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Thursday 28 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. Does conventional medicine cause autism?

It is often said that attack is the best form of defence. And it is known that a cornered animal, especially when its life is threatened, can be ferocious when it has to defend itself. Perhaps this is what is happening in this situation.

We live within a society that has a strong health and safety ethos. This is not a bad thing. Throughout human history people have lost their lives working on projects, in industries, and in many other settings, because of the inherent dangers of their working and living circumstances, and the carelessness of their masters. Whether it was Pharaohs building their pyramids, or 19th century industrialists profiting from unsafe working practises, millions of people have been killed for the greater glory of their superiors.

Health and safety practises now dominate all spheres of life. Sometimes safety is taken to ridiculous lengths. Playing conkers, for instance, has been deemed to be unsafe! And as I write, trees are being felled in the wood opposite my house because they have been deemed 'unsafe', alleged to be diseased, a risk as they might fall on me as I pass under them. It is a nature reserve, and wildlife habitat is being destroyed in the name of health and safety.

So in most walks of life health and safety now rules - except for one important area - conventional medicine and health.

"First do no harm" is a principle developed by Hippocrates, who lived in the 5th century bce Greece. Conventional medicine has adopted it, but has always ignored it. They accept that their drugs cause 'side effects' and 'adverse reactions' but however serious these are found to be doctors continue to prescribe the drugs to their patients. We are told that the 'benefits' outweigh the 'risks', although patients are never told about the detail of these risk assessments.

Samuel Hahnemann was a 18th century doctor who decided that he could no longer involve himself in the patient harm caused by the drugs of his time, mostly based on mercury and opium, and practises such as bloodletting, blistering, and the use of leaches. He set himself the task of developing a safer form of medicine, and over 220 years ago he came up with homeopathy. The conventional doctors of the day derided and attacked him, and conventional doctors continue to do so today - fully supported by the mainstream media.

Provision for health care is now dominated by conventional medicine, and this is itself dominated by the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. It is a system of medicine that remains inherently unsafe, just as it was in Hahnemann's time.

How do we know this? Do we have evidence of the harm it causes? For instance, does conventional medicine cause autism, is it the reason for the current epidemic levels of autism, a disease entirely unknown 70 years ago? One this is certain, the conventional medical establishment says that it does not know the cause of autism.

But it does know that it does not cause autism, the MMR vaccine does not cause autism, the MMR vaccines is entirely safe. Anyone who says otherwise is an 'antivaxxer', a danger to our health according to the World Health Organisation. Yet look at this patient information leaflet, taken from the MMR vaccine given to children in Britain, which can be accessed through this website.

               "After the marketing of Priorix, the following side effects have been reported:
     • infection or inflammation of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves resulting in temporary difficulty when walking (unsteadiness) and/or temporary loss of control of bodily movements, inflammation of some nerves, possibly with pins and needles or loss of feeling or normal movement (Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome)"

Not autism perhaps, but evidence that the MMR vaccine can cause serious 'side effects' to the brain. So is this vaccines 'entirely safe'? The information leaflets also list other serious side effects, including high fever, rash, upper respiratory tract infection, infection of the middle ear, swollen lymph glands, abnormal crying, insomnia, bronchitis, swollen parotid glands, diarrhoea, vomiting, convulsions, joint and muscle pain, sudden life-threatening allergic reactions, narrowing or blockage of blood vessels, and measles and mumps like symptoms.

This is not my information. It is information that comes in the package with the MMR vaccine. Doctors know about this, yet they are still prepared to call this vaccine "safe".

When I wrote my DIE’s website (the disease inducing effects of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines) I was surprised how often conventional medicine claimed that it did not know the cause of so many serious illnesses. Everyone is aware that pharmaceutical drugs cause side effects, often so serious the drug (or vaccine) has to be banned. So I started to look for evidence that these so-called 'side effects' were (at least in part) the cause of these mystery, unexplained diseases. What I discovered was not only evidence that they do, but that much of that evidence is contained within the books and journals of conventional medicine itself.

Conventional doctors may insist that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are safe, even 'entirely' safe, but within their own literature there is clear evidence that they are not!

Autism is a disease unknown before the 1940’s, prior to mass vaccination campaigns. Since then it has risen, exponentially. And it has done so in exact parallel to the increased use of vaccines. The CDC website (a pillar of the conventional medical establishment) gives the following statistics about the rise and rise of autism in the USA.

          2000          1 in 150 children
          2002          1 in 150 children
          2004          1 in 125 children
          2006          1 in 110 children
          2008          1 in 88 children
          2010          1 in 68 children
          2012          1 in 59 children

A more recent 'Age of Autism' estimate suggests that the figure could now be 1 in 45 children!

