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Wednesday 29 August 2018

If you hear anything negative about Vaccines it is Russian propaganda! And if you believe it you might get measles!

All anti-vaxxers are Russian propagandists now!
We must learn! 
We are NOT to say anything bad about Big Pharma's profitable vaccines!

Conventional medicine has been trying to stop criticism of vaccines since the start of the new millennium, but with only mixed success. They have been successful with the mainstream media, who depend heavily on drug advertising for their survival. They have been successful with politicians and governments who are anxious to secure pharmaceutical jobs and investment. From Andrew Wakefield onwards, they have developed strategies to stifle conventional doctors from expressing their concerns about patient damage.

They have been less successful in preventing negative evidence being presented on social media, and on health websites, like this, which are independent of pharmaceutical control. And as the evidence grows about vaccine damage, and the increasing patient 'resistance' that is being built up against vaccination, the conventional medical establishment has initiated a new strategy for undermining all anti-vaxxers, whose only vested interests is to try to get an important message over to the public.


So first, read accounts from sources independent of the conventional medical mafia. These two links equate the link between anti-vaxxers and vaccinations with USA presidential election in 2015.

Russia Accused Of ‘Weaponized’ Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Attacks

               "The Russians seem to be an easy source of blame whenever the powers that be have no other explanation for people defying the system. The “Russia is making anti-vaccine happen” narrative is truly no different from the election blame-game in its dynamic."

Pro-vaccine media goes full conspiracy theory; claims “the Russians” are running anti-vaccine campaigns to try to kill off America with measles

               “Russian accounts may use vaccine arguments to ‘destabilize’ the US and Europe,” screams the UK Daily Mail, without any sense of skepticism or intelligent questioning whatsoever. These mysterious Russians — presumably the same Russians that “stole the election for Donald Trump” - are trying to get people to stop taking vaccine shots so that measles takes over and decimates America, we’re told."

Well we might expect this sort of hysteria and junk journalism to emanate from the Daily Mail. But  papers who usually take a more measured stance, like the Guardian, also gives the story credence.

Russian trolls 'spreading discord' over vaccine safety online

They give full voice to the study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, without any attempt at balance. They relate the timing of the campaign to a time when

               "Europe faces one of the largest measles outbreaks in decades, one which has been partly attributed to falling vaccination rates. In the first six months of 2018, there were 41,000 cases of measles across the continent, more than in the entirety of 2017. Meanwhile, the rate of children not receiving vaccines for non-medical reasons is climbing in the US."

So everyone needs to be scared by a disease that has apparently killed just 38 people in Europe during these 'measles outbreaks'. This is too many of course but a mere handful compared to the numbers known to die directly from pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Okay, so I am an anti-vaxxer! I admit it. But please, please, anti-vaxxers like me do NOT get their evidence from Russia. We do not NEED to get our evidence from Russia.

We can get any amount of information about the damage caused by vaccines from conventional medicine itself!

Blaming Russia for the evidence of vaccine damage is a ploy by the conventional medical establishment to stifle debate and discussion OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES OWN EVIDENCE.

  • The evidence against vaccines in contained in the package inserts of the vaccines themselves, the PILs, or patient information leaflets.
  • The evidence against vaccines is contained in the 'bible's' used by all conventional doctors, MIMS, and the British National Formulary.
Conventional medicine is fully aware of the damage caused to patients by vaccines. They just don't want 'US' to be aware of it. And if the evidence won't go away, as it won't, why not blame the Russians!

What I firmly recommend before you decide to get vaccinated yourself, or allow your child to be be vaccines, is to ask your doctor to give you the patient information leaflet that is contained in the box that the vaccine comes in. And make up your own mind

Friday 10 August 2018

The importance of our Microbiome. It keeps us healthy.

Our human bodies live alongside bacteria and microbes. They can be found living in every part of the human body. It's been estimated that there are over 1 trillion living with us, especially in our gastrointestinal track. Here these micro-organisms are known as the microbiome, and their importance in the regulation of our digestive system is now increasingly realised. We now know that they protect us from illness and disease-causing, and they help us to develop a strong immune system.

Yet in conventional medical circles, whenever bacteria and viruses are mentioned, they are associated with disease. They cause disease. They are not considered to be our friends and allies. Conventional medicine has long believed this to be so, since the days of Pasteur, and over the years powerful pharmaceutical drugs (antibiotic and antiviral drugs) have been developed to wage war on them. The intention is kill them.

Until fairly recently medical science had a limited sense of the importance of the microbiome. It is only now beginning to appreciate its role in human health. The billions of bacteria not only share the human body, but play a crucial part in the way it functions.

Moreover, the human microbiome is now thought to be closely linked to an individual's genetic footprint, to play a role in the determination of our DNA, our predisposition to pathogens, our hereditary traits, our body type, and much more. And it is thought that up to 90% of all human illnesses are intimately linked to the content of the microbiome.

