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Friday, 17 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 in India & Cuba. Is Homeopathy the answer that the pharmaceutical establishment has to deny?

  • Conventional medicine says that coronovirus COVID-19 is a new virus, they are dealing with the unknown, and they have limited knowledge about it,
  • The pharmaceutical industry admits it has no treatment, beyond hand washing, social isolation and testing (none of which constitutes treatment),
  • Medical science is being paid £$ billions to develop a vaccine, which (we are told by doctors) is ultimately the only answer to the pandemic.
So, is this all there is? Certainly this is all conventional medicine has to offer.

Yet perhaps there is something else going on in the world that conventional medicine can learn and benefit from. After all, conventional medicine always prides itself as being based on medical science. And science always seeks to learn and develop their understanding of what is going on by observing the world.

The answer is yes, there is something that can be observed. But medical science is choosing to ignore it. Indeed, it has been ignoring it now for the best part of the last century, and particularly during the last 20 years. Let's look at what is happening in two countries, India and Cuba.

A Microsoft News article (16th April 2020) asked the question "Why does India have so few coronavirus Covid-19 cases and deaths?" As it states,

               "India is four times more populous than the US, but has just 2% the number of cases and only 1.5% of the number of Covid-19 deaths. How has the country, whose per capita income is just a tenth of the US, avoided being flattened by the pandemic?"

Four possible explanations are offered. It might be that the epidemic has started late; that its lockdown has been successful; that it is doing more testing; and that India might have 'protective characteristics' against the virus. Each explanation is systematically rejected in the article, so it fails to answer the question it posed. But as MSN (like most mainstream media platforms) is part and parcel of the conventional medical establishment, it misses one important, and very obvious explanation.

This fact fails to get even a cursory mention in the MSN article. In India it is estimated that about 100 million people are totally dependent on homeopathic treatment. In the very early stages of the epidemic, the Indian government, and its health agency, AYUSH, announced that it was using a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy as preventative to the virus. And it was roundly condemned for doing so by the conventional medical establishment. I mentioned this in a blog written in early March.

Now, at the time of writing, 6 weeks later, this is conveniently ignored. Whilst in the USA 34,641 people have died, representing 105 people per million population; and in Britain 14,476 people have died, representing 215 people per million population; in India just 452 people have died, representing just 0.3 deaths per million population.
  • The conventional medical establishment will, of course, trot out all the arguments why such numbers are not relevant, cannot be trusted, and should be dismissed.
  • They will not look seriously at the figures to examine, study and test whether homeopathy has played a role - and whether it might be able to play a role in the advanced 'western' world, with its sophisticated, scientifically based medical system.
An article (7th April 2020) in the Miami Herald (just across the Caribbean from Cuba) makes a statement: "Cuba promotes homeopathy as an effective ‘weapon’ against the coronavirus". 

               "As scientists around the world speed up clinical trials to find a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, the Cuban government will begin distributing a homeopathic remedy to the elderly and other vulnerable people to “prevent” the spread of the disease, a top health official said. Dr. Francisco Durán, national director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health, said in a press conference on Sunday that “sublingual drops” of the compound PrevengHo-Vir “prevent different diseases such as influenza, the common cold, dengue, and emerging viral infections such as this one.”

Homeopathy became popular in Cuba in the 1990's when it could not afford the prohibitively expensive pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines it was using at the time, and so tried homeopathy instead. In particular, it began to treat its annual leptospirosis epidemic, which regularly each year killed hundreds of people. I have blogged about this before, in March 2010, February 2011, May 2011, and December 2016.

Homeopathic treatment for leptospirosis proved to be remarkably successful, and has been used ever since. The Cuban Regulatory Authority, CECMED, said that it had approved a homeopathic remedy to combat the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic “as an alternative for the prevention of influenza, flu, dengue, and emerging viral infections.” It confirmed that it had previously approved similar homeopathy remedies as a preventative for dengue and cholera, and cited a 2009 World Health Organization resolution, presented by China, that recognizes homeopathy as a component of traditional medicine.

The Miami Herald is presumably a small, local publication which, like all USA mainstream media publications, is controlled by, and part of the pharmaceutical medical establishment. So perhaps quite naturally the rest of its article casts doubt on the use of homeopathy, utilising the usual mantras.
  • there is no scientific evidence to support homeopathy,
  • the 'controversial' principle of 'like curing like',
  • the FDA has not approved any homeopathic remedy for any medical use,
  • the National Institutes of Health caution that there is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific health condition,
  • it quotes local people, clearly opposed to homeopathy - but fails to quote anyone who is in favour.
Cuban statistics provide a picture similar to India. It has registered just 27 deaths, which represents just 2 in every million people.

So in both India and Cuba a decision has been taken to use homeopathic treatment both to prevent and treat coronavirus COVID-19. The response of the pharmaceutical medical establishment, and its scion, medical science, has been to ignore this completely, and where possible to attack it. The result of their non-observation has ensured that their myopic faith in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines has not been shaken. It demonstrates that conventional medicine has no interest in finding solutions to this pandemic outside their domain, they have taken a decision not to investigate further, they refuse to test the hypothesis that homeopathy might be a viable and useful alternative to having no treatment whatsoever. They make no suggestion that that 'misinformation' coming from India and Cuba might be tested by setting up randomised controlled studies.

Which means, essentially, that conventional medicine, dominated as it is by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, is not interested in any kind of medical treatment outside the confines of their own self interest. As I mentioned in a previous blog, our 'scientific' medical system prefers that people die rather than admit that another medical therapy has better, more effective, and considerably less expensive  medical treatment for this epidemic.

It is, after all, an admission that would do irreparable harm to the future of immensely rich and powerful industrial interests.

Addendum 29th April 2020
Facebook Censorship
Homeopathy Plus updated the work being done with homeopathy in India. The article can be found here.

It is worth reading for its content - but also to indicate that Facebook is censoring this kind of evidence, and that it is in the hands of, and under the control, of the Pharmaceutical Medical Establishment