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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

THE FAILURE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. NHS England needs £12billion a year extra to recover from Covid-19

NHS England (note, just England, not the whole of the UK) "needs £12 billion a year boost" to recover from Covid-19, according to a report from a leading think tank, the IPPR, and reported exclusively by Channel 4 News. It highlights the horrific legacy left by a medical system that has been completely overwhelmed by a virus.

> millions of GP appointments have been missed
> there are now record waiting lists for Mental Health treatment
> cancer deaths predicted to rise

Yet I described the antecedents of this situation 13 year ago when I wrote the first edition of my E-Book, THE FAILURE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. In the introduction to his book I asked an important, if not fundamental question: 

            .... if we spent our money purchasing something (anything) that did not work, would we continue to spend more money buying more of it?

Clearly we would not! We would look for another product, and continue doing so until we found something that worked! 

The exception to this for the last 70-100 years is that we have been buying into a medical system that quite simply does not work, and is actually harming our health.

Moreover, any government, any national health service that was focusing on patient health, any mainstream media that was prepared to ask question, and investigate, should have been able to see this situation coming. Every year, since early 2011, I have been writing at least one blog every year on "the NHS in crisis". You can see them all if you go to the top of this page and search "NHS in Crisis". This will bring up most of these blogs, whose message can be simply outlined here:

  • We have allowed the NHS to be dominated by one single form of medicine, conventional medicine, which is itself dominated by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.
  • Since 1948, when the NHS began to offer free conventional medical treatment, the incidence of chronic disease, all chronic disease, has grown to epidemic proportions; and they are continuing to rise even now.
  • Conventional medical treatment has not been able to make us well: indeed it is making us sicker; and as a result the demand for medical treatment has been rising, year by year.
  • Natural medical therapies, notably homeopathy, has been increasingly sidelined and virtually excluded during this entire period.
  • So as patient demand for medical treatment has risen over the years, the NHS has regularly demanded more money, more resources, to spend on more and more of the same, or similar treatment.
  • Each and every winter the NHS finds itself in a serious crisis, it struggles to cope with high levels of patient need; and each winter I have described these crises.
  • As a result of NHS, and patient pressure, every year, the UK government increases the NHS budget. It has risen in every respect, including the percentage of national wealth that we are now spending on health, a specifically on conventional medicine.
  • Invariably the NHS budget spends all its additional money on more of the same; more pharmaceutical drugs, more vaccines; more surgery arising largely from the failure of these drugs to treat illness and disease at an earlier stage.
  • And as the NHS offers more and more treatment, we have got sicker - there is more chronic disease than ever before - more demand for medical treatment - more pressure on the NHS - and more demand on for more spending.
The current crisis should be seen within this history of conventional medical failure. So, what is happening now might indeed be "The True Price of the Pandemic" but it is actually much more than this, at least, for anyone who is prepared to look beyond the hype and propaganda of the conventional medical establishment. The current situation, arising from the pandemic, is is just another nail in the coffin of conventional medicine, another chapter in the long-running saga of "the NHS in Crisis". Just as I predicted, back in 2007, it is the latest indication of "The Failure of Conventional Medicine".

So will the NHS be given another £12 billion, on top of the £200 billion it is already spending every year? Very probably! 

Will the new money enable the NHS to cope with the rising levels of ill-health, sickness and disease? Certainly not if past performance is an adequate predictor of future performance.

In dealing with one illness, Covid-19, with a spectacular lack of success, the drug/vaccine dominated NHS has not only been unable to cope with the virus, it has neglect other illnesses, including some of the most serious diseases. It has prejudiced the health of millions of people. And it has done so to an extent that makes it difficult to see how the NHS (in its present form, dominated as it is by conventional medicine) will be able to cope with the backlog of ill-health that has been generated over the last 70+ years.

Covid-19 (or rather the failure of the NHS to cope with it) has virtually bankrupted our economy, whole industries ruined, people losing their jobs and livelihoods, social life decimated, the creation of (what is likely to be) a mental health catastrophe, et al, it is difficult to see how the government is going to be able to continue feeding the NHS with the kind of money it is now demanding.

We have been trying to feed a bottomless hole, a insatiably greedy monster.

It is time we stopped.