So medical science is at last looking at how the health of the microbiome is best maintained, and what factors promote and compromise its health. Unfortunately it is hindered in how close it can investigate this. It can look at the importance of lifestyle factors, especially our diet, what we eat and don't eat because this plays an important role in maintaining our gut bacteria. It can look at exercise, on smoking and other lifestyle factors

Yet medical science will not be able to focus on the impact that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have on the microbiome.

Conventional medicine have hitherto assumed that germs are unhealthy! During the last 70 years, in particular, it has developed and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have literally declared open warfare on germs. Antibiotic drugs kill bacteria. Antiviral drugs kill viruses. And this warfare goes beyond medicine. We use antibacterial soaps and shampoos. Our kitchens are full of chemicals whose task is to kill germs. Pesticides and herbicides wage war on almost everything, finding its way into the air we breath, and the food we eat.

Yet the fact is that we have to live in co-opeation with bacteria and viruses. After decades trying to destroy them, indiscriminately, because conventional medicine believed they caused disease medical science is beginning to understand their importance.

Nor is it just antibiotics and antivirals that have been the culprits. Most drugs are taken by mouth and so pass directly to the stomach. Painkillers, mouthwashes, antacids, and laxatives and many other drugs, all of them toxic, have the ability to kill and disrupt our micro biome.

Pharmaceutical drugs can overwhelm our immune system, our natural defence against illness and disease. Now it is being recognised that a variety of diseases, including many diseases whose incidence is rapidly expanding, are being associated with an unhealthy gut.

     * Autism. It has been known since Andrew Wakefield first discovered in the 1990's that the microbiome in autistic children differs from normal, health children.
     * Alzheimers Disease. the magazine, What Doctors Don't Tell Use (WDDTY August 2018) outlines how problems with the gut may contribute to dementia
     * Auto-Immune Disease, in all its many forms, is now thought to arise from intestinal bacteria which can influence inflammatory immune reactions that start in the gut.
     * Diabetes is now thought to be brought about by a "notable change" in gut bacteria.
     * Obesity can be caused by an unhealthy micro biome as it is unable to reduce the accumulation of fat and inflammation.
     * Mental Health. Questions are even being raised that some mental health conditions are caused, or worsened, by an unhealthy gut. WDDTY August 2018 also outlines how an unhealthy microbiome can contribute to depression and anxiety.

My website, the "Disease Inducing Effects" of Drugs and Vaccines (DIE's), lists the pharmaceutical drugs that are known to cause specific illnesses and diseases. The new recognition of the importance of the microbiome probably supplies us with one of the 'working mechanisms' for the damage they do to patients - that they alter and damage the micro biome leading to ill-health.

Medical science will have a problem with this. It has been intimately involved in the testing and approval of pharmaceutical drugs that is doing damage to our microbiome.  So whilst they may tell us to stop smoking, to get more exercise, and to eat more sensibly, they will struggle to acknowledge the damage being done by the drugs and vaccines they have approved.

Criticising pharmaceutical drugs is to criticise themselves!

My DIE's website demonstrates that conventional medicine consistently fails to recognise the importance of pharmaceutical drugs in causing disease. The fact that they cause disease is admitted, not least in the doctor's 'bibles', the British National Formulary and MIMS. But it is rarely admitted when speaking to patients about what has caused their illness.

So if pharmaceutical companies are ruining our microbiome, if they are making us sick, what is their response likely to be?
               * Will they warn us about the dangers of taking their drugs?
               * Will they develop drugs that do less damage to gut health?

The answer is that they will do neither. Reduced drug sales is contrary to their business plan! The pharmaceutical industry causes illness and disease with the drugs and vaccines (they call them side effects), then they produce more drugs for the patients they have made sick in the first place. It is a time-honoured strategy routinely adopted, and the conventional medical establishment will plan to do so again in this situation.

Medical science is already responding. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society's journal published in March 2015 an article entitled "Drug metabolism: manipulating the microbiome; understanding how symbiotic bacteria that help maintain health interact with medicines is an emerging field of research". So patients can look out for yet more drug developments. For instance, have a look at this website, which proudly states that medical scientists now recognise that a compromised gut leads to a variety of conditions "ranging from allergies to anxiety to cancer", although it does not recognise the responsibility of pharmaceutical drugs in compromising it in the first place! What they are interested in doing is developing new drugs.

               "They are increasingly interested in drugging (the microbiomes) constituents. Two teams of US scientists have already tested those drugs in mice, and pharmaceutical companies are paying close attention. The hope is that by delivering drugs to the microbiome, researchers will be able to treat or prevent some of our most intractable diseases."

Medical science is clever! They know how to out-think and out-perform the body's own defence system!

               "Today there are crude ways to medicate the microbiome. Antibiotics kill bacteria broadly; probiotics add additional bacteria in. The gut drugs under development, on the other hand, are precisely targeted and nonlethal. They don’t aim to change the number of microbes, but rather their behavior."

