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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines. They were going to save the world, get life back to normal. So how are they doing?

The Covid-19 vaccines were going to save us from the pandemic, and quickly return our social, emotional and careers back to normal. This is what we were told. We are several months into a mass programme of vaccination, and it is becoming clear from government, NHS and MSM that this is not going to be so. Post vaccine all is not quite as positive or miraculous as we had been promised.

This experience should not come as a surprise. It is a microcosm of what conventional medicine has been promising us, and failing to fulfil, for the last 100 years and more.

  • Medical science was winning the battle against illness and disease.
  • Magic pills, new wonder drugs have been regularly announced, as as regularly banned because they were ineffective or dangerous or both.
  • New medical treatments would transform our experience of ill-health - but they never have.

Conventional medicine always appears so knowledgeable, the seem to know everything about health, down to the minutest detail: they can us about how our body works, down to our genes; to the bacteria and viruses that we live with. Medical science knows how everything works, in great detail, and when we are ill it is able to describe how things have gone wrong. It is this detailed and intimate knowledge of the working of the body that convinced us that conventional medicine would soon be able to overcome disease. It promised so much. But in reality it has delivered so little.

The problem has always been that the promise, and the promises of conventional medicine have never materialised. When you get beyond the medical hype the propaganda it becomes clear that conventional medicine knows everything about the mechanics of the body, but understands little about the treatment of  the body once it is sick.

The problem with conventional medicine has always been that it knows what is wrong, but it has no idea how to put things right when they go wrong. The failure is the ability to cure, to offer patients effective treatment.


When Covid-19 broke out conventional medicine admitted it had no treatment. Doctors were honest about this because they had to be honest about it! They didn't have any treatment! People went into hospital and unless they had sufficient inner strength to survive they died, regardless of the dedicated nursing staff, and the expensive equipment and machinery that surrounded them. Patients, and their relatives and friends, were rightfully pleased that nursing care was good, if not excellent; but effective treatment has been entirely absent.

So devoid of effective treatment governments around the world have had to resort to drastic public health measures; social distancing, lockdown, and the like. People have usually been brilliant in conforming to the new restrictive rules, devastating for our lives as they have invariably been. The problem facing governments was simple - just how long were people prepared to put up with these policies?

And this is where the Covid-19 vaccines came in. They would be our salvation. They would protect us from the virus, and return us quickly to normal life. All would be well.

It has always been thus. Chronic disease in all its many forms have grown to epidemic proportions (and in the main caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines). And a succession of infectious diseases have come and gone over the years, with never any conventional medical treatment. When they affected animals, entire flocks or herds were culled - in the name of medical treatment. We now know the damage conventional medicine is prepared to cause to human society, not necessarily because of the seriousness of the Covid-19, but the medical policies that are pursued in response to it.

So now we are beginning to discover the real value of the Covid-19 vaccines. The Promises have been made; but now comes the reality!

  • Children might be returning to school; but with a rigorous testing system, and with many of the social distancing rules remaining, alongside the additional imposition of having to wear a mask. Even in these 'post-vaccine' times children might still spread the virus to others!
  • One person may now be able to visit a relative in a residential home; but they are not allowed to hug; they must wear full protective equipment. And this has to be done even when resident and visitor has been vaccinated.
  • 'Non-essential' businesses remain closed, and the plan is that they will not re-open for some weeks, perhaps even months.
  • And the police continue to use their powers to enforce the governments public health policies, and prosecute those who commit the 'crime' of ignoring policy; as this link from my local newspaper demonstrates.
  • Yet perhaps Professor Chris Whitty, the government's Chief Medical Officer, should have the last word. We must not think that the pandemic is over, he tells us; unlocking too quickly could lead to a 'substantial surge' in Covid-19 infections; the impact of vaccination are 'gradual'; we might even have to lockdown again this winter.
So the pre-vaccine optimism has been replaced by the post-vaccine reality. This was not what we were promised prior to the mass vaccination campaign, during the months when we needed to be reassured that conventional medicine could do something, anything that would improve the medical response to Covid-19!

Government has told us that its policy has always been informed by medical science, and it is in tatters. It has not only led to disastrous and often ridiculous social, mental health and economic consequences; it has failed.

Other patients, left untreated during the pandemic, including those with cancer and heart problems, has also suffered the consequences of medical failure. Data suggest that Covid-19 has led to half a million heart patients, alone, missing out on heart medication. This medication might be highly questionable; but the neglect of these patients is a clear sign that conventional medicine is now failing - disastrously.

NHS waiting lists have also risen to record high levels, including those people who are waiting for routine surgery. It is another symptom of medical failure. However much we spend on a failing medical system, it cannot cope with patient demand.

Government and the MSM are keeping us informed, constantly, about the number of people who have now received their Covid-19 vaccines - now over 22 million. It appears to make little or no difference in what is happening on the ground. Returning to 'normal' life is still not possible. The conventional medical establishment may have seemed super-confident in proclaiming their new vaccines, our saviours; however, now they here arrived it appears to be significantly less confident about their actual performance. It has always been so - with all wonder drugs and vaccines.

The MSM, which has become an integral part of the conventional medical establishment, has also had to admit that these new vaccines are not quite as safe as we were promised. Even BBC News has felt obliged to tell us about vaccine side effects, something it rarely does; so here we are told that it is "normal" to feel "a bit unwell" after the Covid-19 vaccines. But not seriously unwell, of course. The MSM, alongside the NHS, and the MHRA (drug regulator) has failed to report the news that Covid-19 vaccines are causing death to hundreds of patients, maybe thousands if the reporting systems are doing what they usually do - reporting only about 1% to 10% of the real figure.

Covid-19 will decline; just as every epidemic in the history of mankind has declined. But expect the conventional medical establishment to claim the benefit for this. Anyone who is prepared to examine the tragedy of the response to Covid-19 will know such a claim is nonsense. But such is the power of medical propaganda there is every chance that some people will actually believe this - despite the mayhem that we have suffered for the past year.