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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Covid-19. How do we sort "information" from "misinformation" from Government Propaganda from vested Pharmaceutical interests? Or is 'Big Brother' in control?

There is a complexity of information coming through, mainly on the internet, about the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the seriousness of the pandemic, and the safety and effectiveness of the new Covid-19 vaccines. I have given links to some of the more recent information I have seen below - just an example of the questions that are being raised. 

But first, I want to consider the reason for doing so, and particularly to ask the questions we all need to ask about each one of these links, and why they are being ignored, or dismissed as 'disinformation by government, the medical establishment, and the mainstream media (MSM).

By sharing these links, I suspect I will be accused of peddling "misinformation" and perhaps even censored now by social media.

My general concerned about this situation are as follow:.

  • Do all these articles constitute "misinformation", or "fake news"? Are they to be routinely dismissed in this cavalier way, with examination or investigation?
  • Why is the official information, provided by government, the medical establishment, the MSM, and now Social Media, so monotonously identical?
  • How can the general public distinguish between what is "real information" and what is "misinformation"? Can they rely on what the government, the medical hierarchy, and the MSM tell us? Is it telling us the whole truth?
  • Indeed, why does government, the medical establishment, and the MSM routinely dismiss any article that is even critical of their message?
  • Why is the general public not being informed about the reasons WHY these, and similar articles, are considered to be "disinformation"?
  • Why does the MSM not investigate such articles in order to discover whether they are true, and if false, tell us about the reasons they have arrived at this decision?
  • Why does the MSM, who like to describe themselves as 'the free press', never investigate or report to us any information that is contrary to the message of government, and the conventional medical establishment?
  • Does the MSM believe that the only information the public is allowed to have is the information that government, and the conventional medical establishment, wants us to know? If so, is this the proper role of a 'free press' within a democratic society.
  • Why are people who are 'vaccine hesitant' dismissed out of hand, and abused as being over-influenced by 'fake news' and 'misinformation', and never given a voice.

Does it not all sound a little like "BIG BROTHER"?

As someone who has always questioned what I am being told, particularly when it is the message of  powerful governments and big, influential corporations, I wonder why the information in these articles are either being ignored, or never mentioned, or if mentioned just dismissed "disinformation" without any reasons being given. 

In the past I have always noted that such a strategy has more to do with the propaganda of powerful and influential vested interests, commercial and political groups who don't want to be questioned, and have sufficient control to avoid questioning. It is a strategy that has more to do with partial propaganda, or cover-up than it is good government, or good health care provision, or good journalism. So let's have a look at just a few of the articles that are being ignored, and dismissed as 'misinformation'.

Investigation links Fauci to controversial experiments that may have led to Pandemic

Why Covid-19 vaccine testing is a farce

UK (Government) Data show 402 reports of deaths following Covid-19 vaccines

Numbers of injuries reported to CDC after Covid-19 vaccines climbs by nearly 4,000 in one week.

Tanzanian government skeptical about safety of Covid-19 vaccines

Whistleblower. 25% of residents in German nursing home died after Pfizer vaccine.

Israeli Health Ministry. Pfizer vaccine killed "about 40 times more elderly than the disease would have killed"

Surgeon dies weeks after Covid-19 vaccination of multi-organ system failure

 Man dies 25 minutes after getting Covid-19 vaccine in New York?

Elderly man dies shortly after receiving Covid-19 vaccine....

Why is death after Covid-19 vaccination always assumed to be coincidental?

Stats on Covid-19 vaccine injury and death don't add up

Coronavirus Fact Check. Why are 'new cases' plummeting?

Twitter to permanently ban users who spread Covid-19 misinformation

So before I get de-platformed by social media for referring to these articles, or further abused by the MSM for not automatically accepted what I am being told, perhaps they would have the professional integrity to answer these questions. It is undemocratic not to do so. It is against what we are supposed to believe about personal liberty, individual freedom, free speech and the freedom of information. This is not just about these particular articles, but the many other reports that question, or are critical of how we are being informed about the virus, the pandemic, and the way governments are dealing with it, and the unwillingness of the MSM to respond to it fairly and equitably.