The autism epidemic is not confined to America. It is now raging throughout the world, especially in countries with the health system is dominated by conventional medicine based on pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The National Autistic Society in Britain says that whilst there is no register, or direct count kept, autism is much more common than many people think.

               "There are around 700,000 people in the UK living with autism - that's more than 1 in 1001. If you include their families, autism touches the lives of 2.8 million people every day."

The NHS Choices website, in 2016, agreed with this estimate, stating that 1 in every 100 people in Britain now has autism.

Even so, as far as conventional medicine is concerned, the cause of autism remains 'unknown'! How can this be so? Is this a cover-up? Is the cause known but denied? 

My DIE's website looked into the evidence that pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs has caused the epidemic of autism. It implicates not only the MMR and other vaccines, but also the vaccination of pregnant mothers, paracetamol (the main ingredient of Calpol), and mums taking antidepressant drugs. And all of them are implicated in causing autism.

And equally, all of these links are routinely ignored, and/or denied by the conventional medical establishment!

This direct evidence that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines cause autism is supported by what might be called 'reverse' proof of causation. Homeopathic CEASE therapy works by detoxifying the body, and homeopaths have found that one of the main toxins that has to be removed are childhood vaccines.

So CEASE therapy is effective, as in the many actual cases outlined in a previous blog, because it antidotes the harm that has been caused by childhood vaccines.

Even so, the BBC programme had the audacity, and the gall to claim that homeopathy harmed children. And in doing so it ignored the real harm caused to children by pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs.

So the debate will continue. Just because the conventional medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, drug regulators, politicians and governments, and the mainstream media seek to hide and deny the debate that is going on about autism, its causes and treatment, it does not mean that the worries and concerns of parents will go away.

Medicine does not have to be harmful to patients. Homeopathy is not harmful - but our health system, dominated as it is by conventional medicine, is dangerous to patients. Therefore, homeopathy will continue to oppose drugs and vaccines that cause patient harm, and we will continue to treat children with autism in order that they might once again lead full lives. Even if our children are not allowed to attend nurseries, or schools, and visit pubic spaces in town centres, homeopathy will continue to fight the battle for patient choice, and health freedom.

This is the last of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy.
If conventional medicine does not wish to find a cure for Autism, Homeopathy certainly will continue to do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. The science that support claims of successful treatment.

Medical science is not much use to homeopathy! The practise of homeopathy has no need for it, and does not rely upon it. Unlike conventional medicine it does not give patients potentially dangerous drugs with harmful side effects. If an illness has symptoms they are studied, and matched with a remedy known to cause similar symptoms. Every remedy is highly diluted so it does not cause patient harm. It can be used with patients to see if it works; if it does, fine; if it doesn't, it does not harm, and the search goes on. This means that there is no need to test remedies for safety, and remedies can be given to patients without risk to their health.

This is how homeopathy has progressed for the last 220+ years.
And it is how homeopathy will continue to progress in future.

In last weeks BBC's 'You and Yours' programme that gratuitously attacked homeopathy for claiming to treat and cure homeopathy, it was stated that there was "no evidence for homeopathy". This is the mantra routinely trotted out by the mainstream media, loyally echoing the message that the conventional medical establishment wants us all to hear. Yet this is untrue.

I read an article recently entitled "Homeopathy is about to be regulated out of existence but science just got in the way". It outlines the many moves being made all over the world by conventional medicine (but focusing on the USA) to regulate and discredit homeopathy. The article focuses on one study undertaken at the University of Florence, Italy, in 2017 which reported on studies that show, unequivocally, that some highly diluted homeopathic remedies do evoke a biological response.

               “These studies show that, contrary to previous beliefs, when homeopathic medicines containing metal nanoparticles are progressively diluted and succussed (shaken), highly diluted solutions contains an unexpected amount of the original substance.”

Amongst these studies are three on the homeopathic treatment of autism.

Gupta N, et al. 
Homoeopathic Medicinal Treatment of Autism. 
Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, 2010, 4, 4, 19-28. 
An Indian research team set out to investigate the effects of individualised homeopathic treatment in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 25 children who had been diagnosed with ASD were enrolled in the study. They received individualised homoeopathic treatment and their progress was followed for 18 months. Significant positive & curative response with homoeopathic medicines in subjects with ASD was found, suggesting that homoeopathic medicines can provide relief from abnormal behavioural problems in children presenting with ASD. 

Fibert P, et al. 
A Comparative Consecutive Case Series of 20 Children With a Diagnosis of ADHD Receiving Homeopathic Treatment, Compared With 10 Children Receiving Usual Care. 
Homeopathy, 2016, 105, 194-201. 
This UK research compared the clinical effects of individualised homeopathic treatment for 1 year in 20 children diagnosed with ADHD, with standard treatment for 10 children diagnosed with the same condition for 4 months. Parents completed Conners’ Parent Rating Scale, Revised Long Version (CPRS-R:L) and Measure Your Own Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP) every consultation at baseline and every 4 months, from which DSMIV total scores were extracted. 

