time, I began to question what I was doing. All I knew at the time was that I did not want a bad heart on top of my bad stomach!
I seemed to have a choice between taking a ‘wonder’ drug and risking its side effects, which are really disease inducing effects (DIEs)or putting up with pain that was at times unbearable. The NHS gave me no advice about traditional therapies - there was no alternative! So when someone suggested I went to see a local homeopath I was so ignorant I told her that I did not believe in such things! But the pain increased, and unwilling to take the ConMed drug, I went to see him, took the remedy he gave me, and within days I felt better. Within 3 months I was pain free – and have remained so for over 30 years!
The Conventional Medical Establishment, and their supporters, will routinely dismiss my experience as ‘anecdotal’, ‘unscientific’ - just as it has done for the millions of people throughout the world during the last 200 years who have found homeopathy to be both effective and safe in treating illness. 
Yet for me, and for many others, it was a ‘Eureka’ moment - for two reasons.
First, I realised that I was not being told the truth, or at least not the whole truth. The NHS were denying me both information about, and access to homeopathy. From that day I could no longer accept what they told me without asking serious questions.
Second, I began to study homeopathy, informally, and suddenly I began to make sense of the world of health and disease in a way I had never done before. Disease was not something that struck people down, indiscriminately and for no reason. I had gastric ulcers because of my stress-full life-style, because of what I was eating, how I was eating it, and because I never took the time to allow my body to relax and recover from the stress I was putting it through. What my homeopath said made sense. The remedy would help but in the longer-term, I could help myself a lot more by changing my life-style.
I began to understand the concept of 'susceptibility' and 'pre-disposition' to disease, and could explain why it was, for instance, that whilst medieval plagues that killed many thousands of people, not everyone died.

It was an amazing moment. The clarity of my new understanding and insight into health was empowering. I began to see through the 'battleground' that NHS-ConMed, and its toxic drugs, had created, their war against bacteria and viruses, their attack on childhood diseases, their invasive and aggressive vaccinations, their drugs that 'fought' this, and 'destroyed' that. 
In short, Conventional Medicine thought that it could 'balance' the human body better than its own self-healing mechanisms! What arrogance! The medics knew best, and drugs were the miraculous answer to disease of all kinds. At last I recognised the arrogance of the Conventional Medical Establishment, and indeed the reason for its ongoing, abject failure.
I was able to understand the body’s relationship with the world in which it lived, and in contrast to conventional medicine, how Homeopathy sought to enhance the body’s ability to maintain, and regain its own health. The human body has an amazing ability to protect itself from harm, and to heal itself from the dis-ease it suffers. The medical warfare that conventional medicine promulgated against the body was not only doomed to failure - it was unnecessary and it was positively harmful to our health. 
Not only did I no longer want to take pharmaceutical drugs, I now understood why they were so obviously wrong, so self-evidently counter-productive to health. I began to examine what was happening to people within my family, my friends and work colleagues, not through the eyes of conventional medicine, but in terms of my new understanding. 
For instance, I saw older people in residential homes taking a cocktail of Big Pharma drugs, and getting progressively sicker. Worse, older residents seemed to lose interest in the world, and contact with what was happening in it. And then they died. 
Of course, this was all put down to their age. But I was not convinced that the drugs they were taking were not playing an important part in their decline and death.
So my world changed. What had seemed normal and acceptable was no longer so. What I thought was safe was no longer safe. Other explanations presented themselves that fitted the world I was witnessing much better than conventional medical explanations.

The rich and powerful Conventional Medical Establishment was not producing a healthier population. Virus hunters and germ killers within Big Pharma were not succeeding, regardless of the money being spent. People were not living healthier or happier lives. Even conventional medicine's claim to be increasing life-expectancy did not ring true, certainly if 'quality' of life was also placed into the equation. 
And then there were the new diseases - the rapid rise in autism, dementia, et al (see Chapter 5). Where were these new diseases coming from? As I began to understand ‘side-effects’ and ‘adverse reactions’ more, the toxicity of Big Phama drugs became a prime suspect. These drugs were not benign. They were actually creating disease!
Even the 'old' diseases that ConMed had supposedly 'conquered' were beginning to return - TB, Malaria, et al - and they were returning with even greater vigour and seriousness (Chapter 5). 
No objective examination into our health over the last century could conclude that we are producing a healthier society. If conventional medical treatments were genuinely curative, as it continues to tell us, surely there would now be signs of a healthier population, less susceptible to sickness and disease? 
Then, another 'Eureka' moment . This hugely powerful Conventional Medical Establishment could not admit weakness or failure because to do so would jeopardise its privileged social and financial position. What underlay the failure of ‘modern’ medicine was that money, and financial interests, spoke more loudly than the health of the individual, or the nation. 
Vested financial interests not only perpetuated and generated sickness - conventional medicine had a vested interest in doing so.
And then another realisation. Conventional medicine was not only suppressing the truth about its failure, their drugs were also suppressing illness. The central myth of conventional medicine is that by investigating the sick body in order to find out what is ‘going wrong’ it can then 'correct' the situation through toxic drug treatment. They could see what was wrong, and they could force the body back into compliance with normality.
This is the view of the mechanic. They examine a sick individual, much as a mechanic looks at a car, they make a diagnosis, fiddle with the components, and then remove what they understand to be abnormal, or wrong.
But the body is not a car, or a washing machine! This mechanical view of health assumes that the body is quite useless, and cannot be part of its own recovery. Worse, conventional medical treatment attacks the body’s own self-defences, and succeeds only in undermining the body's ability to protect itself. 
Indeed, the toxicity of drugs only introduce new imnbalances to the body. They are known as 'side-effects' or 'adverse reactions', but I call them disease inducing effects, or DIE's because they compromise our health. We become sicker, and contract new diseases.diseases.
So the poisons and toxins that are an inherent part of conventional medical treatment actually make the situation worse. Some treatments may seem to provide short-term benefits, but in the long term the patient becomes more ill, the disease becomes worse, or the patient is struck down by other, apparently unrelated diseases.
Whilst this analysis showed that conventional medicine actually contributed to ill-health, Hhomeopathy was able to explain the reason for this. It teaches that suppressing illness serves only to drive dis-ease deeper into the body. So whilst patients may initially appear to get well, eventually they become sicker.
Conventional medicine describes this progression from illness to more serious illness as 'bad luck'. Usually they cannot provide us with the cause. The patient has been 'unfortunate', 'struck down' by an unconnected succession of illnesses. There is certainly no recognition that the outcome might be the direct result of drug treatment.
Traditional therapies know that the way forward is not through isolating viruses, or developing vaccinations, or discovering drugs to ‘force’ the body into compliance. Instead, they understand the body's ability to keep us well, and encourage us to live in ways that supports health. They work by gently utilising and supporting the self-healing qualities of our body, which can then go on to help itself.
Traditional therapy is the body’s servant, and it is important to understand that no successful health therapy can work in any other way.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Disease Inducing Effects (DIEs) of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines

