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Friday 15 May 2020

Is there treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19? Or is it a closely guarded secret?

Someone on the Quora website has just asked this question - so I have provided an answer. Here it is (for what it's worth).


I will send this to you secretly, so that no one else reads it. It’s information your doctor, your government, and our so-called ‘Free Press’, don’t want you to hear. So don’t share it with anyone.

Yes, there is treatment.

Millions are using it; but they are attacked viciously for doing so by pharmaceutical interests. Hence the need for great secrecy. Even some governments are the world have cottoned on to this treatment

But you really must not tell anyone else about this, otherwise you and I will be subject to attack from the conventional medical lobby (who clearly have got little to offer beyond washing our hands, and destroying national economies.

Still, even that’s better than the (non) treatment animals get when they contract an infection. Cows, whole herds, are killed when they get TB or Foot and Mouth; sheep are slaughtered when they get scrapie; and flocks of birds are killed when they get bird flu. All in the name of conventional medicine. So humanity is getting off lightly in comparison.

So I just daren’t tell you anything about the best treatment of COVID-19. It must stay a secret, sorry, as must our immune system, which seems to have been completely forgotten by the conventional medical establishment."

Perhaps homeopaths and other natural therapists should think about becoming a kind of secret society!