The use of homeopathy was associated with statistically significant improvements in criminality and anger and improvements in children with a concomitant diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in treated children over the year.

Praful M Barvalia1, Piyush M Oza1, Amit H Daftary, Vijaya S Patil, Vinita S Agarwal, Ashish R Mehta
Effectiveness of homoeopathic therapeutics in the management of childhood autism disorder
Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy
The study demonstrated the usefulness of homeopathic treatment in management of neuropsychological dysfunction in childhood autism disorder, which is reflected in significant reduction of hyperactivity, behavioral dysfunction, sensory impairment as well as communication difficulty. This was demonstrated well in psychosocial adaptation of autistic children.

So why did the BBC ignores these studies? Or at least find out about them? Why were they content meekly to trot out conventional medicine's mantra - that there is no evidence for homeopathy?
  • Remember, conventional medicine openly admits that it has no treatment for autism.

When science confirms the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment, as in the three studies outlined above, the conventional medical establishment will usually dismiss them, saying that such studies are not good enough, that there is something wrong with them. No doubt they would say this about these studies, regardless of their quality.
If such results had come from a pharmaceutical drug such evidence would have been plastered all over the mainstream media, and we would not be able to escape hearing about it!

What this strongly suggests is that the conventional medical establishment (and their supporters in the BBC) has no interest whatsoever in a cure for autism.......... unless, of course, it is a conventional medical or pharmaceutical cure! And they haven't got one!

This is the third of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy
If conventional medicine does not wish to find a cure for Autism, Homeopathy certainly will continue to do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. The parents delighted they discovered it. The children cured by it.

The greatest test of any medical therapy, for any patient, with any illness or disease, is that it works - that once they were sick but now, after treatment, they are well.

The BBC's 'You & Yours' programme I referred to in my previous blog, whose main purpose was to disparage and discredit the homeopathic treatment of Autism, seemed to disagree with this. One woman said that autism was "a part of who people are", and even denied that autism was a disease at all!
               "Psychologically it is really harmful to give parents the idea that the way to love and nurture their autistic child is to try to cure their autism."

In sociology there is a well known concept of 'the sick role', developed by Emile Durkheim in the 19th century, that describes the benefits some patients obtain from the attention and concern their sickness brings to them. The want to be sick.

Durkheim's theory, and Talcott Parson's development of it in the 20th century, did not include the idea that conventional medicine would now be seeking to benefit from the theory. In a kind of reverse engineering, we are being told that as there was no medical cure for an illness, it was right to accept that people had the illness, and should be happy to live with it.

I continue to believe that it is unhealthy for anyone to live their life within 'the sick role', or that any form of medicine which is unable to offer a cure,should encourage patients to accept it.

Most parents would agree with this, certainly those parents who have had healthy children, who developed normally for the first months of their lives, and then suddenly lost their ability to communicate and react to the people around them. This is why parents will look for medical treatment capable of overcoming their child's disability. This is why the parents of autistic children turn to homeopathy, and many have been rewarded for doing so.

Most homeopaths also agree, which is why homeopathy has been at the forefront of finding successful cures for autism. There is a cure for autism, but it is not conventional medicine - it is homeopathy. Conventional medicine will say that the following cases are purely 'anecdotal', and not 'scientific'. The science of homeopathy will be dealt with in the third blog of this series. However all the cases  demonstrate that there are lots of satisfied parents, and children who have been cured, or are on their way to cure.

CEASE, the homeopathic method that the BBC gratuitously abused in their You and Yours programme, has been at the forefront of the drive to find a cure for autism. CEASE has a website that should be read as it explains the origins of the method, how it works, and gives links to homeopaths who have been trained to practise it. It also has 8 actual cases of cure.
  • Then I recommend that you read this Health Impact New article, "How Homeopathy is Healing Autism" which provides a detailed, and one of the best explanations of how homeopathy treats autism, using what these USA homeopaths call the 'Houston Homeopathy Method' - which sounds very similar to CEASE.