The article goes on to describe their cleverness, how Dr. Stanley Hazen, a physician and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, has decided to try to disrupt our microbiome, how they have searched for molecules that "would block choline receptors of microbes".

So our body does not know what it is doing, but not to worry, medical science does, and it will correct it for us! The article goes on to explain how another scientist is targeting gut microbes for a different purpose - to prevent the nausea caused by chemotherapy drugs. Again, one drug causes a problem, and another drug is designed to deal with the problem. His logic is similar.

               “You’re not killing the bacteria. You’re just telling the bacteria, ‘You can’t eat this.”

The latter scientist is apparently researching ways to minimise the side effects of other drugs, like Ibuprofen, which is known to cause intestinal ulcers. The article describes the interest and excitement of many pharmaceutical companies with the prospect of developing promising new drugs for treating gut diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and central nervous system disorders.

Conventional medicine has not plans to stop meddling with our bodies, 
regardless of the effects it might have on our health

Shambo the bull is dead. What kind of medicine is it that has to kill its patients? Will the incompetence of conventional medicine lead ultimately to euthanasia?

Do you remember Shambo the bull? He belonged to the Hindu monks of the Skanda Vale temple in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. They considered the 6 year old Friesian bullock to be sacred but in 2007 it tested 'positive' for TB. For Shambo that was a death sentence, but the monks fought the decision, saying that they would guard against Shambo infecting other animals by keeping him in a separate pen.

This was not good enough for conventional veterinary practice, for Welch politicians, for local farmers who saw Shambo as a disease risk to their livestock, and ultimately for the legal system, which after initially reprieving him eventually ruled that he had to be killed.

I remember the whole affair well because it brought home to me the utter uselessness and incompetence of conventional veterinary practice, which had no effective treatment for many diseases, ultimately leading to the 'need' to kill the patient.

I recalled the British Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001, during which over 6 million cows and sheep were killed. This had to be done, we were told, to stop the spread of the disease. It brought havoc to many parts of the country, closing public rights of way, and causing long-term harm to the tourist industry throughout England, but especially the Lake District.

I recalled the panic of the 1980's, which culminated in the 1990's, over 'mad cow' disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Again, the veterinary response was to cull the sick animals.

BSE itself was closely associated with Scrapie, a fatal degenerative disease that has been affecting sheep and goats for over 200 years.

Yet, for all these diseases, vets have developed no effective treatments - other than killing the patient. What kind of medicine is this? A medicine whose only course of action is culling thousands of animals?

It is a good job, perhaps, that conventional medicine do not have the same strategy for sick human patients! Yet, I do wonder, if this statement is more wishful thinking that a reality.

Conventional medical spokesperson can often be heard saying that there is 'no treatment' for this illness, or that disease. I started writing my "Why Homeopathy?" website several years ago now, in which I compare conventional and homeopathic treatments for specific diseases. I usually use the NHS Choices website for a description of conventional medical treatment and I have been amazed at how often it is admitted that there is 'no treatment' for a condition.

Part of this amazement is that many of these conditions are regularly treated with homeopathy, with considerable success, many for over 220 years.

When conventional medicine states that 'there is no treatment' for a disease what is meant is that there is no effective CONVENTIONAL medical treatment. For instance, this was the situation when I wrote the 'Why Homeopathy?'page on TB. Simply put, whilst there are many effective homeopathic remedies, used successfully for 200 years and more (Phosphorus, Calc Carb, Silicia, and the use of nosodes like Tuberculinum and Bacillinum) conventional medicine has only antibiotic drugs.
"Treatment for tuberculosis (TB) usually involves taking antibiotics for several months."

Yet, as we know, antibiotic drugs are coming to the end of their useful life, so soon the NHS Choices website will have to make their usual admission - there is no effective treatment for TB!

So what is the conventional medical response to patients who suffer from diseases for which there is no treatment or cure? In essence there are only four options.
  1. Amelioration is offered, such as painkillers for dealing with pain. 
  2. Or there are operations available - to remove or replace organs and limbs. 
  3. Or there is palliative, or end of life care.
  4. And in addition there is an increasing discussion of euthanasia.
Never does conventional medicine suggest that there may be other medical therapies that can offer more effective treatment for a sick, or even a dying patient. It seems that our doctors will do anything other than suggest that there are other, potentially effective treatment to their patients. They prefer that we remain sick, or in pain, or die, rather than admit that although they cannot help, other medical practitioners might be able to do so.

So what does conventional medicine do? What can they offer to their human patients? They can certainly offer more than Shambo got - amelioration, surgery, and palliative care. But the only other choice sick and incurable patients have is euthanasia. This remains controversial, but more people are opting for it (usually based on the understanding that there is no effective treatment for their illness, and there is more discussion about legalising it, and some countries have already done so.

Conventional medicine is dominant. If wants to become a monopoly. It attacks homeopathy and other medical therapies regularly and gratuitously. Yet conventional medicine is inept. What other word is there for a medical therapy that needs to, or allows, their patients to die?