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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

The Failure of the Covid-19 Strategy, the Vaccines, and a system of medicine. Is it all the benefit of hindsight?

After two years of incessant conventional medical propaganda it is now becoming clear to an ever increasing number of people that public health measures such as face masks, and lockdowns, and the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, have been an abject failure.

The official Covid-19 narrative has been recited, ad nauseam, by government, conventional medical authorities, and the mainstream media throughout the world for over two years. The narrative is simply outlined.

  • The Covid-19 virus is deadly.
  • Everyone is at risk, no-one is safe.
  • There is no treatment available.
  • Government has a responsibility for our health and will keep us safe.
  • Only a vaccine will save us, and return life back to normal.
  • The new vaccines were amazingly effective; they would quickly contain the pandemic.
  • The new vaccines were also entirely safe.
  • Everyone should get the vaccine, for their own safety, and until we did we were at risk.
  • Everyone should get the vaccine for other people's safety; it was a public duty.

For so many people, this narrative, repeated day after day, has been their only source of information about the Covid-19 virus; so whilst many people may now realise they have been duped, the sheer consistency of the propaganda means that no one can be blamed for believing it - apart, that is, from the messengers, governments around the world, conventional medical authorities, and the mainstream media. 

And now that the narrative is breaking down. It is breaking down because what is happening in the real world does not reflect what is happening in the narrative, in medical propaganda. So now, those who are responsible for that narrative are now having to find excuses for providing the general public with misinformation.

The excuses from government, conventional medical authorities, and the mainstream media, have begun. They know they have to justify the messages they have been giving us. And it is already clear that one excuse, "the benefit of hindsight" will be high up on their agenda.

It is probably best for those of us on the winning side, previously thought to be "the misinformed", or "the spreaders of misinformation", not to say "I told you so". But this blog was amongst the first blogs to accurately predict what was going to happen. If we take the first month of the official Covid-19 narrative to be January 2020 (it was actually earlier than this), this is what appeared on this blog.

January 2020.

The Coronavirus Panic. Just how dangerous is this new virus? The worldwide coronavirus panic is in full swing! I predicted in month one that the virus would not prove to be as serious as was being suggested. I said that homeopaths were already treating the virus, and working on identifying the remedies that were the most effective to patients who contracted the virus.

February 2020.

The Coronavirus Panic. What every sensible and informed person should be doing. In this blog I predicted that conventional medicine would be unable to prevent people contracting the virus, unable to treat it effectively, and that large numbers of people would die without treatment. Again, I outlined how homeopathy was working to protect people with simple remedies, but that conventional medicine would not offer their patients this treatment.

Conventional medicine is in a gigantic panic. So is enough being done to contain it? When it has nothing to offer, but refuses to embrace homeopathy? In this blog I highlighted how homeopathy had been used successfully in past epidemics, and what it was doing in the current epidemic. Yet conventional medicine was (and still is) allowing people to suffer and die with the virus, even when it admitted during this first year it had no effective treatment to offer.

Health Freedom and Patient Choice. This blog was my first response to increasing calls for mandatory drugging - this long before the Covid-19 vaccines had been developed, leave alone had a track record of any description.

March 2020

Does the Conventional Medical Establishment prefer patients to die rather than offer them Natural Medical Treatment? By the pandemic's third month the number of people dying of, or with the Covid-19 virus was increasing rapidly, and I asked why conventional medicine was not using every possible way of preventing this. The exaggeration of the seriousness of the virus was already plain - anyone who died within 28 days of testing positive - for whatever reason - was a Covid-19 death. 

We are just beginning to find out the extent of this deception. GB News recently confirmed figures, based on a Freedom of Information request from UK Office of National Statistics (17 January 2022). Only 9,400 people died OF the virus in 2020, and only 5,746 in first 9 months of 2021. The 150,000 figure of Covid-19 deaths includes those who died WITH the virus, but not OF the virus. This was a gross exaggeration of seriousness of pandemic, designed to create fear in the population.

April 2020

Covid-19. The important questions that are not being asked.  Even by month 4 this blog was asking pertinent questions about the so-called pandemic, including what (to me) is the key question - why was conventional medicine, which still had nothing to offer, was not taking the opportunity to emphasise the importance of natural immunity, and what people could do to support and strengthen their immune systems. 

In addition, I asked why the virus was mostly affecting 'developed' nations, that is, nations with well-funded pharmaceutical medical systems in operation. And it was also one of the first blog to question why 'lockdown' was considered to be a sensible policy.

Covid-19. Does Natural Medicine have an alternative? This was the first time I emphasised the importance of our natural immunity, and natural medicine. I stated, nearly two years ago, that if this was done it would prevent the unnecessary damage being caused by social distancing, and lockdown policies both to the economy, to social life, and the emotional damage it was doing to people lives.

And so the blog has continued for the next two years. My opposition to both the public health measures, and the experimental vaccines, used by conventional medicine in response to the Covid-19 pandemic were not made 'in hindsight'. They arose from an understanding of the ongoing failure of conventional medicine - which I then applied to what I could see happening 'on the ground" as a result of the Covid-19 panic. The pandemic was clearly no more than the repetition of so many previous examples of conventional medicine incompetence.

I had written my E-Book, "The Failure of Conventional Medicine" on the basis of the previous history of this medical system, notably its consistent and ongoing failure to treat illness and disease successfully. 

Over the weekend I took time to re-read this book (written originally in 2007). It provides a history of the past failures of conventional medicine, alongside a detailed explanation of why this drug-based system of medicine would continue to fail. What I realised was that it could equally be used as a predictor of future failure. It is a far better explanation for what is happening to our health, and why levels of public sickness has been increasing rapidly, year by year, especially during the last 70-100 years, than any explanation coming from the conventional medical establishment!

So for anyone who is as horrified abour what has happened over the last two years should perhaps take some time to read "The Failure of Conventional Medicine". It will explain much about what has happened during the last two years - even though it was first written 15 years ago. Writing the E-Book has cost me much time, and a little money - but it is entirely free for anyone to read. It was written to inform, to enlighten, to educate, not to produce profit. 

For anyone with an open enquiring mind, reading the book can alter your view about health, it can explain why conventional medicine is now dominated by the drug industry, and the consequences to our health of that domination. For anyone who wishes to escape the clutches of pharmaceutical medicine this can be the first step to a more healthy life.