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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines. MSM begins to examine safety, and links with blood clotting

The mainstream media (MSM) in the UK have begun to report on the link between Covid-19 vaccines and blood clots. They have been forced to do so. They can no longer justify telling the public that these vaccines are 'entirely safe' - as they have been doing for months. But welcome as this change may be it needs to be challenged. Let's go over the history of media coverage of these vaccines since they were introduced at the end of December 2020.

  • Initially we were told that the vaccines were entirely safe; without reservation or caveat.
  • The vaccines would get our lives back to normal.
  • Early reports of serious side effects were completely ignored, never mentioned.
  • As reports of adverse reactions continued to come in they were denied (they were misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theory); even though they were reported by the UK's drug regulator, the MHRA, and published on the official government website.
  • Anyone who dared mention them were abused by the MSM as 'vaccine hesitant', 'anti-vaxxers'; their voices were never eard; they never asked to share their views by the MSM; and they were subject to increasing censorship on social media; I was myself banned on both Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Then several countries suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, with blood clots being the cause of concern. The concerns of these countries were dismissed as 'sour grapes', countries whose vaccine rollout was not a 'good' as the UK's. It was an entirely ‘political’ action; it had nothing to do with health.
  • Yet the reported links between the vaccines and serious side effects continued to come through; and even the MSM could not ignore the evidence being provided by the MHRA. The MSM have been forced to respond, patient harm had to be addressed.
  • It has been addressed in several ways. "There was no proven link". "The numbers were so small". "It was just 'coincidence'" (the patient became ill at the same time as having the vaccine). "All drugs and vaccines had side effects". "These was nothing to worry about".
  • Then the MHRA decided that there was a link between the AZ Covid vaccine and blood clotting. So the MSM could no long ignore the information. No-one under 30 were to be given the AstraZeneka vaccine. So there was a link, the conventional medical establishment (CME) had to admit it. But the vaccines still had to be defended - so the public was told that the “benefits of the vaccines outweighed disadvantages”, and we were urged to continue taking the vaccine.

This is where we are now, at the time of writing. It is typical of what happens to pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines - starting life as safe wonder drugs - and as patients in great numbers take them serious adverse reactions are discovered, demonstrating that the drug/vaccine is neither as safe, nor as magical in their treatment of illness. 

The 'disadvantage of the 'benefit'/'disadvantage' equation is the first quiet recognition that the initial claims of drug safety were not true.

The coverage of the MSN has not changed. It still provides the public with the views of the CME, the 'experts' who told us about the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. They were never questioned about this at the time. Now they are not being questioned, called to task, about why they got it wrong. They offer their excuses, and these are never challenged. 

Nor are the critics of the CME approach to vaccines being given any more coverage or credibility. They were right; but they continue to be ignored. Those critics would be telling the public about the gathering evidence about reports of vaccine harm, which continue to appear in the official CHE sources, from the 'experts' themselves, but which continue to be ignored.

The MSM is still not being told the truth by the CME, the so-called experts. And the MSM don't bother to check what they are being told. Nor do they bother to ask anyone who would be prepared to tell them. For instance:

  • the problem with Covid-19 vaccines does not begin and end with blood clotting, it goes much further. The MHRA tells us that:

        "The most frequent adverse reactions in trials were pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, myalgia (muscle pains), chills, arthralgia (joint pains), and fever; these were each reported in more than 1 in 10 people." (My emphasis).

Since the vaccine was rolled out at the end of December 2020, as of 28th March 2021, (about 3 months), "43,491 Yellow Cards have been reported for the Pfizer/BioNTech, 116,162 have been reported for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, and 418 have been reported where the brand of the vaccine was not specified."

These are not small numbers. And it does not reflect what the public has been told for the last 3 months, that the vaccines are safe. Yet the MHRA report provides information about the much more serious adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, including:

  • severe allergy, including anaphylaxis.
  • Bell's Palsy.
  • Thrombo-embolic events.
  • Death

Yes, death; something the MSM has rarely (if ever) mentioned. Both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are killing people. This is not an issue just because people are losing their lives - but also because the public are not being told. Do we not need to know? Should we not be told? Ask the government why the public is not being informed. Ask conventional medical experts why they are not telling us, whilst continuing to urge us to get vaccinated. Ask the MSM why they are ignoring the facts, as outlined by the MHRA, the UK's drug regulator, on the official government webpage.

        "The MHRA has received 302 UK reports of suspected ADR;s to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 472 reports for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, and 12 where the brand of vaccine was unspecified". 

So 786 deaths in the UK, still entirely ignored by the MSM, information kept from the general public most of whom do not read official government websites.

I have watched this figure increase week by week. And week by week people are agreeing to vaccination on the basis that the vaccines are entirely safe - they have never been told otherwise. They certainly don't realise that vaccinated people are dying. They have not been told so they cannot make an informed choice.

It appears that the AstraZenica vaccine is grabbing most MSM attention, but it is difficult to see why this is. UK data, and similar figures in the USA and elsewhere around the world, suggest that this vaccine is no more or less harmful than any other Covid-19 vaccine. All the Covid-19 vaccines are causing serious patient harm, including death. And the public is not being told - by the medical authorities, by government, or by the MSM. Why?

Of course, any mention of 'blood clots' in the MSM is nearly always accompanied with the word 'rare'. This is part of the normal CHE reassurances. The vaccines might be causing blood clots; we might be concerned (if we knew); we might stop giving the vaccine to the under 30's; but don't worry - it is rare. So play the game of Russian Roulette, and hope for the best. And don't think about the fact that only 1% to 10% of drug/vaccine side effects are ever reported - which means that the numbers affected can be multiplied by at least 10, and probably 100. So not so rare, perhaps, but we are still urged to get vaccinated!

The Future - how will this story develop?

So where is this situation heading? On the basis that "the best predictor of the Future is the Past", whenever we predict the future we should learn from the past, in this situation from the history of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. If we look at this, what I have outlined above is not new or unusual, it has happened before, time and time again, and it is likely to be repeated here too.

I have written about "The Ages of Drugs" before, describing the decline of the many drugs that start life as ‘wonder drugs’ and which, over the years, become just another failed, ‘banned' drug. Each drug begin life heralded by great claims of conquering disease, overcoming and changing our experience of illness. They all finish their lives when it is decided that cause too much harm to patients to continue using them.

This ageing process is usually slow. The CHE has developed ways of slowing down the process. So the MSM are still talking exclusively to the same pro-vaccine ’experts’, members of the CHE. It is just that in future months the reassurances will sound ever-more hollow to anyone aware of what is happening, or have themselves be harmed by the vaccines.

And those of us who were right about the vaccines, who have been accused of 'misinformation', 'fake news', and 'conspiracy theory' will still be censored. The public cannot hear what we have to say, we excluded from the MSM, and increasingly censored by social media.

What we are witnessing with Covid-19 vaccines is ‘The Age of Drugs’ - the continual drip of information which I predict will ultimately destroy the reputation of these Covid-19 vaccines, and the ill-informed trust the public has in them. 

We have been here before with many other pharmaceutical drugs so there is no reason to believe it will not happen again.