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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19). Conventional medicine is in a gigantic panic. So is enough being done to contain it? When it has nothing to offer, but refuses to embrace homeopathy?

Pharmaceutical medicine admits that it has no effective treatment for the coronavirus (now called Covid-19). Consequently it is in a state of panic; and the process of panicking is successfully getting all of us to panic.

Thus we are witnessing the spectacle of people wearing masks, and goggles, and white spacesuits; of huge cities being closed down; passengers stranded on cruise ships, and people placed in quarantine for 14 days. And, of course, 1000's of people now dying of this strain of influenza.

I have just answered a question that was posed on the Quora website, which asked whether China was doing enough to contain the spread of the epidemic.

My answer was a very emphatic 'NO'.

The reason is simple. China, and most other countries, with the one exception of India, are doing what they always do - relying entirely on pharmaceutical medicine, which admits quite openly that it has nothing, either preventative or in terms of treatment, that is effective for this outbreak.

Most people, when they hear this, believe this means that there is no treatment for coronavirus. This is not true.

The homeopathic community most certainly does have treatments that are likely to work in preventing and treating the epidemic. 

The situation is a repeat of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918, when homeopathy proved that it had remedies that could prevented, and treated flu once patients contracted it.

What this new Covid-19 epidemic is going to do is to prove, once again, that homeopathy is more effective than conventional medicine in the treatment of influenza; and that pharmaceutical medicine has not advanced in its ability to treat flu over the last 100+ years.

For more on the Spanish Flu go to this link.

The homeopathic community is currently looking at the symptoms of the Covid-19 coronavirus strain of influenza, with the view to recommending the best remedy for patients who contracts the disease. For anyone who wants to view the discussion that is happening, this link is probably the best one. It demonstrates how homeopathy seeks to match the symptoms of a disease with a remedy that is known to treat similar symptoms, and it has come up with a number of homeopathic remedies.

Coronavirus homeopathic care - Homeopathy - IQ Homeopathy

So whilst pharmaceutical medicine has no treatment for coronavirus, homeopathy most certainly does. Anyone who is worried about coronavirus should key into this discussion. It's certainly a good time to find out more about homeopathy - to combat the current panic with the knowledge that a few simple, and common homeopathic remedies will help if you come into contact with the virus.

India is one country, as far as I am aware the only country, that is doing more than any other country. The Indian health ministry is currently recommending a remedy they feel best matches the current flu outbreak. It is Arsenicum Album, and what they are recommending is outlined here.

India Advises Homeopathic Remedies for Coronavirus - IQ Homeopathy

I have looked at the symptom picture of Arsenicum alongside the symptoms of the new coronavirus and they do seem to match. This means that there is a strong possibility that it will be effective.

So my argument is straightforward. If any country is not looking at homeopathy when responding to this epidemic, and failing to utilise the expertise of homeopathy in the treatment of flu, it is most certainly NOT “doing all it can”. 

Not only is China (and the UK, USA, and most of Europe) refusing to consider homeopathy, it is actually criticising us for suggesting that we have remedies that will help control the spread of the epidemic, and the number of people dying from it. This stance might be understandable if they had effective treatment to offer patients - but it hasn’t.

Even if the conventional medical establishment is sceptical about homeopathy I do not know how they can justify allowing people to die rather than utilising something, anything (even homeopathy which they hate) to try to save lives.

The fact that they can't, or won't, demonstrates the power of the pharmaceutical lobby. Conventional medicine is failing across the board, its failure with Covid-19 just the latest demonstration of this. It wants to avoid any possible comparison with other medical therapies, not least homeopathy. If such a comparison is made, as in was with the Spanish Flu epidemic, it will once again demonstrate that pharmaceutical medicine is both dangerous, ineffective, and also extremely expensive. By contrast, using Arsenicum Album (or any of the other remedies mentioned) will prove to be safe, effective, and extremely inexpensive.

So the conventional medical establishment has effectively put itself into a self-imposed quarantine! It is avoiding any possible contact with other medical therapies to avoid the realisation that it is failing, sick, and dying. Yet this self-imposed quarantine will ensure that many people who contract the disease will have contracted it unnecessarily. And those who die will lose their lives without being offered effective treatment.

More concerning still - the conventional medical establishment is quite prepared to allow this to happen, entirely for its own selfish reasons. It is desperate to survive!