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Sunday 29 November 2020

THE ECONOMIC CRISIS. A self-inflicted wound, all resulting from a failed medical system. The secondary cost of conventional medical failure.

The Chancellor announced in the UK Parliament this week (25 November 2020) that "the economic emergency has just begun". This 'economic emergency' has been triggered by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Rishi Sunak said the UK now faced the biggest economic decline (the economy has shrunk by over 11% in 2020) for over 300 years (1707 in fact, a crisis caused by exceptional cold weather). And as a result government borrowing has risen to the highest level ever, outside wartime. 

These are the economic facts, but on a health blog, they will not be expanded upon. This blog is concerned with the cause of this economic emergency. We have not had exceptionally cold weather. We have not had a financial and banking collapse, as in 2008. We have not had a world war. So what has happened?

Well, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has happened. And in response to this coronavirus, governments around the world, not just in the UK, have closed down the economy. SO THE CAUSE OF THIS ECONOMIC EMERGENCY IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

In response to this medical emergency, governments have implemented disastrous lockdown policies that have destroyed people lives and livelihoods, and the economy. And it is important to emphasise that these policies have been pursued on the advice of conventional medical science. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ECONOMIC EMERGENCY HAS BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

From the beginning the conventional medical establishment has recognised, and admitted, that it has no medical treatment capable of preventing COVID-19, or treating sick patients. Therefore conventional medicine has resorted to draconian public health measures, whose sole purpose is to chase the virus - washing hands, masks, social distancing, test and trace, and lockdown. All these policies have failed dismally. The only hope offered by conventional medicine with regard to the pandemic are the vaccines being rushed through testing and regulatory procedures. My previous blog has indicated that relying on vaccines, in this situation, is the desperate triumph of hope over experience. 

Most countries spend vast sums of money on their healthcare budget. The UK's health budget, like  many others, has risen exponentially over the last 70 years; and especially over the last 20 years. It is spent almost exclusively on one type of medicine - conventional or pharmaceutical medicine. During these years....

All this inevitably leads to hugely expensive national health service provision as each of these failures leads to increased demands for healthcare provision, more costs, for even more ineffectual treatment, and ever-increasing, out of control, health budget.

Yet, as I have outlined in my E-Book, "The Failure of Conventional Medicine", the secondary costs of our failed medical system are much greater than any national healthcare budget.


And all because caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? A highly infectious, virulent, killer disease? A disease sufficiently serious to justify governments creating an economic emergency of this seriousness? Although this is not a blog that is going to look at this in detail, we do  know this about the virus

These features of COVID-19 just do NOT describe a lethal pandemic. And certainly not a disease that is sufficiently serious to justify the intentional creation of such a financial crisis - one with the potential of destroying millions of lives.
The UK government is rightly coming under severe criticism to their handling of this pandemic. This is justified by the incompetent way they have applied public health policy. But critics should remember that the government has been following the policies recommended to them by conventional medical science.
And it is the competence of this the medical advice given to government that is at the core of the financial emergency.
Perhaps the emergency will trigger more serious consideration of the competence of pharmaceutical medicine, and its inability to treat illness and disease. If this does become one of the outcomes of this pandemic, perhaps some good will come out of it yet. But at the moment, all the government is doing is pouring more and more money into failure - and they are going to get the blame for it.