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Monday 10 February 2020

The Coronavirus Panic. What every sensible and informed person should be doing

The UK Government has announced that the Coronavirus is now "a serious and imminent threat" to public health. This will lead to them taking new powers in a frantic effort to stop the spread of the virus. The panic is necessary, and is caused by two factors.
  1. One single medical system dominates the UK's health system.
  2. This health system is unable to prevent people contracting the coronavirus, and unable to treat it effectively, without people dying, once someone has contracted it.
I wrote about the panic in a blog posted ten days ago, "The Coronavirus Panic. Just how dangerous is this new virus?" which said that the panic was only necessary when someone continued to rely on pharmaceutical medicine.

Anyone concerned about the new virus might also like to look at this excellent link

There is homeopathic prevention. 
AND there is homeopathic treatment.

As I said in my previous blog, homeopathy is an effective medical therapy, although of course there are no guarantees of effectiveness. But anyone in the UK who is alarmed, and feel they need protection, this is the time to take action, either by purchasing a preventative flu remedy (Influenzinum, or Oscillococinum) from a homeopathic pharmacy, (go to this link, the pharmacies will post the remedy to you quickly), or to contact a local homeopath for possible treatment. A local homeopathy can be found by going the the 'findahomeopath' website, here.

One warning. There are many homeopathy trolls around who are prepared to attack homeopathy at any stage, so anyone you telephone will be naturally suspicious, and will be very cautious about responding to you. So you may have to take time to ensure them that you are making a genuine enquiry.