This link takes you to an account of Tim, aged 5, autistic for 2-3 years. It is written by his homeopath, Sadhna Chaman, RHom, MARH, which outlines his condition prior to treatment, the treatment he received, and his recovery.
  • "JoJo's Recovery (from autism) and what we learnt". This is a case from the USA, a video of JoJo both prior to, and after his recovery. JoJo was developing normally until his MMR vaccine. His recovery followed CEASE therapy. "JoJo is a living example as to why you should fire your pediatrician" it says. Or perhaps it explains why paediatricians should have an open mind about medical treatments they routinely dismiss, and fail to refer patients too.
  • Reversing Autism. Zane's story. This is a letter written by a mother when the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council drafted a Public Statement on Homeopathy stating  “…it is unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, for the reason that homeopathy has not been shown to be efficacious.”
  • Reversing Autism. Melissa's Story. Parents noticed their daughter was having problems around her 2nd birthday. She stopped talking, was having difficulty making eye contact, and became socially inactive. Her recovery is charted in this article.
I have also received this case from Henry's mum, Catherine, who lives in Worcester, England
"My son, Henry, aged 10, was diagnosed with Asperger’s (High Functioning Autism) and Sensory Processing Difficulties has walked on his toes since he was 18 months old. This is a well-known condition of Autistic Spectrum Condition’s. He was unable to walk flat footed or even achieve a 90 degree angle in his ankle, causing various problems including pain, muscle tightness, balance difficulties, fatigue and inability to perform gross motor skills alongside his peer group.

We visited many specialists including Physiotherapists, Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialists, Orthotic Specialists. They confirmed the symptoms Henry suffered from all stemmed from toe walking, that he was unable to raise the top of his foot towards his leg as should be expected, and he was lacking by 30 degrees from the normal expectation. Several times he was physically checked to confirm this and it was noted each time that his calf muscles were short and his Achilles tendon was extremely tight/short. They refer to this as secondary contractures.

The options presented to him were: to use orthotics to stretch his Achilles tendon and calf muscles, which we were told would take a number of years, still not resolve the problem completely, and that he would require surgery at some point). Serial casting where he would need to have both legs in plaster for several months, changing the cast weekly while performing Botox injections to try to lengthen the tendons and muscles. We were told again that this option would not have been able to fully resolve the issue. Or a combination of casting and Botox injections before surgery to cut and extend/lengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The risk involved with this surgery ... might be to leave him with a weak plantar function, making walking more problematic than it currently was.

We came to Lynne for CEASE therapy for our son’s autistic symptoms. Within 3 weeks of administering the homeopathic remedy Henry was able to achieve the 90 degree angle at his ankle, his calf’s and Achilles tendon had lengthened to allow him to walk flat footed! The physiotherapists involved confirmed this result and were amazed at the results, something they could have only dream of achieving in an incredibly short time.

My son is now able to walk for longer periods without fatigue and pain, his balance has improved. He has increased ability to regulate his emotions and communicate with us.  He was able to express real emotions for the first time in his life, enabling him to express his love for us for the first time.

I would thoroughly recommend using homeopathy to help manage and control the symptoms you are experiencing. The options presented to us by the NHS were invasive, painful, distressing and unlikely to have resolved the issues so completely, if at all. We are extremely happy to have had the option to find an alternative and feel strongly that patient choice led us to the perfect solution.
all described in some detail. Several related articles follow on from this one, all providing useful information and autism and homeopathy.
A web-search on 'Autism' and 'Homeopathy' brings you to many homeopaths who specialise in treating autism. Here are just three.

Mike Andrews, who works from Shropshire, England and his website provides this interesting case.
Homeopathy enhances dietary gains.
Boy, aged 6 with an Autism diagnosis, showing how homeopathy can further enhance the effect of nutritional and dietary approaches. He had been on a Caesin / Gluten free diet with supplements for one year, which had helped with tantrums and moods, but had significant progress following homeopathic treatment. First consultation: he was watching videos but needed assistance to change from one to another. Second consultation: he was able to copy url’s from mum’s phone, learning to type. Third consultation he was playing computer games!
  • Another homeopath is Paula Lattimer. Her website contains this case example. "In only six months, CEASE therapy has had a hugely positive impact on my son's autism. Whilst I balked at Paula's suggestion of a 'plastics' detox, I held my breath in disbelief after my son's bowel movements were like melted plastic. Who knew that plastic would have that effect on the body? My son's lifetime of chronic cold sores and lesions magically disappeared after Paula prescribed a combination syphilinum remedy. Remedy by remedy and dose by dose, CEASE therapy is targeting and eliminating every symptom of autism in my son. It's amazing to watch."  Parent, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Alan Freestone is another homeopath who specialises in treating autism. His website contains many cases of curing autism, testimonials from happy parents who once had autistic children.
  • Our 4-year old boy H was diagnosed with ASD in Oct. 2013. He was non-verbal with vision problems and moderate learning difficulty. In Nov. 2013, we were lucky to find that Anna and Alan offer free homeopathy treatment for ASD kids. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they have offered incredible support not only to my son but to us as well. We started with a detox of Rabies vaccination and H showed his detox reactions such as fevers, rashes and behaviour spikes. After 4 months of treatment, he now wants to communicate and vocalised a lot. We still have a long way to go but CEASE therapy has given us great help and we are quite optimistic about his future.
  • It is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred. In our household, the name of Alan Freestone is associated with the happy and positive changes that have come about for our 4 year-old son and for our family. Although our son has improved so much since the diagnosis of autism two and a half years ago, it is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred. Our son also has PANDAS, and there are no longer any flares since we started down this path. For the first time, we actually can see that recovery is a possibility for him, recovery from both autism and PANDAS. Thank you Alan, words can’t express our gratitude.
  • Our son 7yrs continues to make incredible progress under Alan’s care. Alan’s skill at taking the patient’s history has enabled him to prescribe appropriate remedies right from the start. Remedies to clear a specific vaccine and for development continue to sit well beside ongoing biomedical and dietary intervention. Last week was the first day ever with no verbal stimming, what a relief. Yesterday he reminded me of an appointment I had forgotten, his memory is starting to work; and later in the day he did his homework with excellent focus that I had not seen before. Alan we are so grateful for the part you are playing in his recovery.There are many, many more autistic children who have been, and are being successfully treated with homeopathy. And as homeopaths understand the disease, and the cause of the disease more, and as homeopaths learn more about the remedies that are best suited to treat the disease, many more children will be treated.
New cases - since this blog was first published
There are many, many more similar cases that prove autism is not untreatable. It is, however, important to say that conventional medicine IS correct when it says, as it always does, that THEY have no treatment for autism.

