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Tuesday 28 January 2020

The Coronavirus Panic. Just how dangerous is this new virus?

The worldwide coronavirus panic is in full swing!

It remains to be seen how dangerous this new flu virus is, how many people will be infected, and how many people will die from this apparently fearsome influenza pandemic. And certainly, as I mentioned in a previous blog, we should begin to wonder why doctors think we should panic about influenza when there are many more serous iatrogenic illnesses and deaths to be concerned about.

Certainly, if it is anything like previous panics, SARs, Swine flu, and Avian Flu we might be looking back at the reaction of pharmaceutical medicine, and the mainstream media, in a few months time - and wonder what on earth it was about!

But just to let you know - the homeopathy community is NOT in a panic. I am currently in discussion with a number of UK homeopaths about possible remedies that might be useful in treating this potential flu pandemic with what we call a 'genus epidemicus'. And we are in agreement. We do not need new remedies. The remedies that homeopathy have used for over 220 years will work with this, and any other influenza outbreak. The symptom picture of the new coronavirus appears to be much the same as any other, more common type of influenza.

This, of course, is different with pharmaceutical medicine, which each year has to produce a vaccine that focuses on a particular strain or type of influenza, and usually gets it wrong. Homeopathy does not have to focus on any predicted strain - it works of the basis of similars, 'like treats like' - not 'same treats same'.

In other words, the remedies will work as long as they match the flu symptoms. So I will be suggesting to my family, friends, and former patients, to do what I have always recommended - to take a preventative monthly dose of the remedy Oscillococinum; although if the outbreak does expand, or if it does get closer to home, the dose can be increased to a remedy every fortnight, or even every week.
Other homeopaths recommend different remedies. Some, for instance, prefer the remedy Influenzinum, whilst others use remedies like Gelsenium, or one of many other remedies that are known to have flu symptoms.

The comparative calm of the homeopathic community is based on passed experience, and not misguided wishful thinking. Even with the most serious influenza pandemic of all time, the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, homeopathy has a successful track record.

The reason for pharmaceutical medicine's panic is that it has a poor, if not hopeless track record in treating influenza. If 'anti-flu' drugs (like Tamiflu) are not effective; if there is no vaccine available; what else is there for doctors to do but to panic? And, with the mainstream media supporting pharmaceutical medicine to the hilt, it will feed the panic. It always does.
  • So if you are a homeopathy user you don't need to wear a face mask (or even goggles), and certainly not a white space suit in fear. Just take your usual influenza remedy, and have them at hand.
  • If you are not a homeopathy user yet it is exactly the right time to join us, and begin living life normally again.