The terms 'side-effect' or 'adverse reaction' do not adequately describe the damage that Big Pharma drugs and vaccines can do to us. Indeed to describe the carnage caused some of these drugs as 'side-effects' or ‘adverse reactions’ is an understatement of enormous proportions. Both are inadequate descriptions of what pharmaceutical drugs can do, and a gross underestimate of the human tragedy they cause on a regular basis to millions of patients.

Indeed, to talk of ‘side-effects’ makes a mockery of the reality. The lives of individuals and families can be fundamentally changed, even destroyed, by the serious ill-health that arises as a direct consequence of taking drugs people are led to believe will make them better. 
Conventional medical drugs and vaccines can, and do, create new diseases, often diseases much worse and more life-threatening than the original condition for which the drugs were given. And they can kill us. For instance:

·        Beta blockers may lower blood pressure. But they are also known to cause diabetes, and increase the risk of death.

·        Statin drugs are said to protect against heart disease, and are said to be ‘entirely safe’. But they are also known to cause mental and neurological problems, kidney failure, Parkinsons disease, myoopathy, a muscle wasting disease called rhabdomyolysis, which is a killer - and death.

·        NSAID Painkillers, including Cox-2 painkillers, may temporarily deaden pain. But they are now known to cause gastro-intestinal bleeding, renal failure, and heart failure.

·        Antidepressant drugs may be thought to treat depression. But some have proven to increase the risk of suicide, especially in children and young people.

For this reason we need a new, more accurate way of describing the real outcome and consequences of taking drugs - a description that illustrates realistically what they do to the human body. 

    Big Pharma drugs produce 
         Disease-Inducing Effects, 
              Incapacity-Inducing Effects, 
                   Addiction-Producing Effects, 
                        Quality-of-Life Destroying Effects,
                                and too often, Killer-Effects. They cause death!
The terms 'side-effect' and 'adverse reaction' are inadequate to describe this health damage, and should be replaced by the term  'Disease Inducing Effects', or DIE's, particularly apt as the 'D' can be used interchangeably for either 'disease' and 'death'.

This blog was first published in the e-book, "The Failure of Conventional Medicine". It describes, in detail,  the reason for the failure of Conventional medicine, dominated as it is by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Conventional Medicine and the despair of patients? Avoid breast cancer by voluntary mastectomy?

Conventional medicine is failing, and failing badly.

Okay. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are unsafe, and often downright dangerous. Given time, most pharmaceutical drugs are either withdrawn of banned as a result. They cause serious illness and disease. They kill 10s of 1000s of people every year.

Okay, Big Pharma drugs are ineffective, most of them quite useless. Recent studies have suggested that 85% of pharmaceutical drugs just don't work.

Okay. We know that a growing number of people are refusing to take them, most notably doctors and  nurses - yes, the very people who are willing to give them to us!

But how does this medical failure show up in the behaviour of patients?

Conventional Medicine appears to operate in a continual state of panic. There is usually an annual panic about flu epidemics. Or the re-emergence of diseases, like Whooping Cough. But usually in this blog I have discounted these (and other 'panics') as a ploy by Big Pharma companies to sell their drugs and vaccines to us. However, it is becoming apparent that this is not the only consequence.

The willingness of healthy women to remove their breasts is a huge vote of 'no confidence' in the only medical system they know about - ConMed.

What does this mean? Contract breast cancer, and women have no confidence that ConMed will be able to help them. But worse, doctors who agree to this surgery must also agree with this assessment - that they have no effective or safe treatment for breast cancer. Otherwise they would surely refuse to contemplate such an horrendous violation of a woman's body.

* Moreover, as the articles above suggest, the risks of the operation are probably equal to the risk of contracting breast cancer - certainly more certain!

* And Homeopathy informs us that if a disease is treated by suppressing it, or removing the part involved in the disease, the disease is likely to emerge elsewhere.

Conventional Medicine, on the surface, appears very arrogant. They regularly inform us about new 'miracle' treatments, or 'wonder' cures. They tell us they are overcoming disease. They tell us we are all living longer because of the medication. They tell us that conventional medicine is the only 'science-based' medicine.

Yet, under the surface, there appears to be little confidence in their ability to treat disease. The regular panics about disease epidemics, the willingness of conventional medicine to perform unnecessary mastectomy operations, both suggest that the conventional medical establishment recognises, and acts on the basis, that it is short of safe and effective treatments for a variety of diseases.