For this reason this blog will not be 'closed'. As I come across further written up cases I will add them to the foot of this blog. The conventional medical establishment (supported by the BBC) may not believe there is a cure for autism. But fortunately there are a growing number of parents do.

This is the second of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy.
If conventional medicine does not wish to find a cure for Autism, Homeopathy certainly will continue to do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.

December 2019
Reversing Autism 
This is an article in What Doctors Don't Tell You by a therapist, Karen Thomas, a craniosacral therapist, who after 14 years of intense research has developed a 4-step programme for autism recovery. It involves clearing heavy metal toxins, diet recommendations designed to heal the gut, and much else. For any parent of an autistic child it is a must-read. 

Monday 25 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. Another BBC attack on homeopathy that breaks its Editorial Guidelines

Conventional medicine has no treatment for the epidemic of Autism, as the NHS website (surely an authority on the subject) confirms.

Moreover, conventional medicine does not know what causes Autism, again the NHS website confirms this when it states that

What conventional medicine does know, indeed is absolutely adamant about, is that it is NOT caused by childhood vaccines, like DPT and MMR. Vaccines are entirely safe, quite regardless of what is said on the vaccine package inserts.

And the BBC knows all this too, as they demonstrated on 22nd March 2019 in their 'You and Yours' (Y&Y) programme. Please can I ask everyone to listen to this programme, it is available here.  The programme is a scurrilous (and almost a laughable) attack on homeopathy. The problem is that homeopathy believes that it IS possible to treat autism, successfully, using a therapy known as CEASE. Moreover, many homeopaths (including myself) suspect that childhood vaccines, such as DPT and MMR are strongly implicated as a cause. So clearly there is an issue here, an important difference of view.
  • conventional medicine says that the cause of autism is unknown, and there is no treatment
  • homeopathy believes that the cause of autism is known, and there there is treatment available that can cure it.
Yet before you listen to the programme, let us consider on what basis we might judge this short Y&Y’s piece (it lasts 6-7 minutes). I suggest that the BBC’s own ‘Editorial Guidelines’ might provide an acceptable set of standards to ascertain the quality of the organisation’s own journalism? A cursory look at these guidelines show that these are the principles that should underlay what our ‘public service broadcaster’ should do when such issues is covered, including, these:
  1. Accuracy.
  2. Impartiality.
  3. (Cause no) Harm or Offence.
  4. Fairness.
  5. Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests.
This Y&Y’s piece has confirmed once again, that the BBC gives total allegiance to conventional medicine, that it is unwilling to discuss the fact that there is an alterative view, and by doing so it fails to comply with the principles of its own Editorial Guidelines. Here are a few 'quotes' from the Y&Y programme

"... a stark warning to homeopaths who offer treatment they CLAIM can cure autism..."

"... there needs to be legislation brought in to stop these 'snake oil' salesmen taking advantage of parents and making autistic children ill..."

Remember, homeopathy is the second most widely used medical therapy in the world, and insults like this are generously strewn throughout the programme! There was absolutely NO attempt made by the BBC to ensure that this piece was accurate, impartial, or fair.

The Y&Y programme emanated from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who are seeking to ban advertisements that claim homeopathy can cure autism. ASA informed the programme that it had served 'enforcement notices' on 150 homeopaths who offered "so-called" CEASE therapy, telling them to "stop misleading people". He said that five homeopaths could be prosecuted under consumer protection laws.

