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Thursday, 29 April 2021

How dangerous are pharmaceutical drugs? And how long does it take drug regulators take action to protect patients? Does the pharmaceutical companies have a licence to kill?

The magazine WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) is one that everyone interested in their health and well-being should subscribe to. It often uncovers interesting and important medical research that usually does not attract attention anywhere else, and certainly not the attention it deserves, and patients need. It did this again in its April 2021 edition.

            "Researchers from the SONAR (Southern Network on Adverse Reactions), which represents drug researchers at 50 medical universities, tracked the history of 15 drugs and one medical device that had either resulted in payments or more than $1 billion in damages or had at least 1,000 reported cases of patients who had died or suffered serious reactions between 1997 and 2019".

The conventional medical establishment (CHE) will usually admit that all their pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can cause patient harm; although they heavily discount the seriousness of this admission. Yet the drugs examined in this study were clearly the most dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that have ever been promoted and used by the CHE.

Drug regulators, like the FDA in the USA, the EMA in Europe, and the MHRA in the UK, are supposed to protect patients from medical harm. It is their primary duty. The SONAR study informs us about how well they undertake this task by looking at how many people died before action was taken (if this was known), and for how long was the drug prescribed before it was banned? This is a summary of what they discovered.

  • Epoetin: number of deaths unknown: 13 years
  • Darepoetin: number of deaths unknown: 5 years
  • Celecoxib: 7,000 death: 7 years
  • Rosiglitazone: 47 death: 8 years
  • Zoldendronic acid: number of deaths unknown: 3 years
  • Pamidronate: number of deaths unknown: 16 years
  • Gadodiamide: number of deaths unknown: 17 years
  • Levofloxin 66,000 deaths: 29 years
  • Valdecoxib 99,000 deaths: 4 years
  • Hydroxy-ethyl starch: 900 deaths: 5 years
  • Phenylpropanolamine: number of deaths unknown: 62 years
  • Rofecoxib: 270,000 deaths: 2 years
  • Aprotonin: 22,000 deaths: 13 years
  • Fenfluramine-Phentermine 300,000 deaths: 1 year

Details of many more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have had to be withdrawn or banned (eventually) because they have caused serious patient harm can be found here.

Asleep on Duty? Incompetence? Or worse? Are drug regulators more concerned with the financial integrity of drug companies than protecting patient from serious harm. This is what WDDTY concluded:

           "This deadly hesitation is often the result of several factors: bureaucratic incompetence by the regulator and its cosy relationship with the drug company; the deliberate hiding of inconvenient data, and executives from the drug company threatening or bullying independent researchers who have discovered the drug's dangers."

Whatever the reason one thing is certain. Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, however serious their so-called 'side effects', however many people they kill, do not appear to be a cause for serious CHE concern. If a drug kills thousands of patients; if it is prescribed, and known to be dangerous for many years, even decades, little is done about it.

  • Even when a dangerous drug is eventually banned little or no action is taken against the drug company, the drug regulator, or anyone else within the CHE.
  • Even though each of these drugs went through years of 'scientific' testing, there has never been a serious examination into the integrity and honesty of the  'science' behind the drug, why it was pronounced 'safe', and why medical science consistently fails to pick up the lethal dangers of pharmaceutical drugs. Could this be, for instance, that drug companies pay for the science?
  • The drug is usually withdrawn quietly, surreptitiously. 
    • The government rarely comments, or investigates why its citizens have suffered. 
    • Conventional medical bodies, who have instrumental in prescribing the dangerous drug, are usually too embarrassed, or too busy in its own self-justification, to comment. 
    • And the mainstream media (MSM), who have usually played a leading role in advertising and promoting the drug, are not interested in critically examining the activities of drug companies who have been harming their readers and viewers.
  • Even if patients sue the drug company, they find this difficult and massively expensive against a powerful enemy. And even if they win their case the drug company is usually fined trivial amounts of money. No drug company executive has ever been prosecuted or convicted of manslaughter or homicide.

So the pharmaceutical industry appears to have a licence to kill, back by government, CHE, and the mainstream media (MSM) 

Silence is the usual reaction to the withdrawal of a dangerous drug or vaccine. But the situation is much worse than this. It is still happening today. We have not reached the end of the process that has been going on for over 100 years. Why should today's drug and vaccines be any different?

  • Medical science is still telling us that new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are 'entirely safe'. The Covid-19 vaccines are being pronounced 'safe' right now, even though within days/weeks/months the drug regulators received reports of death, anaphylactic shock, blood clots, and many other serious reactions.
  • Some drug regulators have been forced to review these new vaccines; but as usually they have dismissed and discounted the reports; they are 'coincidences', or even if they do harm, the 'benefits outweighed the disadvantages'. The conclusion is always that the vaccines are safe.

So this is the start of the same weary and predictable process, the same lethal game of damaged patients having to prove the latest pharmaceutical wonder drug/vaccine is NOT safe, and to do so against the formidable might of the CHE, and the government and MSM supporters, who insist that they are safe - and will no doubt continue to do so for as long as they can. 

How many deaths will the Covid-19 vaccines be allowed to kill? And for how many years? Before they too are either banned?

The saga continues...... watch this space!