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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Coronavitus COVID-19. A slow recovery? Why not try this remedy.

Most people survive coronavirus COVID-19. Yet recovery can be slow, and just a conventional medicine has no preventative treatment, no treatment for the illness itself, it has no treatment that aids recovery.

Boris Johnson, our British Prime Minister, is one such case. He has been out of hospital now for 10 days now, at the time of writing, and he is still not sufficiently fit to be back at work. That is, apparently not unusual; and it is no reflection on him. Just a reflection on a medical system whose medical cupboard is bare.

For anyone who wants to get better homeopathy is a positive alternative.

Homeopaths has a phrase used often in our repertory of remedies - "not been well since...." I checked it out today for "not been well since influenza; and in the repertory I use there is just one remedy.


It is a remedy that is known, and is often used, to help people recover from a bad bout of influenza.

Why not check it out? Contact a homeopathic pharmacy and order a bottle of Gelsenium 30c and see it it works for you.