ASA is not an ‘authority’. It has no legal status. It is a private limited company. It makes its money through companies who advertise. One of the biggest advertisers in Britain is the pharmaceutical industry - which means that ASA makes most of its money through drug companies. It has a vested interest. The ASA has been attacking homeopathy for many years, including myself. Their position is simple. Conventional medicine has told them that there is no evidence supporting homeopathy, so any evidence presented to them by homeopaths just cannot be correct; and in any case, they are not sufficiently expert to make a judgement on such evidence!

The programme also used the expert opinion of the National Autistic Society (NAS). This charity has an annual budget of almost £1 billion, and it’s an organisation funded to a significant degree by the pharmaceutical industry. Certainly, this exchange between Dr Vernon Coleman and NAS in 2007 confirms that this was the situation at that time, and I can find no evidence that this situation has changed since then.

So perhaps unsurprisingly, NAS confirmed the view of conventional medicine that autism is a 'life-long condition’, and a "part of who people are", that it was "wrong and appalling that anyone to claim that bogus and potentially harmful therapies such as CEASE cure autism".

A parent was then introduced, selected presumably from the hundred’s of parents who have autistic children and have tried homeopathy, and one of the many thousands who have autistic children. She described how desperate she was after she was told she had an autistic child, how she was “ready to try anything". Actually the parent does describe how the paediatrician was able to offer nothing, but criticising conventional medicine was not the purpose of the BBC. She described herself as "a bit lost, a bit stupid" - so she went to a CEASE therapist. She actually suggested that she did see some changes, but encouraged by the investigator she went on to deny this.

               "No, because it is 'drops of water', but I think I desperately wanted (to see changes)”.

The investigator then commented that this parent spent several months going to this treatment, and spent several hundred pounds on it. She was then asked "is there any scientific evidence to support what these CEASE therapists are claiming?". The investigator stated, unequivocally, that homeopathy was based on claims that toxins in the environment and vaccines may have caused Autism but that "and these claims have been found to be false". Moreover, she stated that some experts had actually said that this treatment may actually be harmful.

Then an expert was brought in, Professor Nicola Martin, London South Bank University, who had advised on 'harmful interventions into autism”

               "It's something that is based on no scientific foundation, which talks about curing Autism, and autism is not a disease, it's not something that needs to be cured, and I would describe it as one of those 'quack' cures. Psychologically it is really harmful to give parents the idea that the way to love and nurture their autistic child is to try to cure their autism."

A campaigner for greater regulation of homeopathy was then brought in to continue with the monologue. This is what she had to say.

               "As an autistic adult it disgusts me that these charlatans are taking advantage of parents. I have been campaigning for five years for legislation against fake cures for autism.... There are a lot of vulnerable patients out there that are desperately seeking help for their children and they believe that this will help. These people are very professional, they have a nice website.... there should be legislation brought in to stop these 'snake oil' salesmen taking advantage of parents and making innocent children ill."

It was never explained how homeopathy was ‘harmful’ to children, or made ‘innocent children ill’ but then the whole Y&Y's piece was littered with inaccuracies from start to finish

So where was the accuracy, the impartiality, the fairness? Did the BBC seek to offer balance by bringing in people from the other viewpoint? There was a brief mention of the Society of Homeopaths (SoH), who were fleetingly quoted as saying that the term CEASE was "problematic and misleading”. But nothing else! Was this really all that SoH had to say? Or was the rest just ignored? 

The investigator also said that homeopathy is ‘unregulated’, although the SoH run courses for practitioners - inaccurate information - but never mind, no lack of accuracy must stand in the way of BBC's attack on homeopathy!

I have talked about BBC Editorial Guidelines before on this blog, emphasising how the BBC persistently disregards them when dealing with health issues, and particularly when it wishes to attack homeopathy. 

The BBC has become an echo chambers for the pharmaceutical industry, and for conventional medicine. 

Whenever health issues are covered, the BBC shows no ‘editorial integrity’ that is, in any way, shape or form, ‘independent from external interests’. Nor will the BBC allow a 'right of reply' even though homeopaths were accused of being 'snake oil salesmen' and ‘charlatans’, or for trotting out the totally inaccurate mantra that ‘there is no evidence for homeopathy’.

Perhaps the BBC does not consider that these articles cause ‘harm and offence’ to the homeopathy profession. It certainly does not care if it does. In any other circumstance, in any other sphere, if someone tries to attack and abuse someone else, when they are not present to defend themselves, they are stopped from doing so. Does the BBC believe that homeopaths the only people that should be denied such courtesy?

