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Monday 6 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19. The important questions that aren't being asked

In recent weeks we (in Britain and no doubt in many other parts of the world) have had wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage of the coronavirus COVIS-19 pandemic.

Yet there are questions that are just not being asked by the mainstream media. The purpose of this short blog is to ask them.

  • Why does pharmaceutical medicine (over 100 years since the Spanish Flu in 1918) still have no treatment for influenza - beyond washing hands, and self-isolation, and putting our economy into lockdown?
  • How many people who are now dying of COVID-19 have received the influenza vaccine this year?
  • Although COVID-19 does not kill many people directly, mainly those with an 'underlying health condition', how many of these 'underlying conditions' relate to people who are taking immuno-suppressant drugs that intentionally undermine and suppress the immune system?
  • Why is more attention not being paid to the concept and value of 'natural immunity', and what worried people can do to strengthen their natural immunity to this infectious disease?
  • Why is more attention not being paid to the importance of diet and nutrition, including the use of vitamin C and vitamin D as a preventative to the pandemic?
  • Why is more attention not being paid to the importance of a fit and health exercise regime?
  • Why are alternative medical practitioners not being asked to assist in mainstream health services in both the prevention of the pandemic, and its treatment?
  • Why is there no mention of alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, herbalism, and many others when practitioners around the world are working hard to protect, and cure their patients. India and Cuba are known to be using homeopathy, why is there not mention of this.
  • Why did the Chinese epidemic stop so quickly? It is suggested that China is now using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and that the use of high doses of vitamin C has become government policy. Why is this never mentioned?
  • Why is conventional medicine allowing patients to die, without offering sick patients the opportunity to use alternative medicine? Why is the media not asking whether doctors prefer patients to die rather than to try treatment that is non-conventional?
  • Why is the complete social and economic lockdown been deemed to be necessary? Countries like Sweden has not imposed a complete lockdown, how are they faring with the virus, and how is this assisting their economy?
  • Why has the pandemic centred on wealthier nations, with a more developed (pharmaceutical dominated) medical system? Why have most poorer countries not had so many cases, or so many deaths?
  • There are suggestions that the pandemic centres on areas where 5G has already been rolled out. Why has this not been discussed? And why is mainstream media seeking to close down discussion on any potential link?
The mainstream media is telling us that they rely on 'expert' advice. The government says it bases its policies on 'expert advice' too. The problem is that all the 'experts' who are being consulted come from the pharmaceutical medical establishment. And even if government, and the media, were to ask these 'awkward' questions they would probably receive no satisfactory answer.