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Friday 19 March 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines are pronounced "safe". How much can we rely on this? The Ages of Drugs: is a new saga beginning?

Anyone who is relying on conventional medicine to overcome the Covid-19 virus is probably ignoring the best defence we have, and even putting their lives at risk.

I am reminded of a story that a Christian friend once told me about "The drowning Christian". It concerns a man faced with imminent death by drowning. He is offered help; by someone in a canoe; another in a speed boat; and eventually by a helicopter. He refuses all these offers of help preferring instead to 'rely on God'. He drowns; and when he meets his God he asks why he did not help. God reminded him that he did send two boats and a helicopter! 

This modern-day parable is told by Christians to gently to encourage us all to help ourselves rather than to rely on any blind faith in God to solve our problems for us.

The fact is that we are all well equipped to help ourselves against viruses! My good, deeply religious friend would no doubt remind me that God has provided us all with an immune system, that we have been given natural immunity from disease. It is not necessary to wait for a vaccine, or indeed anything else that conventional medicine might offer as 'the only' solution to the problem.

The problem with pharmaceutical medicine is that it wants us to place our faith in vaccines. Throughout the pandemic conventional medical 'science' has focused on the need for a vaccine to the almost total exclusion of any mention of natural immunity.

The importance of our immune system is stressed by homeopathy, and most other natural medical therapies. There are two problems with reliance on the immune system. One is that we all have to work quite hard to support and strengthen our natural immunity (I have written about this recently, here). And second, it is not a profitable strategy for the pharmaceutical industry. So the conventional medical establishment wants us to believe that our salvation (literally, that word has been used) rests entirely with pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and that we should rely on them to the exclusion of everything else.

Reliance on the Covid-19 Vaccines - the beginning of a new saga?

Most people have been waiting for the Covid-19 vaccines. For months we have all been told these vaccines were going to be our saviour, they would return us to normal life, ending the need to wear masks, to socially distance, and to lockdown. Yet now, even after many millions of people have been vaccinated, this is not happening - even for those people who have been vaccinated. 

Then reports started to emerge about people dying shortly after they had been vaccinated. So most European countries suspended one of the vaccines. Days later the drug regulator, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) has assured us that despite the deaths, this vaccine is safe, and the vaccination programme should continue.

So are the vaccines safe? Are the reports of serious side effects, including blood clots and death, to be discounted this easily? And with such complete certainty?

There is little doubt that a new saga has started, as it does with most (if not all) pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. I have described the process before as 'The Ages of Pharmaceutical Drugs', and also when describing 'The Dangerous Drugs of Today'. 

            "There is a regular pattern of 'new' drugs replacing 'old' drugs, always accompanied by strident claims about their miraculous capabilities for the new one - only for these new 'wonder' drugs to be withdrawn (as silently as possible) just a few years later. One of the recurring features of pharmaceutical drugs is that each one appears to pass through a specific life cycle.

Birth. The new drug is announced as a 'medical breakthrough' that will transform the lives of patients who suffer from a particular disease. We are told that they have been 'scientifically' tested, and found to be both safe and effective. 

Childhood. The drug is prescribed to patients, often in great anticipation. However, it is quickly discovered that the new wonder drug has 'side effects', or 'adverse reactions' (which should be known as Disease-Inducing-Effects, or DIEs). However, in these early, hopeful days these are usually considered to be unimportant. The argument is usually that the benefits of the drugs to patients greatly outweigh these ‘minor’ disadvantages.

This is where the Covid-19 vaccines are at the moment - in their childhood - not such a wonder drug - and with the first signs of patient harm having emerged, albeit quickly denied or dismissed. Adulthood will follow, when more serious evidence of patient harm emerges which cannot be denied or ignored, and the use of the drug has to be restricted, prescribed only with great caution, alongside increasing patient 'hesitancy'. Old Age then follows when "patients begin to realise some of the problems caused by the drug, and as a result there is increased resistance to taking them. Doctors are finally forced to accept that the drug does cause damage to patients. The use of the drug declines, and its profitability is severely reduced. By this stage, however, Big Pharma has often come up with a 'new' replacement drug".

The final stage, Death, has been the ultimate fate of most pharmaceutical drugs throughout history. This now happens only "when the drug has been found to be either ineffective or unsafe (and has become less profitable too). But tragically this never happens before millions of patients have been allowed to suffer serious harm to their health, and the drug can be banned "as quietly and surreptitiously as possible" to avoid any negative publicity.

During all this time pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are kept alive by conventional medical science, and a drug regulatory system, both of which have fallen completely under the control of pharmaceutical interests. Both are supposed to protect patients from harm, but essentially they each now serve the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, providing assurances about drug safety. Add to this the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has a long history of dishonesty, corruption and fraud - briefly outlined here.

So this is not a medical system that anyone should trust with their health and well-being. Everyone has within them the means of protection. Like the drowning man we should rely on what we have, some might argue the things God has given us, rather than what is being offered, rather dubiously, by a pharmaceutical industry whose track record in treating illness and disease is quite appalling.

If conventional medicine had our best interests at the forefront of their agenda it would been emphasising the importance of each of us tending to our immune systems, developing our natural immunity through diet, nutrition and exercise, et al. Instead, it has been intent on forcing yet another vaccine on us. It won't be entirely clear, perhaps for many more years just how harmful these vaccines are.