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Friday 18 December 2020

JOURNALISM AND COVID-19. The end of press freedom? Their response to the pandemic has been a dereliction of its duty to the people

Anyone and everyone who has suffered from the consequences of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, even those who have suffered with it, needs to begin asking questions about why their normal lives have been turned upside down. We all need to ask these questions because they are not being asked by politicians, governments, the conventional medical establishment, and perhaps most seriously of all, our so-called 'Free Press'.

The basic questions should have arisen from these undeniable facts: 

  • why have so many people been impoverished during the pandemic by government policy?
  • why have so many many people lost their livelihoods, and their jobs, as a direct result of government policy?
  • why has the education of generations of children been seriously compromised by government policy?
  • why has the national economy been so seriously undermined and damaged by the very government that is supposed to protect it?
  • why have sick people, with serious illnesses and diseases, been allowed to go undiagnosed, or have treatment and operations cancelled, and many people have been allowed to die of untreated diseases as the NHS has been too busy dealing with the virus?
  • why have people died in hospitals and nursing homes without their family being allowed by government policy to be with them, for comfort, reassurance and support?
  • why have people been denied the opportunity to attend the funerals of close friends, relatives and loved-ones by government policies?
  • why does government policy not allow important relatives and friends, some reaching the end of their lives, from meeting, seeing and hugging each other?
  • why have social distancing and lockdown policies been pursued which are having such a devastating consequences on so many peoples mental health?

If you think the answer to any or all these questions is simple, explained by reference to "the pandemic", you are probably guilty of believing what you have been told about COVID-19. We need to do these things because of the pandemic! Government policy may be having serious consequences on our social and economic life, but it has all been necessary in order to keep everyone safe!

This is NOT a criticism of anyone. 

We have all been subject to an incessant single message.

 We have all been subjected to disinformation - so in believing this you are not alone.

  1. The pandemic is real, it is happening. Our government has responded to it, quite correctly. It's response has been to introduce policies such as hand washing, masks, social distancing, track and trace, lockdown, and the like.
  2. It is this government policy response to the pandemic that has caused the social and economic mayhem described above; but as I have pointed out, in other blogs, this did not need to happen, there were alternative policies available to the government that would not have led us to where we are now.
  3. The basic question is, therefore, who has been informing us about the pandemic, who has challenged the government's response; who has been challenging the policy makers?

The unfortunate answer to all these questions is - NO-ONE.

1. Political

The Government has developed its policies over the last 12 months. In broad terms, politicians of all parties have supported these policies, usually without any serious questioning or challenge. This includes the Official Opposition Party who, in the main, have 'opposed' by asking for more of the same policies. There has been no political challenge to government policy.

2. Medical

From the beginning government policy was informed and guided by medical science, or at least, that dominant section of medical science that controls the conventional medical establishment, the part favoured and financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Government policy is based on the medical science that had little or nothing to offer. There was no pharmaceutical treatment on offer. There was no vaccine available. So TINA applied - There Is No Alternative". Nurses were left to care for COVID-19 patients whilst doctors floundered. Both watched as people died in their hospitals.

The National Health Service did not question or challenge this. It is, after all, dominated and controlled by the same scientific medical establishment. They were in league; indeed, the primary purpose of government policies has been, clearly and openly, to 'save the NHS'. Without lockdown the NHS would be overwhelmed, we are told. And we never ask why this should be!

3. The Role of the Free Press

The normally accepted role of the mainstream media (MSM) is to question, to challenge, to investigate, and to inform the public about what is happening to them, particularly if it is having severe consequences for their lives. It has singularly failed to do any such thing with regard to the policies being pursued for the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet this is not surprising. As I have often argued on this blog the MSM has singularly failed to engage in any health debate, and certainly not on the failure of conventional medicine to deal with important health issues during the last 20 plus years.

