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Monday, 15 March 2021

Listen to your Immune System: get to feel how your natural immunity is constantly working

How well is your immune system working? How good is your natural immunity? And how do you know?

The question is usually answered by asking how susceptible you are to bugs and germs, how frequently you contract coughs, colds, and sore throats.

Yet in recent months I have come to think perhaps there is another way. I may have been as I was aware of the Covid-19 problem that made me conscious of every little tickle in my throat, every slightly blocked nose, every temporary cough, every momentary desire to sneeze.

I didn't realise how often these things came; nor how quickly they went again, quite spontaneously, sometimes within just a few minutes; and without having to do anything. So what is happening?

We should recognise that we live with germs, bacteria, viruses every minute of the day. They are part of 'us', part of our make up. We can usually live in harmony with them. Only since the germ theories of Louis Pasteur, in the latter part of the 19th century, did we begin to look at them as 'the enemy'

So what maintains the balance between 'them' and 'us', what stops the germs doing what they can do if they get out of control? The answer is simple - it is the 'host'; that is, it is you and me; it is our body, within which the germs function, that controls them. And this is what the body's immune system is set up to do, every moment of the day.

We have all known this for a very long time! What I did not realise, perhaps as I should  have realised, is that our immune system is working, continually, to correct even the most marginal, most delicate of imbalances.

Only conventional medicine, in its desire to sell vaccines, appears to have forgotten the importance of natural immunity. Perhaps it has also had to forget because a 'side effect' of so many of their pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines is actually compromise the immune system. This is what gives rise to the numerous 'autoimmune' diseases from which so many people now suffer. Indeed, some drugs actually set out to suppress the immune system (immunosuppressant drugs).

What natural medical therapies realise is that we have to look after our immune system. When it works it works and we don't even know it is working. When it is compromised we pay a serious price in terms of our general health. I have written about how we can support and strengthen our natural immunity, through healthy lifestyle choices, good diet and nutrition, exercise and the like. And of course, staying clear of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

So here is an exercise for you. Begin to recognise the functioning of your natural immunity, take notice of the small, temporary signs of potential ill-health that I have listed; witness their emergence; and see how they come and go, quite naturally. This is the immune system at work. Appreciate it. Begin to do all the many things that will support and strengthen your personal immunity.

It's a lovely exercise. It encourages us to eat another bowl of fruit, and/or to get out into the sunshine, and/or to exercise. And it makes us appreciate, and look after. the wonderful body we have all been given - brilliantly designed to keep us in good health.