Yet in fact this is such bad journalism it is almost laughable. Perhaps this is why, to my knowledge, there has been no official response from the homeopathic community, and perhaps this is right. Homeopathy is either useless, just water and sugar pills (this was also mentioned in the programme). Or it harms people, makes them sick! Does anyone really want to engage in this level of thinking or discussion?

Except perhaps that once again the BBC has broken, ridden a coach and horses, through its Editorial Guidelines. It has made yet another gratuitous attack on homeopathy. So I am going to make a formal complaint to the BBC. And I would encourage anyone else, after listening to this desperately awful programme, to do likewise.

Go to this website, and click on 'make a complaint'. Don't spend too much time on it though, the BBC will not take it seriously. They never do. But I will blog their response when I receive it.

This will be the first of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy. 
If the BBC will not deal with the subject of Autism and Homeopathy accurately, impartially and fairly, at least this blog will do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.

Monday 18 March 2019

40 DEATHS LINKED TO CHILD VACCINES. Also suspected to have left 2 children with brain injuries PLUS 1,500 other neurological reactions

               "40 deaths linked to child vaccines over seven years".

               "Childhood vaccinations are suspected to have left two children with brain injuries and caused 1,500 other neurological reactionsThese include 11 cases of inflammation of the brain, 13 cases of epilepsy, and a coma."

This information comes from The Times, once one the most respected British newspapers, relied upon by the Establishment, presumably because it could be relied upon to be an honest and trustworthy source of news. Indeed, the article says that the data itself came from a reputable source within the conventional medical establishment, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), following a request by The Sunday Times under the Freedom of Information Act. So what might emanate from this information?

  • How will this affect the attitude of conventional medicine towards 'anti-vaxxers', like myself, who are being heavily criticised for doubting the safety of vaccines?
  • How will it affect NHS doctors, who routinely inform their patients that vaccines are safe, and regularly pressurise us to get vaccinated, and to vaccinate our children?

Perhaps doctors haven't caught up with this information yet. Perhaps those who attack anti-vaxxers haven't heard about this information. Perhaps now, at last, the mainstream media will begin to recognise that there IS a need properly and openly, to discuss vaccine safety.

The problem with such hope and expectation is that this information comes from a Times article of 24th October 2010!

The same information was published here, and here by WDDTY, on this blog, on this 'Vaccine Risk Awareness' website, so the information was well publicised at the time.

  • Yet nothing has happened.
  • We are still being told that vaccines are safe.
  • No mention is made of this information when telling us that vaccines are safe.
  • Those who say that vaccines are not safe are dismissed as anti-vaxxers, a danger to public health!
So let's go back even further, to 13th February 2006, and an article in the Telegraph, "Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations". This reported that

               "Eighteen babies and toddlers have died following childhood vaccinations in just four years, a secret Government report reveals. Four deaths have been linked to suspected adverse reactions to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) triple jab, according to documents prepared for the Government's expert advisers on immunisation." (My emphasis).
  • Yet nothing has happened.
  • We are still being told that vaccines are safe.
  • No mention is made of this information when telling us that vaccines are safe.
  • Those who say that vaccines are not safe are dismissed as anti-vaxxers, a danger to public health!
Going back to 2006 reminds me that conventional medicine always blames all this 'anti-vaccine' stuff on Dr Andrew Wakefield. These reports, 'secret' as one may have been, have absolutely nothing to do with him!

So what has changed? Have the vaccines changed? Have they not caused further damage to patients since 2006, or 2010?

  • ignored in the interests of the future profitability of the pharmaceutical industry?
  • ignored to safeguard the reputation of the conventional medical profession?
  • and all achieved with the willing connivance of politicians, governments, the conventional medical profession, and the mainstream media?

Friday 15 March 2019

Bowel Cancer - An operation - Then 5 years of alternating diarrhoea/constipation - Then a complete cure - Thanks to homeopathy!

When treating illness with homeopathy you sometimes hear of cases of cure that are really quite amazing. I got to know about this case when a colleague posted a serious illness on the ARH (Alliance of Registered Homeopaths) members' discussion group. It concerned her husband, who had bowel cancer over 5 years ago, and who subsequently suffered from alternate periods of diarrhoea and constipation that changed their lives.

I asked whether I could post her experience on this blog and she and her husband agreed to do so. More than that, she provided me with this short synopsis of the case history, which is given here in bold italics. My comments are interspersed.

I am a qualified homoeopath. I graduated in 2003, after a 4 year part-time course at the College of Homoeopathy (Midlands). 

In late July 2013 my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer and surgery was performed in late August 2013. The cancer was located in the sigmoid colon and during surgery 18 inches of colon was removed. Doctors decided that neither chemotherapy or radiotherapy was needed. The surgery was considered a success in that all the cancer had been removed. For the next 5 years he was monitored by the surgeon’s team and the cancer did not return.

