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Friday, 5 March 2021

THE BUDGET (2021). The economy is in deep crisis: but there is one vital question yet to be asked: but will it ever be answered?

The UK's annual budget was announced earlier this week. The economy is in deep, long-term trouble. We were told that government spending has created a national debit apparently unparalleled outside the two 20th century World Wars. It will take many years, perhaps decades, to pay it off. To date the economy has declined by about 10%; many viable business, large and small, have gone bust, unemployment has rocketed. And the process of recovery remains uncertain.

All this economic mayhem has been, we are told, is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic!

This is not true. The economic mayhem has NOT been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been caused by government policy in response to the Covid-19. It is the result of massive government spending on its favoured medical response, the direct result of social distancing and lockdown policies.  As a response to the pandemic none of these policies have been particularly successful but they have been the exclusive cause of our economic problems.

The important question is - were they necessary? 

And were they proportionate to the size of the problem faced?

If Government policy had been a measured, appropriate response to the size of the problem presented by the pandemic it would have been understandable. It was not. The economy has been compromised by a 'pandemic' whose outcomes have not been significantly worse outcomes than a bad influenza season. Over 99% of those who tested positive for the virus survived. Few of those who did die did not die of the virus - they died with it - the vast majority died from serious underlying health conditions, compounded by the virus. Even so, the number of deaths during the pandemic has not been significantly higher than the average number of deaths that would have normally been expected.

Government policy might also have been acceptable if the policy it adopted had been the only possible response to the pandemic. It was not. If natural immunity had been placed central to the policy the economy could have been kept open for everyone whose immune system was sufficiently strong to ensure they would either not catch the virus, or would not have become severely ill if they did. Only those people whose immune system had been compromised would have had to suffer long-term social distancing and lockdown disruption. Most of the economic life of the country could have continued.

Incidentally, this criticism of government policy is not made as a party-political point. If the main opposition had been in control of government there would have been even more social distancing, more lockdown, indeed, more of every nonsense policy but for longer. They would also have based their policy on "the best scientific-medical advice". And it is this medical advice, from conventional medical science, that is the culprit in the whole Covid-19 policy, and its economic and social consequences. All our poltical parties are investing in a medical system that just does not work. It is not only ineffective, it is dangerous, more interested in selling vaccines than supporting our health through natural immunity.

At some point in the near future, when the MSM-created panic dies down, a retrospective attempt should be made to compare (i) the seriousness of the pandemic with (ii) the social and economic cost of the government's response to the pandemic. 

Whether this is done remains to be seen but it is certainly not part of the current budget debate, and in the longer term it won't be in the government's interest, or the interests of the conventional medical establishment, to ask the question. So it may never be done. 

Yet anyone who has lost their job or livelihood; anyone whose education has been compromised; anyone whose mental health has been harmed; anyone with serious illness whose treatment has been halted; anyone whose social relationships with loved ones have been undermined at important times; indeed, everyone should look at the statistics relating to Covid-19 and ask

Has our suffering been worthwhile?

As long as conventional medicine remains dominant, and in control of most health services, everything and everyone is at risk of these viral epidemics. 

  • if it affects us our economy and social life is destroyed
  • if it affects birds or animals they are culled, often in large numbers
  • if it affects trees they are felled

Moreover, any new virus will produce exactly the same mayhem. So we are best advised to begin asking questions about the safety, efficacy and patient outcomes of conventional or pharmaceutical medicine - now, without delay!