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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

MST Continus (morphone). Why has this drug been "discontinued"

The 'discontinuation' of this drug, MST Continus, has been announced by MIMS (March 2021). I suspect that MST Continus was 'discontinued' because it had to be banned. Discontinuation appears to be the new word that the pharmaceutical medical establishment uses because it sounds less dramatic, and less harmful to the reputation of the drugs industry. I have written about this recently about another drug, Phyllocontin (aminophylline).

So what is the basis for my suspicion? It is contained within the MIMS article, from which I have extracted these two statements.

  • "All strengths of MST Continus (morphine) prolonged-release granules for oral suspension are being discontinued because of difficulty sourcing a key excipient." (my emphasis).
  • "Healthcare professionals should not initiate MST Continus in new patients. Individuals currently prescribed MST Continus granules should be contacted for a treatment review." (my emphasis).

So which is it? If it is a difficulty sourcing a key ingredient that is one thing. But if the drug is safe and effective why have doctors been told not to use it, and to stop using it with patients already using it? 

  • The first statement declares that the reason for 'discontinuation' concerns logistical issues. 
  • The second clearly indicates that the drug has been banned, because for patients it is either ineffective, unsafe, or both.

If there should be any lingering doubt in your mind that MST Continus is not a dangerous drug you should read the (rather lengthy) Patient Information Leaflet that accompanies the drug, available here.

This drug has been withdrawn because it is yet another pharmaceutical drug that has seriously damaged the patients for which it has been prescribed for many years.