Post Surgery
Whilst still in hospital symptoms of painful, alternate diarrhoea and constipation began. He was in extreme distress (especially with the diarrhoea). The day after surgery, and unable to reach the bathroom in time, he pulled a red cord for assistance from the nursing staff but none came. 

He was discharged on about 2nd September. I cannot remember whether it was that first evening back home or the next that he experienced severe diarrhoea. He spent the evening having diarrhoea. The washing machine was in use all that evening since he had to change his pyjama trousers several times! The experience was very distressing for him. We had not been warned by the surgeon to expect such extreme post surgery symptoms so we thought them to be something that had to be expected.

However, this was to be forerunner of the next five years!

The distress that was caused by this alternating diarrhoea and constipation was considerable, and the hospital were quite aware of the condition, and the stress that it was causing.

At all consultations over the next 5 years the surgical team expressed surprise when he told them about his symptoms. He was told the symptoms were ... unusual!  It was suggested he try 'Loperamide', a conventional medication for diarrhoea, which, whilst relieving him of the symptoms, temporarily, did nothing permanently to relieve the problem. At one such consultation it was even said by a registrar that “mistakes do happen ...”  We were stunned!

So for 5 years, following successful surgery for bowel cancer, he was left with these alternating bouts of diarrhoea and constipation, and which conventional medicine could do nothing.

He has, since surgery, needed always to wear protection, in the home and outside in the wider world - very uncomfortable.  A physical cancer had been removed only to be replaced by over 5 years of a physical and mental misery. It was life changing - for both of us. 

I was, before retirement, a member of a professional association, the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths (ARH), which has an email forum composed of homeopaths. It is used to give and share advice, especially on difficult and ‘stuck’ cases. I have contacted the forum, a wonderful group of homeopaths, several times over the 5 years, and advice was readily forthcoming. I acted upon it, searching for a remedy that might help relieve the symptoms.

During the past 5 years my husband has taken a variety of remedies, and also consulted another homoeopath.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that homeopathy is not about 'placebo'. This case is proof of this, remedies were given over this time, and none made a significant difference to the condition.

Homeopathy means treating 'like' with 'like', that is, a remedy with a symptom picture has to be found which matches the symptoms of the patient. They do NOT act if there is not a sufficient match. In other words, none of the remedies used during this time were 'homeopathic', in the true sense, that is, they were not remedies which treated 'like' with 'like'.

In January of this year (2019) the symptoms were particularly severe. He experienced a Tsunami of diarrhoea! The condition was getting worse, so I suggested that perhaps it was time for a colonoscopy bag. It would, at least, enable him to have some sort of a life, the freedom to go out without any concern about embarrassing himself. 

I decided I would ask, one final time, for help from the ARH forum. On this occasion a homeopath gave a description of what had happened to one of her patients. The symptoms she described matched those of my husband. She had prescribed the homoeopathic remedy Sulphur. Since I had nothing to lose, and more in hope than expectation, I prescribed Sulphur for my husband... 

The symptoms, which he had been experiencing for over 5 years, immediately stopped! I was flabbergasted! It had been a ‘last chance saloon’ attempt.

The homeopathic remedy Sulphur has, probably, the widest symptom picture of any remedy which we use. Yet for this reason alone we homeopaths are regularly guilty of not using it! I have been guilty of this myself, recently, for an itch that I developed a year or so ago. Nothing I tried worked. Yet Sulphur was the 'obvious' remedy. When I started taking it, within a couple a months ago, the itch had gone!

On prescribing Sulphur, even though I had not repertorised (this is the matching process) his symptoms, the remedy matched his physical symptoms. Indeed, on reading the remedy picture again (in a materia medica of homeopathy) it was obvious that it also matched his other physical symptoms, plus, importantly, his ‘whole’ symptom picture. It was what homeopathy describes as his 'constitutional' remedy! 

It is said - often - by those who do not understand the curative action of homeopathy that, “homeopathy doesn’t work...” It quite clearly does. What this case synopsis shows clearly is that the homeopathic remedy is only truly 'homeopathic' when it matches the symptoms of the patient. Otherwise it is simply a pill. It will do no harm (as can pharmaceutical drugs), but neither will it act curatively upon the presenting symptoms.

I am more than delighted to say that after over 5 years of misery, during which time he received both homeopathic and allopathic treatment, my husband is now one month into a new freedom!

No more diarrhoea, constipation or pain
Incredible! We live again!

There are many lessons that can be learnt about homeopathy from this amazing case. The main one is that homeopathy does work, and works really well. 

However, the second is that homeopathy only works when the remedy used is truly 'homeopathic', that is, the remedy description matches the patients symptoms.