Yet surely the MSM has debated the pandemic, surely government policy has been questioned, challenged and investigated? Surely, I hear you say, there has been nothing but debate about the virus for most of 2020? Unfortunately this is not so. Any debate has been a mirage. If we think we are debating the issues involved with COVID-19 we are sorely mistaken.


Questioning government policy should have been the starting point of any real debate about the pandemic but it has never happened. Government policies have been presented incessently, ad nauseam, but never really discussed. What may have appeared to be a discussion has concerned peripheral issues - whether the government has imposed its policies quickly enough, or efficiently enough; and whether they have been imposed on us strongly or vigorously enough.

  • most if not all political opposition to the UK government, including the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, want a stricter, stronger imposition of government policy.
  • Almost the entire MSM coverage has 'questioned' the government from this viewpoint - "why are you doing more of the same" vantage point. Rarely has it questioned whether the policy
    • is working?
    • is controlling the virus?
    • investigated the harm is it doing,
    • whether it is doing more harm than good,
    • whether the pandemic justify the harm being caused by government policy?
    • and whether there an alternative policy that would do less harm and more good?

There are alternative voices but they have remained largely unheard by the public, effectly censored. Some of these voices sit within conventional medical science, the most notable of these being the Barrington Declaration. But the MSM have studiously ignored these alternative voices, including the group of Belgian doctors and health professionals, who wrote an open letter encapsulating the arguments against the crazy policies that have been generated by the pandemic.

Natural medical therapies have also provided an important alternative message, based on the importance of natural immunity, and the central impotance of our immune system. Practitioners, including my colleagues in the homeopathic community, have been busy working with COVID-19 patients in the UK, and around the world. But as usual they have been totally ignored by the MSM. This censorship has been evident even when national medical services in countries like India and Cuba have reported positive results using natural therapies.

The MSM has engaged in none of this. Alternative voices have not been heard, they have been censored, their message entirely ignored except when they have often been dismissed as peddling 'disinformation'. Both governments and the MSM, throughout the world, have become creatures of the conventional medical establishment. The powerful pharmaceutical lobby controls politicians, political parties, and governments. The MSM is over-reliant on drug advertising, infiltrated by people placed on MSM boards, to feel comfortable questioning or challenging anything to do with conventional medicine. 

What this means is that there is no longer any such thing as 'press freedom'. The MSM may be free from government interference, but it is now completely controlled and dominated by the pharmaceutical industry.

So policies regarding COVID-10 have been supported, slavishly, unquestioningly. Most people have been scared into the acceptance of, and compliance too, a single monolithic message, repeated time and time again by government, medical science, and the MSM.

  • we have been convinced that the virus is a serious threat to life, much more serious than it actually is, 
  • the virus is indiscriminate; everyone is in danger, it can strike down anyone and everyone, at any time, anywhere,
  • it is our personal responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but everyone else,
  • there is no alternative to government policy, except the more stringent application of government policy,
  • so everyone must accept the dictats of government policy, eschew their liberty and their hard won freedoms,
  • there is no alternative, we must all conform.

The MSM agrees entirely with all this. The government's lockdown policies have been pursued now for most of 2020, with a conspicuous lack of success. The virus continues, unabated, and seems likely to do so for some time to come. Indeed, we are promised more lockdown in 2021. We can, we are informed, celebrate Christmas; but this is expected to lead to the inevitable increase in more cases, more hospitalisations, more deaths - and thus more of the same failed and failing policies.

And no-one is prepared to examine why this is so, and whether it could possibly be that government policy has failed, and is likely to continue to fail.

Perhaps this should not come as too much of a surprise. The MSM has unquestioningly supported a medical system, based on pharmaceutical medicine, that is in a state of collapse, and failing to address the burgeoning levels of sickness and chronic disease. And now it is doing exactly the same thing in its response to COVID-19.

All this represents a gross dereliction of duty by the MSM, a duty to question, to challenge and to investigate what is happening to its readers, viewers and listeners. So if they refuse to ask questions about what is happening in our social and economic lives, it is time we did so as individuals.