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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

WHO AM I? I am a Pro-Choice Well-Being Advocate

If, like me, you are fed up with being abused by government, the mainstream media (MSM), and conventional medicine about pharmaceutical vaccines, let's make a stand!

  • I am not going to have the Covid-19 vaccine, no matter what these 3 pillars of our society say.
  • I am fed up with being called an 'anti-vaxxer', or 'vaccine hesitant' - this does not explain my position.
  • I am fed up with being told that only vaccines will save the world, return social life to normal, and rescue the economy.
  • I am fed up with being ignored, never given the chance to explain my position on MSM, and never being given a right to reply to abuse (much of it by journalists).
  • I am fed up with insistent reminders from the NHS that I should get vaccinated.

So, the first issue. How should I describe my personal stance? I have been discussing this with several colleagues, and I have decided that this is how I would like to be described.


I believe in patient choice, and more widely, in health freedom. This means, in negative terms, that I refuse to be forced into accepting pharmaceutical medication. I believe I have good evidence and information on which to base my stance, both negative and positive. First, the negative reasons.

  1. The treatments offered by the conventional medical establishment (CHE) are not effective. Most of them do not work, and the efficacy of all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are grossly exaggerated by CHE and the mainstream media (MSM).
  2. CHE drug treatments are all dangerous, with adverse drug/vaccine reactions ensuring that their disadvantages far outweigh any benefits.

I do not care if you agree, or disagree with this stance! That is entirely your prerogative. I can defend my position with good quality information, much of it coming from the literature of the CHE itself. I have written a book, freely available on the internet, called "The Failure of Conventional Medicine" and in this I fully explain my position. You may disagree, although you cannot disagree without first knowing what my position is. I am not an 'anti-vaxxer', or 'vaccine hesitant' - without very good reason.

All I ask is that you first seek to understand my position. Do not dismiss me without first knowing what this is.

I am fully aware of the position of CME on vaccination. Everyone does! We have heard nothing else from government, health authorities, and the MSM for over a year now. And these sources of information have been most careful to ensure that my position, as a pro-choice well-being advocate, has never ever been presented or explained.

So what is a 'Pro-Choice Well-Being Advocate'?

First, we are people who believe that personal freedom and liberty is important; and that there is no freedom more important than the freedom to choose our medical treatment when we are ill. We believe that it is unacceptable for government, or one particular medical system, or the corporate-dominated and controlled MSM, to encourage/oblige/force anyone to take pharmaceutical medication. 

And we demand full information, from all side of the health debate. Moreover we want this information to be freely and transparently available to everyone - so that we are all able to make an informed choice. An informed choice is not necessarily a 'correct' choice, or a 'sensible' choice, or even a 'wise' choice; but it is a choice that should not forced on anyone by the 'experts' of one particular medical system.

Second, pro-choice well-being advocates believe in something that is vitally important. Our belief is no longer accepted by the CME but this does not make the CME right. Our reasons for not getting vaccinated are for good positive reasons:

  • they are reasons connected with the immune system, supporting and strengthening natural immunity to infection and illness, through diet, nutrition, exercise, life-style choices. And (for me) with homeopathic prophylaxis; and ultimately (should I fall ill) having homeopathy at my side for treatment.

It does not matter to me if you believe this is inadequate, that you think this will not protect me from Covid (or anything else), and that I should still have the vaccine. That is YOUR assessment of what heath is all about. It is most definitely NOT mine! It is not about well-being!

Third, well-being is an importantly different concept to today's normal definition of 'health' - which is why I prefer the term. We believe that everyone is equipped by nature to stay well. Certainly, we can compromise our well-being by poor life-style choices, bad diet, or indeed through the harmful side effects of conventional medical treatment. But this does not make germs (bacteria or viruses) an enemy. They become an enemy when we undermine our personal protection against them. We recognise that we live with germs every second of every day, and that the secret of well-being is to live with them, alongside them, in harmony.

So, our response to Covid-19 is much the same as it is for measles, pertussis, HPV, influenza, et al; plus every other disease for which conventional medicine wants to force drugs/vaccines on us. We support well-being every day by maintaining our immune system, by strengthening our natural immunity. And, importantly, we get on with life without the panic and fear we have been witnessing over Covid-19.

We are not selling drugs or vaccines? We are not promoting anything. We are not profiting from what we do. We believe we keep well, and protect ourselves from illness, by looking after ourselves.

Fourth, we recognise that we are all responsible for our own well-being. Health does not come from a bottle of pills, or even an injection. It comes from within ourselves. What this means is that I cannot be responsible for your health, and that I cannot expect you to be responsible for my health. Well-being is about the decisions we each make about our lifestyle. This is not a selfish position. It is not a decision at all. It is the reality. Our health is in our own hands; it is our responsibility; we make ourself well, or susceptible to sickness, by our own decisions. 

When we get ill natural medical therapies are there to help us support and strengthen our immune systems; but part of that consultation will almost inevitably involve a discussion about the lifestyle choices we have made, and what we can do to enhance our well-being.

Fifth, we recognise that one of the main side effects of pharmaceutical medicines is to compromise our natural immunity, to make the patient more rather than less susceptible to illness. So we avoid them. Pro-choice well-being advocates do not recommend chasing germs, and killing them, as the CHE does. We take this position because we believe, ultimately, they are counter-productive to our well-being.

So advocates of pro-choice well-being cannot agree to vaccination. It is not because we are 'anti-vaccine', or 'vaccine hesitancy'. It is because, for us, health comes from within. We do not believe that conventional medicine is helpful, that it does not understand health, and that ultimately it is contrary to our wellness and well-being.