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Friday, 4 December 2020

COVID-19 VACCINES. A dereliction of duty to the patient.

The fast-tracked approval of COVID-19 vaccines is a dereliction of duty to patients by all sections of the conventional medical establishment (CME) in the UK. This comes as no surprise, but it needs to be said, and highlighted, for anyone who is concerned about he safety of taking the vaccine, and wants to make an informed decision.

The Drug Regulator.

The primary responsibility of the MHRA, the UK's drug regulator, is to protect patients. It regularly and routinely fails in this duty. MHRA has approved a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that ultimately proved to be harmful to patient health. So it's approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is different only in the speed that it has seen fit to do it. And there can be little doubt that HMRA will be happy to approve the other vaccines with similar alacrity!

Even the EMA (the European drug regulator) believes this approval has been precipitant, although its own track record of approving harmful drugs is no better than the MHRA's. The EMA has said that it has "insufficient data" to make such a decision - although it is difficult to believe the MHRA has any more data to justify its approval.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top vaccine advocate in the USA, made critical remarks about the speed of MHRA's approval of the vaccine. It represented a rare 'breaking of ranks' in the CME's vaccine strategy, that is, "they are super effective, entirely safe, and will 'save the world'. Clearly he spoke out of turn, and was soon brought to heel, apologising for this remarks. Perhaps his investments in the USA vaccine has been compromised.

Approval of all the vaccines was always going to happen. Long before the approval process had started, long before testing had finished, all the main COVID-19 vaccines entered into mass production mode - something the drug companies would not have even considered if there had been any chance, whatsoever, of the vaccines being properly or adequately safety checked.

So one vaccine has been approved, and others will follow quickly, routinely. Only time, and probably bitter experience, will tell how effective they will be, and how much patient harm the vaccines will cause.

The Government.

The UK's government is a fully paid-up member of the CME. Over the last 70 years it has allowed pharmaceutical medicine to become the monopoly provider of health care within the NHS; and this process has happened under Conservative, Labour and Coalition governments.

As far as Coronavirus COVID-19 is concerned, the government has found itself in a gigantic hole of its own making. It has committed itself, hook-line-sinker, to a conventional medical response; the NHS could offer no treatment; so it followed the advice of (a section) of conventional medical science to introduce public health measure, like social distancing, wearing masks, test and trace, and lockdown, all of which after 10 months have failed totally. All it's 'chase the virus'  has not only been a failure, they have been a laughable failure. The anomalies of lockdown have become ever more absurd, ever more devastating to people lives and livelihoods, and ever more devastating to the national economy. No world war could have done so much damage than the government's responsive to the pandemic.

Do hopeless naive has its policies been the government has even lost its huge majority in Parliament, saved this week only by the crass stupidity and incompetence of opposition parties, who advocate even more social distancing, and even stricter lockdown. Political myopia reigns supreme, it knows no party political barriers. None of our political leaders can see beyond the conventional medical establishment; and when you back a dead horse (or at least a very incompetent, useless horse) no one is going far!

So the UK's government is a desperate government. It has welcomed the prospect of the new vaccines with open arms. The are its only hope of salvation, the only hope of a failing government. Their backing of a failing medical system has brought it to its knees.

The Mainstream Media (MSM)

Perhaps the MSM are the most culpable of all parts of the conventional medical establishment. For 10 months they have parroted the message of pharmaceutical medicine, and the government. They have allowed little or no discussion; they have failed to ask searching questions; they have interviewed no-one other than medical 'experts' who are 'on message'; they have ignored anyone who disagrees with this dominant message; they have sought to ridicule and attack anyone who dares suggest there was an alternative approach, anyone who suggested that the policies being pursued would lead to failure.

So their joy at the approval of the new vaccines has been unbounded, equalling and surpassing the relief of the government, and the enhanced profitability of the drug companies.

Vaccines will save the world!

So the new message of the CME is as constant, insistent and ridiculous as their message about washing hands, masks, social distancing, test and trace, and lockdown. The new vaccines will save the world. And they are the only thing that will save the world. There is no problem, nothing to discuss about their safety or effectiveness. The only problem is the logistical problem of getting everyone vaccinated.

Except, of course, there are other people who have the audacity to suggest that vaccines will NOT save the world. Predictably, such views are being summarily dismissed by the CME as 'disinformation', 'fake news', and 'conspiracy theory'. What is this information? What is this news? What are these theories? There is no discussion of this, there is no effort to debate opposing views. There is just an outright rejection, and the continual and insistent repetition of the information that is 'right', the news that is 'correct', and the 'theories' that are acceptable.

There are just three possible responses to this failure to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. The majority will listen to what they are told, they will hear only one side of the argument, and (like the MSN) accept that what they are being told must be correct. They know no better. When asked to do so they will go to the vaccination point, and get vaccinated. They will believe themselves to have been 'saved'. This is, of course, if CME's message is correct. If it isn't they will think they are safe but in fact continue to be susceptible to the disease. And some will suffer the all-too-frequent patient harm that has been caused by vaccines for the last 70 years.
  2. A sizeable and growing minority of people will listen to the standard CME message and know, based on the information and/or personal experience they have, that it is wrong. They may have knowledge and training in health. They may have an understanding of natural, as opposed to vaccine immunity. They may have personal knowledge of the harm caused to friends and family by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Some may be aware of natural medical therapies, and might even be using it for their protection from, and treatment of the virus. Others may have knowledge of the fraud and corruption that has been so prominent within the pharmaceutical industry in recent decades. And all these people, like me, will feel angry that they are ignored, ridiculed and attacked by the CME.
  3. Then there will be people, who do not fit into either of the above categories, who notice that the COVID-19 discussion has been entirely one-dimensional, and question why this single message been been repeated, ad nauseam, for so long. They will take the time to research the situation for themselves to discover whether there a different viewpoint? What is the Barrington Declaration, and why has it not been discussed? Who are this group of medical staff in Belgium, what are they saying, and why have their views not been aired? Why is natural immunity not being discussed, and why are we not being told about how to support and strengthen our immune system to protect ourselves? Why are some countries using Homeopathy, and other natural medical therapies, in their response to the pandemic? Why are homeopaths in this country working to prevent and treat COVID-19 - and we are not being told about it?

This latter group is important, because they are destined to move from the first to the second group. They will do so in their response to the pandemic, but also to health issues more generally. And, like me, they will understand that if they can no longer believe what the MSM is saying about health, why should they believe anything we are told by MSM on any other subject?

In the long-term this will be a positive thing for natural medicine, and also for the development of personal liberty and democracy.

Yet in the short-term it is a threat. It opens up the vision of an Orwellian nightmare - a medical system dominated by financial interests that want to force treatment on us - a threat to health freedom and patient choice - a paternalistic government that is not prepared to allow us to make our own decisions about the way we want to lead our lives.

The central issue concerning these new Covid-19 vaccines is greater than their safety and effectiveness, important as these are. More important is how we, as a society, want to live. At the moment we are being manipulated by a powerful medical establishment that controls our government and the MSN. The threat is real, and we will have an important decision to make - whether we are prepared to lose of freedoms, or if we are going to fight for them.