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Tuesday 1 December 2020

A vaccine? Or a healthy Immune System? What's the best protection for Coronavirus COVID-19?

For most of 2020 we have been told, quite correctly, that there was no conventional medical treatment for COVID-19, and that our only hope was to develop a vaccine. Now at least 3 vaccines are going to be available, probably sometime in January 2021.

Government, the NHS, and the mainstream media (MSM) are now preparing us for this; we must now all have the vaccine because it will save our lives, and the lives of other people. The vaccines are alleged to be 90%+ (information courtesy of press releases from the pharmaceutical companies); and they are safe (even though they could only have been tested for safety for just a few weeks - and ditto the source of information).

BUT ACTUALLY WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. We can have the vaccine; or alternatively we can refuse the vaccine. Government, the NHS and the MSM seem set to make the vaccine mandatory; or to introduce health passports to force us to take the vaccine, regardless of their current denials.

AND THERE IS A SECOND CHOICE. We can refuse the vaccine and instead support and strengthen our immune system. This is the natural medicine approach, the approach that has been advocated on this blog since the start of the year.


The conventional medical establishment (which includes the government, the NHS and the MSM) has been particularly quiet about the importance of natural immunity. It has barely been mentioned. If the word 'immunity' has ever been mentioned it was in connection with the immunity provided by vaccines. But, of course, 'natural' immunity is not provided by vaccines. Natural immunity is an inherent, built-in system that we all possess.

It is known that over 80% of COVID-19 patients are deficient in Vitamin D (Journal of Critical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2020), the 'sunshine' vitamin, and doctors are aware (or should be) that it can be protective against the virus. Vitamin D is vital to a healthy immune system, and supports our ability to withstand viral infections. Yet Vitamin D has rarely been mentioned by the conventional medical establishment since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Then, suddenly, and so shortly after the 'good news' announcements about the COVID-19 vaccines, the NHS is offering 2.7 million 'vulnerable' people in England free Vitamin D supplements this winter.

The vitamin D will be made available to "the groups most at risk", particularly residents of residential care homes, and people with serious underlying health conditions. In other words those people most likely to contract and die with coronavirus COVID-19; the people who have been contracting and dying with the virus during the last 10 months.

I will leave this strange but interesting correspondence for you to consider. Why the NHS have been so tardy, hitherto, in offering immune-supporting supplements? Could it be that the NHS now wants to reduce the death rates of vulnerable populations so that the benefit can be claimed for the vaccine? This technique has often been used by pharmaceutical companies. For instance, public health policies reduced the seriousness of measles drastically before the MMR vaccine was introduced; but now, according to conventional medicine, it is the vaccine that has all-but overcome the disease.


So perhaps I can offer the NHS some further advice about supporting our immune system. Vitamin D is good, but not suffient. What follows has been taken from a brilliant leaflet produced by the Arnica Parents Support Network, which promotes natural immunity. I recommend that everyone downloads this leaflet, as what follows is a summary only of the information.

General Cautions and Suggestions

  • Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated,
  • Don't smoke or vape,
  • Avoid processed sugar,
  • Sleep,
  • Avoid pollution,
  • Breathing (the Buteyko method),
  • Use steam inhalations,
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks,
  • Reduce fear and stress,
  • Moderate exercise and sunshine,

Avoiding conventional medical 'solutions' are also included

  •  avoid anti-inflammatory drugs,
  •  do not medically suppress a fever,
  • do not suppress a cough,

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Anti-viral foods, ginger, tumeric, garlic, red grapes, onions,
  • Kiwi Fruit,
  • Magnesium rich foods,
  • Reishi.Chaga/Shitake tea,
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc,
  • Vitamin D3, (with K2),

The leaflet also provides references to Homeopathy, useful herbs that support a healthy respiratory system, and the use of Essential Oils.


If the conventional medical establishment was honestly interested in keeping us healthy, and not so busy promoting pharmaceutical solutions to health problems, we would have been hearing a lot more about this kind of living strategy, and promoting natural immunity and health. And we would all know more about natural immunity, and what we can do to support and strengthen our immune system.

It has been estimated that 92% of the USA population suffered from at least one nutrient deficiency. The sign of this is often that people are always tired, suffer brain fog, feel light headed, have problems with concentration, suffer digestive problems, and so on.

The NHS could have guided us about the strength of our immune system, allowing us to evaluate our individual levels of immunity, allowing us to make the extent we should try to avoid the virus. The information could have been used to help us protect ourselves from COVID-19. We are not helpless, undefended creatures, fighting a lethal virus. 

We did not need a patronising, paternalistic government to protect us, to tell us who we could see, where, and when. We could have worked this out for ourselves - with the help of just a little information.

If this sensible, grown-up approach had been taken from the beginning of the pandemic we would not have had to limit ourselves to hand washing, social distancing, masks, etc; we would not have had to endure continual lockdowns; we could have saved our mental health, our relationships with important others, our schools, and much else. We could have save our livelihoods and our national economy from the devastation caused by the policies of the conventional medical establishment.

The value of vitamin D has been known by the conventional medical establishment for over a century. It has not forgotten this; it is now intent on selling vaccines rather than protecting lives. This is what the doctor's e-magazine, Pulse says about this - now, after over 10  months.

        "A number of studies indicate Vitamin D might have a positive impact in protecting against Covid-19. I have asked NICE and PHE to re-review the existing evidence on the link between Covid-19 and Vitamin D to ensure we explore every potential opportunity to beat this virus."

What has been done to us in 2020 has been outragious, perpetrated by a medical system (and the Establishment it controls) that is not only hopeless, but criminally incompetent.