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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Steroid Drugs - dependency and an adult emergency card. Is this really medicine?

 Just how effective and dangerous are these pharmaceutical drugs if you have to carry this card? The clues can perhaps be spotted in the following words taken from this "Steroid Emergency Card".

  • "the patient is physically dependent on daily steroid 'therapy'".
  • "critical medicine".
  • "It must be given/taken as prescribed and never committed or discontinued".
  • "Missed doses, illness or surgery can cause an adrenal crisis requiring emergency treatment".

The conventional medical establishment should be deeply ashamed that any pharmaceutical drug that leave patients in such circumstances, should be considered an 'medicine', and that such a drug should be inflicted on any patient.

I can only recommend that patients who have to carry such a card, or anyone taking drugs that can have this outcome, or anyone offered these drugs, should consult with a qualified and registered homeopath to see what can be done to help them.

A copy of this card was taken from this MIMS website.

The steroid emergency card should be given to all patients with primary adrenal insufficiency and those who are steroid dependent.